Wisconsin's Smoke-Free Law, Breathe Free Wisconsin


Milwaukee Journal Sentinel is Covertly Censored!

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel engages in a particularly sneaky and insidious form of censorship. They employ software which makes a poster's comments visible ONLY ON THEIR OWN MACHINE, but invisible on other peoples' computers. This is designed to be doubly deceitful: to trick the poster into falsely believing that their voice is being heard by the public, but ignored; while the public as a whole has NO CLUE that anything has happened. This is what the anti-smoker criminals really mean when they crow that "There is no longer any dissent!" This is how those corrupt racketeers have forced their will on the people!

See the criminals gloat over their dirty trick against the people!

"One year later, smoking ban critics lose steam. By Ben Poston of the Journal Sentinel. July 4, 2011." See how the Nazi filth pretend that opposition has dried up because everybody has accepted it - instead of because they've ruthlessly censored informed dissent from the very beginning, and continue to do so, to conceal the anti-smokers' deliberate and systematic acts of fraud! See how they have the gall to spew this Big Lie on the 4th of July, the very day when we're supposed to be celebrating freedom! This proves how insufferably corrupt and arrogant these subhumans are!


Exposing government wrongdoing is not allowed! It proves that democracy is a complete and total LIE!

Anti-smoker, this is not about "getting used to" a minor inconvenience. For the government to deliberately commit fraud in order to deprive its citizens of their liberties is inherently a violation of our Constitutional right to the equal protection of the laws.

A reply to "Wisconsin is Better Smoke-Free" radio ads by Governor James Doyle, the scum of the planet earth.

"Breathe free, Wisconsin, because as of July 5th, all workplaces are smoke-free. You and your family are going to love it. [Der Fuhrer commands us!] Many think it's been a long time coming. [In sheer magnitude, duration and shamelessness, the systematic campaign of lies and defamations dwarfs everything the Nazis did. And it even used the Nazi pseudo-science of lifestyle questionnaires.] I certainly do. Hello, this is Governor Jim Doyle. When I signed the Breathe Free Wisconsin law last year [for which there was less than the legally-required 24 hours notice of public hearings, which had the decorum of a lynch mob, courtesy of the American Cancer Society and its corrupt politicians who encouraged them, and the cowards who raised no objection], I knew the dramatic effect this would have on Wisconsin's health over time [using health claims based on deliberate scientific fraud, from studies cynically designed to falsely blame secondhand smoke for diseases such as lung cancer that are really caused by HPV]. I've been fighting Big Tobacco since my days as Attorney General. [The myth of "Big Tobacco" is another filthy lie! The first thing the Wall Street oligarchs did was to take over the tobacco companies so there would never be any genuine fight. And the proof is that their attorneys have never mentioned the role of infection]. We won a big victory then, with the multi-million dollar tobacco settlement [because they threw the fight on purpose! It was all a charade, just like in the Protocols of the Elders of Zion]. And we won big again, with last year's Breathe Free Wisconsin Law [because the media ruthlessly censored informed smokers' advocates, so the public would never learn the truth]. As of July 5th, smoking indoors and in any workplace is against the law. That's huge. [The biggest outrage against democracy ever perpetrated against the American people!] You and your family will be able to visit any workplace, any restaurant, any tavern, any bowling alley and be able to breathe clean air [but the public didn't want it, so you forced it on them by conspiracy, fraud and racketeering. Just repeal this law, and watch the public flock to places that allow smoking]. It's a great thing for Wisconsin. It makes our state even better."


(Announcer) "A smoke-free Wisconsin will save money on health costs [a Big Lie based on falsely pretending that costs paid by smokers were paid by non-smokers, that diseases caused by infection were caused by smoking, and that non-smokers' costs don't exist at all!] It will save lives, and make us healthier [by concocting bogus "savings" where none exist by committing fraud]. Wisconsin's just plain better, smoke-free. Go to [BLAH BLAH BLAH] to learn more.

So, raping democracy and persecuting the innocent and robbing the working people is what Doyle and the Democrats call "better!"

And don't forget the dirty rotten traitors who sold us down the river, the bar and restaurant owners, who not only refused to file a lawsuit against the anti-smokers for conspiracy, fraud and racketeering under the RICO laws; they even reassured the anti-smokers at every public hearing that they didn't doubt a single lie.


BOYCOTT THEM ALL until they file it!

Every smoking ban, everywhere, was rammed down the peoples' throats by MEDIA CONSPIRACY to spread defamations and censor the truth - JUST LIKE IN NAZI GERMANY.

Every mass media outlet is ruthlessly censored BY ANTI-SMOKERS. No one has ever been allowed to expose the anti-smokers' flagrant scientific fraud. Then they falsely pretend that the issue is "freedom versus public health," instead of what it really is, namely ANTI-SMOKER SCIENTIFIC FRAUD. Only morons so stupid they don't know they're being lied to are ever allowed a forum, so they can drivel their dimwitted personal anecdotes, snivelings about slippery slopes, and half-baked constructions about property rights, in order to help the anti-smoker criminals in the media pretend that they presented "both sides of the issue." And those dimwits who don't know they're being lied to are so stupid they don't know they're being used as pawns in a charade as well. This is the putrid and fraudulent system that America jams down the world's throat!

See the criminals at the Milwaukee Journal spew anti-smoker lies - the same filthy Big Lies, over and over and over again - just like in Nazi Germany! "Nearly 8,000 people die every year in Wisconsin because of smoking-related causes, according to a new study called The Burden of Tobacco." In the first place, it's not new. In the second place, it's not even a study. It's a decades-old computer program called the SAMMEC, disseminated to the states by the corrupt Centers for Disease Control, which uses deliberately fraudulently claims based on lifestyle questionnaires. The corrupt Nazi robots in Wisconsin merely plug in raw data about smoking rates and regurgitate the spew at us.

"The habit is costing the city about $300 million in health care costs, according to the study." That is also generated by the SAMMEC, which creates this number by counting only smokers' health costs, while pretending that non-smokers' health don't exist at all. This is becauase non-smokers' costs are actually higher than those of smokers. So, it's a genuine Hitler-magnitude Big Lie, which the criminals in the media are purposely forcing on the public!

"People who are ill or die early because of smoking-related diseases cost the city an additional $174 million dollars in lost productivity. To put that in perspective, that's as if every man, woman, and child in the city was paying $500 to offset the costs of smoking every year." This is another Hitler-magnitude Big Lie, because those costs consist of smokers' own lost wages, which by definition consist of what employers did NOT pay them! But these these vile, despicable, less-than-human psychopaths pretend that smokers OWE them for money that smokers didn't even get in the first place!

"A tenth of the deaths due to smoking are caused by secondhand smoke, and half a million people in the state are exposed to smoke on a regular basis through their jobs, Ahrens said." And every single one of them is a lie. In fact, since the 1960s, the death rates from heart disease have declined just as much among smokers as among non-smokers, so they don't even have good empirical evidence that smoking causes heart disease. They use fraudulent studies based on lifestyle questionnaires, that ignore the role of infection, and the fact that people of lower socioeconomic status are more likely to have been exposed to infection, as well as to smoking and secondhand smoke. And they're guilty of flagrant, egregious fraud for ignoring more than 50 studies proving that human papillomaviruses cause over ten times more lung cancers than they pretend are caused by secondhand smoke - which people of lower socioeconomic status are more likely to have been exposed to as well. (Smoking causes 8,000 deaths yearly in Wisconsin, study says. By Tia Ghose [who is a lying Nazi criminal]. Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, July 2, 2010.)

Smoking causes 8,000 deaths yearly in Wisconsin, study says / Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
Get the truth through your heads, at last: Every member of the media is a lying Nazi criminal, dedicated to annihilating all truth, freedom and justice, and ramming a totalitarian dictatorship down our throats - in fact, have already done so, thanks to the morons who refuse to admit the truth.

* With no apologies to the PCs, who think that Nazism was almost paradise, except for persecuting the Jews, and especially laudable for persecuting smokers.

Mark Neumann backs repeal of state smoking ban

"The smoking ban to me is a local issue and it's about personal responsibility and personal freedoms and local control," said Neumann. "Asked if he would support the repeal of the smoking ban, Neumann said, 'Sure,' but he added: 'It's certainly not on my agenda as the first 25 or 30 things I'd do as governor - those things are related to bringing jobs to Wisconsin, to helping get the best educated kids in the world, and that's where my focus will be.' His stance on repealing the ban draws a contrast with his Republican rival, Milwaukee County Executive Scott Walker, and the Democrat in the race, Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett."

The day after the ban began, Walker said, "On principle, my view has been that I don't think the government should have been involved in this decision in the first place... But I think it's still pretty premature for us to talk about anything seeing as it's just one day in. But on principle - I'm not a smoker, I like not being in a place that's full of smoke - but on principle I don't think the government or anybody else should be telling these establishments or anybody else what they should or shouldn't do." "Barrett has no plans to repeal the smoking ban, said spokesman Phil Walzak." (Neumann backs repeal of new state smoking ban. By Patrick Marley. Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Jul. 9, 2010.) The next day, Walker said, "I don't think the government should have been involved in a smoking ban in the first place, and as governor, I would sign a repeal of this law." (Walker matches Neumann, is willing to repeal smoking ban. By Patrick Marley. Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Jul. 10, 2010.)

Neumann backs repeal / Milwaukee Journal Sentinel [WARNING: COMMENTS SECTION MAY BE CENSORED]

Neumann, Walker and Barrett all need to put this issue on a much higher priority, which is exactly what the Milwaukee Journal's censored comments section is intended to help prevent. If Neumann thinks that the smoking ban is "about personal responsibility and personal freedoms and local control," it proves that they successfully brainwashed him with lies. The real issue has always been ANTI-SMOKER SCIENTIFIC FRAUD! This and every other smoking ban was passed on the basis of deliberate, malicious lies and deceit, while falsely framing the issue as "freedom versus public health"! And, this is why the RINOs have conspired right along with the Democrats every step of the way, to help bring about more totalitarian control over the peoples' lives. Their kind want to inflict exactly the same kind of tyranny as the Obama health plan, they merely want the CORPORATIONS to do it to us instead of the government. We need a governor who will order the Attorney General to file a lawsuit against the federal government under the following:

TITLE 28 > PART IV > CHAPTER 85 > 1331
1331. Federal question
The district courts shall have original jurisdiction of all civil actions arising under the Constitution, laws, or treaties of the United States.

This is the same grounds used in the Virginia Attorney General's lawsuit against the Obama health plan. Any attorney general could also file a lawuit against the U.S. government and its agencies for its anti-smoking persecution under this - and should have done so long ago. The Attorney General should also file a lawsuit for conspiracy, fraud and racketeering against the anti-smokers under RICO.

The "property rights" schtick is a dirty trick invented by the anti-smokers, so that they can falsely portray advocates of freedom as promoters of Jim Crow and freedom to sell rotten meat. Remember the flap over Rand Paul, particularly the fact that he never criticized anti-smoker scientific fraud, and there was no opportunity to get a word in edgeways about it in that hullaballoo. And the media are again deceiving the public to think that they permit free discussion by shoving this kind of tripe in our faces, while concealing the truth about anti-smoker scientific fraud.

Arch-Traitor Vicki McKenna has a hissy fit about repeal

Arch-traitor Vicki McKenna on WISN Jul. 12, 2010 called repeal of the smoking ban, "a dog of an issue, a losing issue." She blames everyone except herself for the anti-smokers' successes. She claims she "thought you could fight against this thing, and you can't." She claims that this is because "nobody is there to present counter-information."

Wrong, Vicki. It's because traitors like you deliberately prevented those with counter-infromation from presenting it in a mass forum. You, personally, have refused to mention those 50-plus studies of HPV and lung cancer, ever. You collaborate with the anti-smokers to falsely frame the issue as "freedom versus public health," and cover up the anti-smokers' scientific fraud. She pretends that appealing to property rights is a great argument, when it's really just a dirty trick to portray ban opponents as advocates of Jim Crow and rotten meat. And she pretends that the bans passed because people supposedly hate the smell of smoke, when the fact that they justified the bans based on fraudulent health claims is enshrined in the language of every ordinance and the state law.

And then she proceeds to peddle e-cigarettes, a product which has a vested interest in those health lies and suppression of the truth.

Hyatt Regency Milwaukee Fines Non-Smokers $250

Hyatt Regency Milwaukee fined a non-smoking couple $250 for supposed smoking in their room. The hotel claimed to have photos, but refused to produce them. Hyatt wouldn't cancel the charge until the couple threatened to sue. (Hotel guest fumes over smoking bill. By Alex Morrell of the Journal Sentinel. Sep. 5, 2010.)

Hotel guest fumes over smoking bill, Sep. 5, 2010 / Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Forunately for that couple, both were attorneys with the Wisconsin Department of Justice. Think about what a problem this would be for people who aren't attorneys. And think about how lucrative these smoking fines could be for the hotels! It's a new Politically Correct extortion racket!

Also, back in the old days, black people used to have a Green Book that they used to locate businesses in unfamiliar areas that would serve black people. But businesses that want to serve smokers would reasonably fear to be listed in such a book, because it would be a guide for the authorities to shut them down! Not even Jim Crow was THAT ruthless!

[An Uncensored Forum] / Madison.com

Gov. Scott Walker's Health Fascist Agenda

Gov. Walker's so-called Budget Repair Bill would give him power to do whatever he pleases with the state Medicaid program, including Badger Care, Senior Care, and other services. Dennis G. Smith heads the Wisconsin Department of Health and Human Services. Smith was head of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services in 2003, while former Gov. Tommy Thompson was Secretary of the U.S. D.H.H.S. The so-called "Budget Repair Bill" authorizes waivers to the federal law to implement programs relating to "Improving the health status of individuals who receive benefits under a Medical Assistance program," "Aligning Medical Assistance program benefit recipient and service provider incentives with health care outomes," and "Supporting responsibility and choice of medical assistance recipients." (Assembly Bill 11, 2011 WISCONSIN ACT 10, enacted Mar. 11, 2011, published Mar. 25, 2011, p. 11.)


Tamara J. Dodge, a legislative attorney at the Legislative Reference Bureau who drafted the bill, considered it contrary to the State Constitution. "Under the separation of powers doctrine, the legislature cannot delegate its lawmaking function to another branch of government, in this case the executive branch. A court may invalidate the statute if the legislative language does not provide adequate standards for the agency that is determining the law. Some of the language in the request would allow DHS to change any Medical Assistance law, for any reason, at any time, and potentially without notice or public hearing. Aside from the practical problem that only DHS would know what the law is at any given time, this may create an impermissible delegation leading a court to invalidate the statute." (Drafter's Note from the Legislative Bureau. Jan. 26, 2011.)


We already know exactly what Dennis G. Smith stands for. He's an unquestioning believer in Nazi pseudo-science, with the true Nazi zeal for inflicting his garbage on everyone. As Director of the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services in 2007, Smith approved West Virginia's intrusive program of meddling in peoples' lives. He defends the program's so-called "responsibilities" that people are forced to sign, under penalty of reduced prescription drug benefits, including:

"I will do my best to stay healthy. I will go to special classes as ordered by my medical home."

So they can brainwash you with health fascist quackery.

"I will read the booklets and papers my medical home gives me. If I have questions about them, I will ask for help."


"I will pick a medical home within 30 days or one will be picked for me."

So much for freedom of choice.

"I will go to my medical home when I am sick."


"I will take the medicines my health care provider prescribes for me."

What about our right to refuse treatment?

And then the slimy snake-oil peddler claims, "If critics think taking your child to the doctor, taking your medications, and avoiding the emergency room for routine care is 'punitive,' it only shows the absurdity of their attacks."

The real issues include that it violates long-held principles of the doctor-patient relationship, such as that it be voluntary on the part of both sides; and, that he wants to use this federal program to impose a compulsory state religious cult on the population, under pain of deprivation of real medicine.

And then he has the gall to pretend that this constitutes an attempt "to fully engage the Medicaid population in participating in their own health care." (Health Care Reform in West Virginia: A Lesson from the States, by Dennis G. Smith. Heritage Foundation WebMemo #2582, August 7, 2009.)

Health Care Reform in West Virginia / Heritage Foundation

And here is PRECISELY what they have in mind:

"Incentives for Tobacco Cessation
Specifically, the program promotes patient responsibility for lifestyle choices (e.g., developing healthy eating habits, maintaining healthy weight, exercising, and quitting tobacco use) and adherence to physician advice (e.g., keeping appointments, taking required medications). The program rewards those who sign and adhere to the agreement with enhanced benefits [1]. If patients fail to follow the agreement, however, the state enrolls them in basic benefits for a year. The goal is to encourage patients with unhealthy lifestyles to practice responsible self-care and take advantage of free health improvement programs. In turn, the theory holds that health is improved and dollars are saved." Under this scheme, patients could be deprived of life-saving antibiotics or other genuinely medical treatments as punishment for disobedience. (Smoking and Medicaid Benefits. Ethical implications of the Medicaid plan in West Virginia that offers enhanced benefits packages to those who sign contracts to make healthy lifestyle choices. Commentary by Cindy Tworek, PhD, MPH, and Kimberly Horn, EdD, MSW. Virtual Mentor 2007;9(12):794-798.) Here are real "death panels," as implemented by Republicans!

Smoking and Medicaid Benefits / Virtual Mentor 2007 full article

Only 14% enrolled in the "personal responsibility" plan, where they received more comprehensive benefits. The rest were in the basic option, which was less generous in prescription coverage and mental health and chemical-dependency services than the previous Medicaid design. Emergency room use was reduced in children by a measley 0.55%, and by virtually nothing among adults in the enhanced plan, while it increased in the less-generous plan, particularly in adults, where it rose by 1.6%. (Medicaid Reforms and Emergency Room Visits: Evidence from West Virginia's Medicaid Redesign. By Tami-Gurley-Calvez. Mercarus Center, Dec. 18, 2012.) But the true believers at Mercatus conclude, without reason, that the experiment only failed because of low enrollment in the charlatan plan, rather than because of deprivation of treatment in the basic plan.

Medicaid Reforms and Emergency Room Visits / Mercatus Center

And to top it off, that garbage about saving the taxpayers money is as fraudulent as everything else those psychopaths spout. Their Big Lie against smokers is based on pretending that costs paid by smokers were paid by non-smokers, blaming smoking for diseases that are really caused by infection, and pretending that non-smokers' health costs don't exist at all (i.e., the CDC's SAMMEC computer program). Here's a real study that looks at both sides' costs. Table 1 gives the bottom line: At age 20, smokers' lifetime costs will total 220k Euros, obese peoples' costs will total 250k Euros, and the "Healthy Living" will cost 281k Euros. [Approximately $303k, $344k, and $387k U.S.] (Lifetime Medical Costs of Obesity: Prevention No Cure for Increasing Health Expenditure. PHM van Baal, JJ Polder, GA de Wit, RT Hoogenveen, TL Feenstra, HC Boshuizen, PM Engelfriet, WBF Brouwer. PLoS Medicine 2008 Feb;5(2):e29.)

Lifetime Medical Costs of Obesity - PLoS Medicine 2008 full article / PubMed Central

Dennis G. Smith's Duplicity

"Communities around Wisconsin can apply next month for a share of a $23.5 million federal grant that state officials initially opposed but that was eventually awarded to UW-Madison to prevent chronic diseases. The five-year grant, awarded in September, targets three efforts: smoke-free apartment complexes, access to exercise and fresh foods, and heart disease screening in underserved areas. State Department of Health Services Secretary Dennis Smith initially criticized UW-Madison's bid for the grant, saying the money would duplicate state efforts. But Smith changed his mind in July and wrote a letter of support required to get the money." [No, it was nothing but pretense in the first place! Smith has never opposed either the ideology or the goals or the methods of health fascism.] The Wisconsin Clearinghouse for Prevention Resources, a unit of University Health Services, received the grant. "Many organizations are partnering with the clearinghouse on the grant, including the YMCA, Health First Wisconsin and Wisconsin Cancer Council." [Media liar! It's the same rotten little clique of private interests consisting of the American Cancer Society and its puppet, Smokefree Wisconsin, and the other usual organ orgs and professional groups, marketing their same bilge under different names, while using a public organization as their funding front.] (Federal health grants available for communities. By David Wahlberg. Wisconsin State Journal, Dec. 27, 2011.)

Federal health grants available for communities / Wisconsin State Journal

Kyle Pfister, Policy Coordinator of the Wisconsin Clearinghouse for Prevention Resources, boasts that "He's most proud of writing and guiding the implementation plan that successfully made all workplaces across Wisconsin smoke-free last July." And, "He's excited to be undertaking new endeavors to help communities stand up to make healthier choices easier." [That means special subsidies for the health fascist scum, and /or special punishments for those who disagree! This goal of this putrid movement is to ram a compulsory state religion of quackery, fraud and charlatanism down the throats of everyone on the planet!] (Kyle Pfister bio, Wisconsin Clearinghouse for Prevention Resources. Accessed 5-19-2012.) The Clearinghouse, which supposedly under University Health Services at the UW, received a $4,695,253 "Community Transformation Grant" through the Centers for Disease Control, under the ACA / ObamaCare. (Community Transformation Grants. Centers for Disease Control.) Implementing new ways to oppress us is all just fun and games for these people! And any time they want more money, they just form another front group.

Kyle Pfister / Wisconsin Clearinghouse for Prevention Resources
Community Transformation Grants / CDC

As of 2011, Health First Wisconsin is just the new name for SmokeFree Wisconsin. So there's nothing new here: the 2011 Board of Directors includes Gail Sumi of the American Cancer Society, Maureen Cassidy of the American Heart Association, Dona Wininsky of the American Lung Association, Steve Brenton of the Wisconsin Hospital Association, Eric Ostermann of the Wisconsin Hospital Association, et al. Anti-smoker Maureen Busalacchi is executive director. It's just another rotten chip off the same decayed block, continuing their same enterprise of conspiracy, fraud and racketeering against the people.

Board of Directors / Health First Wisconsin

The Wisconsin Clearinghouse for Prevention Resources has another slimy phalange called Transform Wisconsin, which is shoveling out $6.6 million over 26 months for health fascist behavioral manipulations under the rubrics of "Active Community," "Tobacco-Free," "Food System," and "Transformation." The grants cover the entire state except Milwaukee, which already got one. "For profit organizations must designate a 501(c)3 non-profit organization or government agency to apply as the lead agency of the partnership or coalition."

Home Page / Transform Wisconsin

This is how smokers should have reacted when they passed the smoking ban!

Legislators escaped the Capitol through a tunnel to a building across the street. Angry protesters surrounded their bus. (Wisconsin Union Wisconsin Republican senators leave through secret tunnel after march 9th vote. project49, Mar. 10, 2011.) It shows that union supporters are allowed to react like normal free people, because the Oligarchy has granted them permission; while smokers are expected to be cowardly eunuchs and submit without a fight. This is the glorious achievement of those decades of lies and hate propaganda from the mass media!



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