The Media Are the Enemy

For six decades, the lie-spewing anti-smoker filth have deliberately used defective studies in order to falsely blame smoking for diseases caused by infection. See how many different diseases the anti-smoker vermin have lied about - with their media whores promoting it as truth and covering up for them!]

Lies About Smoking and Cervical Cancer - virtually all cervical cancer is caused by HPV, so the anti-smokers commit fraud to pretend that smoking is involved
Helicobacter pylori causes ulcers and stomach cancer - see how the vermin committed perjury at the Minnesota tobacco trial!
Epstein-Barr Virus Causes Gastric Carcinoma
Hepatitis Viruses are the Real Cause of "Smoking Related" Liver Cancer - virtually all liver cancer is caused by hepatitis viruses, so the anti-smokers commit fraud to falsely implicate smoking
Epstein-Barr Virus Causes Nasopharyngeal Cancer - the anti-smokers lied for decades that EBV was not involved in North American cases
Epstein-Barr Virus Causes Lymphomas
HPV Causes Head and Neck Cancers
HPV Causes Oral Cancer
HPV is implicated in laryngeal cancer
HPV is implicated in bladder cancer
HPVs Cause Skin Cancer
JC Polyoma Virus Causes Colon Cancer
How the Public Was Brainwashed About Heart Disease - see how the vermin suppressed research on infection for 30 years
Infections Cause Stroke
Chlamydia pneumoniae Causes Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm
Chorioamnionitis Causes Perinatal Illnesses Blamed on Smoking - see how the anti-smoking filth are the ones who have covered up an enormous, gold standard study, because it exonerates smoking.
HPV Causes Lung Cancer - at least 22% of non-small cell lung cancers are caused by HPV
EBV Causes Lymphoepithelioma-like Lung Cancer - said to have a prediliction for non-smokers
Adenoviruses Are Implicated in Lung Cancer - adenovirus DNA has been found in 31% of small cell lung cancers

Furthermore, their precious "EPA" ETS report was actually written by handpicked anti-smokers (one of whom has publicly confessed), using illegal pass-through contracts to conceal their role, because the real EPA scientists were against calling ETS a human carcinogen. And, on the board of directors of the corrupt EPA contractor sat a crony of George W. Bush, and a bigshot of the Democratic Party as well, to ensure that the corruption was bipartisan! And it's all covered up by the filthy, lying media!

The EPA's ETS Lies

This is how the anti-smoking vermin trump up their phony "smoking related death" tolls. And the anti-smoker filth in the media masturbate their parasitical, bloodsucking egos with self-righteous indignation founded on fraud and lies - AT SMOKERS' EXPENSE! "People who wonder how tobacco company executives can live with themselves conclude that they must be in denial. That would explain how they deal with their responsibility for a product that kills more than 420,000 Americans a year surpassing the combined deaths from homicide, suicide, AIDS, automobile, accidents, alcohol and drug abuse. But to be in denial implies that one may not be held accountable, in psychological terms, for one'sactions: Tobacco, people squarely face the accusation of accountability, and reject it. They reject the overwhelming epidemiological evidence in the Surgeon General's Report of 1989, connecting smoking with lung and throat cancers, emphysema and heart disease, insisting that direct causation has not been proved. [You lying media filth, lifestyle questionnaires are not science, and they never will be, not even if your anti-smoker charlatans repeat them over and over until hell freezes over! And the tobacco industry has never emitted so much as a squeak of protest about their scientific fraud of ignoring infection! This is because they were taken over by the anti-smoking conspirators decades ago, so they could persecute and oppress us without opposition!] They dismiss the Federal Drug Administration's suggestion that cigarettes could be banned as an addictive drug, calling smoking merely a habit that has already been broken by tens of millions. [We know that this is a trumped-up smear manufactured by the anti-smoking filth who control the health establishment.] They ridicule people who say they are pushing a drug, noting that their product is legal, that the same Government that posts health warnings on cigarette packs subsidizes tobacco farmers and that what they are really promoting is freedom of choice. [You lying filth, tobacco farmers have been paying their own way all along - while your filthy, anti-smoker-corrupted government loots smokers to fund your health lies.] In other words, if they experience denial as a psychological response, they also use denial as an aggressive tactic. This mirrors the way they live with themselves in general. Individually, they remove themselves from most of the rest of the country and create their own moral universe of explanations and justifications. [You lie-spewing media filth, you are the morally depraved scum who live in an echo-chamber of sycophancy! No one is allowed to voice dissent, you vermin, because you don't allow it!] Collectively, they embrace the country directly, involving as much of America as possible in their enormous success. My case in point is Philip Morris, the largest tobacco company in America and the largest consumer-products company in the world, owner of Kraft General Foods, Jacobs Suchard and Miller beer and maker of Marlboro, the best-selling cigarette in America and the best-selling packaged product in the connection of the company to the American economy is so deep and secure that if one were to remove Philip Morris without first finding something equally valuable to fill the hole, much of the country would cave in." [Blah blah blah blah blah, you lying vermin - it's all anti-smoker property. Philip Morris was built up by J. Russell Forgan of the O.S.S. to serve as a Judas Goat to sell us out, with a disinformation campaign consisting of phony, ineffectual resistance designed to demoralize smokers and encourage anti-smokers!](How Do Tobacco Executives Live With Themselves? By Roger Rosenblatt. New York Times, Mar. 20, 1994.) Oh and by the way, Orville Dryfoos of the New York Times was a pal of the Cullmans since the 1930s, along with the Laskers who took over the health establishment in order to perpetrate those scientific frauds at public expense! And you lying scum at the Times are in cahoots with them!

The Lasker Syndicate Roots of the Conspiracy Against Tobacco

Deep down in their hearts, the media don't give a damn about "selling newspapers." What they really lust after is the power to tyrannize us. For over ten years, they purposely spread the gigantic Big Lie that smoking is an economic burden to society. They repeated the Big Lie over and over again in news stories, as if it was fact. The anti-smoking demagogues were allowed to repeat the Big Lie over and over again, while informed smokers' rights advocates, those of us who actually had the studies and knew why they were fraudulent, were denied the opportunity to refute these lies. Instead, the media purposely misrepresented smokers' side with ignoramuses whining that 'it's not fair because people who eat Twinkies don't have to pay for their excess costs,' when in fact, neither smokers nor people who eat Twinkies (or other favorite scapegoats) are the economic burden to others -- it's the self-righteous health fascists themselves who are the economic burden to the rest of us.

The media laid the foundation in public opinion for the state tobacco lawsuits, which enabled the anti-smokers to steal $368 billion from smokers by means of fraud. The fact that the media got away with this with total impunity is proof that they have become unaccountable tyrants, and the destroyers of the democratic process of public discussion and the rule of law. The media destroyed democracy, so they must be destroyed to restore it. And the way to do this is by prosecuting them for conspiracy, fraud, and racketeering under those RICO statutes that they gloated about using against the tobacco industry. The Constitution was never intended to protect lies!

ALWAYS REMEMBER: That the biggest settlement in litigation history is founded on a Big Lie, and the media purposely spread that lie - all in rote unison, in order to accomplish their policy agenda. Never forgive, and never forget! We must have bloody, bloody vengeance!

See how Pulitzer Prizes are only awarded FOR CONCOCTING ANTI-SMOKING LIES - NEVER FOR EXPOSING THEM! And, they were used to systematically brainwash the public to promote the anti-smokers' fraudulent state lawsuits against the tobacco industry. They prove that the media played a knowing and active role in conspiracy, fraud and racketeering!

In 1996, the media filth awarded a Pulitzer Prize for National Reporting to Alix M. Freedman for trumping up a banal story about the Federal Trade Commission: "Now the Federal Trade Commission is preparing to overhaul the way tobacco companies must measure and disclose the numbers they use in cigarette advertising. Behind the FTC's review, which is expected in the next two months: mounting evidence that the government's system of measuring tar and nicotine doesn't come close to reflecting what smokers actually inhale... With its projected rule change, the agency is finally acknowledging flaws in its measuring system that the $45 billion tobacco industry has long been aware of -- and successfully exploited." Oooh! Ooooh! What a revelation! Next will we get a federal report revealing how the tobacco companies supposedly concealed the evidence that if smokers will get more tar and nicotine if they smoke the cigarette instead of letting it sit in the ashtray? (FTC Will Overhaul Tar and Nicotine Ratings. By Alix M. Freedman. Wall Street Journal, Oct. 18, 1995.) This demonstrates how the media enthusiastically reward puffery and making something out of nothing, to create a pretext for anti-smoking propaganda. Furthermore, only those who have bought the anti-smokers' own propaganda blaming tar and nicotine (while concealing the role of infection) would be stampeded into buying low tar and nicotine cigarettes in the first place.

FTC Will Overhaul Tar and Nicotine Ratings, 1996 /

Alix M. Freedman trumped up a memo by a marketing executive, Barbara Reuter who had no scientific background at all. (Philip Morris Memo Likens Nicotine to Cocaine. By Alix M. Freedman. Wall Street Journal, Dec. 8, 1995.) In fact, Reuter was an art professor who graduated from Columbia University. She joined Philip Morris in 1976 because of its heavy involvement in funding art; she wanted to help give away smokers' money. (Introductory Notes for Cliff Lilly to Introduce Barbara Reuter. Est. date Sep. 1990.) Reuter married William J. Williams Jr., a partner in the New York law firm of Sullivan & Cromwell. He was editor in chief of The Law Review and a trustee of the New York University Law Center Foundation, and a vice president of the United States Golf Associaton. His father, a retired lawyer, formerly was vice president, general counsel and a director of Canada Dry Ginger Ale Inc. in New York. (Lawyer Is Married to Barbara Reuter. New York Times Jul 10, 1983.)

Introductory Notes for Cliff Lilly to Introduce Barbara Reuter / UCSF-Legacy
Lawyer Is Married to Barbara Reuter, Jul. 10, 1983 / New York Times

Freedman also manufacting the lie that "Leading U.S. tobacco companies enhance nicotine delivery to smokers by adding ammonia-based compounds to their cigarettes." This rotten maggot gibbers that "The $45 billion tobacco industry vehemently denies that it seeks to keep smokers hooked by increasing nicotine levels in cigarettes. But the confidential reports obtained by this newspaper indicate that, while cigarette makers may not bolster nicotine content per se, most are adding chemicals that increase the potency of the nicotine a smoker actually inhales." ('Impact Booster': Tobacco Firm Shows How Ammonia Spurs Delivery of Nicotine. By Alix M. Freedman. Wall Street Journal, Dec. 28, 1995.) In fact, pipe and cigar tobacco is naturally more alkaline than cigarette tobacco - which actually makes it extremely difficult to inhale. And it is impossible to "addict" people [sic sic sic] when they refuse to buy a product they can't inhale in the first place. On top of that, this lie directly contradicts the vermins' lie that "precisely titrate" the amount of nicotine they receive! It goes to prove that these subhuman pieces of filth care absolutely nothing for the truth - only about inventing lies and defamations.

'Impact Booster': Tobacco Firm Shows How Ammonia Spurs Delivery of Nicotine, 1996 /

In 1997, the media filth awarded a Pulitzer Prize to Richard Kluger for General Non-Fiction for his book, Ashes to Ashes - because this book managed to miss or mis-state everything important. There is not a single mention of the role of infection as the cause of diseases blamed on smoking, and how the anti-smokers deliberately use defective studies to falsely blame tobacco. Nor the truth that the anti-smoking conspiracy is the product of conspiracy, fraud and racketeering at the highest levels of government.

Ashes to Ashes, 1997 /

In 1997, the media filth awarded a Pulitzer Prize for editorial writing to Michael Gartner, of the Daily Tribune, for gibbering and slobbering unadulterated, completely inexcusable lies such as "Smoking costs Americans $22 billion a year in health care," in order to shove the media's political agenda of stealing smokers' money down the public's throat. And then, introducing the fact that six of the tobacco industry lobbyists also represented health related industries, he spin-doctored with a cynical line about "conflict of interest," overlooking the real story that the anti-smokers had conspired to take over the tobacco companies decades earlier - as well as taking over the National Institutes of Health so they could commit scientific fraud with impunity: the son-in-law of the head of the omnipotent head of the American Cancer Society, the most powerful lobbyist in US history, was a longtime director of Philip Morris! About which the psychopathic-lying media filth have never told the American people anything. (Tobacco lobbyists have earned their pay. By Michael Gartner. April 1, 1996.) Furthermore, the lobbying interlock is the same in Wisconsin - and possibly in every state in the union - meaning that the anti-smokers control both sides, and have all along, and the entire hullaballoo about tobacco industry lobbyists supposedly fighting the health lobbyists is nothing but a media-concocted sham, another Big Lie to deceive the public - which explains why the tobacco industry has let the anti-smokers get away with their scientific fraud for all these decades.

Tobacco lobbyists have earned their pay, 1997 /

And on top of that, remember how those media vermin spin-doctor the issue on the rare occasions when they admit the truth that smokers are NOT an economic burden to nonsmokers. "It's a morbid calculation," simper these filthy little lice who delight in exploiting every opportunity to screech about death to bully smokers, to admit that if smokers die sooner, they cost less money. It offends their delicate and finely-tuned moral sensibilities, they pretend, so it's more wholesome to go around spreading lies so they can steal hundreds of billions of dollars of their victims' money. This is Exhibit A of "Why Anti-Smokers Are Morally Depraved Scum Who Should Be Rounded Up, Put in Gas Chambers, and Exterminated For the Good of Humanity."

The BIG LIE That Smoking is an Economic Burden to Society

See how the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation buys the media, including the Northwestern University Medill School of Journalism ($323,592), Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism ($294,680), Public Broadcasting Service, Educational Broadcasting, and more.

The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and Johnson & Johnson

"The George Foster Peabody Awards Program has received funding from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation to create a new award for excellence in health and medical programming by the broadcast and cable industry." Sure, an award for people who eagerly spread every lie and piece of hype the health establishment shovels out. (Peabody program, Johnson Foundation create media award. By Sharron Hannon. University of Georgia, March 9, 1998.)

Peabody RWJF Funding / University of Georgia 1998

Addicted to Tobacco Stories: A One-Sided Portrayal of a Risky Product. Timothy Lamer. Media Research Center Report No. 8, 1996 Oct 7. "Anti-tobacco sources far exceed pro-tobacco sources in terms of both quality and quantity" on the subject of tobacco regulation. Unfortunately this report failed to perceive the overwhelming bias toward Lasker Syndicate true believers even among the supposedly pro-tobacco sources, including Lamer himself, who stupidly think that the treatment of smokers versus 'people who eat Twinkies' is the issue, rather than the anti-smokers' fraudulent science.

Lamer / Media Research Center 1996

See the crass and deceitful propaganda technique of using an ignorant piece of mentally retarded sh**, who doesn't have a clue about the deliberate and systematic scientific fraud perpetrated by the anti-smokers, as a supposed "role model" to bully and manipulate smokers into quitting. It is the standard big lie technique of every one of those media subhumans - all of whom have their jobs only because they are true-believing health fascist clones who do not possess the slightest capacity (or desire) for skepticism, intelligent thought, or journalistic investigation. Phillip Landrigan, the pediatrician featured on ABC's Good Morning America, was a crony of William Foege at the CDC.

The Philip J. Landrigan Page

The Media Protect the Lasker Syndicate Monopoly

In their book, "Unhealthy Charities: Hazardous to Your Health and Wealth," Basic Books, 1994), James T. Bennett and Thomas J. DiLorenzo describe how the "Big Three" so-called health charities manipulate the government to eliminate any competition.

"Given the size of long-established health charities and the seriousness of their missions, common sense suggests that they should welcome aid from any source. But the Big Three (the American Cancer Society, the American Heart Association, and the American Lung Association) have been anything but hospitable toward the newcomers. Instead, they view these recently formed groups as interlopers that pose a major threat to their own power, prestige, and -- most importantly -- their budgets. Monopolists in the charity arena, as elsewhere, do not relish competition. Rather than welcoming the new troops in the battle against disease and viewing them as additional sources of aid to disease victims and their families, the Big Three have enlisted the help of federal and state governments to harass the newcomers. Indeed, the hostility goes far beyond simple harassment: The Big Three have urged government to use its powers to eliminate the new charities altogether by claiming that their activities are not only inappropriate but also illegal. The Big Three are still actively engaged in a political vendetta to label new health charities as 'deceptive' fund-raisers and unscrupulous 'look-alikes.'"

The media eagerly help them perpetuate their monopoly, launching major series of feature articles and editorials smearing their potential competitors as "fund-raising scams" and "look-alikes," while fawning over the "Big Three" and their agenda. It's a genre they've been cranking out for decades. Of course, the real tragedy is that there aren't any organizations trying to raise funds by ostentatiously condemning the ACS, AHA, and ALA as health fascist racketeers who've turned America into a giant Tuskegee experiment because of their a priori commitment to blaming "lifestyles" for chronic diseases, and suppressing research on infection. And this is because the media ruthlessly suppress dissent against them.

The Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel is a typical example: "Fund-raising scams worry reputable groups," by Dave Umhoefer of the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel, 1997 Sep 2. "The success of national health charities that mimic more respected groups -- but do little but raise money -- worries local cancer organizations. Their fear: that any taint of squandered money smears the name of all cancer causes and could drive down private donations." This is a pile of bullcrap: The American Cancer Society itself, with the collusion of the media, purposely uses this tactic of pre-emptive smearing to poison the well against others so that the ACS gets all the money, under the pretext that they're "reputable."

Actually, every cent donated to this corrupt organization could be said to be squandered: "The Society is shifting more of its $400 million-plus budget into cancer education (which now gets 32 cents of every dollar the charity spends), with research getting somewhat less. That means greater emphasis on alerting the public and health professionals about crucial links between cancer and diet, smoking, skin care and other lifestyle factors." Their agenda is social engineering, not health. And they use their power over the National Cancer Institute to shove more of the same worthless, junk studies and propaganda down our throats, at taxpayer expense.

Umhoefer / Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel 1997

"Journalists" on the Enron Payroll

New York Times columnist Paul Krugman: $50,000; Bill Kristol, editor of the Weekly Standard, $100,000 over two years, for serving on an Enron advisory board; Lawrence Kudlow, contributing editor of National Review, $50,000, including speaking fees and money for his economic research firm; Peggy Noonan, Wall Street Journal columnist: $25,000-50,000, for helping Kenneth Lay with a speech and annual report. (Enron Had Journalists On Payroll - NY Times Columnist Got $50,000!

Enron Payroll /

PS: No one in the media has seen fit to mention Enron director Charles LeMaistre's major role in the anti-smoking movement, dating from the 1964 Surgeon General Report up to the 90s. And neither has that slimy front group for health fascism, FORCES!

The Charles A. LeMaistre Page

Women's Magazines: A Liberal Pipeline to Soccer Moms. Media Research Center, November 21, 1996.

"Passive Smoke. In Graham's survey, almost 80 percent of women believed that environmental tobacco smoke or passive smoke was a serious health hazard, compared with slightly over 60 percent of men who believed this was so. Judging from the coverage of this issue in women's magazines, this may be another case where women's perceptions may be shaped or reinforced by the periodicals they read. Of five articles that covered the alleged health risk of passive smoke, only one featured any skeptical arguments. A December, 1995 Weight Watchers article proclaimed, "Mindful of secondhand-smoke risks, many cities are banning smoking in public places," without ever questioning if the risks were real. An April 23 Woman's Day article entitled "Health Scares: Real or Not" that did a good job of deflating other scares such as dirty water, uncritically accepts the Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) estimate that passive smoke causes 3,000 lung cancer deaths a year. It is only in a four-page Better Homes & Gardens article that a skeptical view is even presented, and this article spends just two paragraphs quoting a Tobacco Institute spokesman who criticized the EPA and said passive smoke risks are "not even slight."

"However, none of these articles gave readers a clue that it is not just tobacco industry spokesmen who question the EPA's findings on passive smoke. The non-partisan Congressional Research Service, for one, has concluded that "the statistical record does not appear to support a conclusion that there are substantial health effects of passive smoking." The CRS noted that under circumstances of conventional studies, the EPA's finding "is not statistically significant." Steve Milloy, president of the Environmental Policy Analysis Network, have noted that even the risk the EPA did find (1.19) is so tiny that some experts don't even consider it a real risk. He notes that there are higher correlations between yogurt and ovarian cancer (2), whole ilk and lung cancer (2.14), and abortion and breast cancer (1.5), than there is between passive smoke and lung cancer.

"The September Parents ran a one-sided article entitled "Smoking is Child Abuse" that blames passive smoke for a number of childhood illnesses. It quotes Dr. Joseph DiFranza as saying, "A judge should know whether an adult seeking custody of a youngster smokes, so the child isn't placed in an unhealthy environment." However, the article does not note that even DiFranza has acknowledged in a medical journal article that not all studies show these effects. Some researchers also question the notion that passive smoke could cause an illness such as middle ear disease when smoking itself has never been found to cause this illness. An article presenting both sides suggesting caution when smoking around children would have been appropriate, but this article is too one-sided and alarmist in the face of uncertain scientific research."

Women's Magazines, Nov. 21, 1996 / Media Research Center

P.S.: And even this is a feeble and sniveling pretense of criticism, because the ETS lies are based on the deliberate fraud of ignoring the role of infection in lung cancer and other diseases blamed on smoking. Furthermore, the "EPA ETS report" was written via illegal pass-through contracts to a handpicked anti-smoker stooge.

The EPA's ETS Lies

The American Lung Association spews crude hate propaganda in our faces

A couple sits on a couch watching a horror movie with loud shrieking. Quote: ""Nobody Wants To Kiss An Ashtray" uses humor and special effects to turn a beautiful young girl into a hideous monster with a mouthful of cigarette butts just as her non-smoking boyfriend is about to kiss her." The woman asks, "Aren't you going to kiss me?" The man says, "I gotta go." Voice: Nobody likes to kiss an ashtray," and the American Lung Association logo appears. (Broadcast on AMC TV Cox Cable, July 4 2007 approx 7:19 Am MST.) This garbage was manufactured by Beth Dolan and Luis Remesar, dba Coyote Pass Productions. (Who's Behind Coyote Pass Productions.) The subhuman pieces of anti-smoker filth evidently believe that the man had no clue that she was a smoker until then. (Or perhaps he's a faggot anti-smoker who gets his kicks playing mind games with women smokers.) This crap is funded by a rancidly corrupt ogranization that has systematically suppressed US research on the role of infection in lung cancer and COPD and asthma for decades, precisely in order to spew hate propaganda against smokers. That is the American Lung Association's only true purpose! This is what the media scum call a "Public Service Announcement!"

Nobody Likes to Kiss An Ashtray video / Google
Coyote Pass Productions

The Media Deserve Anthrax!

From the very beginning, the media have been nothing but PR organs for the Lasker Syndicate. The leading figures in the media are social and business cronies of the leading figures in the Syndicate. They shamelessly shill for the ACS, AHA, ALA, etc. funding drives, and uncritically parrot these groups' sleazy hate propaganda and pseudo-scientific nonsense under the guise of "news." Then they ignore their own flagrant collusion, and spread lies about "tobacco industry influence" to maintain their cult orthodoxy. For six decades, the media have operated as GUARDIANS OF THE IRON TRIANGLE of Lasker political influence over Congress. They are enemies of the public interest, because they have purposely obstructed the public's basic democratic right to ask, "Who are these people and what are they doing with our money?" They purposely spread scientific fraud that falsely blames smoking for diseases caused by infection. And remember, they purposely spread the Big Lie that smoking is an economic burden, to lay the foundation for the state lawsuits against the tobacco industry - about which those media vermin gloated in undisguised triumph!

NO SMOKING THE SOCIAL REVOLUTION SWEEPING AMERICA [Gloat gloat gloat. See how POWERFUL we media are, when we join forces with tyrants instead of defending the people against them! We can help them shove anything down peoples' throats!] NEW WAYS TO KICK THE HABIT [We must force smokers to lick the boot!] NO SMOKING SWEEPS AMERICA [It's a herd phenomenon so you MUST conform!] SMOKERS ARE FAST BECOMING OUTCASTS - BOTH SOCIALLY AND LEGALLY [Isn't it GLORIOUS FUN to victimize innocent people who can't answer back!] "We are now becoming a non-smoking society." [SIEG HEIL!] A SIGN OF THE TIMES: SMOKERS NEED NOT APPLY. BIG TOBACCO'S FORTUNES ARE WITHERING IN THE HEAT. FOR FARMERS, TOBACCO ROAD LEADS NOWHERE [Gloat gloat gloat gloat gloat gloat.]

Newsweek, July 27, 1987 / tobaccco document

And not a single peep about the anti-smokers' crimes, because the criminals are their heros. Their "respected authorities" are malice-ridden, corrupt, mentally retarded scum. The "role models" they shove in our faces are despicable bootlickers. The media are nothing but the scum of the scum of the earth!

ABC vermins' ad campaign indistinguishable from their decades of lies

ABC Launches Anti-Smoking Ad Campaign. By Paul J. Gough. Reuters/Hollywood Reporter, Nov. 8, 2005 - "It isn't just ABC News that's being enlisted in the battle against smoking and lung cancer in the Quit to Live series, which began airing this month on "World News Tonight." A public service campaign launched late last week features President Bush, Sen. Hillary Clinton, D-N.Y., former Secretary of State Colin Powell, actress Geena Davis, Microsoft mogul Bill Gates and sports stars Lance Armstrong and Tom Brady. ABC News employees including Ted Koppel, Charles Gibson, Diane Sawyer, Elizabeth Vargas, Bob Woodruff and Barbara Walters also are taking part, along with former ABC News correspondent (and Fox News star) Bill O'Reilly. World News Tonight" launched Quit to Live in part as a response to the death of longtime anchor Peter Jennings, who succumbed to lung cancer in August. That sparked an interest on the part of "World News Tonight" and ABC News to launch an anti-smoking public-service campaign that includes information on how to stop smoking and the treatment and prevention of lung cancer, as well as its toll on the public health system. The Quit to Live campaign runs through November, Lung Cancer Awareness Month, on a number of ABC News platforms including "World News Tonight," "Good Morning America," and ABC News Radio. It's in partnership with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the National Cancer Institute and the North American Quitline Consortium."

ABC Launches Anti-Smoking Ad Campaign, Nov. 8, 2005 / Redorbit

Garbage like this is proof that the only reason the degenerates in the media have their jobs is that they're mindless toadies, without a journalistic bone in their despicable bodies. These phony journalists, tinsel-plated celebrities and puppet "leaders" shill for anti-smoker scum who have committed scientific fraud, suppressed and destroyed research, and censored our news for decades. As for that whore Peter Jennings, if he had exposed the anti-smokers' suppression of research on the role of infection in lung cancer, the stupid bastard might be alive today. His death is no loss to humanity, because he used his contemptible life to help the anti-smoker vermin get away with murder. And the same goes for Bob Woodruff, who has been wounded in Iraq: May you die, you lying son of a bitch! And may they get more of your kind! Send them ALL to Iraq! For that matter don't even bother telling us about Iraq, or anything else, because why should we believe anything you say after all your decades of lies!

"...the media's secrecy about his wounds is astounding. Have they ever been detailed? No. Has someone been dispatched to his home to shove a microphone in his wife's or children's face and ask how they feel about his near death? no. They didn't -- out of respect for the family. Yet blatant exploitation and disrespect is exactly what they show to everyone else. Remember the coverage during the mine disasters? Crying women and children were shamelessly displayed all over the screen. How many times did we need to see it? Come on, media, treat the Woodruff family like any other poor schlubb you come across. Give us graphic pictures of blood & exposed brains. Give us audio of crying in pain. Give us the grieving family in a sea of tears and despair. In short, give us what we have come to expect when you cover anyone other than a 'reporter.'" (By: jackal on March 17, 2006 at 11:15am . ABC's Bob Woodruff released from hospital. Huffington Post.)

The New York Times Company

William R. Cross Jr., Skull & Bones 1941, of the Morgan Guaranty Trust, was a director of The New York Times Company from 1973 to 1992. His nephew, Alan W. Cross, Skull & Bones 1966, is director of the Center for Health Promotion and Disease Prevention at the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill. Louis V. Gerstner, the chairman and CEO of RJR Nabisco Holdings, was also a director of The New York Times Company.

William Randolph Hearst's head yellow journalist editor was the brother-in-law of the brother of the president of the American Cancer Society

The Harvard School of Public Health # Robert B. Greenough

The Lasker Stooges List

Julius Ochs Adler

In 1946, Maj. Gen. Julius Ochs Adler, vice president and general manager of The New York Times, led solicitations for the New York Cancer Committee. His fellow fund-raisers included William J. Donovan, and Eugene W. Stetson of the Guaranty Trust. Mrs. Julius Ochs Adler was a fund raiser for the Memorial Center for Cancer and Allied Diseases in the 1950s.

Richard H. Amberg

"RICHARD H. AMBERG* St. Louis, Mo.; Director-at-Large (1963-). Publisher, St. Louis Globe-Democrat. Director: Bureau of Advertising, ANPA; Governmental Research Institute; Central Institute for the Deaf; St. Louis Municipal Opera; Missouri Chamber of Commerce; United Fund, Boys' Clubs of America; Salvation Army; YMCA; BSA. Trustee: Wells, McKendree, Westminster, Drury, and Kemper Colleges, Member, President's Council, St. Louis University. Service includes: Spec. Amb. to Para.; Internat. Development Advisory Bd.; Comm. on Ethics and Integrity in Govt. (N.Y. and Mo.) ; Am. Soc. of Newspaper Ed." (1966 House of Delegates and Board of Directors. American Cancer Society Inc.)

ACS Board of Directors, 1966 / UCSF-Legacy

Natalie Angier

Science and Environment writer for Time magazine, 1985. "This sparsely attended session purportedly was held to provide a forum for scientists and journalists to express their views of the problems involved in covering cancer and the environment. It also provided a forum for at least one member of the audience to attack the tobacco industry with views supported, and prompted by, the comments of panelist NATALIE ANGIER, science and emvironment writer for Time Magazine." (Round Table Discussion on Cancer, The Environment and The News Media, Feb. 8, 1985.Memo from Leonard S. Zahn to Robert F. Gertenbach, Feb. 19, 1985.)

Memo from Zahn to Gertenbach, 1985 / UCSF-Legacy

"The most provocative issue that arose focused on the allegation by a reporter in the audience that the tobacco companies were exerting pressure on the printed media to suppress negative reports on smoking by virtue of its control of advertising revenue. In this latter regard, I enclose a recent article from the New England Journal of Medicine (February 7, 1985) which bears on this issue. Interestingly, each of the journalists on the panel emphatically denied any pressure by the tobacco industry. Instead each placed the blame on their own editors who in their words were no longer interested in beating the cancer and smoking dead horse since it was no longer "news". The most relevant issue is cardiovascular disease and in this regard we should be forewarned." (RJR Interoffice Memorandum from Anthony V. Colucci to H.E. Osmon, Feb. 25, 1985.)

Colucci to Osmon, Feb. 25, 1985 / UCSF-Legacy

James K. Batten

Former chairman of Knight-Ridder Inc.: The Pew Center for Civic Journalism

The Pew Charitable Trusts

Frank A. Bennack Jr.

CEO (retired), The Hearst Corporation. Close friend of Leonard Goldenson and shill for the American Heart Association.

Lasker Ties With ABC, Hearst and Disney

Michael Bloomberg

Founder of Bloomberg News, Mayor of New York, and the veritable owner of Johns Hopkins University School of Public Health, the lair of the corrupt epidemiologists Jonathan Samet and Leon Gordis.

The Michael Bloomberg Page

David Brinkley

NBC TV newscaster once partner of Chet Huntley, and a friend of Florence Mahoney. In 1961 he shilled against NIH budget cuts by "broadcasting tidbits they received about research breakthroughs." (Information from Noble Conspirator. Florence S. Mahoney and the Rise of the National Institutes of Health, by Judith Robinson. The Francis Press 2001.) Later he went to ABC. In 1993, after the release of the "EPA" Report on secondhand smoke, Brinkley and Sam Donaldson conspired to brainwash Americans with lies about secondhand smoke, in such a crude and heavy-handed manner, reminiscent of a Nazi dictatorship, that no intelligent person should have failed to be outraged.

David Brinkley and Sam Donaldson of ABC News

Jane E. Brody

"[I]t was the media that did the most to turn smokers into social pariahs, now forced to stand like prostitutes shivering in doorways to get their nicotine fix." - Jane E. Brody, Health Columnist, The New York Times. Brody, for whom few details on family history are readily available, has the same last name as the family that is married into the Laskers, and her rise in her profession was suspiciously swift. Is she one of THOSE Brodys?

The Brody Page

W. Michael Brown

W. Michael Brown, former CEO and Deputy Chairman of The Thomson Corporation which owns the Toronto Blobe and Mail and formerly the London Times, is a director of the Lasker Foundation.

John Mack Carter

Editor of Good Housekeeping Magazine, participated in Work Group 8, "Countering Cigarette Advertising and Supporting the Rights of Nonsmokers Through the Media" (this is how these subhuman vermin mischaracterize a systematic campaign of deliberate psychopathic lies and defamations against smokers) of the 1981 National Conference on Smoking or Health, pp. 16-17. Edward L. Bernays was also a participant.

Work Group 8, NCSH 1981 / UCSF-Legacy

Richard M. Cohen

Former senior producer for CBS News and CNN, member of the Lasker Trust's Funding First "Leadership Team."

Leadership Team, Funding First / Lasker Foundation

Allen Colmes

Talk show host Allen Colmes, then at WPIX radio in New York City, was a member of the National Conference on Smoking or Health Work Group 9, on "Motivating Smokers to Assume Personal Responsibility for Quitting On Their Own," Nov. 18, 1981, pp. 18-19.

Work Group 9, NCSH 1981 / UCSF-Legacy

Gloria Cooper

Managing Editor of the Columbia Journalism Review, participated in Work Group 8, "Countering Cigarette Advertising and Supporting the Rights of Nonsmokers Through the Media" (this is how these subhuman vermin mischaracterize a systematic campaign of deliberate psychopathic lies and defamations against smokers) of the 1981 National Conference on Smoking or Health. Edward L. Bernays was also a participant. (Pages 16-17.)

Work Group 8, NCSH 1981 / UCSF-Legacy

Clifton Daniel

Managing editor of the New York Times. He resided at Florence Mahoney's Georgetown mansion while he was assigned to the Times' Washington bureau in the 1950s. [Information from Noble Conspirator. Florence Mahoney and the Rise of the National Institutes of Health, by Judith Robinson. The Francis Press, 2001.]

George Dessart

Vice President and Assistant to the President of CBS Television Stations, participated in Work Group 8, "Countering Cigarette Advertising and Supporting the Rights of Nonsmokers Through the Media" (this is how these subhuman vermin mischaracterize a systematic campaign of deliberate psychopathic lies and defamations against smokers) of the 1981 National Conference on Smoking or Health. Edward L. Bernays was also a participant. (Pages 16-17.)

Work Group 8, NCSH 1981 / UCSF-Legacy

Sam Donaldson

In 1993, after the release of the "EPA" Report on secondhand smoke, Donaldson and David Brinkley conspired to brainwash Americans with lies about secondhand smoke, in such a crude and heavy-handed manner, reminiscent of a Nazi dictatorship, that no intelligent person should have failed to be outraged.

David Brinkley and Sam Donaldson of ABC News

Donaldson is an Emeritus Diretor of the Lasker Foundation's lobbying group, Research!America.

Board of Directors / Research!America

Donaldson babbles about his "instant" belief in the 1965 Surgeon General Report, which undoubtably helped his future career immeasurably.

Donaldson / National Academy Press 2002

Donaldson is a member of the board of directors of Friends of Cancer Research, whose president is the wife of Frederic V. Malek, who got former President Bush's support for the domestic airline smoking ban in exchange for putting his son on the board of directors of a company controlled by The Carlyle Group.

The Frederic V. Malek Page

Orville Dryfoos

Orville Dryfoos of The New York was one of the guests at the 21st birthday party of Mrs. Joseph F. Cullman 3d and Arthur Cullman. Mary Woodard Lasker's stepson, Edward Lasker, who was later a director of Philip Morris, and Michael Eisner's father Lester, were also guests. (Mrs. J.F. Cullman 3d Has Birthday Party. New York Times, Dec. 31, 1935.)

Michael Eisner

His family, the owners of American Safety Razor, subverted Philip Morris in the 1960s: following ASR's merger with PM, Mary Lasker's stepson Edward Lasker appeared on PM's board of directors.

ABC, Hearst and Disney

Barry Farber

Nationally syndicated talk show host, a crony of Allen Colmes. This is a transcript of his program of Oct. 18, 1973, on WOR in New York City, pitting Horace Korngaye of the Tobacco Institute against two anti-smoker opponents, of the type who specialize in smears and hystrionics, attorney Seymour Halprin and Betty Carnes, the national fundraising chairman of ASH.

Barry Farber Show Oct. 18, 1973 / UCSF-Legacy

John H. Finley

In 1929, while associate editor of The New York Times, he was a member of the Advisory Committee of Yale's Institute of Human Relations, which was chaired by William H. Welch.

The Institute of Human Relations

Edward Fouhy

"Veteran TV newsman," the Pew Center for Civic Journalism

The Pew Charitable Trusts

Leonard Goldenson

President of the ABC-TV network until 1986, he qualifies as a founding member of the Lasker Syndicate for his early connections with Mary Lasker and Florence Mahoney and subsequent service to their cause.

Lasker Ties With ABC, Hearst and Disney

Mrs. Roger Goodan

"MRS. ROGER GOODAN Los Angeles, Calif.; ACS Past Officer Director. ACS Delegate-Director (1963-65); Dir., Region VI (1949-50, 1957-63); V. P. (1959-61). ACS California Division: President (1956-57); President, Los Angeles County Unit (1957-58). Awarded ACS Medal (1954). Trustee Emeritus, Stanford University (1942-62). Director, Los Angeles Times." (1966 House of Delegates and Board of Directors. American Cancer Society Inc.)

ACS Board of Directors 1966 / UCSF-Legacy

Katharine Graham

Chairman of the Board of The Washington Post Company - Ubiquitous.

The William Benton Page (The University of Chicago)
Lasker Ties With ABC, Hearst and Disney

Katherine Graham's family ties to Lasker Foundation director Daniel Koshland Jr.

The Daniel E. Koshland Jr. Page

Peter Graves

Host of A&E Biography; member of the ACS propaganda organ, the National Dialogue [sic] on Cancer.

ASCO News 2000

Frank Greve

Miami Herald Tribune Washington Bureau. Here, he spins RJ Reynolds director Vernon Jordan's donations to the Clinton campaign into a hackneyed ritual condemnation of "Big Tobacco," while ignoring Jordan's Ford Foundation ties to health fascism. The true purpose of supporting Clinton was to promote Mary Lasker's universal health care agenda. (Tobacco industry 'investing' in new administration. By Frank Greve. Herald Washington Bureau, Dec. 13, 1992.)

Greve, 1992 / UCSF-Legacy

Mildred Hamilton

Staff Writer, San Francisco Examiner. Lied that "most of the annual lung cancer deaths caused by 'second hand smoke' are among non-smokers forced to work with smokers." (Indoor Air Pollution. San Francisco Examiner, May 8, 1985.) Psychopathic liars such as Stanton Glantz and James Repace were her only source of "facts;" and, it was part of a deliberate campaign to forcibly manufacture consent by deceit.

Hamilton, 1985 / UCSF-Legacy
Honeywell Inc. (Edson Spencer)

A.J. Hammer, CNN

This is what we get from the filthy media whores instead of exposÚs of the anti-smokers' scientific frauds and suppression of research:

"HAMMER (Voice-Over):...Smokescreens. Tonight, a startling proposal that all movies that show smoking be rated "R." Will it work, or will the plan go up in smoke? SHOWBIZ TONIGHT with a heated debate on lighting up on screen...HAMMER: Tonight, smoking in the movies and a startling new proposal to keep kids from seeing anyone smoke on screen. A new study out today from the University of California is demanding that movie -- movies featuring smoking scenes get a tough "R" rating...

Live tonight in San Francisco for a "showbiz newsmaker interview," is one of the researchers who headed up the study, Annemarie Charlesworth. Annemarie, thanks for being with us.

ANNEMARIE CHARLESWORTH, RESEARCHER: Thank you very much for having me.

HAMMER: To say this is a comprehensive study would be an understatement. You guys certainly pulled out a lot of statistics here, startling, and one that jumped out at me in particular, if a teen`s favorite movie star smoked in the film at least two films two times in a film that he or she watched, that teen is five times more likely to take up smoking? Can this possibly be true?

CHARLESWORTH: Yes, it is true. In fact, if a teen`s favorite star smoked in more than three films, they were 16 times more likely to smoke. So, you know, favorite stars` behavior is incredibly powerful and very influential.

HAMMER: And smoking in the films not an issue that`s going to go away any time soon unless you guys have something to do with it. Since 2002, the number of "G" and "PG" movies featuring smoking have now outnumber "R"- rated films that feature smoking,. What kind of an impact do you think this actually has on kids, and kids taking up smoking?

CHARLESWORTH: Well, you know, our study showed that smoking in the movies was responsible for recruiting 390,000 U.S. teens each year to smoke, which is almost enough to replace about 400,000 smokers who died each year.

So the kind of impact that the smoking in the movies is having is pretty severe. So...

HAMMER: OK. You have a lot of numbers, certainly backing up your argument and hoping for this "R" rating and perhaps that films that depict smoking will get this "R" rating. Of course, there`s a flip side to the argument, from the MPAA, the movie -- the people who do the movie ratings. Their statement has said that tying a ratings system to any single item is a bit of a slippery slope, because there are all kinds of behaviors that parents find objectionable. Certainly a reasonable thing to say. What`s your response to that

CHARLESWORTH: Well, you know, the parents rely on the ratings system to give them information about the movies so that they can make informed decisions for their children. And right now, the MPA -- the MPAA ratings aren`t doing that. In the movies that were released from 2002 through 2004, of 314 movies with tobacco, only one disclosed that tobacco was in the movie through the MPAA rating. So they just need to be accurate, and they need to be useful for parents. And they need to give parents the information that parents deserve to make informed decisions about their children.

HAMMER: So a quick yes or no, Annemarie, if you succeed and you get an "R" rating slapped on movies that depict smoking, do you think it will make a difference?

CHARLESWORTH: Well, we`re pretty -- we know it will make a difference. It will reduce exposure by half...


CHARLESWORTH: ... which would prevent about 200,000 kids from smoking each year.

HAMMER: Well, thanks for sharing your information with us tonight. We appreciate it. Annemarie Charlesworth from the University of California.

CHARLESWORTH: Thank you very much.

HAMMER: Thank you for joining us.

ANDERSON: And now we want to hear from you. It`s our SHOWBIZ TONIGHT question of the day. Smoking debate: should films that show smoking be rated "R"? Vote at, and send us e-mail at We`ll read some of your thoughts later on in the show.

CNN Transcripts, Showbiz Tonight. Aired December 6, 2005 - 19:00:00 ET

This brainless, golly-gee boosterism is what passes for "journalism" in Anti-Smoker Land!

Philip J Hilts

This lie-spewing louse, who is what passes for a "correspondent on health and science policy" for the New York Times, concocted a multitude of Big Lies designed to conceal the tobacco industry's control by the anti-smoking movement, and portray its flimsy, anti-smoker-approved pretense of a "defense" as a massive campaign of deceit - as a smokescreen for the filthy anti-smoking lice, who have systematically used scientific fraud to falsely blame smoking for diseases caused by infection (Cigarette Makers Debated the Risks They Denied, by Philip J. Hilts. New York Times, June 16, 1994). He was paid $25,000 by the Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation, and $50,000 by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, to write his book, "Smokescreen: The Truth Behind the Tobacco Industry Coverup," while on leave from the Times as a visiting fellow at the Harvard School of Public Health. His fraudulent excrement is fawned upon by the rest of the media scumbags.

Hilts, NYT June 16, 1994 / UCSF-Legacy
RWJF Grants to Hilts, 1995 / Robert Wood Johnson Foundation

Page One Headline in the New York Times! Hilts pretends that all the cigarette-smoking machine nicotine data is worthless, "because of changes in cigarette design" - as if these made the slightest bit of difference in light of the fact that smoking has always been a highly variable act in the first place, and any such measurements refer only to a fixed standard procedure - and as if anyone cared, except the stupid pieces of crap who have been influenced by bloodsuckers' hate propaganda anyway. (Major Flaw Cited In Cigarette Data, by Philip J. Hilts. New York Times, May 2, 1994.)

Hilts, NYT May 2, 1994 / UCSF-Legacy

Chet Huntley

NBC TV newscaster, partner of David Brinkley, and friend of Florence Mahoney. In 1961 he shilled against NIH budget cuts by "broadcasting tidbits they received about research breakthroughs." (Information from Noble Conspirator. Florence S. Mahoney and the Rise of the National Institutes of Health, by Judith Robinson. The Francis Press 2001.)

Peter Jennings

If this brainless anti-smokers' whore and his mentally inbred, true-believing cronies had exposed the anti-smokers' deliberate suppression and destruction of research on the role of infection in lung cancer, the stupid bastard might be alive today and we would all be better off. He and his worthless, lie-parroting pals are proof that they are given their jobs because they're unscrupulous scum, not journalists.

Peter Jennings, Anti-Smokers' Whore

Donald E. Johnson

"DONALD E. JOHNSON Flint, Mich.; ACS Honorary Life Member. President, Teasurer: Advertisers Press, Inc.; Daily Reporter, Coldwater, Mich. ACS Director-at-Large (1954-61); Director, Region 1V (1952-54) ; Vice Board Chairman (1959-61). ACS Michigan Division: Honorary Life Director; Past President; Past Treasurer. President, Flint College and Cultural Development. Secretary, Treasurer, Whiting Foundation." (1966 House of Delegates and Board of Directors. American Cancer Society Inc.)

ACS Board of Directors 1966 / UCSF-Legacy

Henry P. Johnston

HENRY P. JOHNSTON* Birmingham, Ala.; Delegate-Director (1965-) Board Chairman, Planters and Merchants Bk., Uniontown. ACS Director, Region llI (1960-62). ACS Alabama Division : V. P.; Bd. Mem.; Crusade Chm. (1948). Vice President and Director, Cane Brake Shoe Co.; Dir., So[uthern] Airways; Advisory Bd., Crestline Br., First Natl. Bk. Past President, Ala. Broadcasting Assn. Past Vice President, Birmingham News. Member: Rotary Club; Jefferson City Personnel Author: Little Acorns From The Mighty Oak; Pioneers In Their Own Rights; The Gentle Johnstons. (1966 House of Delegates and Board of Directors. American Cancer Society Inc.)

ACS Board of Directors 1966 / UCSF-Legacy

Robert F. Kennedy

Lie-spewer on Air America, propaganda organ of the PC left, gibbers that "Over the past two decades industry and conservative think tanks have invested millions of dollars to corrupt science. They distort the truth about tobacco, pesticides, ozone depletion, dioxin, acid rain and global warming. In their attempt to undermine the credible basis for public action (by positing that all opinions are politically driven and therefore any one is as true as any other), they also undermine belief in the integrity of the scientific process." This from the mouth of a deluded incompetent, whose fundamental beliefs are the product of six decades of scientific fraud funded at the behest of the Lasker Lobby, whose foremost goal is to brainwash the public that lifedtyle questionnaire studies are science, and who deliberately and systematically suppress the evidence that infection is the real cause of supposed "smoking-related diseases;" and whose precious EPA ETS report was written via illegal pass-through contracts to hand-picked anti-smokers - with a crony of George W. Bush himself on the board of directors of the corrupt EPA contractor. "Now Congress and this White House have used federal power for the same purpose. Led by the President, the Republicans have gutted scientific research budgets and politicized science within the federal agencies. The very leaders who so often condemn the trend toward moral relativism are fostering and encouraging the trend toward scientific relativism. The very ideologues who derided Bill Clinton as a liar have now institutionalized dishonesty and made it the reigning culture of America's federal agencies." As a matter of fact, the corrupt EPA ETS report was released at the end of the regime of George H.W. Bush, and warmly embraced by the Clinton regime. (The Junk Science of George W. Bush. The Nation, Feb. 19, 2004.)

Larry King

CNN celebrity-puffer; member of the ACS propaganda organ, the National Dialogue [sic] on Cancer.

ASCO News 2000

Robert E. Kintner

Vice president and president of ABC between 1944 and 1956; president of NBC from 1956 to 1966; cabinet liaison in the Lyndon Johnson administration, 1966-67. Identified as an intimate in the Lasker circle by John Gunther in Taken at the Flood, the Story of Albert D. Lasker; Harper & Brothers, 1960.

ABC, Hearst and Disney

Frank Knox

General Manager of all Hearst dailies, 1927-1931; publisher of the Chicago Daily News, 1931-1944.

The Frank Knox Page

Morton M. Kondracke

Most recently a regular commentator on Fox News Channel and the Public Broadcasting System, and co-host of Fox's "The Beltway Boys;" also executive editor of Roll Call.

Prevention Research / Research!America (pdf)
Leadership Team, Funding First / Lasker Foundation

Ann Landers

Syndicated columnist of Politically Correct "advice" is on the Board of Sponsors of ASH. Sister of Abigail Van Buren.

Boards of Trustees and Sponsors / ASH

Sherry Lansing

President of Paramount Pictures; member of the ACS propaganda organ, the National Dialogue [sic] on Cancer.

ASCO News 2000

Roy E. Larsen

President of Time, Inc., was an old friend of C.C. Little, and a crony of Artemus L. Gates and Paul G. Hoffman

Time, Inc. (Roy E. Larsen)

John Leland

The lie-spewing media vermin deliberately misrepresented a photograph of tobacco executives being sworn in, as "Cigarette company officials swear they didn't manipulate nicotine levels." On the basis of this Goebbels-style deception, the anti-smokers' gibbering, mentally deficient followers used this deceit to work themselves into hysterics of self-righteous outrage over the tobacco executives supposedly "lying under oath." Furthermore, the vermins' smear that the tobacco industry supposedly "manipulated" nicotine levels to "addict" smokers is in direct conflict with their other favorite smear that smokers precisely "titrate" nicotine levels, puff by puff. (A Whiff of Smoking Guns. By John Leland with Michael Isikoff and Mark Hosenball in Washington. Newsweek, Aug. 7, 1995, pages 66-67.)

Newsweek, Aug. 7, 1995 / UCSF-Legacy

Robert Levey

Washington Post

Boards of Trustees and Sponsors / ASH

Ellen Levine

Of "Good Housekeeping" is on the Board of Directors of the Lasker Foundation's Research!America.

Board of Directors / Research!America

Thomas Linden

Professor of so-called "journalism" at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Research!America's whore.

Prevention Research / Research!America (pdf)

Walter Lippmann

In 1929, while editor of The New York World, Lippmann was a member of the Advisory Committee of Yale's Institute of Human Relations, which was chaired by William H. Welch.

The Institute of Human Relations

Mad Magazine

"In the early to mid-nineteen-sixties, both before and after the Surgeon General issued his famous report on the dangers of tobacco, Mad took on the industry more than any “respectable” magazine." Its publisher, William Gaines, was fanatically opposed to smoking, and its editor, Al Feldstein, and writers (Al Jaffee, David Berg) were an anti-smoking propaganda machine. (Mad Magazine’s Glorious Anti-Smoking Campaign. By David Margolick. The New Yorker, Jun. 26, 2014.) And what this didn't tell us: "Gaines sold his company in the early 1960s to the Kinney Parking Company, which also acquired National Periodicals (a.k.a. DC Comics) and Warner Bros. by the end of that decade. Gaines was named a Kinney board member, and was largely permitted to run Mad as he saw fit without corporate interference." And: Kinney Parking Company was a New Jersey parking lot company owned by Manny Kimmel, Sigmund Dornbusch and mob figure Abner Zwillman. Prior to its public listing in 1960, it merged with a funeral home company, Riverside, and then expanded into car-rentals, office cleaning firms and construction companies... Ross pursued an aggressive expansion of the company's properties, first acquiring Ashley-Famous talent agency, then Panavision, and then in 1969 Warner Bros.-Seven Arts. After a financial scandal in the parking division, the non-entertainment assets were spun off again in 1971 as National Kinney Corporation, and the remaining company was renamed Warner Communications, a precursor to today's Time Warner media empire..." (Wikipedia)

Mad Magazine’s Glorious Anti-Smoking Campaign / The New Yorker
Kinney Parking Company / Wikipedia

Daniel J. Mahoney Sr.

President of Cox Newspapers in Miami, was married to Florence S. Mahoney.

Daniel J. Mahoney Jr.

The Florence Mahoney Page

President of Cox Newspapers in Dayton from 1968; later the publisher of the Palm Beach Daily News and the Palm Beach Post. Florence Mahoney's son and a director of the Lasker Foundation.

The Lasker Foundation

Julian S. Mason

In 1929, while editor of The New York Evening Post, Mason was a member of the Advisory Committee of Yale's Institute of Human Relations, which was chaired by William H. Welch.

The Institute of Human Relations

Davis "Buzz" Merritt

Editor of Knight-Ridder's Wichita Eagle; The Pew Center for Civic Journalism

The Pew Charitable Trusts

Lauran Neergaard, Associated Press Writer

"Women now account for 39 percent of the nation's 400,000-plus smoking-related deaths each year, a proportion that has more than doubled since 1965. One woman dies from smoking every 3 1/2 minutes. Yet women may not fully realize the threat: Lung cancer caused by smoking is now the top female cancer killer, claiming 27,000 more women's lives each year than the breast cancer that women dread so much, said Surgeon General David Satcher... Satcher pointed to industry ads that lure girls by featuring skinny, sexy women, including a new R.J. Reynolds campaign that says, "Until I find a real man, I'll take a real smoke."... Quitting dramatically reduces chances of smoking-caused illnesses - cancer, heart disease and other lung diseases that hit women and men alike. But women smokers face additional risks: menstrual irregularities and earlier menopause; infertility; and bone-thinning osteoporosis. Also, they're at risk of arthritis; cervical cancer; and dangerous blood clots if they use birth control pills. That's in addition to the dangers of smoking during pregnancy, which include low-birthweight, stillbirths, miscarriages and sudden infant death syndrome. And "if you really want to get your surgeon general upset," take a baby into those crowded airport smoking lounges where 50 people puff at once, Satcher said. Exposure to secondhand smoke causes asthma and other illnesses in young children and adults." (Women make up 39% of deaths caused by smoking, report finds. By Lauran Neergaard (AP). Baton Rouge Advocate, Mar. 28, 2001.) ALL FOUNDED ON THE SCIENTIFIC FRAUD OF IGNORING INFECTION - WHICH THE FILTH IN THE MEDIA HAVE SHOVED DOWN AMERICA'S THROAT AS LEGITIMATE SCIENCE! VERMIN LIKE LAURAN NEERGAARD SHOULD BE PUT IN GAS CHAMBERS AND EXTERMINATED!

Newton Minow

Former Chairman of the Federal Communications Commission

The Newton Minow Page

Donnica L. Moore

Moore was "the women's health expert" on NBC TV from 1997 to 2000, and had a syndicated radio spot, "Dr. Donnica's Women's Health Report," from 2000 to 2002. She is a director of the Lasker lobby, Research!America.


J. Richard Munro

Munro was chairman and CEO of Time Inc. and a trustee at RAND during the Manning study of smoking costs.

Time, Inc. (J. Richard Munro)

Thomas S. Murphy

Chairman and CEO of Capital Cities/ABC from 1954 to 1986.

ABC, Hearst and Disney

Gary Null

Gary Null of WBAI Radio participated in Work Group 9, "Motivating Smokers to Assume Personal Reponsibility for Quitting on Their Own," of the 1981 National Conference on Smoking or Health, pp. 18-19.

Work Group 9, NCSH 1981 / UCSF-Legacy

Adolph S. Ochs

In 1929, while publisher of The New York Times, Ochs was a member of the Advisory Committee of Yale's Institute of Human Relations, which was chaired by William H. Welch.

The Institute of Human Relations

Phillip Osborne

Senior editor of Reader's Digest, participated in Work Group 8, "Countering Cigarette Advertising and Supporting the Rights of Nonsmokers Through the Media" (this is how these subhuman vermin mischaracterize a systematic campaign of deliberate psychopathic lies and defamations against smokers) of the 1981 National Conference on Smoking or Health. Edward L. Bernays was also a participant. (Pages 16-17.)

Work Group 8, NCSH 1981 / UCSF-Legacy

Anna Quindlen

New York Times columnist. Here, she spin-doctors what is actually the Lasker Syndicate's looting of smokers, through their control of tobacco companies, to fund anti-smoker politicians such as Bill Clinton, and pet charities such as AIDS activists who despise their unwilling benefactors, into the usual hackneyed denunciation of "Big Tobacco." ('When Good People Take Bad Money,' you just can't quite get it to add up. Anna Quindlen. New York Times, est. date Nov. 17, 1992.)

Quindlen, 1992 / UCSF-Legacy

Paul Raeburn

So-called "Science Editor" of the Associated Press, spread the lie that the EPA's Science Advisory Board was controlled by the tobacco industry, by serving as anti-smoker Alan Blum's ventriloquist's-dummy: "They've stacked the deck with people who have close ties to the tobacco industry," gibbered Blum, who included the anti-smokers' star perjuror at the Minnesota tobacco trial, Jonathan Samet, among the supposed stooges. In fact, that exact opposite was the case: the infection-ignoring, chemical-fixated dinosaurs of the establishment controlled both the tobacco industry's research agenda and the EPA. (EPA-Tobacco Lobby. By Paul Raeburn. Associated Press, Nov. 8, 1990.)

Raeburn, Nov. 8, 1990 / UCSF-Legacy
The EPA's ETS Lies

Clifton R. Read

The Cancer Society roots of the US propaganda establishment: Clifton R. Read was the first publicity director of the American Society for the Control of Cancer, the predecessor of the American Cancer Society. He joined the Office of War Information in 1941 (before its formal creation), when it was under William J. Donovan of the OSS, who was a close friend of the Laskers and was later a director of the Lasker Foundation. Read rejoined the American Cancer Society in 1948, and was its national publicity director until 1972. In 1952, he was joined by William B. Lewis, formerly head of the Domestic Radio Bureau of the OWI, who according to 15 resigned writers had a reputation for dishonesty. "At least a half-dozen of the most important centers of U.S. communication research depended for their survival on funding from a handful of national security agencies. Their reliance on psychological warfare money was so extensive as to suggest that the crystallization of mass communications studies into a distinct scholarly field might not have come about during the 1950s without substantial military, CIA, and USIA intervention." (Science of Coercion, by Christopher Simpson. Oxford University Press, 1994.)

Harry Reasoner

Reasoner gloats that "the developing war between smokers and nonsmokers" (which was instigated against innocent people by a little clique of lying, cheating, stealing, bloodsucking Wall Street vermin and their filthy, lie-spewing media whores, such as Reasoner himself), is "beginning to look not so much like an edge as a rout," and lies that the anti-smokers' clueless puppet, Surgeon General C. Everett Koop, did it all. (Harry Reasoner interview of Koop on Workplace Smoking. CBS 60 Minutes, Dec. 20, 1987.) It's too bad the bastard died of natural causes in 1991, because he and his whole rotten crew deserve to be tied up in their sound truck, set on fire, and burned alive.

Reasoner, 1987 / UCSF-Legacy

Cokie Roberts

Special Correspondent for ABC News, member of the Lasker Trust's Funding First "Leadership Team."

Leadership Team , Funding First / Lasker Foundation

In 1993, after the release of the "EPA" Report on secondhand smoke, Cokie Roberts joined David Brinkley and Sam Donaldson in conspired to brainwash Americans with lies about secondhand smoke, in such a crude and heavy-handed manner, reminiscent of a Nazi dictatorship, that no intelligent person should have failed to be outraged.

David Brinkley and Sam Donaldson of ABC News

Shaun M. Sheehan

Senior Vice President of the National Association Broadcasters, participated in Work Group 8, "Countering Cigarette Advertising and Supporting the Rights of Nonsmokers Through the Media" (this is how these subhuman vermin mischaracterize a systematic campaign of deliberate psychopathic lies and defamations against smokers) of the 1981 National Conference on Smoking or Health. Edward L. Bernays was also a participant. (Pages 16-17.)

Work Group 8, NCSH 1981 / UCSF-Legacy

Victor A. Sholis

"In 1959, the [American Cancer Society] Board established the Committee on Tobacco and Cancer to succeed the Ad Hoc Committee which had guided the Board since 1957. Dr. Taylor was named chairman, a position he held until the fall of 1963. The Committee was composed of distinguished physicians and laymen, including: James M. Brittain, Director of the Philadelphia Suburban Transportation Co.; Dr. Frank W. Foote, Jr., of Memorial Hospital, New York City; Dr. [John R.] Heller; Dr. Leonard W. Larson, Bismark, N.D., pathologist and former president of the American Medical Association; Mr. Lewis; Arthur L. Montgomery, President of the Atlanta, Ga., Coca-Cola Bottling Co., and Allied Plants; James T. Mountz, Boston, Mass., attorney; Dr. Ochsner; Dr. I. S. Ravdin of the University of Pennsylvania and in 1963 President of the American Cancer Society; Victor A. Scholis, Louisville, Ky., Vice President and Director of Stations WHAS and WHAS-TV; Dr. Wendell M. Stanley, Director of the Virus Laboratory, University of California, and 1946 Nobel Laureate in Chemistry; Dr. Stebbins; Waldo I. Stoddard, Grand Rapids, Mich., banker; and Dr. Ashbel C. Williams, Jacksonville, Fla. surgeon." (The Position of the American Cancer Society Regarding Tobacco and Lung Cancer. To the City Editor [form letter]. American Cancer Society News Service, Jan. 7, 1964, pp. 14-15.)

The Position of the American Cancer Society Regarding Tobacco and Lung Cancer, 1964 / UCSF-Legacy

VICTOR A. SHOLIS* Louisville, Ky.; Director-at-Large (1961-). Vice President, Director, WHAS and WHAS-TV. ACS Director, Region III (1959-61). ACS Kentucky Division: Member, Board and Executive Committee. Recipient, ACS Annual National- Divisional Award as the layman contributing most to cancer control program in Kentucky (1951). Member: Pendennis Club of Louisville; Louisville Rotary Club. Past Board Member: Louisville Heart Association; Past Member, Advisory Board, Ursuline College. (1966 House of Delegates and Board of Directors. American Cancer Society Inc., p. 32)

ACS Board of Directors 1966 / UCSF-Legacy

Michael Specter

Washington Post Staff Writer. Specter falsely portrayed an epidemiologically worthless actuarial study, which fraudulently attributed all differences in life expectancy between smokers and nonsmokers to smoking, as a laudable refinement of scientific technique. Like most anti-smokers, he and his editors are such mentally retarded pieces of subhuman garbage that they believe that the more outrageous the claim against smoking, the better the quality of the study. (Male Smokers Seen Losing 18 Years. Washington Post, May 13, 1990.)

Specter, Washington Post 1990 / UCSF-Legacy

Frank Stanton

President of CBS from 1946 to 1971 and vice chairman of its board of directors until he retired in 1973. He was a founding member of and chaired the Center for Advanced Study in Behavioral Sciences, which was established by the Ford Foundation, from 1953 to 1960, and was a trustee from 1953 to 1971.

The Frank Stanton Page

Humphrey Taylor

Former Chairman of the American Health Foundation, Chairman of the Harris Poll, a member of the Lasker Trust's Funding First "Leadership Team," and a director of the Lasker Foundation.

The Humphrey Taylor Page

Laurence A. Tisch

Looted the smokers of Lorillard cigarettes to fund New York University; later took over CBS and trashed its news department (not that they had done anything exemplary on the subject anyway) to promote the reign of ignorance.

The Laurence A. Tisch Page

Martin Tolchin

Martin Tolchin was a Capitol Hill reporter for the New York Times for forty years, before founding The Hill newspaper. Now a director of the Lasker Foundation.

Ted Turner

Ted Turner has family connections to the Public Broadcasting Corp.

The Ted Turner Page

Arthur Ulene

"A well-known health commentator for the NBC Today show and for ABC Television Network, he is also Chairman of the Cable Health Network" - his 1986 letter recruiting members for "Americans United for a Smoke Free Society." He was also a crony of Theodore Cooper and Robert I. Levy on the Advisory Council on Education for Health of the American Council of Life Insurance / Health Insurance Association of America in 1983. He was a director of the corporate health fascist Wellness Councils of America in 1990.

Ulene letter / UCSF-Legacy

Ulene's anti-smoking propaganda program for KABC-TV Eyewitless News, Los Angeles, March 1-5, 1982.

KABC Eyewitless News, Mar. 1-5, 1982 / UCSF-Legacy

Americans United for a Smoke Free Society, June 5, 1985. A sample of Ulene's ravings: "Dear Friend: Do headlines like 'YOUTH, 16, SMOKER, DIES OF MOUTH CANCER' and 'MOTHER SMOKED, NEWBORN BABY HAS NICOTINE WITHDRAWAL SYMPTOMS' shock you? They should. They're tragically true. Despite these and other shocking facts that show a thirty year old who smokes a pack a day is throwing away 6 - 8 years of his life, there are still 51 million smokers in this country. Many of them don't know the dangers of smoking let alone the fact'that many health hazards can be reversed if they quit. And the saddest thing of all is that half of these smokers are teenagers who are committing slow motion suicide." This bilge should make you want to go on a rampage and kill anti-smokers!

Americans United for a Smoke Free Society, June 5, 1985 / UCSF-Legacy

Abigail Van Buren

Syndicated columnist of Politically Correct "advice" is on the Board of Sponsors of anti-smoking group ASH. She is the sister of Mary Lasker's crony Ann Landers.

Boards of Trustees and Sponsors / ASH

Mike Wallace

Mike Wallace at the American Cancer Society's Annual Spring Gala at The Pierre. Be assured that he is not doing an exposÚ for 60 Minutes.

ACS Regis Philbin gala / New York Social Diary pictures

Richard Wechsler

Public Information Specialist, National Public Radio, participated in Work Group 8, "Countering Cigarette Advertising and Supporting the Rights of Nonsmokers Through the Media" (this is how these subhuman vermin mischaracterize a systematic campaign of deliberate psychopathic lies and defamations against smokers) of the 1981 National Conference on Smoking or Health. Edward L. Bernays was also a participant. (Pages 16-17.)

Work Group 8, NCSH 1981 / UCSF-Legacy

George Will

In 1993, after the release of the "EPA" Report on secondhand smoke, George Will joined David Brinkley and Sam Donaldson in conspired to brainwash Americans with lies about secondhand smoke, in such a crude and heavy-handed manner, reminiscent of a Nazi dictatorship, that no intelligent person should have failed to be outraged.

David Brinkley and Sam Donaldson of ABC News

Wisconsin Public Radio

Lasker Syndicate Operations in Wisconsin (Wisconsin Public Radio)

Judy Woodruff

Anchor and Senior Correspondent of CNN; member of the Board of Directors of the Lasker Foundation's unregistered lobbying group, Research!America, 2004-5.

Board of Directors / Research!America

Paula Zahn

FOX News; member of the ACS propaganda organ, the National Dialogue [sic] on Cancer.

ASCO News 2000

Jeffrey Zucker

Executive Director of NBC Today; member of the ACS propaganda organ, the National Dialogue [sic] on Cancer.

ASCO News 2000

Media donations to the American Cancer Society

"$100,000+ Excalibur Contributors" to the American Cancer Society in 2000 include: (California) KABC-TV; KICU-TV Channel 36; KRCA-TV Channel 62; (Eastern) Newsweek; New York Times Company; Hearst Magazines; Time Inc.; (Mid-Atlantic) NBC-25; (Midwest) KWQC-TV; (Southeast) WSTAR 94 FM Radio; WXIA-TV, GA; (Texas) KHOU-TV, Channel 11; and (ACS Foundation) MTV.

ACS 2000 Form 990 - Annual Report / ACS (pdf, 123pp)

60 Minutes: The Most Ballyhooed Humbug In History

CBS's fraud about "nictotine manipulation" is absolute PROOF of the media's complete unaccountability to the victims of their defamations, and their lack of any responsibility whatsoever to tell the truth. The anti-smokers' entire supposed case consists of claiming that 'the tobacco companies manipulated nicotine levels in tobacco leaves, therefore it PROVES [sic] that they conspired to addict [sic] smokers.' This pile of crap is a direct contradiction to another of their other favorite piles of crap, that smokers "precisely titrate" the amount of nicotine they receive. Even the most dimwitted dolt can see that both statements cannot be true, because if smokers "precisely titrate" the dose, then changing the amount of nicotine in the tobacco wouldn't make the slightest bit of difference. BUT THE IRRATIONALITY-WORSHIPPING, LIE SPEWING, SUBHUMAN FILTH IN THE MEDIA PUT THIS SCAM OVER ON THE STUPID SHEEPLE, SIMPLY BY REPEATING IT OVER OVER AND AGAIN, WHILE MASTURBATING THEIR EGOS WITH SELF-PRAISE FOR THEIR SUPPOSED "JOURNALISM" AT EVERY OPPORTUNITY.

They are the living proof that al-Qaeda is RIGHT! We are tyrannized by bloodsucking lice, who rule according to the Protocols of the Elders of Zion! These vermin must be brought to justice. But even more than the scummy little pieces of excrement in front of the camera, the Satanically-evil filth who gave those lackeys their jobs so that they could engineer society to their anti-smoker specifications, must be brought to justice! These pieces of filth have thwarted every attempt at reason - and smugly congratulated themselves for it - so they deserve it no longer. WE WOULD LOVE TO WATCH THEIR HEADS CUT OFF ON TV!

The Phony Opposition

Just as contemptible as the scum who spread outright lies and defamations against smokers, are the phony opponents of health fascism that the media trot out to deceive a gullible public that dissenting views are permitted. In fact, these stooges are slavishly obedient to the Lasker Syndicate's chosen framing of the issues. "FREEDOM VERSUS PUBLIC HEALTH" (or as it's marketed to conservatives, "PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY") are how the anti-smoker media have ALWAYS forced the people to view the issue. And this is despite their attempt to accuse the tobacco industry of supposedly "trying to shift the focus away from health" by arguing along these lines.

In fact, THOSE WHO CHALLENGE THE ANTI-SMOKERS' SCIENTIFIC FRAUDS, AND/OR EXPOSE THEIR CONSPIRATORIAL OPERATIONS, ARE NOT PERMITTED TO SPEAK. Only lackeys who embrace their obstipated dogmas of "lifestyle risk factors" and chemical carcinogenesis are permitted. Confounding by infection, and the Lasker Syndicate's six decades-long control of the health establishment are forbidden subjects. In fact, the health fascists WANT their supposed opponents to be like little children, whining ineffectually about "NANNYISM," instead of exposing them for the criminals that they are.

Number One Phony Opponent: Jacob Sullum

Jacob Sullum has been shoved down our throats so often that for all practical purposes he is the health fascists' officially anointed ringer. The bastard thinks he's doing us a favor by playing "devil's advocate," meaning that he really thinks that we're the devils and they're the good guys, and he helps our enemies pretend that we had a defense. Sullum has a long history of crass indifference to our important grievances. It has taken him over ten years to admit that the anti-smokers' lied about smoking costs; even so, he presents this only with the politically correct spin of emphasizing "smokers' early deaths" instead of the anti-smokers' fraudulent accounting practices. He has never questioned the health fascists' scientific frauds. Back in the 1980s, I dropped my subscription to his rag, Reason Magazine, because of its fatuous treatment of the subject with silly "Brickbats" instead of substance. Then a few years later, guess who pops up as our supposed savior: Jacob "the Public Pretender" Sullum! Jacob Sullum, get lost! Jacob Sullum, go away! We're sick of listening to you whine about "nannyism" too, because the attention expended on your drivel is driving out more important things!

Jacob "the Public Pretender" Sullum bio / Reason

Manufacturing Consent

Example: The bogus NYC smoking ban "debate" between Cherner & Sullum on NPR's "Justice Talking" (Feb. 5, 2003).

The so-called "debate" over the New York City smoking ban, between anti-smoker Joe Cherner and supposed smokers' rights advocate Jacob Sullum, is a sham and a fraud. Jacob Sullum is a ringer, whose only "qualification" for this task (in the eyes of the anti-smokers), is that he will throw the fight.

Jacob Sullum throws the fight by accepting the anti-smokers' phony formulation of the issue as "Freedom versus Public Health." The true issue is, "Freedom AND Public Health, versus Anti-Smoker Scientific Fraud."

The anti-smokers purposely use defective studies to falsely blame smoking for diseases that are really caused by infection. They have suppressed the essential research, and deliberately use statustical methods which exploit false associations. They have gotten away with this scam because of their takeover of our health establishment.

Furthermore, the media are their accomplices, not watchdogs. They prance around in Georgetown mansions with the health fascists, while feeding the people a load of bull about the supposed omnipotence of the tobacco industry.

Smoking Ban Debate / Justice Talking

National Public Radio's Big Lie by Omission!

The lying pieces of filth spew disinformation to make the public submit to smoking bans in homes and cars, by deliberately concealing the anti-smokers' scientific fraud and corruption of their ETS reports, and by pretending that Robert Levy, a stooge from the CATO Institute, is a suitable spokesman for the legality of these bans. Levy and the anti-smoker slime refuse to admit the fact that THE ISSUE IS ANTI-SMOKER SCIENTIFIC FRAUD - not the flimsy, specious objections that they pretend are the only ones which exist! LIFESTYLE-QUESTIONNAIRE STUDIES THAT IGNORE EXPOSURE TO INFECTION ARE NOT SCIENCE! Period, end of discussion. And, notice how scripted and formulaic the dirty vermin are, making sure to insert stock anti-smoking propaganda. The despicable slime even sound as if they're reading from a script. (Transcript of California Smokeout. Here on Earth, National Public Radio, Jan. 14, 2005. HOST: Steve Curwood.) Living on Earth is funded by the National Science Foundation and Stonyfield Farm.

"It's "Living on Earth. I'm Steve Curwood. From time to time, we bring you news of what regulations are brewing in California, because when they make a rule there, it often shows up on the books of the forty-nine other states at some point down the line. For example, California was the first state state to enforce tight emissions controls on vehicles. It was also the first to ban smoking in restaurants and bars. And now, you can't even light up on some beaches in California. But some say, those smoking bans still leave certain people vulnerable to the increasingly well-understood health hazards of secondhand tobacco smoke. Our West Coast bureau chief, Ingrid Lobet, joins me now to talk about what California's contemplating. Hi, Ingrid."

Lobet: Hi, Steve.

Curwood: So, what's in the air - California could declare secondhand tobacco smoke a quote, toxic air contaminant - that is, a public danger?

Lobet: That's right. The staff at the Air Resources Board, the powerful air agency here, is preparing an argument that secondhand smoke is still a serious risk to some people.

Curwood: Which people? I mean, I thought there was practically no place you could still smoke now in California.

Lobet: There now aren't very many. And smokers will tell you it's not easy being a smoker here any more. And per capita, cigarette smoking has been dropping here. But, cigarette smoke contains uh, breathable or what they call respirable particulate. And they've even counted how much of it is released into the air each year by smokers in California, just the way they would for an industrial emission. And along with that, there's also a list of carcinogenic compounds that are in the smoke, uh, like benzene, butadiene, cadmium, and toluene. And after they counted all these up, they looked at where the exposure was occurring, and it's clear that it's very unevenly distributed. Basically, you're only really exposed in places like designated smoking areas, bingo parlors, and, importantly, in peoples' homes and cars.

Curwood: Well, I asked you about the homes and cars. But first, what are the associated health problems with tobacco smoke? Of course what comes to mind is lung cancer.

Lobet: Right. The Air Resources Board talks about lung cancer, also breast cancer, and an increased risk of heart disease. But, if you look at the report carefully, what it also talks about quite a bit is the stated risks to young children. The report says studies show increased risks of ear infections, lower respiratory infections, and low birthweight in newborns. They say that environmental tobacco smoke may impact fetal growth in 1600 newborns in California. So, this focus on children may be changing the picture.

Curwood: That's right, because children don't get to choose where they are. I mean, an adult can simply choose not to be in a confined space with a smoker. But that doesn't work for a child, or of course, a fetus.

Lobet: No, a child can't choose. And, what they would do afterwards if they did decide to declare this a toxic air contaminant is really the crux of the matter. They could decide that uh, current efforts aimed at educating people about the problems of secondhand smoke are already enough. Or, they could decide to step up those efforts somewhat. Or conceivably, they might try to ban smoking inside peoples' homes, or certain parts of their homes, or cars, when children are present.

Curwood: Could they do that?

Lobet: Well, I spoke to several people, and most of them said probably yes. I spoke with a former Air Board member who said it's not unreasonable to think that they'll consider banning smoking at home. I spoke with one of the scientists who's reviewed the work to date. He thought it was a great idea. He said he can't bear to see adults lighting up with kids in the car. And, I spoke with an attorney who's a constitutional law expert with the libertarian CATO Institute. And he said California would probably prevail if it tried to do this.

Curwood: What kind of precedent is there for regulating individual behavior in this way?

Lobet: There's not much precedent. You could point to regulating dry cleaners, or nail polish. But both of those are controlled at the production level. You could point to some controls on barbecues, and and uh, in many states there are periodic bans on burning, slash, out of doors. But one veteran lobbyist who I spoke with who helped write the original law told me that it was really intended for industry, not for regulating individual parents' behavior in their homes or cars.

Curwood: I can imagine now that California wants to ban smoking in homes and cars that the smokers' rights groups are really going to get mobilized. I mean, I would expect that some of them would just be outraged to be told they can't smoke at home.

Lobet: And we should repeat here that the Air Board is not saying that it would do that yet. They're just pointing out the high levels of particulates that children are exposed to in some closed spaces. But yes, I think that some people would be outraged. This attorney, Robert Levy with the CATO Institute, characterized a move like this as "fascistic." He said California would be breaking the privacy of the parent-child relationship. And he asked, "What would be next? If we know too much TV can lead to being ignorant of literature, what about television? If we know that children who are fed a poor diet uh, uh may suffer from childhood obesity and that's a problem, where would it stop?"

Curwood: I guess we'll find out. Ingrid Lobet is Life on Earth's western correspondent. Thanks so much Ingrid.

Living on Earth, Jan. 14, 2005 / National Public Radio

They never present our side of the issue, just feeble straw man arguments for the anti-smokers to knock down in set-up confrontations. The anti-smoker filth have created a culture of lies, deceit, conspiracy, censorship, and omission - and destroyed democracy.

Democracy Is A Lie

See "Big Drivel" for more fake advocates

"Big Drivel"


Various mass media propaganda

How harmful are cigarettes? Roger William Riis. Reader's Digest Jan. 1950.

Riis, Reader's Digest, 1950 / UCSF-Legacy


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