Wisconsin Smokers' Rights

Nazis Railroaded Their Smoking Ban!

We Will Never Forgive, and We Will Never Forget!

The psychopathic Nazi scum are gloating, and congratulating and reassuring each other that "shortly after it kicks in next summer, life will go on as if this drawn-out and draining debate never happened." NO, you deluded fuhrers, some of us will NOT "politely step outside when [we] want to light up," because we refuse to eat, drink or smoke in any smoke-free prison. Because at the front of our minds, every single second, will be THIS thought:


And we will never forgive, and we will never forget, because you stole our freedom by lies, fraud, corruption and censorship! You anti-smokers have no right to limit peoples' activities without a compelling reason. You had no compelling reason, and your lying demagogues know it, so they committed scientific fraud and you, their media accomplices, ruthlessly spread their lies and censored the truth, in order to deceive the public that secondhand smoke is dangerous.

And, contrary to the ravings of your phony "health experts," the scientific debate is not over, despite your criminal campaign to censor dissent and create the illusion that it is. The evidence continues to mount against the anti-smokers' health lies, whether you psychopaths choose to admit it exists or not.

It should be seared indelibly on the mind of every sentient being that you and your Cancer Society puppetmasters have made a mockery of our democracy, and created a totalitarian dictatorship founded on Nazi pseudo-science.

My Comments at the Hearing on AB-253, May 6, 2009

We will never accept this law because it's based on criminality and corruption and scientific fraud. There have been more than 50 studies, which show that human papillomaviruses cause over ten times more lung cancers than the anti-smokers pretend are caused by secondhand smoke. For socioeconomic reasons, smokers and passive smokers are more likely to have been exposed to this virus. And the anti-smokers purposely use defective studies that are based on nothing but lifestyle questionnaires in order to falsely blame passive smoking for all those extra lung cancers that are really caused by HPV. They are automatically guilty of flagrant scientific fraud for ignoring those 50-plus studies, and lying in our faces that there's no scientific debate. There's no scientific debate because these criminals have censored it, not because of lack of scientific evidence!

The anti-smokers systematically commit this same type of fraud, of deliberately using defective studies to falsely blame tobacco for diseases that are really caused by infection, with every disease they blame on tobacco. And all this is happening because of political corruption by the American Cancer Society. They have been the corrupt powers behind the throne ever since Governor Walter J. Kohler was national chairman of the Cancer Society at the same time that he was governor in the 1950s. And the same clique with close ties to the Cancer Society have been the leading contribution bundlers behind both Governors Thompson and Doyle. One of them was recently convicted on Federal charges of bribery and corruption. This has been a 50-year campaign to disenfranchise the people and shove health fascist tyranny down our throats, and I believe that Wisconsin government is absolutely and unredeemably corrupt.

[the end]

Bill History: http://www.legis.state.wi.us/2009/data/AB253hst.html

HPV Causes Lung Cancer

The Percentage of Cancer Caused By Infection

Wisconsin Smokers' Rights and the Cancer Society

Hurtgen pleads guilty in pay-to-play scheme
February 25, 2009

Some articles have claimed that former Gov. Tommy Thompson brought Hurtgen into the government when he was a state legislator - more likely it was the other way around. P. Nicholas Hurtgen has longstanding family ties to the State Government - and the American Cancer Society. P. Nicholas Hurtgen's grandfather was Eugene Murphy of Gateway Transportation, a trucking firm in La Crosse, who served on the Wisconsin State College Board of Regents, from 1951 to 1973. Eugene Murphy's brother, W. Leo Murphy, was one of the founding directors of the Wisconsin Division of the American Cancer Society after its reorganization in 1947. Walter J. Kohler Jr., the state chairman of the Wisconsin Division, was ACS Board Chairman 1953-59, and Governor of Wisconsin from 1951-56. Kohler presided at the American Cancer Society's 1957 meeting which urged all public health agencies to take action against smoking. And Hurtgen's second cousin and political mentor, M. William Gerard, was an old friend of the Murphys who became the lobbyist for Philip Morris! Hurtgen's brother-in-law, Phil Prange is one of PM's lobbyists for FDA regulation, and his wife, Alison Prange, is government relations director [i.e., head lobbyist] for the American Cancer Society. And Bear Stearns, of which Hurtgen was a senior managing director, was the firm that handled the securitization of the Wisconsin tobacco settlement. This is why the media have hushed everything up!

And, all this happened because the MEDIA lied and lied and lied and and lied and lied and lied and lied, every time about everything, and never told the truth even once. They censored the anti-smokers' critics and covered up the anti-smokers' political corruption!

Doyle Wants to Raise the Cigarette Tax Again

"Gov. Jim Doyle is signaling a willingness to raise the cigarette tax, a year after he and legislators raised the tax by $1 a pack. The Democratic governor did not explicitly endorse raising the tax in a recent interview, but he noted he originally fought for raising the tax by $1.25. 'I would simply point out that I've supported going to a higher level in the past,' he said. The cigarette tax rose to $1.77 a year ago today." He was interviewed by reporters at the governor's mansion in Maple Bluff two days before. "Doyle discussed the cigarette tax not as a way to shore up the state's finances, but as a means to curb smoking. When Doyle lobbied for a $1.25 per-pack increase in the cigarette tax, he said any tax increase had to be big enough to shock smokers into quitting. But he said a smaller state cigarette tax increase could be bundled with a likely increase to the federal cigarette tax. Democrats who control Congress are expected to debate raising the federal tax - now at 39 cents per pack - in the upcoming session." Rep. Scott Newcomer (R-Hartland) opposed the increase, citing the economy. (Doyle hints at willingness to raise cigarette tax again. By Patrick Marley. The Journal Sentinel, Dec. 31, 2008.)

How we feel about the proposed smoking bans: Anti-smokers "compromising" with anti-smokers

SB 150, the proposed statewide smoking ban, passed the Democrat-controlled Senate Health Committee, which is predictably infested with health fascists, by a vote of 3 to 2. But there is no companion bill in the Assembly, nor is one expected.

This blogger has got it spot-on about the "compromise"!

"Like all bad ideas borne of government oppression, Doyle’s proposal has its democrat supporters. Senator Roger Breske (D) is trying to play both sides, knowing full-well that the ban will cause tremendous harm to Wisconsin businesses…

"Two senators working on reaching a deal _ Roger Breske, D-Eland, and Fred Risser, D-Madison _ met Monday and promised to talk again Wednesday. Breske, who wants an exemption for taverns, said he and Risser agreed not to talk about their discussions for now. One possible solution would be to phase-in the exemption for taverns.

"'I feel that there is room for an agreement without causing undo harm to small business owners,” Breske said. “We all know it’s going to come down the road, but why do we have to shove it down their throat?'

"Yeah! You tell ‘em, Breske! You big, badass democrat! You’ll just take our rights and livelihood away from us a little bit at a time, so we don’t really notice it so much. A kinder, gentler raping of rights. A KY-coated smoking ban, if you will. Where do I sign up for that sweet deal?

But she's been suckered about the issue:

"Let me make this clear: There is no compromise on private property rights. There’s no “deal” to be made, here. If a politician supports any part of a smoking ban on private property, they’re either being honest about squashing one of our most precious rights as American citizens, or they’re nothing but wimpy opportunists who simply want to stay in the best job they ever had.

The issue is NOT "Freedom versus public health." The issue is "freedom AND public health, versus ant-smoker scientific fraud." The suckers who think it's "freedom versus public health" ALWAYS LOSE, because the state has gotten away with regulations justified on public health grounds forever. So these people lose because they let the anti-smokers get away with fraud.


And what does Sen. Breske have to say against the anti-smokers' health lies? NOTHING! Because he is a traitor who believes in those lies: "I’m working with my colleagues on other amendments that will protect the health of the workers and
give small business owners a choice, which is what I have been fighting for all along and introduced
legislation last session that could have already been in place today." (Breske on Smoking Ban Vote: I fight for the Northwoods, Not Madison. Roger Breske Press Release, Jan. 9, 2008.) Note that "choice" always involves forcing business owners to jump through expensive hoops rather than denying the necessity for them! Also note that his "compromise" wouldn't even "give small businesses owners the chance to decide whether or not to stay in or get out with their retirement nest egg intact," because their sale prices would be depressed by an anticipated loss of business.

Sen. Roger Breske Press Release, Jan. 9, 2008 / The Wheeler Report (pdf, 2pp)

This is how the anti-smokers get away with their bans, every single time! And the media are 100% to blame for it, because they allow only those who believe in anti-smoker scientific fraud - namely, those "freedom" suckers - to express their views.

"Assembly Speaker Rep. Mike Huebsch, R-West Salem, said members of both parties remain opposed to a workplace smoking ban and they’re concerned how businesses will be affected by regulating what’s still a legal product. Sen. Dave Hansen, D-Green Bay, said the Assembly might end up killing the measure, even if the Senate approves something. Senate Majority Leader Sen. Russ Decker, D-Weston, said his house is getting closer to drafting a compromise his house can accept. Personally, Decker says he’d favor an immediate smoking ban in restaurants and workplaces – give taverns until 2011 to comply – and let the 30 communities which have more comprehensive smoking bans keep them in place." (Wheeler News Service, Jan. 24, 2008.)

Gov. James Doyle piddles on tourist dollars!

Instead of helping Wisconsin businesses take advantage of the stupidity and oppression of the smoking bans in Illinois and Minnesota, Gov. Doyle prefers to help those states get away with it! "It is time for Wisconsin to move," he said. "With Illinois and Minnesota becoming smoke free, Wisconsin should not become the ashtray of the upper Midwest." (Doyle calls for bills on smoking, autism. By Patrick Marley. Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, All Politics Watch, Dec. 3, 2007.)

"Minnesota smokers are jumping the border to Wisconsin to escape their state's new indoor smoking ban. Cigarette smokers in the Twin Cities and other border-area Minnesota communities are traveling to nearby Wisconsin towns to light up in bars following the ban on indoor smoking that went into effect in Minnesota Monday. Pudge’s Bar in Hudson, Wis., witnessed nearly a dozen new customers coming in for drinks and smokes during the day, the St. Paul (Minn.) Pioneer Press reports. Other badger state bars close to the Minnesota line saw their business double when the ban went into effect." (Minnesota smokers invade Wisconsin. UPI, Oct. 6, 2007.)

Legislators' positions on SB-150

The statewide smoking ban was said to have been "crushed out in the state Senate," although no official action was reported. "Sen. Roger Breske, D-Eland, 'needs to keep protecting the businesses in his district that would potentially be closed with a ban on smoking completely,' said chief of staff Sue Meinholz... The new Senate Majority Leader, Russ Decker, D-Schofield, said he wants Breske and Risser to come to a compromise on the proposal before the Senate takes any action on it. But both sides said Monday they disagreed about whether to include bars in the proposal and would not compromise. Former Senate Majority Leader Judy Robson, D-Beloit, who was ousted by fellow Democrats last week, is a former nurse who supports the full ban... Breske owned a tavern for more than 20 years in his hometown of Eland and Meinholz said his opposition to a smoking ban in bars is 'no secret.' Breske favors a more limited ban on smoking in restaurants, she said." (Statewide smoking ban stalls in Senate. By Jason Stein. Wisconsin State Journal, Oct. 30, 2007.)

Wisconsin Election Archive #SB-150

Senate Bill 150:

The Gigantic Fraud Behind the Proposed Statewide Smoking Ban

Remember when the anti-smoking charlatans first trotted out their bogus, lifestyle questionnaire-based studies on lung cancer and secondhand smoke - the rotten little maggots exultantly embraced them as the acme of pure science, and commenced their smear campaign against anyone who doubted them! A smear campaign that continues to this day.

Meanwhile, there have been more than 50 studies which have found the known-carcinogenic human papillomavirus in lung cancers - involving over ten times more cancers than the anti-smokers pretend are caused by secondhand smoke - and the anti-smoker filth and their media whores pretend that this evidence does not exist! That's because their lie that secondhand smoke causes lung cancer (and other diseases) depends upon corrupt pseudo-science that ignores infection.

See how Wisconsin Public Radio, like all of the media, systematically deceives the public by censoring informed dissent, in order to shove THEIR agenda for a statewide smoking ban down the peoples' throats. They deliberately destroyed democracy and championed scientific fraud, in order to force their will on us!

Senate Bill 150: The Gigantic Fraud Behind the Proposed Statewide Smoking Ban

The Statewide Smoking Ban - 2007 Senate Bill 150

Committee on Public Health, Senior Issues, Long Term Care and Privacy

The committee will hold a public hearing on the following items at the time specified below:
Thursday, May 31, 2007
9:30 AM - or upon completion of Executive Session
411 South
State Capitol
Senate Bill 150
Relating to: prohibiting smoking in places of employment, restaurants, taverns, and other indoor areas and providing a penalty
SB 150 will be heard at 1:00 pm or upon completion of testimony regarding SB 178.

April 18, 2007 − Introduced by Senators RISSER, ROESSLER, COGGS, MILLER and DARLING, cosponsored by Representatives WIECKERT, RICHARDS, GOTTLIEB, BOYLE, PARISI, BLACK, BENEDICT, A. OTT, BERCEAU, WASSERMAN, YOUNG, POPE−ROBERTS and TOLES. Referred to Committee on Public Health, SeniorIssues, Long Term Care and Privacy.

2007 Senate Bill 150 / Wisconsin Legislature (pdf, 14 pp)

Standing Committees of the Wisconsin Senate and Joint Committees of the Wisconsin Legislature

Standing Committees of the Wisconsin Senate / Wisconsin State Legislature

Standing Committees of the Wisconsin Assembly

Standing Committees of the Wisconsin Assembly / Wisconsin State Legislature

Remember how the anti-smoking filth have gotten away with their crimes - BY SCIENTIFIC FRAUD AND CORRUPTION, FORCED ON THE PUBLIC BY MEDIA CONSPIRACY! Lifestyle questionnaires are not science, and NEVER WILL BE - EVER! The anti-smokers' use of them is deliberate fraud! THIS IS THE ISSUE - not the phony drivel the media and its lackeys pretend!

Boycott the Wisconsin Restaurant Association!

The Wisconsin Restaurant Association is nothing but a slimy, unctuous clique of anti-smokers.

Collaboration Number One: The Anti-Smokers' Health Lies

The Wisconsin Restaurant Association has refused to question the anti-smokers' systematic scientific fraud of deliberately using defective studies in order to falsely blame secondhand smoke, or to consider any questioning of the anti-smokers' frauds. They have never protested the media's ruthless and concerted censorship of the anti-smokers' informed opponents - INSTEAD, THEY CONDONED IT. THEY SUPPORTED IT. IN PUBLIC HEARINGS, THEY ASSURED THEIR ENEMIES THAT NOBODY DISAGREED WITH THEM. They let the anti-smokers frame the issue as that deceitful cliché of "freedom versus public health, and followed the anti-smokers' approved script, whining about the effect on those businesses that they refused to defend!

The "Level Playing Field" - IT'S A CYNICALLY-CRAFTED RAILROAD! A doubletalking lie straight out of George Orwell's nightmares!

The REAL level playing field is where the media don't censor the anti-smokers' opponents, and where customers are free to go to either smoking or anti-smoking establishments as suits their needs. But the Wisconsin Restaurant Association purposely, cold-bloodedly, threw the fight to the anti-smokers, and let them get away with their lies in order to help pass smoking bans. The Wisconsin Restaurant Association wanted the public to be deceived, so they could proclaim that smoking bans were inevitable and then help expand them. They schemed all along that when their members, whom they falsely pretended to be defending, started losing money and going out of business, they'd start their phony song-and-dance that a statewide ban is necessary to "level the playing field," with the intent to stampede their dupes and suckers into helping to drag everyone else down with them!

Transcript of Ed Lump of WRA on WHA radio, Apr. 26, 2007

An unlevel playing field is the Wisconsin Restaurant Association's just desserts!

After decades of cowardly betrayal, consisting of refusing to question the scientific frauds the anti-smoking criminals use to victimize their members, the Wisconsin Restaurant Association turned its coat and showed its true colors by endorsing a statewide smoking ban. "[T]he current patchwork of local smoking bans is a problem for the restaurant industry as it puts hundreds of restaurants at an unfair disadvantage," whined the Association. TOO DAMN BAD! All of this has happened because they refused to challenge the anti-smokers' lies - SO THEY DESERVE TO SUFFER. And the only thing that should matter to the rest of us is that they don't get away with dragging everyone else in the state down with them. (Wisconsin Restaurant Association Supports Statewide Smoking Ban with No Exemptions. Press Release, Feb. 7, 2007.) "In early February, the WRA board voted 36-1 to support a statewide smoking ban in public places." (Smoke-Free Wisconsin Movement Gains Momentum: Shorewood, restaurants, the public support a complete ban. By Lisa Kaiser. The Shepherd-Express, Mar. 1, 2007.)

Press Release, Feb. 7, 2007 / Wisconsin Restaurant Association

See the bloodsucking lie-spewers GLOAT: "This historic decision by Wisconsin's restaurants was in fact profound," said Maureen Busalacchi, executive director of Smoke Free Wisconsin. "Restaurant owners and their businesses are a strong part of Wisconsin's economy - and their support of smoke free workplaces is something the health community truly appreciates and lawmakers simply can't ignore. A statewide 100 percent smoke-free workplace law, as endorsed by Governor Doyle, is critical for public health," she said. "It is the only way to create a smoking ban that is fair to all businesses and protects everyone's right to breathe smoke free air." "Having the restaurant association on board changes the discussion entirely," said Alison Prange, of the American Cancer Society. "The American Cancer Society applauds the courageous stand they've taken, and looks forward to working with them to remove second hand smoke from the workplace." "WRA's stand in favor of the workplace smoking ban is monumental," said Jeff Ranous, senior director of advocacy for the American Heart Association in Wisconsin. "In essence, we all want the same thing -- a healthier Wisconsin for our kids and grand kids." "This really shouldn't be a surprise," said Dona Wininsky, Director of Public Policy for the American Lung Association of Wisconsin. "Restaurant owners want a smoke free workplace for their employees too."(Smoke Free Wisconsin: Health Professionals Applaud Wisconsin Restaurant Association’s Support of Workplace Smoking Ban. Press Release, Feb. 14, 2007.)

The Wisconsin Restaurant Association employs three lobbyists: Pete Hanson, Edward Lump, and Gail Parr. They are all officials of the Wisconsin Restaurant Association. (Organizations employing lobbyists in 2007-2008. Wisconsin Restaurant Association. Wisconsin Ethics Board, as of Monday, September 03, 2007.) Their expenditures to date are $138,245, of which 15% has been expended on SB-150, the Statewide Smoking Ban, to date.

Wisconsin Restaurant Association / Wisconsin Ethics Board

Governor Doyle's Anti-Smoking Persecution

For his Big Lies about tobacco, James Doyle is the reincarnation of Adolph Hitler. Our most important healthcare right is the right NOT to be forcibly victimized by fraud and charlatanism - and James Doyle and his health fascist fiends have violated that right!

Transcript of Gov. James Doyle's lies and defamations against tobacco, from his State of the State address, Jan. 30, 2007.

"When we're talking about health, there's one more thing we need to confront: Tobacco. I've devoted much of my public career to this fight. As Attorney General, I helped lead the national effort to take on Big Tobacco, and beat them in court for the first time in forty years. We made them take down the billboards, get rid of the vending machines, and send Joe Camel into retirement. As - As a result, teen smoking is down 40 percent since 2000, and sales to minors are now at their lowest level in Wisconsin history. But despite this progress, too many of our kids are still lighting up. Too many lives are being cut short, and the cost has swelled into the billions. In fact, Wisconsin taxpayers are forced to pay up above 500 million dollars every year in Medicaid costs directly related to smoking. And so, after consulting with public health leaders around the state, I am proposing to raise Wisconsin's tobacco tax by a dollar and twenty-five cents a pack, and to set the money aside to pay the costs of tobacco-related illnesses. Not only - not only will it help fund our healthcare needs, it will save lives. Health groups like the American Cancer Society say that every day, 5000 kids try their first cigarette and another 2000 kids become regular smokers. One third of these kids will eventually die from their addiction. These health groups say that in every state where the tobacco tax has been increased, kids end up smoking less. We all have dear family members and friends who smoke, good people of good character who want to quit and fight this addiction daily. And I want you to know that this increase will be coupled with a major new initiative to help you quit smoking and live healthier. We'll commit 30 million dollars to help people who are smoking stop smoking, because you all are an important part of Wisconsin's future. Finally, we must protect our families from the health hazards of secondhand smoke. Because everyone has the right to breathe clean air at work and in public places, tonight, I'm asking this Legislature to make all public buildings and all workplaces completely smoke-free. Let's pass this bill to protect our families and most importantly, to save children's lives."

Liar Doyle! Doyle's tobacco lawsuit was cribbed from that of another state. Furthermore, the anti-smoking conspirators had taken over the board of directors of Philip Morris decades before, and PM let the anti-smokers get away with flagrant perjury, including falsely blaming smoking for ulcers caused by Helicobacter pylori. Furthermore, the Minnesota tobacco lawsuit in which it was incorporated never went to the jury. Despite the fact that the jury appeared willing to acquit them - or more truthfully because of this - the tobacco companies threw the fight by settling out of court, and for more money than the anti-smokers were demanding!

Doyle's "smoking cost" claims are based on fraudulent estimates which falsely pretend that costs paid by smokers were paid by non-smokers, falsely blame diseases caused by infection on smoking, assign arbitrary and exorbitant supposed "social costs" to smokers' deaths, and fraudulently pretend that non-smokers' costs don't exist at all. Smokers are actually saving Medicaid millions of dollars! This is the kind of Big Lie that only a Hitler could tell with a straight face.

The BIG LIE That Smoking is an Economic Burden to Society

Their precious EPA ETS report was written by a handpicked anti-smoking activist, who later confessed to his role at a public hearing, using illegal pass-through contracts to conceal the real authors - because the real EPA scientists were against labeling ETS a human carcinogen. Furthermore, on the board of directors of the corrupt EPA contractor sat a crony of the Bushes, and a bigshot of the Democrap Party as well. That explains the bipartisan coverup!

The EPA's ETS Lies

The anti-smokers are automatically guilty of scientific fraud, because they have systematically ignored the role of known-carcinogenic viruses, particularly HPV, in causing the lung cancer they blame on smoking and secondhand smoke. A GENUINE scientific evaluation does not consist merely of lifestyle questionnaire studies married to speculation about chemical carcinogens! We now know that at least 22% of lung cancers contain HPV. Furthermore, this should indicate that AT LEAST that proportion of non-smokers' lung cancer must contain HPV. And the important point in the ETS issue is that passive smokers are more likely to have been exposed to HPV than nonexposed nonsmokers, because their lifestyles are more like those of smokers. And therefore, because not a single one of the studies that smoking bans are founded on has ever bothered to look for HPV or any of the other carcinogenic viruses, that means that the purported risk from secondhand smoke is actually falsely blaming tobacco smoke for non-smokers' lung cancer that is really caused by HPV.

HPV Causes Lung Cancer

Furthermore, the anti-smokers have also systematically used the same deceit of either ignoring infection, or else deliberately using defective studies which fail to fully detect the relevant infectious agent(s), in order to falsely blame smoking and passive smoking for numerous diseases.

Human papillomaviruses cause cervical cancer
Helicobacter pylori causes ulcers and stomach cancer
Hepatitis Viruses are the Real Cause of "Smoking Related" Liver Cancer
Epstein-Barr Virus Causes Nasopharyngeal Cancer
Epstein-Barr Virus Causes Lymphomas
Chorioamnionitis Causes Perinatal Illnesses Blamed on Smoking
How the Public Was Brainwashed About Heart Disease
JC Polyoma Virus Causes Colon Cancer
New Views About Asthma Causes

Doyle Threatens to Raise the Cigarette Tax

"Doyle said that "He would consider raising the 77-cents per pack cigarette tax to $1, but only if a way could be found to guarantee that the additional money would go to pay for treating smoking-related disease; to help smokers stop; and to persuade youths to never start smoking. So far, Doyle said, he has not seen a proposal that would achieve those goals." (Doyle defends deficit handling. By Steven Walters. Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Nov. 21, 2006.) Those are ANTI-SMOKER programs, not smokers' programs. See how the bloodsuckers think they're entitled to loot OUR money to serve THEIR ends!

We must demand a fair hearing at last!

We all know the travesty of justice that these health fascist vermin intend to perpetrate when Doyle's smoking ban and cigarette tax proposal come to public hearings: A one-sided lynching, a kangaroo court, of lie- and defamation-spewing anti-smokers, with no informed opposition whatsoever! And then our intelligence will be insulted and our sense of justice outraged by a tame phony "opposition," consisting of despicable cowardly curs, who don't have the guts to stand on their hind legs and say that a lie is a lie, pretending to oppose them by sniveling about taxes and nannyism. We must demand a fair hearing - a hearing of our own, to finally express our side of the issue - not just a couple of minutes lost in an orchestrated torrent of professionally-funded lies!

Wisconsin's real political ethics problem is staring everyone in the face: Doyle and his fellow health fascists are in the pocket of the American Cancer Society, et al.! And the media don't utter a peep of protest, because they are in the Cancer Society's pocket as well! They have destroyed democracy, and Wisconsin is a one-party Health Fascist Dictatorship - that should be overthrown by any means necessary!

And James Doyle thinks that his torrent of lies will bully us into quitting smoking. James Doyle, the only thing that your lies have convinced me is that you and your putrid culture should be annihilated from the face of earth! You are lying, cheating, stealing, bloodsucking less-than-human filth, who masturbate yourselves into self-righteous hysterics with lies, to rationalize persecuting, oppressing, and exploiting innocent people. You are evil incarnate, total evil, and you and your putrid moverment should be utterly and completely destroyed!

The psychopathic-lying media open the floodgates for the psychopathic anti-smoker liars - and the cowardly, cringing, sniveling phony opposition

Bruce Goffard, owner of Hitters Sports Bar, whines, "How many regulations are we going to keep putting up with?" As many as the health fascist parasites want, until you grow a brain and revolt against their scientific fraud. Gary Schinke, owner of Kamps Bar, only objects that "Government shouldn't be telling business owners how to run their business," but not that the government is violating their rights by committing fraud. Terry Harvath, owner of the Wishing Well and president of the Outagamie County Tavern League, is oblivious to the frauds, too. It's because of his incompetence that Appleton bar owners lost their freedom. "Donna Bradley was co-owner with her husband, Mike, of Ravens, an Appleton bar that closed Dec. 17. She said the downtown bar's closing was directly tied to Appleton's smoking ban. The Bradleys bought the bar two week before the smoking ban went into effect on July 1, 2005... The fact people could drive a few blocks away to go a bar without a smoking ban in a neighboring community reduced her business to a quarter of what it was before the ban, she said." That's what they deserve for believing anti-smoker BS that smoking bans are good for business. Dirty lie-spewing anti-smoker vermin Shawn Boogaard of Clean Air Works, whose lies faced no opposition thanks to the media conspiracy and the stupidity of the blockheaded Appleton smokers and bar and restaurant owners, gloats in triumph that "We have 14 states with 100 percent smoke-free workplaces, and we'll go up to 22 in the next six months and other states phase in bans. This is the future." (Sides drawn on smoke ban. By Steve Wideman. Appleton Post-Crescent, Jan. 25, 2007.)

Sides drawn on smoke ban, Jan. 25, 2007 / Appleton Post-Crescent

More predictable whining from clueless dolts, and by Garnet Dawn Scheuer, of Lake Bluff, Ill., the Midwest regional director for The Smokers Club Inc., a supposed "smokers rights advocacy organization" which is actually just another element of the anti-smokers' approved phony opposition, because they never expose the anti-smokers' scientific fraud and their political corruption of science. (Smokers feel victimized by Doyle plan. By Ed Lowe. Appleton Post-Crescent, Jan. 25, 2007.)

Smokers feel victimized by Doyle plan, Jan. 25, 2007 / Appleton Post-Crescent

"'In general, I support the idea of a statewide smoking ban,' said state Rep. Jeff Wood, R-Chippewa Falls. However, he has a problem with Doyle's proposed $1.25 per pack increase in the cigarette tax." "State Rep. Terry Moulton, R-Chippewa Falls, believes the $ 1.25 increase is a little excessive... 'I think government should play a role in protecting people, and it's been proven that secondhand smoke is harmful, ... but I think we'd need to look at allowing the possibility of exempting (some) private businesses.'" State Rep. Jeff Smith, D-Eau Claire, only cares about "local control" - which is nothing but an empty fraud when they're all manipulated by psychopathic-lying mass media propaganda. He snivels that "'maybe the time is coming where (local) smoking bans are becoming so prevalent that we need a statewide one that encompasses everyone.'" State Sen. Pat Kreitlow, D-Chippewa Falls, gushed, "'I applaud his dedication to decreasing the health risk to all Wisconsin citizens who risk cancer, heart disease and more because of smoking and secondhand smoke.'" A pile of vicious, damnable LIES! "'I will support statewide smoking bans in public areas with a large exposure to children, and I will monitor the legislative debate and public reaction before deciding whether vote for a stricter ban that would impact choices that might best be made by business owners or units of government closer to home,'" she said. "Stan Johnson, president of the Wisconsin Education Association Council, issued a statement in support of Doyle's proposal. 'All of the research I have seen says that Gov. Doyle's proposal would prevent thousands of Wisconsin children from taking up the tobacco habit, and I do not see how anyone, in good conscience, could fail to support such a measure,' he said." This is a piece of subhuman garbage who has no business whatsoever in the education of children. What children need is to be taught to recognize scientific fraud and despise it, not be indoctrinated to be stupid cattle for the health fascists to stampede! "Scott Stenger, a spokesman for the Wisconsin Tavern League, said the organization supports the concept of a statewide policy on smoking in the workplace, but asks that taverns be exempt from the ban." It's because of worthless anti-smokers' whores like him that business owners have lost their freedom! (Local legislators lukewarm to smoking ideas. By Christena OBrien. Eau Claire Leader-Telegram, Jan. 25, 2007.)

Local legislators lukewarm to smoking idea, Jan. 25, 2007 / Eau Claire Leader-Telegram

"Jim Halbach opened Rev. Jim's Spuds and Suds a year ago as a non-smoking downtown bar. Halbach wanted to provide an option for people who complain about smoky bars. But it didn't work. Within three weeks, he put out the ashtrays. 'If there was such a need for non-smoking bars, we would have them,'' Halbach said." Other business owners snivel the usual cowardly capitulations to anti-smoker lies: Chris Brose, owner of El-Ra-Bowl, "said he understands the health issues related to smoking." [No, he doesn't. He's never heard anything but lies, and evidently lacks the initiative to undertake a simple internet search.] He whines that "It just seems like our freedoms are being taken away bit by bit.'' [This is what happens when you let the anti-smokers get away with their lies, stupid.] Kipp Hoskins, owner of East Point Sportz Pub, didn't criticize the lies, either. "Bruce Monson, owner of Wedges, 2006 N. County E, said the real issue is air quality." [Wrong, Bruce. The real issue is anti-smoker scientific fraud.] "Mark Otis, owner of the Milwaukee Grill, 2601 Morse St., went smoke-free when Janesville's no-smoking ordinance passed. His business changed. Otis can't remember the last time he was open until midnight. He used to regularly have customers until at least 1 a.m... He said everyone will soon realize the health costs associated with smoking." [Stupid sucker! Smokers are saving the state money! The smoking cost claims are a deliberate fraud - and your media pals are lying to the people! And there's not so much as a peep of protest from any of the assorted other retardates the media chose to quote, either.] (Tavern owners say governor should stay out of their business. By Marcia Nelesen. Janesville Gazette, Jan. 25, 2007.)

Tavern owners say governor should stay out of their business, Jan. 25, 2007 / Janesville Gazette

"Doyle said that a statewide smoking ban would solve many of the problems that arose from local bans, such as Madison's, which allow for patrons who want to smoke to go to bars in neighboring communities." Liar. That's not a problem, that's a solution, albeit a pitifully inadequate one. The destruction of the corrupt scum who run the health establishment and their politician-whores is the real solution! "I think uniformity is where people are concerned," said Senate Majority Leader Judith Robson, D-Beloit [a malice-ridden, defamation-spewing, epidemiologically-incompetent former nurse]. "Uniformity does help give businesses a lot more comfort. They won't have the competition (with other communities) like Madison is experiencing." These are the same psychopathic lie-spewers who stand up in public and bray that smoking bans are good for business! "Assembly Speaker Mike Huebsch, R-West Salem, said Republicans oppose any tax increase." "Rep. Steve Nass, R-Whitewater, charged that Doyle broke a campaign promise to not raise taxes." What about the scientific fraud? What about the scientific fraud? What about the scientific fraud? These worms don't have the guts to say that a lie is a lie! ('Broad attack' on smoking a tough sell? By David Callender and Bill Novak. The Capital Times, Jan. 25, 2007.)

'Broad attack' on smoking a tough sell? Jan. 25, 2007 / The Capital Times

Citing the State of Wisconsin's fraudulent Burden of Tobacco Report, 2006, at http://dhfs.wisconsin.gov/tobacco/countyreports/COUNTIES.HTM, Anti-smoker liar Randy Bradley, Co-Chair of BreatheFREE, lies that "Portage County spent $26.4 Million on "smoking attributable health care costs," and claims that "in order for smokers to sustain their own health care costs, the tax on a pack of cigarettes should be more than $7.00 per pack. Anything less than that and nonsmokers are subsidizing the health care costs of smokers." [But the State of Wisconsin's claim is based upon the Centers for Disease Control's fraudulent SAMMEC report - see Reference 6, Burden of Tobacco Report: Data Sources, http://dhfs.wisconsin.gov/tobacco/pdffiles/Burden%202006/SAMMEC%20Sources.pdf - which obtains most of its so-called "smoking costs" by falsely pretending that costs paid by smokers, including lost income, were paid by non-smokers. It also falsely blames smoking for diseases that are actually caused by infection, and it pretends that non-smokers' costs don't exist at all! In fact, smokers are subsidizing non-smokers!] And then, having perpetuated a Big Lie, the anti-smoker slimebag sneers that "We all need to learn that when the Tavern League speaks, we need to ask for documentation." (Guest View: Smoking initiatives would benefit Portage County. Stevens Point Journal, Jan. 30, 2007.)

Guest View: Smoking initiatives would benefit Portage County, Jan. 30, 2007 / Stevens Point Journal

"Food sales went up at Mom's Cafe in Schofield right after Wausau's revised smoking ban passed in July 2005. "We do get early-morning workers who smoke," said owner Loretta Robl." And then the contemptible creature prattles brainlessly, "I realize smoking's not good for you, but if they're going to go to a statewide ban, they should ban the sales of cigarettes, too." "'I also agree that the playing field should be level, but I don't think the government should be making the decision,' said Pam Chahdi, former owner of The Office bar in Schofield. 'It's going to make criminals out of nice people.'" No, it's the despicable worms who didn't protest the anti-smokers' scientific fraud who are helping to make criminals out of nice people - and despots out of criminals! Let the bastards suffer on the unlevel playing field of their own making! (Smoking ban too much 'Big Brother,' some say. By Carrie Hutton. Wausau Daily Herald, Jan. 25, 2007.)

Smoking ban too much 'Big Brother,' some say, Jan. 25, 2007 / Wausau Daily Herald

Forward Janesville opposes the statewide smoking ban: "Forward Janesville has vigorously opposed statewide efforts to ban smoking. Last year, FJI actively opposed the Smoke Free Dining Act, a bill to set a statewide standard for smoking in bars and restaurants. 'While we clearly recognize the health benefits of smoke-free public places, a statewide ban will hurt Janesville businesses who have already taken the time and trouble of modifying their operations to comply with our local smoking ordinance,' said Steve Werner, the Chairman of FJI’s Government Relations Council." They want local control. (Forward Janesville Opposes Statewide Smoking Ban. Forward Janesville Political Position Statements, Jan. 25, 2007.) It's damn well time to denounce the fraudulent "health hazards" of ETS!

Forward Janesville Opposes Statewide Smoking Ban, Jan. 25, 2007 / Forward Janesville

Wisconsin Public Radio defrauds the public again, with a cowardly, cringing cur from the Tavern League of Wisconsin. In the course of a nearly hour-long interview, Pete Madland's only pitiful pretense of opposition to the anti-smokers' health lies about ETS was to whimper, "I think a lot of the science is unwarrented." Otherwise, he cravenly licked the anti-smokers' boots by asserting that everyone agrees with their health lies against smoking, and praising their school indoctrination programs as "educating the children." The Tavern Leagues supports the statewide smoking ban; their hypocritical position is that 'WE demand an exemption for ourselves, and to hell with everyone else.' (Gene Purcell for Joy Cardin, Wisconsin Public Radio, Feb. 1, 2007 at 6 am.) Altria Corporate Services Inc, formerly Philip Morris, which was taken over by anti-smoking conspirators decades ago, is one of the Tavern League of Wisconsin's major corporate sponsors ($5,000+ per year).

Gene Purcell for Joy Cardin, Feb. 1, 2007 at 6 am / Wisconsin Public Radio (rm audio file)
Corporate Sponsors / Tavern League of Wisconsin

Republican State Senator Carol Roessler of Oshkosh announced that she supports the smoking ban and the tax increase. The deluded bloodsucker smugly proclaimed, ""This is going to say to smokers, 'You're going to have to pay for the consequences of smoking,'" [EXCEPT THAT SMOKERS SAVE THE STATE MONEY!] State Rep. John Townsend, R-Fond du Lac, hasn't decided yet whether he supports financial oppression of smokers founded on lies. He thinks that 'With open discussion and debate, the government could make the best decision' [EXCEPT THAT NO SUCH THING AS AN OPEN DISCUSSION EVER OCCURS! Lies are always reported as truth, liars are always given an exclusive forum, and informed smokers advocates are always denied access to the mass media.] (Roessler 'firmly' backs smoking ban. By Heather Stanek. The Fond du Lac Reporter, Feb. 1, 2007.)

"Sen. Russ Decker, D-Schofield, co-chairman of the budget-writing Joint Finance Committee, said he doesn't support the tax increase or banning smoking in bars, making it unlikely the proposal will make it out of committee unchanged." [Decker supports the Tavern Leage Ban -cast] Dave Wiganowsky, owner of Wiggie's tavern in Madison, whined: "'It was such a devastation on my business and my personal life,' he said. 'I'm not sure I would want to wish that devastation on anybody else.' In the first six months of the ban, business at his tavern - frequented by blue-collar patrons who want "a shot, a beer and a cigarette" - dropped 47 percent and has since leveled out at about 35 percent less than before the ban, he said. "My wife and I went 32 weeks without taking a (pay)check" and exhausted $25,000 in savings built up over 24 years, Wiganowsky said." And it's all that despicable worm's own fault, because he refused to question the anti-smokers' scientific fraud. So, not only do he and all of his ilk deserve no sympathy whatsoever, the rest of the state should be on guard against these pieces of crap helping the anti-smokers drag everyone else's freedom down with them. "Brandon Scholz, president and chief executive officer of the Wisconsin Grocers Association, said raising the cigarette tax in Wisconsin will only send smokers to the Internet or across state lines to buy them." (War on smoking. By Scott Bauer. AP. Jan. 25, 2007.) We hope that it will drive smokers to buy their cigarettes from terrorist groups that want to destroy Bloodsucker Occupied Amerika.

War on smoking, Jan. 25, 2007 / Wisconsin State Journal

Ben Manski, anti-smokers' whore: "In terms of the smoking ban, uh, I do see this as a personal liberty issue. And by that I mean, uh, it's an issue of personal liberty not to get poisoned in public or on the job. Uh, and it's incredible to me that uh, that we're living in a day and age where, despite, uh sort of a consensus again, that uh, the tobacco industry has basically been uh, engaging in uh, legally-approved uh, murder... for uh, for for generations now, uh that they're still pulling in record profits. So, I do think it's a step forward so long as the state legislation that the governor is proposing doesn't result in pre-emption of local laws. We do need a measure of local control for municipalities to, uh, to take a step forward. So, this should be a floor and not a ceiling." (Gene Purcell in for Joy Cardin. Wisconsin Public Radio, Feb. 2, 2007, 8 am.) See the slimy vermin twist words, just like in George Orwell's 1984: "Freedom is slavery! Lies are truth! Black is white!" And those PC maggots all think they're being oh, so clever with words and we can't see through them. And what about the Bloodsucker Lobby of the American Cancer Society, that tyrannizes over us like the secret government in the Protocols of the Elders of Zion, systematically committing scientific fraud for generations to falsely blame smoking, while suppressing legitimate research, and preventing everyone from hearing anything but anti-smoker lies? Manski is the former Chiarman of the U.S. Green Party.

Gene Purcell in for Joy Cardin, Feb. 2, 2007, 8 am / Wisconsin Public Radio (rm audio file)

This is the deliberate perpetration of Hitler-like Big Lies! This is conspiracy to silence and disenfranchise the opposition! This is government persecution of its citizens! Any genuinely free people would have turned to violence and terrorism long ago, for the oppression that these vermin have inflicted against us!

The American Cancer Society, Casinos and Corruption

Wisconsin's corrupt Cancer Society dictatorship: The fundraising machine that has controlled the governors of both parties for at least the last twenty years is literally interlocked with Philip Morris and the Cancer Society! Nick Hurtgen, Phil Prange, and Gov. Doyle’s wife, Jessica, are all related. (A network of political corruption? Current investigations might be connected; ties cross party lines. By Mark Belling. Greater Milwaukee Today, Aug. 16, 2006.) Nick Hurtgen is notorious for corrupting "both sides of the aisle" - that's why anti-smoker slime like Sen. Fred Risser smugly boast that their support is "bipartisan." Phil Prange is one of Doyle's biggest fundraisers, and he's employed by Philip Morris to lobby for FDA regulation, while Phil's wife, Alison Prange, is the chief lobbyist for the American Cancer Society. Hurtgen and Prange are also big fundraisers for former Gov. Tommy Thompson, and Hurtgen is on the board of Sue Ann Thompson's Wisconsin Women's Health Foundation. And Philip Morris is Jim Doyle's pal! Doyle received contributions of $500, $500, $2000 and $1000 from Altria/Philip Morris in 2006 - the $2k came from Altria CEO Michael Szymanczyk! He also received $100, $500, and $150 from Altria in 2004. (Wisconsin Cooperative Campaign Finance Database, Wisconsin Democracy Campaign, accessed 9/03/07.) As for the Philip Morris - Cancer Society ties: The stepson of the head of the ACS, who started the anti-smoking persecution, was on the PM board of directors from 1961 to 1981. PM's so-called fight has never been anything but a sham; they've been controlled by the anti-smokers all along and that's why they have always let the anti-smokers get away with scientific fraud.

Proposed Wisconsin cigarette tax, 2005: "In what would be the biggest bump ever in the cigarette tax, a group of five Republicans and three Democratic lawmakers proposed an increase from 77 cents a pack to $1.77 that is intended to generate more than $300 million a year in additional revenue. Each year, the first $15 million of that revenue would be earmarked for tobacco-use prevention, under the proposal... [Unnamed] Lawmakers said the increase could help fund treatment of smoking-related illnesses, which consume up to 15% of the $4.2 billion yearly Medicaid budget. They urged their colleagues - and skeptical residents - to consider it an increase in a user fee, not a tax increase." Rep. Curt Gielow (R-Mequon), chairman of the Assembly's Committee on Medicaid Reform, was one of the bill's lead sponsors. The Wisconsin Hospital Association and the American Cancer Society were "lobbying hard" for the increase, and cited their own poll claiming that three-fourths of Wisconsin residents favor it. Sen. Scott Fitzgerald (R-Juneau), co-chairman of the Joint Finance Committee, and Assembly Minority Leader Jim Kreuser (D-Kenosha), opposed the increase only out of opposition to tax increases in general. Gov. Doyle preferred to transfer $150 million from the state's patient compensation fund and to sell $130 million in bonds to be backed by future tax revenue on sales of items such as cigarettes, wine and beer. His top deputy, Department of Administration Secretary Marc Marotta, smeared smokers as "people who have an addiction." Rep. Dean Kaufert (R-Neenah), the Joint Finance Committee's other co-chair, merely opposed "bonding for what appear to be everyday costs for Medicaid." (Cigarette tax boost sought. By Stacy Forster. Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel, Apr. 7, 2005.) NOTE: SEE HOW NOBODY DARES ASSERT THE TRUTH THAT SMOKING SAVES MEDICAID MONEY!

The American Cancer Society's annual "Zero to 60" gala event to raise money and awareness to help fight cancer will be held Friday beginning at 6 p.m., at the Bergstrom facilities in Appleton. The 2006 event, presented by Affinity Health System, features a progressive evening moving from one facility to the next at Bergstrom's dealerships on Victory Lane. The evening begins with hors d'oeuvres and a champagne reception at Bergstrom Porsche followed by a seated dinner at Bergstrom Enterprise Motorcars. The event also includes a European coffee bar at Bergstrom Premier Motorcars, live music at Bergstrom Lexus, and a silent and live auction at each facility. Individual tickets are $125 [emphasis added]. Contact: Kristine Schuetze, 920-338-1542, ext 133; or e-mail: kristine.schuetze @cancer.org" (Golf outings, Cancer Society gala, scrapbooking, Memory Walk on Valley calendar. Appleton Post-Crescent, Sep. 10, 2006.)

Cancer Society gala, Sep. 10, 2006 / Appleton Post-Crescent
The Big Lie of "David vs Goliath"
The Lasker Syndicate Roots of the Conspiracy Against Tobacco

Alison Prange, Phil Prange's wife - see how the Cancer Society gets a pass!

Alison Prange is Wisconsin government relations director for the American Cancer Society. (Health groups reignite push for $1 increase in state cigarette tax. By Stacy Forster. Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel, Dec.16, 2006.) Like a robot, she parrots the Cancer Society's psychopathic lies: "The message is as clear from Wisconsin residents as it was from the Surgeon General in June. There is no safe level of exposure to secondhand smoke. They know there is no such thing as a non-smoking section in a restaurant or a ventilation system that can remove the carcinogens from the air. Wisconsinites want the air cleared in their communities and they don't want to wait." (Wisconsinites urge communities to snuff out workplace smoking. Ashland Daily Press, Sep. 11, 2006.)

Health groups reignite push for $1 increase in state cigarette tax, Dec. 16, 2006 / Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel
Wisconsinites urge communities to snuff out workplace smoking, Sep. 11, 2006 / Ashland Daily Press

The Prange's political ties: In October 2000, Phil Prange was an organizer of an "Evening with Republican Vice Presidential Nominee Dick and Lynee Cheney," along with Governor Tommy Thompson. Alison Klukas Prange organized a "Prez Debate Happy Hour" for a "Young Professionals for Bush" group, and a "1st Annual Badger Tailgate Party Honoring Congressman Paul Ryan." (Events Listings, WisPolitics, October 2000.) Alison Klukas, WI Health & Hospital Assn./Director, was a $1,000 donor to [Mark Andrew] Green for Congress, 2002. (Green for Congress. CampaignMoney.com). Phil & Alison Prange live in a wealthy enclave adjoining Madison, the Village of Maple Bluff. (Minutes, Village of Maple Bluff Building Board, Tuesday, June 14, 2005.)

Events Listings, October 2000 / WisPolitics.com

"Steve Guthrie, spokesman for the company, confirmed that Brookfield developer Jon Hammes, a Thompson appointee to the state Investment Board, is the managing partner for the North Woods logging company. Other partners include Foley & Lardner rainmaker James P. Connelly, former Thompson insider and Bear Stearns honcho P. Nicholas Hurtgen and William "Butch" Johnson, the Hayward tycoon and Thompson hunting buddy. Guthrie said there is one other partner, whom he declined to identify. The only investor to return our calls was Connelly, who wanted to let us know he had nothing to say. Records show that since McCallum replaced Tommy in 2001, Connelly has given the new guv the maximum $10,000 donation, and his wife chipped in $5,000. Johnson, who hopes to make a buck or two by selling a private test to check deer for chronic wasting disease, also gave $10,000. Hammes contributed $1,000, as did an executive at his company. Hurtgen is restricted by securities rules from making political donations, but that didn't stop his wife from forking over $3,000 to McCallum in the past year. Of course, these guys don't live by timber alone. Earlier this year, the McCallum administration gave the bulk of the multimillion-dollar commissions from the tobacco bond sale to Hurtgen's company. Hurtgen's firm and Hammes' both also won big pieces of the Lambeau Field renovation pie. As for this deal, it's the most money these guys will likely ever see for doing nothing. The easement will prevent the property from ever being subdivided or developed, something Guthrie said it never planned on doing anyway. And, to make this deal even sweeter, Tomahawk will be able keep on logging the property, which, of course, it most definitely plans to do." (Timber tycoons turn out to be Tommy's pals. By Cary Spivak & Dan Bice. Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Aug. 25, 2002.)

"Nick Hurtgen might be the most well-connected man in Wisconsin politics, and he doesn’t even live here anymore. Democrats, Republicans and anybody else with a government job all seem to be tight with Hurtgen. That’s why his indictment on federal charges in Illinois was a big deal, and the likelihood that Hurtgen is now cooperating with the feds is even more explosive... Hurtgen was not only close to Tommy Thompson but to Milwaukee County Executive Scott Walker. He and his wife have donated money to Congressman Mark Green, the current Republican candidate for governor. His very close friend is Phil Prange, a prominent Wisconsin lobbyist and political fund-raiser who, like Hurtgen, has a Zelig-like way of landing at the right hand of every powerful Wisconsin politician. But it isn’t Hurtgen’s relationships with these Republicans that make this story explosive. Nick was an equal opportunity pal. Nick Hurtgen and Phil Prange have burrowed like moles deeply into the administration of Democrat Jim Doyle. Follow this family tree. Hurtgen, Prange and Doyle’s wife, Jessica, are all related. [emphasis added] Hurtgen and Prange are friends of Marc Marotta, Doyle’s former administration director and current campaign chair. In the weeks prior to Hurtgen’s indictment, he had a number of meetings with Marotta. Hurtgen also met with Susan Goodwin, Doyle’s top aide and the governor’s virtual alter ego... There is an ongoing grand jury investigation in Wisconsin into Doyle fund-raising and state contracts. If the federal interest in Hurtgen extends to the investigation of Doyle, there’s no telling what it could lead to. What I do know is this: Nick Hurtgen knows where every political body in this state is buried." Belling also notes that "none of these juicy cases ever seemed to be investigated by J.B. Van Hollen when he served as U.S. Attorney in western Wisconsin... Some snarly little Republican types have been sniping at me for being overly critical of Van Hollen and of Green’s tepid campaign for governor. Many are former aides to Thompson who seem to think they have a birthright to control Wisconsin Republican politics for the foreseeable future. Whatever. I will point out, however, that many of them are very close to both Nick Hurtgen and Phil Prange." (A network of political corruption? Current investigations might be connected; ties cross party lines. By Mark Belling. Greater Milwaukee Today, Aug. 16, 2006.)

A network of political corruption? Aug. 16, 2006 / Greater Milwaukee Today

"Indicted wheeler-dealer Nick Hurtgen is becoming the Jack Abramoff of Wisconsin politics. Anyone who may have traded favors with the guy is tainted. So far, that's been bad news for Republicans, including ex-Gov. Tommy Thompson, with whom he is a partner in a small radio company; Milwaukee County Executive Scott Walker; and U.S. Rep. Mark Green, the Republican gubernatorial candidate to whom Hurtgen and his wife have donated thousands of dollars. But newly disclosed records show that Hurtgen also gained significant face time with officials in Democratic Gov. Jim Doyle's administration, particularly former Administration Secretary Marc Marotta, now Doyle's re-election chairman." Mega-firm Aon Consulting has been Wisconsin's insurance broker since 1986, at $200,000 a year. "Bear Stearns managed Wisconsin bond deals totaling $1.5 billion from 1990 to 2000 and also had the lead in financing for Miller Park and what's now known as the Midwest Airlines Center." (Indicted operative has tainted both sides of aisle. By Cary Spivak & Dan Bice. Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, July 16, 2006.)

Indicted operative has tainted both sides of aisle, July 16, 2006 / Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Gov. Jim Doyle and his Republican challenger U.S. Rep. Mark Green were both beneficiaries of fundraisers by the Chicago law firm Ungaretti and Harris. One of its partners, Joseph Cari, was convicted in a hospital-siting scandal in Illinois that led to charges against P. Nicholas Hurtgen. Hurtgen is a former manager for the Bear Stearns investment house and a former aide to Wisconsin Gov. Tommy Thompson. A third partner, Michael Ficaro, was the lawyer for the proposed Emerald Casino in suburban Chicago. "Illinois officials refused to grant the casino a license last year because of the investors' alleged mob ties, but some of the same figures in that project are now working to open an off-reservation Indian casino in Kenosha... Backers of the Kenosha casino make up the single biggest group of donors to Doyle's campaign and include some of Doyle's biggest donors from Illinois... Doyle's October 2002 fundraiser at the Chicago firm was as significant for the Wisconsin donors it attracted as for the Chicago connections it revealed. It was held just a few weeks before the election, the presence of some of former Gov. Tommy Thompson's inner circle at the law firm fundraiser signaled that the tide had turned against Republican Gov. Scott McCallum. Among those who showed up were Phil Prange, Thompson's chief fundraiser, Prange's brother-in-law Hurtgen, and lobbyist Eric Petersen. Prange helped Doyle's campaign round up some of the potential Chicago donors, although a source familiar with the event said it was mainly organized by David Wilhelm, a former Democratic National Committee chairman. Wilhelm was subpoenaed by the grand jury investigating the hospital-siting scandal, although he has not been charged in the case." (Chicago Firm Serves Dems, Republicans. By David Callender. The Capital Times, April 24, 2006.)

Chicago Firm Serves Dems, Republicans, Apr. 24, 2006 / Madison.com

"P. Nicholas Hurtgen, 42, is accused of extortion and mail and wire fraud on suspicion of telling Illinois hospital officials whom to hire to build a new hospital if they wanted state approval. He made the remarks as part of a plot to win the financing deal for the project for his then-employer, Bear Stearns, according to the indictment. Hurtgen oversaw the firm's municipal bond business in the Midwest. Hurtgen and Chicago attorney Stuart Levine, the 59-year-old former vice chairman of the Illinois Health Facilities Planning Board, were arrested at their suburban Chicago homes Monday morning and later in the day entered not guilty pleas... He joined Bear Stearns in December 1995, after a lengthy career as an aide to then-Gov. Thompson. Hurtgen's last post in state government was under top Thompson aide James R. Klauser. As deputy secretary of administration, Hurtgen's oversight included state bond deals. Hurtgen also worked for a time as a legislative aide to Thompson in the early 1980s, when he served as an Assembly representative from Elroy. In addition to his official statehouse duties with Thompson, Hurtgen played a key role in Thompson's fund-raising apparatus. The two were also personally close; Thompson was an usher at Hurtgen's wedding." (Ex-state official charged in graft. By Steve Schultze. Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, May 10, 2005.)

Ex-state official charged in graft, May 10, 2005 / Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

"Hurtgen has left his mark in Wisconsin, both as a top aide in the Thompson administration and later at Bear Stearns. During Hurtgen's watch, Bear Stearns collected millions of dollars in fees underwriting major projects, including the $100 million bond deal for the administration of County Executive Scott Walker, who is now running for governor. Bear Stearns also underwrote the financing for the construction of Miller Park and for the state's $1.7 billion tobacco bond deal." (Politicos won't find friends in low places. By Cary Spivak & Dan Bice. Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, May 12, 2005.)

Politicos won't find friends in low places, May 12, 2005 / Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Stuart Levine is also a former Teachers Retirement System board member, who pleaded guilty in October, 2006. Joseph Aramanda was listed as "Individual D" in the federal indictment against Levine. Aramanda was also named as an unindicted co-conspirator, again listed as "Individual D," in the federal indictment against Antoin "Tony" Rezko, who has ties to Sen. Barack Obama. "Obama and Rezko have been friends since 1990, and the Wilmette businessman has raised as much as $60,000 in campaign contributions for him," in addition to a land deal. Aramanda allegedly received a $250,000 kickback tied to a scheme to steer lucrative state pension deals to firms and consultants that donated to Illinois Gov. Rod R. Blagojevich. His son, John Aramanda, served in Obama's Capitol Hill office from July 20 to Aug. 26, 2005. (Internship also links Obama, Rezko. By Frank Main, Staff Reporter. Chicago Sun-Times Dec. 24, 2006.)

Internship also links Obama, Rezko, Dec. 24, 2006 / Chicago Sun-Times

"AG J.B. Van Hollen is already taking a page out of Jim Klauser and Phil Prange's 'Third Reich' plan. In hopes of reinstating themselves they have already begun the 'Attorney General's Club' in which you can join for $500 and receive a neat little lapel pin. The lapel pin identifies you within the party as a contributor or 'friend'. That stategy was implemented by Klauser, Prange and Nick Hurtgen during Tommy Thmpson's years at the helm of the Ship of State. It was all part of their replicating the Third Reich political machine that kept Adolph Hitler, or AH as they refer to him, in power. In their case, it was the governor's gig. Hurtgen even had a special license plate made that says M1 (he still uses it today). The M1 in the Nazi regime was the ministry that approved all business with the State: fitting for a bag man. (Bear, Stearns & Co investment guru Hurtgen could have been referring to the M1 money supply, of course.) The word is that they have already set up a little pseudo defacto government (a la the Fourth Reich) and are shielding it under the Museum Foundation that Prange's mother runs. Its board of directors consist of Sue Ann Thompson, Klauser, Hurtgen's wife and his mother-in-law and timber baron Butch Johnson. (Thousand Year Reich. posted by Political Capital @ 2:57 PM, Dec. 22, 2006.) Prange is also president of MooseEye, a "for-profit in-house private network whose core mission is to provide complete, unfettered drink-to-drink coverage of the actions of lobbyists in Madison on television and the Internet," broadcasting from the Madison Club. Hurtgen and Prange jointly own Wispolitics.com.

Search "Phil Prange" / Political-Capital.blogspot.com

"P. Nicholas Hurtgen left Gov. Tommy Thompson's administration nearly three years ago for the outside world of investment banking, a six-figure income, and access to corporate and government executive suites in New York, Chicago and other cities. But it's almost as if the low-key, lanky 34-year-old never left his state job. When big deals are cut involving state government, they often bear the imprint of the phantom-like Hurtgen, who shuns public attention." He "Paved the way for private firms seeking state aid, arranging meetings with the governor and top department officials, both before and after he was hired by Bear Stearns," and "Continued to play an important role for Thompson, helping him raise money in Chicago and New York and serving as an unofficial conduit between the administration and the private sector, according to government and business sources close to Thompson." "Others said Hurtgen had retained a key role as an intermediary for Thompson with a variety of special interests, including working with his brother-in-law Phil Prange, Thompson's paid campaign fund-raiser. 'Nick Hurtgen and Phil Prange just go business to business to business' seeking donations for Thompson, a Wisconsin business executive said." "Reared in a wealthy La Crosse family, Hurtgen got an early start in politics. Through his father's connections, he got the chance to rub shoulders with some of the most powerful political figures in Wisconsin as a youngster... An interest in politics and deal-making was cultivated by his second cousin, M. William Gerrard, one of the most powerful and controversial statehouse lobbyists," who represented tobacco, gambling and railroad interests. Other Thompson cronies include Peter B. Fox, Executive, Bear Stearns & Co. brokerage, and fundraiser; his brother Bruce Fox and sister-in-law. (Ex-aide Hurtgen remains a ghost in state machine; and: The governor's circle. By Steve Schultze and Daniel Bice. Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Nov. 4, 1997.)

Ex-aide Hurtgen remains a ghost in state machine, Nov. 4, 1997 / Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Who is P. Nicholas Hurtgen? He is the son of Peter Gerst Hurtgen of La Crosse, the son of Robert E. Hurtgen, who married Mary Jean Murphy, the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Eugene W. Murphy. Her father was the vice chairman of Gateway Transportation Company. (Mary Jean Murphy To Be Autumn Bride. New York Times, Sep. 29, 1960; La Crosse native indicted in federal probe. AP. La Crosse Tribune, May 11, 2005.) His great-grandfather, William F. Hurtgen, was a former salesman for the Simmons mattress company who founded Advance Bedding. (Wm. F. Hurtgen Dies Today -- Ill Only Four Days. La Crosse Tribune, Feb. 22, 1923.) "Eugene W. Murphy was a nationally known trucking company executive; a state college regent; and a civic leader in La Crosse. He was chairman of the Gateway Transportation Company from 1933 until January 1981 when the company was sold. He served on the Wisconsin State College Board of Regents, now the University of Wisconsin System Board of Regents, from 1951 to 1973. He was President of the Board from 1966-1969." The library bearing his name was dedicated at the UW-La Crosse in 1969. "Eugene Murphy was also a trustee, and president for several years, of the St. Francis Medical Center Advisory Board; a director of the Wisconsin Historical Society; and was elected Man of the Year by the Greater La Crosse Chamber of Commerce in 1960. Mr. Murphy died on March 5, 1987 at the age of 85." (Who Was Eugene Murphy? Anonymous. Murphy Library, University of Wisconsin - La Crosse.) [Gov. Walter J. Kohler Jr., who was a director of the American Cancer Society, appointed him to the Board of Regents.] John Daley of Chicago was one of the guests at Eugene William Murphy's marriage to Marjorie Platz. (Marjorie Platz and E.W. Murphy Wed In Hone Ceremony. La Crosse Tribune and Leader-Press, Sep. 4, 1934.) Eugene Murphy's brother, W. Leo Murphy, was one of the founding directors of the Wisconsin Division of the American Cancer Society after its reorganization in 1947. (Dr. J.C. Fox, Leo Murphy Directors of Cancer Society. La Crosse Tribune, Jan. 30, 1947.) Eugene Murphy and Robert Lee bought radio station WFOX-Milwaukee. Lee also owned a majority interest in WKTY-La Crosse. (Radio Station Sold. Stevens Point Daily Journal, Jan. 13, 1966.) The Murphys' daughter married Rufus Dawes, a vice president of the LaSalle National Bank of Chicago, and grandnephew of Vice President Charles G. Dawes, of the infamous Dawes Plan. (Louise M. Murphy Is Engaged To Wed Rufus Dawes, Banker. New York Times, May 18, 1969.) Eugene W. Murphy Jr., a Palm Beach, Fla. attorney born in La Crosse in 1940, was the regstered agent for BC Holdings, whose directors included Prince Kamlar Pahlavi and and Princess Sarvnaz Pahlavi of the Iranian Royals. (Murphy, Reid, Pilotte & Ord, LLP. Lawyers.com; Personal Intelligence Agency Alert, Mar. 7, 2006, by 277fia. The Cunning Realist blog; The Pahlavi Dynasty. The Royal Ark.) Hurtgen's second cousin and political mentor was Philip Morris lobbyist M. William Gerrard, an old friend of the Murphys. And Robert A. Uihlein Jr., the president and chairman of Jos. Schlitz Brewing Company, was a director of Gateway Transportation and of the American Cancer Society.

Who Was Eugene Murphy? / UW-La Crosse in 1969
Murphy, Reid, Pilotte & Ord, LLP. Lawyers.com
Personal Intelligence Agency Alert, Mar. 7, 2006 / The Cunning Realist

Princess Sarvnaz Pahlavi has ties to Bear Stearns.

The Pahlavi Dynasty / The Royal Ark

STATE OF WISCONSIN DEPARTMENT OF ADMINISTRATION CORRESPONDENCE/MEMORANDUM DATE: June 26, 1991 TO: P. Nicholas Hurtgen, Deputy Secretary FROM: Michael Grebe SUBJECT: Smoking policies in state-owned buildings.

Grebe to Hurtgen, Jun. 26, 1991 / UCSF-Legacy

"Maximus Corp. used taxpayer funds intended for the poor under its state W-2 contract to pay consultants who gave campaign contribution advice and solicited new business for the firm, state officials said Monday. The consultants were Phil Prange and John Tries, both former aides to Gov. Tommy G. Thompson... Prange served as Thompson's chief campaign staff fund-raiser from 1993 to 1998 and has worked as a fund-raising consultant to the governor's campaign since then. Prange was paid $25,000 for that work for the first six months of this year, according to campaign reports." (State says W-2 money bought political advice. By Steve Schultze. Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Aug. 14, 2000.)

State says W-2 money bought political advice, Aug. 14, 2000 / Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Philip Prange and his lobbying firm, Gateway Ventures Inc., have been employed by Philip Morris's chief in-house lobbyist, John Scruggs, to lobby for FDA regulation of tobacco. "Another recent addition is Rick Kessler of Kessler Century Government Relations, whose connections with the Ripon Society give him close ties to various moderate Republicans in the House. And Peter Madigan, a former Reagan and elder Bush White House official, is a newcomer to the tobacco lobby team at Griffin, Johnson, Dover & Stewart, which Philip Morris has long had on retainer. Philip Morris has a dozen other outside lobbyists, each with certain key connections." "Scruggs entered politics 23 years ago as an intern for a member of the House Rules Committee. There he met then-Rep. Trent Lott (R-Miss.) and later became his floor assistant in the House. In the Reagan White House lobby shop, Scruggs worked the Hill with, among others, B. Oglesby, who went on to run RJR's lobby shop. Scruggs joined Philip Morris in November 1998 as head of its tobacco lobby shop after 13 years as a contract lobbyist with what later became Black, Kelley, Scruggs & Healy (now BKSH & Associates). Last year he was named chief lobbyist for its Kraft Foods and Miller Brewing Co. units as well." Scruggs refused to renew PM's contract with Charlie Rose and others. (Philip Morris at a Fork in Tobacco Road. By T.R. Goldman. Influence, July 25, 2001.) Mississippi lawyer Richard Scruggs, of that state's lawsuit against the tobacco industry, is Lott's brother-in-law.

Philip Morris at a Fork in Tobacco Road, July 25, 2001 / UCSF-Legacy

Philip H. Prange's campaign contributions include $8000 to James Doyle. (Wisconsin Cooperative Campaign Finance Database.)

Philip H. Prange / Opensecrets.org

P. Nicholas Hurtgen is a director of the Wisconsin Women's Health Foundation, of which Sue Ann Thompson, the former governor's wife, is President. Former Tobacco Institute Regional Vice President Michael Brozek is a large contributor to the foundation, which parrots stock anti-tobacco hate propaganda. (Wisconsin Women's Health Foundation, Board of Directors; Tobacco Use; and Spring 2006 Newsletter.)

Board of Directors / Wisconsin Women's Health Foundation
Tobacco Use / Wisconsin Women's Health Foundation
Newsletter, Spring 2006 / Wisconsin Women's Health Foundation (pdf, 12pp)

After his indictment, former Gov. Thompson brought Hurtgen in on Armada Media Corp., "a start-up firm trying to buy small radio stations throughout the upper Midwest." "When Thompson was named to President Bush's cabinet in 2001, Hurtgen was one of two buddies who accompanied the ex-guv as he scurried around the Capitol meeting senators in preparation for his confirmation hearings." (Friend's troubles give radio deal a bad spin. By Cary Spivak & Dan Bice. Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, June 29, 2006.) "The application also indicates that the four-term governor is chairman of the Armada board and owns 12.31% of the company, though he has no voting rights. LPL Partners, an Illinois firm owned solely by Hurtgen, owns 14% of the new media company. Armada CEO Jim Coursolle acknowledged bringing Thompson into the firm. The two have known each other for 20 years, Coursolle said, since the then-governor appointed the radio guy as chairman of a state prison committee." (Thompson, indicted pal together again. By Cary Spivak & Dan Bice. Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, May 23, 2006.) Hurtgen was later dropped, and the group purchased KSDN-AM & FM, KGIM-AM & FM, KBFO-FM and KNBZ-FM Aberdeen-Redfield, SD, and WJMS-AM & WIMI-FM Ironwood, MI and WAGN-AM, WMAM-AM, WHYB-FM, WMAM-AM, WLST-FM & WSFQ-FM Marinette-Peshtigo, WI- Menomonie, MI. 17.56% Jim Coursolle, Campbellsport WI; 17.56% John R. Larson, Minneapolis; 6.66% Chris Bernier, Fond du Lac WI; 16.66% Terry Shockley, Madison;15.78% John Lynch, San Diego;15.78% Tommy G. Thompson, Washington. (Licensee Ownership. NorthPine.com) They are financed by Wells Fargo Foothill and King Street Capital. (InsideRadio.com, Nov. 18, 2006.) Terry Shockley of WOLX-FM was head of the Madison Area Radio Association in 1992. The group also included WHIT/WWQM, WTDY/WMGN, WJJO-FIVI, WMAD AM/FM, WMMM-FM, and WMLI-FM. (Membership Update. Greater Madison, March 1992.)

Friend's troubles give radio deal a bad spin / Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
Thompson, indicted pal together again / Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
Licensee Ownership / NorthPine.com
Greater Madison, March 1992 / UCSF-Legacy

Phil Prange, whom the Wisconsin State Journal blandly describes as "a GOP consultant and fundraiser," is raising funds for the 2006 Presidential campaign of former Wisconsin Governor and US DHHS Secretary Tommy G. Thompson. (Thompson presidential fundraising effort begins. By Mark Pitsch. Wisconsin State Journal, Dec. 16, 2006.) No doubt the Cancer Society's secret agenda is for Thompson to outlaw tobacco!

Thompson presidential fundraising effort begins, Dec. 16, 2006 / Madison.com

Sara Sahli, of the ACS's "Wisconsin Advocacy and Government Relations Team," held fundraisers for Jim Doyle for Governor, May 16, in Milwaukee ("Hosted by Lynde Uihlein, Dan Bader, & Chris Abele. Suggested Contribution $250.00.") May 21, in Madison (at the home of attorney Dan Rottier of the state tobacco lawsuit firm, Habush Habush & Rottier; "Suggested Contribution $250.00."); June 3, in De Pere; June 4, in Hudson, and in Two Rivers, June 26, 2002. (Wispolitics Calendar.) Sarah Sahli booked tours at the Governor's Mansion. "Wisconsin ACS CAN Lead Volunteer Amy Ketterer of Stoughton will be leading our efforts to promote advocacy and ACS CAN. Recently, Amy and staff partner, Sara Sahli, attended a training in Denver to learn more about our new volunteer efforts in advocacy and emerging issues for ACS CAN. Stay tuned to hear more as we get ready to make an impact on the 2008 election!" (American Cancer Society Action Network, Wisconsin Action Center. Accessed 09/03/07.)

The American Cancer Society employs eight lobbyists: Lisa Davidson; Rebecca Derenne; Catherine Peters; Alison Prange; and Sara Sahli, all ACS officials; also Forbes McIntosh (Senior Lobbying Consultant, Broydrick & Associates; also lobbies on behalf of a number of health care interests, AT&T Wisconsin, and various towns and villages); Michelle Mettner (Senior Lobbying Consultant, Broydrick & Associates, also lobbies on behalf of AT&T Wisconsin, Wisconsin Naturopathic Physicians Association, and others); and Jody Tierny (Senior Lobbying Consultant, Broydrick & Associates; also lobbies on behalf of AT&T Wisconsin, Northwestern Mutual and other interests). (Organizations employing lobbyists in 2007-2008. American Cancer Society. Wisconsin Ethics Board, as of Monday, September 03, 2007.) Their expenditures to date are $136,275.

American Cancer Society / Wisconsin Ethics Board

More proof that Wisconsin is a Corrupt Cancer Society Dictatorship

The anti-smokers' fraudulent report, The Burden of Tobacco in Wisconsin, was jointly concocted by the American Cancer Society-Midwest Division (Sarah Fiebelkorn and Alison Prange), with the Wisconsin Division of Public Health, Department of Health and Family Services (DHFS) Bureau of Community Health Promotion (David Gundersen and James Malone), and the and the University of Wisconsin Comprehensive Cancer Center’s Tobacco Surveillance and Evaluation Program (Patrick Remington and Amanda Riemer-Jovaag). It is a corrupt and fraudulent report because, as it states, it is based on the Centers for Disease Control's fraudulent SAMMEC computer program. The SAMMEC's "Morbidity and Mortality" section falsely blames smoking and secondhand smoke for diseases that are really caused by infection; and its "Economic Costs" section falsely pretends that costs paid by smokers were paid by non-smokers, and pretends that non-smokers' costs don't exist, as well as falsely blaming smoking for the costs of the aformentioned infectious disease illnesses and deaths.

The Burden of Tobacco in Wisconsin, Feb. 2006 / University of Wisconsin Medical School

The American Heart Association

The American Heart Association employs four lobbyists: Bryan Brooks (Senior Associate, Whyte Hirschboeck Dudek Government Affairs LLC, who also lobbies on behalf of IBM, the Wisconsin Medical Society and other interests); George Petak (Principal, Whyte Hirschboeck Dudek Government Affairs LLC, who also lobbies on behalf of IBM, The School Nutrition Association of Wisconsin, UnitedHealth Group and other interests); and Heart Association officials Jeffrey Ranous and Luke Rollins (who also lobbies on behalf of the Wisconsin Housing Alliance). (Organizations employing lobbyists in 2007-2008. American Heart Association. Wisconsin Ethics Board, as of Monday, September 03, 2007.) Their expenditures to date are $41,408.

American Heart Association / Wisconsin Ethics Board

The American Lung Association of Wisconsin Inc.

The American Lung Association of Wisconsin Inc. employs two lobbyists: Randall Radtke and Dona Wininski. Both are ALA officials. (Organizations employing lobbyists in 2007-2008. American Lung Association of Wisconsin Inc. Wisconsin Ethics Board, as of Monday, September 03, 2007.) Their expenditures to date are $34,690.

American Lung Association of Wisconsin Inc / Wisconsin Ethics Board

The Wisconsin Hospital Association lobbies for raising the cigarette tax

"The Wisconsin Hospital Association (WHA) praised key recommendations adopted today by Governor Doyle’s Healthy Wisconsin Council. Chief among those is the proposal to increase the state tobacco tax by $1.00 and devote the revenue to state health care programs. The multi-stakeholder Council unanimously supported providing much needed reimbursement increases to health care providers serving Medicaid and BadgerCare patients. 'Increasing the tobacco tax will prevent thousands of teens from taking up smoking, provide a strong incentive for many thousands more to quit, save millions in preventable health care costs, much of which are now borne by Wisconsin taxpayers, and provide needed revenue for state health care priorities,' said WHA President Steve Brenton." Psychopathic lies! These "doctors" are frauds who believe in corrupt "smoking cost" studies that falsely blame smoking for diseases that are really caused by infection, falsely pretend that costs paid by smokers were paid by non-smokers, and pretend that non-smokers' costs don't exist at all. Smokers are actually subsidizing nonsmokers. "According to WHA, in 2005 hospitals were forced to shift $550 million in unpaid Medicaid and BadgerCare costs (not charges) to others with health insurance – a situation dubbed the “Hidden Health Care Tax” by leading business organizations. Many of those unpaid costs are the result of smoking-caused illnesses." Liar! Those with health insurance are actually depriving the federal government of $188.5 billion in revenue due to tax writeoffs (of which Wisconsin's share was about $3.7 billion), which everyone, including the uninsured, must make up. Furthermore, the wealthy are the greatest beneficiaries. (Hospital Association Supports Tobacco Tax Increase, Other Recommendations from Healthy WI Council. Wisconsin Hospital Association, Inc. News, Dec. 19, 2006.) Eric Borgerding, senior vice president of the Wisconsin Hospitals Association, is major propounder of the lie half-truth that 'Those with private insurance end up paying the cost of health care provided to the uninsured.' (Health groups reignite push for $1 increase in state cigarette tax. By Stacy Forster. Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel, Dec.16, 2006.)

Hospital Association Supports Tobacco Tax Increase, Dec. 19, 2006 / Wisconsin Hospital Association, Inc. (pdf, 2pp)

Here's how the dirty, bloodsucking, lie-spewing, subhuman filth of the Wisconsin Hospital Association justify their demand to raise cigarette taxes: "Did you know the money Wisconsin collects now from the cigarette tax ($.77 per pack) doesn’t come close to covering the health costs of treating sick smokers? In fact, every pack of cigarettes sold results in $7.14 in health costs, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention." (Raise Tobacco Tax for Good of Smokers and State. By Susan Turney, MD and Steve Brenton [Susan Turney, MD is CEO/EVP of the Wisconsin Medical Society. Steve Brenton is president of the Wisconsin Hospital Association]. The Valued Voice, Jan. 28, 2005.) Every word of it is a filthy, stinking lie! We should exterminate these parasites from the face of the earth!

The Valued Voice, Jan. 28, 2005 / Wisconsin Hospital Association (pdf, 8 pp)

The Wisconsin Hospital Association has non-hospital corporate members as well as hospitals: "Any for-profit business or other organization that conducts significant activity with the Wisconsin hospital community is eligible to apply for WHA corporate membership." Top donors include MHA Insurance Company [medical liability insurance], The MHA Group [staffing], and WHA Financial Solutions [a WHA subsidiary]; Oscar J. Boldt Construction, Dairyland Healthcare Solutions [medical records], Delta Physician Placement, Gilbane Inc. [construction, with a board of directors full of Harvard grads], Global Health Direct Inc. [scheduling services], Hall Render Killian Heath & Lyman P.S.C. [health law, Hoffman LLC [architects], Lincoln Financial Group, Plunkett Raysich Architects, and Sodexho Health Care Services.

Corporate Members / Wisconsin Hospital Association

The Wisconsin Hospital Association Inc (WHA) employs fourteen lobbyists: Bill Bazan, Jodi Bloch (former), Jennifer Boese, Eric Borgerding, Steve Brenton, Joseph Kachelski, Paul Merline (who formerly lobbied on behalf of the Wisconsin Association of Health Plans), George Quinn, and Judith Warmuth, all WHA officials; and Patrick Essie (Essie Kammer Group, who also lobbies on behalf of GlaxoSmithKline and UST Public Affairs Inc.); Peter Kammer (Essie Kammer Group, who also lobbies on behalf of Abbott Laboratories, AT&T Wisconsin, Baxter Healthcare Corporation, GlaxoSmithKline, and UST Public Affairs Inc.); Laura J. Leitch (of Hall, Render, Killian, Heath & Lyman); Susan Schooff (Lobbyist, Essie Kammer Group, who also lobbies on behalf of the Association of Settlement Companies, GlaxoSmithKline Inc., and UST Public Affairs Inc.); Scott Tyre (Owner, Capitol Navigators Inc, who also lobbies on behalf of the National Association of Professional Employer Organizations and Wisconsin Cable Communications Association). (Organizations employing lobbyists in 2007-2008. Wisconsin Hospital Association Inc (WHA). Wisconsin Ethics Board, as of Monday, September 03, 2007.) Their expenditures to date are $434,240, of which 10% was on General Fund Taxes and 20% were on "Time spent on matters each of which accounted for less than 10% of the organization's lobbying."

Wisconsin Hospital Association Inc (WHA) / Wisconsin Ethics Board

The Wisconsin State Medical Society

Mark Grapentine, vice president of government relations / chief lobbyist

Mark Grapentine was the Chief of Staff for anti-smoker State Sen. Peggy Rosenzweig, and his wife, former WKOW Madison Channel 27 news anchor Wendy Warren, did fund raising for the American Cancer Society. Warren also propagandized the public with politically correct and superficial so-called medical news in the twice-daily Medical Minute. (Bio on WKOW website was at www.wkowtv.com/profiles/wendyinfo.htm.) She was at WKOW from 1991-2001. Wendy Warren [Grapentine] was elected a director of the Wisconsin Public Utility Institute, which is part of the University of Wisconsin School of Business, in 2002. (Director Named At Institute. By Helen Caparello. UW Press Release, May 7, 2002.) Chuck Grapentine, a retired personnel manager in Kenosha, was one of Milwaukee County Executive Scott Walker's close cronies. "Mark Grapentine, Chuck's son, is a former staff aide to Walker and Republican Gov. Tommy G. Thompson, and he is among Walker's closest allies. The elder Grapentine, 62, ran the State of Wisconsin's personnel division for Republican Gov. Lee Dreyfus in the early 1980s. A native Milwaukeean, he started his career here and ended it as the personnel chief and labor negotiator for the City of Kenosha." (Candidates' inner circles give clues into next administration. By Dave Umhoefer. Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, April 29, 2002.) Mark Grapentine has been a vice president of government relations / lobbyist for the Wisconsin Medical Society since 2003. (Mark Grapentine Joins Wisconsin Medical Society. Press Release, Jan. 3, 2003.) He lobbies for anti-smoking legislation. (Testimony Opposing Assembly Bill 414, Assembly Committee on State Affairs, May 12, 2005; Gov. Doyle Backs ‘Wonderful’ Anti-Smoking Package. Wisconsin Medical Society Press Release, Jan. 24, 2007.)

Director Named At Institute, May 7, 2002 / University of Wisconsin - Madison
Wendy Warren Grapentine bio / University of Wisconsin - Madison (pdf, 1p)
Candidates' inner circles give clues into next administration, Apr. 29, 2002 / JSOnline
Testimony Opposing Assembly Bill 414, May 12, 2005 / Wisconsin Medical Society
Gov. Doyle Backs ‘Wonderful’ Anti-Smoking Package, Jan. 24, 2007 / Wheeler Report

The Wisconsin Medical Society employs eight lobbyists: Melissa Breen, Clarence Chou, Mark Grapentine, Jeremy Levin, Jeffrey Nelson, Linda Syth, and Susan Turner, MD, MS, FACMPE, FACP, all officials of the Wisconsin Medical Society; and Bryan Brooks (Senior Associate, Whyte Hirschboeck Dudek Government Affairs LLC, who also lobbies on behalf of IBM and the American Heart Association). (Organizations employing lobbyists in 2007-2008. Wisconsin Medical Society. Wisconsin Ethics Board, as of Monday, September 03, 2007.) Total expenditures to date are $118,058, of which 6% has been expended on SB-150, the Statewide Smoking Ban, and 5% on the Tobacco Excise Tax.

Wisconsin Medical Society / Wisconsin Ethics Board

Doyle's Healthy Wisconsin Council

"The Healthy Wisconsin Council on Tuesday recommended a $1-per-pack cigarette tax increase to help expand Medicaid eligibility to an additional 61,000 uninsured residents" [i.e., about 1.2% of the population]. The bloodsuckers want to siphon an extra $227.5 million from smokers for this, which would cost about $43 million; a $100 million subsidy to small businesses for health care premiums [to go into the pockets of insurance companies]; to raise the Medicaid provider payment rate; and create a slush fund for programs recommended by the council. (Healthy Wisconsin Council Recommends Cigarette Tax Increase To Fund Health Care, Other Coverage Expansion Efforts. Jan. 2, 2007.)

Healthy Wisconsin Council Recommends Cigarette Tax Increase To Fund Health Care, Jan. 2, 2007 / Medical News Today

The Council wants yet another subsidy for the bloodsucking insurance companies! "The health affordability agenda also include a full tax deduction for health insurance premiums for all Wisconsin citizens. Whatever people pay for their health insurance premiums - whether they are self employed or get insurance through their employer - would not be taxed." "The number of residents covered by employer-sponsored insurance is decreasing. In 2001, 76 percent of Wisconsin’s residents had their health insurance provided by their employers. That number dropped to 69 percent in 2004." The bastards refuse that some of us hate the insurance companies' guts and want nothing to do with them, because they blackmail companies into inflicting health fascist BS on their employees. We want them to keep out of our pockets and keep out of our lives! But no, the bloodsucking health fascists want to coerce everybody into their slimy clutches. "Health insurance costs in Wisconsin are high and growing. The total cost of employer sponsored health benefits in Wisconsin increased by 9.3 percent in 2006, to an average of $9,516 for each employee." What happened, they claim that their health fascist BS will make costs magically disappear! And when they increase instead, they blame smokers. (Healthy Wisconsin Council Report, December 2006.)

Healthy Wisconsin Council Report, December 2006 / Wispolitics.com

Dr. David Kindig, Emeritus Professor of Population Health Sciences, UW-Madison School of Medicine
Michael Weiden, Partner at Quarles & Brady, LLP [which formerly handled lobbying for Philip Morris]
Council Members
Bob Bass, Board Vice-Chair, Wisconsin Federation of Cooperatives
Wayne Corey, Executive Director, Wisconsin Independent Businesses Inc.
Tim Cullen, Senior VP, Anthem BlueCross/Blue Shield
Jay Fulkerson, President, United HealthCare of Wisconsin
Representative Curt Gielow
Dr. Tito Izard, Chief Medical Officer, Milwaukee Health Services Inc.
Al Jacobs, Executive Director, WEA Trust
Mickey Judkins, Owner, Details
Senator Julie Lassa
David Newby, President, WI State AFL-CIO
Jim Riordan, CEO, WPS Insurance
Senator Carol Roessler
Dr. Rene Settle-Robinson, President, Cream City Medical Society
Kristine Seymour, Senior VP, Humana
Randy Smith, President, City Brewery
Mary Starmann-Harrison, CEO, SMSS Health Systems
Gail Sumi, Government Affairs Representative - AARP
John Torinus, CEO, Serigraph Printing
Gregory T. Troy, VP and Chief Human Resource Officer, Modine Manufacturing
Dan Velicer, Director of Global Benefits, Kohler Co.

Healthy Wisconsin: Members / Wisconsin Department of Health & Family Services

"Sen. Carol Roessler, one of the council members, said she has long supported an increase in the cigarette tax because of the health care costs associated with tobacco products." Which is a vile and despicable Big Lie. "Wayne Corey, executive director of the Wisconsin Independent Businesses Inc., said the committee recommended restricting the additional tobacco tax revenue to health care to send the message it shouldn't be used to fill existing holes in the budget." Whoopie, another big hero who doesn't have the guts to call scum what they are. "Sen. Mike Ellis, R-Neenah, today called proposals to increase the cigarette tax increase a "money grab" and said the state should not be considering new programs at a time when it has a $1.6 billion shortfall." (Healthy Wisconsin Council Blesses $1/Pack Cigarette Increase, Could Be Budget Tool. WisPolitics Budget Blog, Dec. 15, 2006.)

Healthy Wisconsin Council Blesses $1/Pack Cigarette Increase, Dec. 15, 2006 / WisPolitics

The Wisconsin Women's Health Foundation - a focus of evil, lies and POWER

Nominally, this is Sue Ann Thompson's breast cancer foundation. But it's also a focus for the politically-connected elites to gather and plot “Strategies for a Tobacco-Free Workplace in Wisconsin,” etc. BOARD OF DIRECTORS: Sue Ann Thompson, Founder & President; Carol Markos, Vice President; Essie Whitelaw, Treasurer; Jason Thompson, Assistant Treasurer; Janeen Meehan, Secretary; Terri Bresenham; Molly Carnes, MD, MS; Lisa Cudahy; Darshan Singh Dhaliwal; Jane Blain Gilbertson; Rodman P. Hise; P. Nicolas Hurtgen; Mary Paul Long; Sara Hildebrand; Alice O’Connor; Thelma Sias; Linda Saul Winsten, Legal Counsel.

2007 financial supporters of their anti-smoking "dialogue" (meaning, of course, the usual one-sided monologue of lies and defamation) are: Underwriters: Managed Health Services • New American Policy Institute [a slush fund created from $513,225 + of Tommy Thompson's campaign funds] • Wisconsin Department of Health & Family Services, Tobacco Control & Prevention Program [taxpayer money]; Benefactors: Capitol Consultants, Inc. • Delta Dental of Wisconsin • Group Health Cooperative • PhRMA • Pfizer; Mentors: Dean Health Systems, Inc. • Marshfield Clinic • SSM Health Care of Wisconsin • Security Health Plan •UW-CTRI • WisPolitics. For 2007, the bloodsucking filth have a rant at Monona Terrace on "The Economic Impact of Smoking," consisting of their usual Hitler Big Lie about smoking costs based on crooked bookkeeping.

Smoking Dialogue / Wisconsin Women's Health Foundation (pdf, 2 pp.)

Its "Scientific Advisory Committee" is nothing but a clique of corrupt charlatans to put their rubber-stamp of approval on its anti-tobacco bilge: Molly Carnes, MD, MS, Chair, Professor of Medicine & Director, Center for Women’s Health Research, UW-Madison; Marc Drezner, MD, Professor of Medicine, Chief of Endocrinology, UW-Madison; Michael Fiore, MD, MPH; Professor of Medicine & Director, Center for Tobacco Research and Intervention, UW-Madison; Jane Morley-Kotchen, MD, MPH, Professor & Director, Division of Epidemiology, Health Policy Institute, Medical College of Wisconsin, Milwaukee; Rachel Rodriguez, PhD, RN, FAAN, Assistant Professor, School of Nursing, UW-Madison, also UNIDOS Against Domestic Violence; Gloria Sarto, MD, PhD, Professor, Department of Obstetrics & Gynecology, Co-Director, Center for Women’s Health Research, UW-Madison; Linda Schuler, VMD, PhD, Professor, Department. of Comparative Biosciences, School of Veterinary Medicine, UW-Madison; James Stewart, MD, Professor of Medicine (Medical Oncology), Medical Director, Comprehensive Breast Cancer Clinic, UW-Madison; Virginia Stoffel, MS, OTR, BCMH, FAOTA, Associate. Professor, Occupational Therapy & Scientist Center for Addictions and Behavioral Health Research, College of Health Sciences, UW-Milwaukee; Eleanor Shore, MD, External Consultant, Harvard Medical School; Teresa Woods, PhD, University of Wisconsin-Madison [listed in Dialogue]. [The Harvard School of Public Health has been the leading purveyor of scientific fraud for six decades. And five-term Wisconsin Rep. Frank Keefe, who was a member of its board of visitors, was also chairman of the House Appropriations Subcommittee, and responsible for the Hill-Burton Act which funded the nation's medical education establishment! So, Money + Cronyism = Universal Charlatanism.] (Scientific Advisory Committee, accessed 9/16/2007. link died http://www.wwhf.org/About_wwhf/committee.aspx.)

The New American Policy Institute is staffed with political cronies of the former governor. (Cozy world of politics pays big for non-profit. By Cary Spivak & Dan Bice. Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Jan. 19, 2003.) According to the IRS, since 2006 it is no longer a public charity but is a private organization.

Cozy world of politics pays big for non-profit / Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

$9.5 Million Federal Handout for Big Lies: The U.S. Centers for Medicaid and Medicare is funding the "Striving to Quit" project, a collusion between the state, UW Center for Tobacco Research and Intervention, and Wisconsin Women's Health Foundation, to deploy "financial incentives" to manipulate BadgerCarePlus members to quit smoking. The Wisconsin Women's Health Foundation will administer $2.7 million of the $9.2 million grant. It's founded on the despicable lie that "Smoking during pregnancy affects the health of a mother and her baby, increasing the risk of a stillbirth, preterm delivery at a low birth weight, sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS), childhood cancers, respiratory and behavioral issues, and death. It also costs the state of Wisconsin tens of millions of dollars each year in expenses attributed to maternal smoking." (Wisconsin gets $9.5 million to help pregnant, postpartum women quit smoking. By Karen Herzog. Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Oct. 6, 2011.) But the rates of preterm birth have risen for the last 30 years, despite all the smoking bans and women intimidated into quitting, yet the anti-smoker criminals still get away with this malicious hate propaganda! The real leading cause of perinatal illnesses is chorioamnionitis, for which there is as yet no effective intervention. This infection is more common among smokers, for socioeconomic reasons. The anti-smokers deliberately commit scientific fraud by using studies based on lifestyle questionnaires that falsely blame tobacco by ignoring infection. This was proven by the enormous, gold standard study by NINDS, which used the pathological examinations that are necessary to diagnose the infections.

Wisconsin Public Radio Defrauds the Public!

"Both sides of the issue" really means "Anti-Smokers Only." In the entire history of the anti-smoking persecution, no guest has ever been allowed to expose the anti-smoker scientific fraud of using defective studies to falsely blame smoking for diseases caused by infection.

We've been sold out again, by Gary Nolan, spokesperson for Smokers Club Inc., on Joy Cardin's program at 6 am on January 22 on Wisconsin Public Radio, on the issue of smoking in cars with children. He parrots every anti-smoker-approved stale bromide and shopworn metaphor, while failing to say anything about the anti-smokers' key scientific fraud: That there are ten times as many lung cancers caused by human papillomavirus as are pretended to have been caused by secondhand smoke, and the anti-smokers deliberately use defective studies that ignore the role of infection in order to falsely blame smoking. That is unacceptable! This is the most important point that there is. It exposes the fraud the anti-smokers have been committing against us! And he didn't utter a peep about their precious EPA ETS report being written by handpicked anti-smoking activists using illegal pass-through contracts to conceal their role, either. Nor about the crony of George W. Bush and former Democrat Rep. Tony Coelho on the board of directors of the pass-through company, either. Nor did he point out that, since the anti-smoking movement began, the death rates from asthma rose across all segments of the population, in the manner of an epidemic of infectious disease.

When someone blathers away about everything except the most important things, that is the definition of a sellout. And it's because of traitors like him that the anti-smokers have gotten away with their crimes! Furthmore, Mr. Gary Nolan can consider me his personal enemy for life for dumping this crap on my state, and helping the media pretend that they're presenting both sides of the issue, while they're systematically censoring informed smokers' advocates. His bilge about "Big Pharma" supposedly being to blame for the anti-smoking movement is a lie, too. It ignores the fact that the health establishment has been cranking out corrupt junk for six decades, long before the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation ever existed and decades before anyone got around to inventing a nicotine patch, under the auspices of the Lasker Foundation which controls Congress and federal health spending. They have systematically brainwashed the public to believe in junk science to trick people into submitting to their totalitarian agenda. Once again, he fed us an anti-smoker-approved lie designed to protect the guilty. And, to top it all off, toward the end of the program, Gary Nolan shows his true colors as an anti-smoker by ranting that smoking is "a bad habit, a terrible addiction," it smells bad, blah blah blah.

Audio Archives / Wisconsin Public Radio
jca07122a audio file / Wisconsin Public Radio


Editorial: Enact statewide smoking ban. The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Apr. 25, 2005. QUOTE: "The restrictions it would impose may seem harsh, but the health dangers of secondhand smoke are both serious and undeniable. Estimates suggest that at least 53,000 Americans die every year from diseases that result from exposure to secondhand tobacco smoke, according to four groups backing the bill: the American Lung Association, the American Heart Association, the American Cancer Society and Smokefree Wisconsin. The Environmental Protection Agency has classified secondhand tobacco smoke as a Group A carcinogen, which means it is known to cause cancer in human beings, the four organizations report."

Editorial, Apr. 25, 2005 /JS Online


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