The Pig Lung Scam, Again and Again

The anti-smokers lie to children by obtaining pig lungs from meatpacking plants, soaking them in chemicals, and then claiming that this is what tobacco smoke does to them.

"Obviously, it was a lung, but it was as black as coal, bore tumorous growths and couldn't hold its air very long. 'This is what happens when you smoke,' Capt. Rob Pankiw, drug demand reduction administrator with the Delaware National Guard's Counterdrug Task Force, told a gaggle of wide-eyed adolescents in Dover. Pankiw described the centerpiece of his anti-smoking display as the diseased lung of a 150-pound man who smoked for 15 years. Actually, it was a pig's lung shot full of various carcinogens on purpose, but, as Pankiw said later, his lesson was made stronger by not passing along that tidbit of truth." (Burning passion brings 700 kids to anti-smoking rally. James Merriweather, Dover News Journal 2001 Apr 6.) But after this brief episode of truth, the article degenerates into the usual anti-smoking screed. (Link died

Merriweather - Dover News Journal 2001 / Data-Yard

"Item: 84352 Inflatable Pig Lungs Only $100 Product Description Replacement healthy lungs for Simulated Smoker's Lung Comparison Kit. No racking included. Contains guide, container, and lungs only." (EDCO product page, accessed 02/18/14.)

Item: 84352 Inflatable Pig Lungs / EDCO

Yet again, the anti-smokers lied to students at Randolph Community Middle School by demanding that they believe that a doctored-up pig lung is what a smokers' lung looks like. (Like a squishy balloon: Pig lungs make a big anti-smoking impression. By Fred Hanson. The Patriot Ledger, November 21, 2003.) Dr. James Mitterando told more filthy lies: "To give the class an idea of smoking's effects on lungs, he had the students pinch their noses and try to breathe through a drinking straw. He also displayed a jar containing a thick black fluid that represented one year of the tar that builds up in the lungs of a regular smoker." Smoking does NOT have that effect on normal smokers' lungs, even after many years. They are blaming smoking for lung disease caused by infection, which they have suppressed research on for decades, in order to manufacture lies. And, there is no more "tar that builds up in the lung of a regular smoker" than there are 20-year-old cornflakes caked in peoples' bowels. And, Lisa Carney, a credulous, malice-ridden ignoramus EMT in the school nurse's office, claimed that she sees smoking's effect on students with asthma every day - which not even the author of their precious EPA report chapters on asthma believes anymore. And, as usual, they hold up a feebleminded simpleton of a student who can't see through their ruses as a model to emulate instead of sneer at.

Hanson, Nov. 21, 2003 - The Patriot Ledger / Healthcare South

The American Lung Association of Kansas offered a "Tobacco Is Gross Education Kit," with "simulated smoker's lungs (preserved pigs lungs that show the stains, tumors and emphysema damage of long-term smoking)." Except that those are pigs' lungs, not smokers' lungs, and the vast majority of smokers do not experience those vaunted illnesses. So, the Lung Association is glorifying and promoting FRAUD by playing this slimy game of "Let's Pretend That Things Are Something That They're Not." Not only that, if the kiddies are grossed out at merely seeing animal body parts, they would be in for a serious, possibly life-threatening shock if they ever stopped by the meat department of a grocery store. God forbid that they should ever visit an actual farm, and discover to their unending horror that animals don't grow up wrapped in plastic. (Tobacco Programs. American Lung Association of Kansas, 3-30-06. Link died

The Prevention Center at Northwest ESD of Anacortes, Wash. offers "pig lungs salvaged at a meat processing plant." Because the livestock industry does not go to the expense of supplying its animals with cigarettes prior to marketing, this means that they may never have been exposed to so much as a whiff of secondhand smoke at all! But that's not a problem for the antis-smokers - they just LIE, LIE, LIE. (Prevention Tobacco Resource Library. Northwest ESD, accessed 03-30-06. Link died

The University of Oregon Health Education Center displayed "pigs lungs infused with tobacco chemicals to simulate what the chemicals are doing to the lungs of a smoker." Anyone stupid enough to fall for a shabby trick like this is too dumb to be a real college student; it figures that they're in the health sciences. (The New EMU Health Resouce [sic] Center Grand Opening Party. University of Oregon Health Education Center, accessed 03-30-06. Link died

At the Medical College of Georgia, sixth-graders from Lincoln County Middle School were shown "a set of pigs’ lungs, simulated to replicate the effects of a 25-year, pack-a-day smoking habit," and expected to believe that this dishonest simulation was real and that lies and deceit are honorable behavior. (Respiratory Therapists Take Anti-Smoking Message to Schoolchildren. By Christine Hurley Deriso. Science/Medical News, Medical College of Georgia. Link died

Christa Clevenger of Greenup, Kentucky, 2nd year respiratory therapy student at Shawnee State University, purported to show a group of Roosevelt Elementary School students "what tobacco smoke did to the lungs of a pig." If those pig lungs came from a slaughterhouse, they were not subjected to tobacco smoke at all, because the animal was dead and could not breathe. They were possibly not even subjected to a condensate of tobacco smoke, which requires a lengthy and expensive process using specialized equipment to manufacture, but merely stewed in a concoction of laboratory chemicals whose end result is then deliberately misrepresented by the anti-smokers. The students were also shown "a set of pig lungs that were destroyed by lung cancer." No source of the organs is given; the pig may have had lung cancer, but not from tobacco smoke. The anti-smokers gushed exuberantly: "The impact was profound. The young students saw firsthand the effect tobacco smoke can have on living beings." They should be experiencing profound loathing at being lied to. (PASS Program “Snuffing” Out Tobacco Use Among Local Elementary School Students. Shawnee State University News Release, July 18, 2001.)

News Release, July 18, 2001 / Shawnee State University

Kids get message from a pig lung. Southfield students learn tobacco's effects. By Gina Damron, Free Press Staff Writer. Detroit Free Press, Mar. 30, 2006. A bunch of little anti-smoker Tar Wars Hitler Youths from Southfield-Lathrup High School were the purveyors of lies and deceit to elementary school children. "'There's so much wrong, misleading information on TV' about smoking, said Southfield-Lathrup senior Desiree Tucker, 17. 'It's good to give them a positive and thoughtful message.'" Never mind that cigarette advertising was banned on TV long before this rotten little punk was born. And that this "positive and thoughtful message" consists of misrepresenting pig lungs which never breathed a whiff of smoke but were soaked in some unspecified brew for dramatic effect are what happens when people smoke; of lying that cigarette ads lie because they show people who are not suffering from lung cancer, when the vast majority of smokers do not get lung cancer; and harping about the costs of cigarettes, when the anti-smokers' lie that smoking is an economic burden to society to get cigarette taxes raised so high that they constitute most of the cost. They even got one ignorant twit to prattle ""I think that it should be illegal to sell tobacco," "It's affecting our environment and it's killing our people." The message that parents should be giving their children to counteract this slime and dishonesty is that anti-smokers are the filthy, bloodsucking scum of the planet earth. (Link died

Anti-smokers Dish Up Pig Lungs. By Louise Story. Hartford Courant, May 31, 2000. "Two sets of pigs' lungs were on display in the cafeteria Tuesday, at an American Lung Association anti-smoking table. On the right hung the healthy lungs, on the left the smoker's lungs... Johnston said the pigs' lungs, which are anatomically similar to those of humans, had been made to look like a smoker's lungs with injected carbon particles. Carbon is the chemical in tobacco products that stains smokers' lungs."

Anti-smokers Dish Up Pig Lungs / Hartford Courant

Happening now: video production of a lung health demonstration by @LungAssociation ‘s Freedom From Smoking Master Trainer Jennifer Hobbs Folkenroth @2_slices. AmericanLungPA 7:04 AM - 6 Mar 2018.

Happening now / Twitter - AmericanLungPA

The truth about the black pigment in human lungs

Chemical and electron microscopic studies of the black pigment of the human lung. Joyce K. Newman, A. E. Vatter, and O. K. Reiss. Webb-Waring Institute and the Departments of Biochemistry and Pathology, University of Colorado School of Medicine, Denver. Archives of Environmental Health 1967 Oct;15:420-429. "The black pigment of the human lung has been examined chemically and with the electron microscope. A method has been developed for the isolation of this pigment by means of dissection followed by enzymatic digestion. It is a mixture of inorganic materials (silicates, aluminates, and other trace metals), some elemental carbon, and a highly insoluble pigment, probably organic in nature. Because of the extreme insolubility of the pigment, it has not been possible to characterize it further chemically. Electron microscopic evidence suggests the lung pigments are associated with the lysosomal particles of the cell. Comparison of the composition of lung pigment with the medical history of the individual has failed to reveal any correlation in the group studied. When the case histories of the patients, their smoking histories, and their occupations were compared with the patterns of lung pigments observed in the electron microscope, no correlation was found between them. Other support: U. S. Public Health Service."

Newman et al. Arch Environ Health 1967 abstract [pp. 316-7] / UCSF-Legacy
Newman et al. Arch Environ Health 1967 full article / UCSF-Legacy

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