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The anti-smoking mafia from San Francisco

Daniel E. Koshland Sr.

Daniel E. Koshland, Senior, was a grandson of Simon Koshland, who came west during the Gold Rush, and a son of Marcus Koshland, both wool merchants. He was born in San Francisco, attended Lowell High School, and graduated from the University of California in 1913. Except for a period of Army service, he was in the banking business in New York until 1922, when he returned to San Francisco and joined Levi Strauss. In 1940, he was vice president and treasurer of Levi Strauss & Co. (Koshland Named on Amer. Trust Board. Oakland Tribune, Jan. 9, 1940.) D.E. Koshland of Company G gave his address as 37 Wall St. [which was the address of the Trust Company of America building, built in 1909]. (Men of 47 States in Camp. New York Times, Sep. 11, 1916.) He was president of Levi Strauss & Co. from 1955 to 1958, and was a director and honorary chairman of the executive committee at his death. "He joined the company at the invitation of his brother-in-law, Walter A. Haas, when it was a small drygoods wholesaler and manufacturer of work clothing." He was also a director emeritus of the Wells Fargo Bank and a former director of the American Trust Company. (Daniel Koshland, 87; Levi Strauss President in Blue Jeans Growth. New York Times, Dec. 12, 1979.) His first wife was Eleanor Haas. (Mrs. Daniel Koshland. New York Times, Mar. 8, 1959.) The second Mrs. Koshland, Lucile, was the widow of Charles E. Heming. She was president of the Carrie Chapman Catt Memorial Fund. (Lucile Koshland, at 80; Long in Voters' League. New York Times, Dec. 7, 1978.)

Joseph F. Cullman 3d, Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer of Philip Morris, was a director of Levi Strauss & Co. in 1978.

Philip Morris 1978 Proxy Statement / UCSF (pdf, 17 pp)

Daniel Koshland of San Francisco was an usher at the wedding of Major Julius Ochs Adler, Princeton 1914, Vice President and Treasurer of The New York Times, and Barbara Stettheimer. (Miss Stettheimer Weds Major Adler. New York Times, Aug. 28, 1922.) Daniel E. and Lucille Koshland were correspondents of Frank Altschul, a key member of the Council on Foreign Relations from 1934 to 1971, including Secretary from 1944 and Vice President from 1951 to 1971, and a longtime correspondent of Mary Woodard Lasker.

Frank Altschul Papers / Columbia University

One of Koshland Sr.'s classmates at Lowell High School in San Francisco in 1909 was James D. Zellerbach, who was later the president of Crown Zellerbach Co. and a member of Paul Hoffman's Marshall Plan group. Other interesting graduates of Lowell High have been Eugene Meyer (1892), publisher of the Washington Post and father of its late Chairman, Katherine Graham; Walter A. Haas of Levi Strauss; Norton Simon and former California Gov. Pat Brown, both Class of 1923; William R. Hewlett (1930), co-founder of the Hewlett-Packard Co.; Louis Bantle, former president of US Tobacco Co. (1946); investment banker F. Warren Hellman (1951); and investment banker Richard C. Blum (1953), husband of anti-smoker Sen. Dianne Feinstein and a business crony of Thomas L. Kempner. (Famous Alumni. Lowell High School.)

Famous Alumni / Lowell High School

Directors of the Wells Fargo Bank American Trust Company in 1960 included Sidney M. Ehrman, attorney; F.J. Hellman, vice president; I.W. Hellman, chairman; J.R. Knowland, publisher of the Oakland Tribune; Daniel E. Koshland, chairman of the executive committee, Levi Strauss; and J.D. Zellerbach, chairman of Crown Zellerbach Corp. (Display Ad. San Mateo Times, Jul. 7, 1960 p. 16.) Koshland was an advisory director of the Wells Fargo Bank between 1967 and 1970 (Display Ad 260. New York Times, Jan. 31, 1967; Display Ad 115. New York Times, Jan. 26, 1968; Display Ad. New York Times, Jan. 16, 1969; Display Ad 260. New York Times, Jan. 30, 1970.) Its president from 1966 to 1982 was Richard P. Cooley, a longtime trustee of the RAND Corporation who joined the bank in 1949.

Katherine Graham's aunts, Rosalie and Elise Meyer, married brothers Sigmund and Abraham Stern. "The Sterns were nephews of Levi Strauss... Because Strauss was a bachelor, the Sterns, who managed his business, inherited the company, which was handed down through Sigmund and Aunt Ro to their daughter, Elise, and her husband, Walter Haas, and eventually to their children and grandchildren." (Personal History, by Katherine Graham. Alfred A. Knopf, 1997.)

Graham / USA Today

Eugene Meyer's former estate, Seven Springs Center at Mount Kisco, New York, was used as the secret gathering place for a conference of international scientific advisors and ministers of science held by the Carnegie Corporation of New York in 1991.

The Department of Economics and the College of Letters and Science at UC Berkeley received a $1 million gift in honor of Daniel E. Koshland, Sr., to establish the Daniel E. Koshland, Sr. Distinguished Professorship in Economics.

Koshland Sr. Distinguished Professorship / UC Berkeley (pdf)

Marco Francis Hellman, an associate at Lehman Brothers, married Ruth Koshland, a daughter of Jesse Koshland of San Francisco. They were attended by Mr. and Mrs. Frederick L. Ehrman of New York. He was the son of Isaias W. Hellman of San Francisco. (Marco F. Hellman Weds Ruth Koshland. New York Times, Jan. 30, 1933.) Abraham, Jesse and Joseph Koshland were sons of Simon Koshland, a pioneer wool merchant of San Francisco. Mrs. Abraham Haas was a sister. (Jesse Koshland Loses Brother. The Times and Daily News Leader, San Mateo, Jun. 11, 1940.) Mrs. Hellman died while scuba diving in Mexico the year before he married Dorry Coppolletta. He was the vice chairman of Dean Witter Investment Co. "His grandfather, the senior I.W. Hellman, was a pioneer in Wells Fargo Bank and founded the Union Trust Co. in San Francisco. Marco Hellman's father left an estate of $20 million and when Marco married Ruth Koshland in 1933 he was identified as the son of the woman reputed to be the richest widow in San Francisco." His son, Warren Hellman, was best man. (Hellman Wedding Here. Oakland Tribune, Jan. 17, 1973.) The Hellmans' daughter Nancy married Henry Parish 3d.

Isaias William Hellman (1842-1920) of Bavaria, Germany, moved to Los Angeles in 1859. He began as a dry goods clerk, then was manager and president, Hellman, Temple and Co., bankers, 1868-71; founder and president, 1871-1920, Farmers and Merchants National Bank, L.A.; president, 1890-1920, Wells Fargo Nevada National Bank, San Francisco. He was also a founder of the Union Trust Co., S.F.; president of Bankers's Investment Co.; a director of the U.S. National Bank (Portland, Ore.), the Southern Pacific Co., and many other corporations. He was appointed a Regent of the University of California 1881-1886, to fill the unexpired term of Darius O. Mills. (Regents of the University of California. Biographies; I.W. Hellman, Banker, Dies In Hospital. Oakland Tribune, Apr. 9, 1920.)

Biographies, Regents of the University of California / Univ. of Calif. - Berkeley

Frederick L. Ehrman

Mrs. Frederick L. Ehrman was Ruth Koshland's sister Edith. She was a trustee of NYU Medical Center from 1973 to 1998, then a life trustee of Mount Sinai NYU Health. (Ehrman, Edith K. New York Times, Nov. 23 and Nov. 26, 2000.)

Ehrman, Edith K. / New York Times

Frederick L. Ehrman was born in San Francisco in 1906, and graduated from the University of California in 1927. He joined Lehman Brothers by 1929. He became chairman of the executive committee in 1969 after Robert Lehman died, and was also chairman of the international investment banking firm incorporated in 1970. "At his death, Mr. Ehrman was a director and member of the executive committee of the Greyhound Corporation, a director of Beckman Instruments, the 20th Century Fox Film Corporation, the May Department Stores Company, Travelers Express Company and the General Fire & Casualty Company and a member of the Bankers Trust Company downtown advisory committee... Active in philanthropy, Mr. Ehrman was chairman of the executive committee of New York University Medical Center, a director of the American Cancer Society and the Downtown-Lower Manhattan Association, a trustee and member of the executive committee of New York University, and a trustee of Lawrence Hall of Science at the University of California and of the Institute for the Crippled and Disabled." He was also a director of the United Nations Association, and chairman of the state Republican National Finance Committee in 1969. (Frederick Ehrman Dies at 67; Led Lehman Brothers Board. New York Times, Dec. 21, 1973.)

Ehrman was a director of Radio-Keith-Orpheum Corporation since at least 1939. (Reorganized R.K.O. Lists New Officers. New York Times, Feb. 25, 1939.) In 1959, he was part of a group of insurgent stockholders which failed to gain control of Bayuk Cigars. The group included Howard Mack, Harry P. Wurman, Edgar M. Cullman, Richard C. Ernst, Armand G. Erpf, Judd L. Pollock, Simon H. Rifkind and Robert E. Simon Jr. (Insurgents Defeated in Contest For the Control of Bayuk Cigars. New York Times, May 7, 1959.) He was elected to the board of Bellevue Hospital in 1959, and became chairman in 1969. (Ehrman Elected Chairman of N.Y.U.'s Medical Center. New York Times, Apr. 2, 1969.) In 1973, Peter G. Peterson became the new chairman and chief executive of Lehman Brothers. Ehrman's nephew, F. Warren Hellman, remained as president of the investment banking house. (Peterson Named Chief Executive of Lehman Brothers. New York Times, Jul. 27, 1973.) David D. Sabatini, a member of the 1996 Scientific Advisory Board of the Council for Tobacco Research, was the Frederick L. Ehrman Professor of Cell Biology and Chairman of the Department of Cell Biology at New York University.

Frederick L. Ehrman of Lehman Brothers attended the meeting of the Board of Directors of Philip Morris Incorporated held at the offices of the company at 100 Park Avenue in New York City, on June 24, 1959. J. Russell Forgan of DuPont Glore Forgan [former O.S.S. official and C.I.A. founder] also attended. A registration statement covering a proposed issue of $40,000,000 principle amount of Sinking Fund Debentures was filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission, to be handled by the First National City Trust Company. "Thereupon, Messrs. Ehrman and Forgan retired from the meeting." (Philip Morris Meeting Minutes, June 24, 1959.)

Philip Morris Meeting Minutes, June 24, 1959 / UCSF (pdf, 12 pp)

"Bottom, Right: A $75 million check, representing a 25-year debenture issue, is presented to John E. Cookman [right], Vice President and Chief Financial Officer. Shown at the presentation are [left to right] F. Warren Hellman of Lehman Brothers, Sidney J. Weinberg Jr., of Goldman, Sachs & Co., Frederick L. Ehrman of Lehman Brothers and James W. Cozad, Treasurer of Philip Morris." (Philip Morris 1968 Annual Report, p. 8 [p. 10].)

Philip Morris 1968 Annual Report / UCSF (pdf, 52 pp)

Heller Ehrman White & McAuliffe

Frederick L. Ehrman's father was Albert L. Ehrman, U. of C. 1891, a stockbroker and former president of the San Francisco Stock Exchange (1920-22 and 1931-33), the son of Meyer Ehrman of M. Ehrman & Co. Albert Ehrman's brother was San Francisco lawyer Sidney M. Ehrman. (Death Claims S.F. Financier Ehrman. Oakland Tribune, Mar. 11, 1961.) Sidney Ehrman married Florence, a daughter of I.W. Hellman (d. 1920), who was president of the Wells Fargo National Bank and the Union Trust Company for 30 years. (Mrs. Ehrman, S.F. Civic Leader, Dies. Oakland Tribune, Oct. 6, 1964.) Their daughter, Esther, married Claude Lazard, "a scion of the French banking firm Lazard Freres. They divided their time between Paris, New York and San Francisco until more recent years" when they settled in S.F. (Mrs. Esther Ehrmann Lazard Dies. Oakland Tribune, Oct. 29, 1969.) Florence's sister, Clara Hellman, married Emanuel S. Heller (d. 1926), lawyer and vice president of the Wells Fargo Bank. (Obituaries. Mrs. Clara Heller. Oakland Tribune, Aug. 17, 1959.) Sidney M. Ehrman became a partner of Emanuel S. Heller in 1905, and their firm eventually became Heller Ehrman White & McAuliffe. Among the firm's boasted accomplishments: "1968: Heller Ehrman Shareholder Julian Stern negotiates with Syntex Corporation for the services of Dr. Alejandro Zaffaroni, along with concepts and technology that Syntex does not want to pursue and Dr. Zaffaroni does. Upon completion of negotiations, Stern helps to set up ALZA Corporation, which will go on to pioneer drug delivery systems for the pharmaceutical industry." [I.e., the nicotine patch.] "2001: Heller Ehrman represents ALZA in its $12 billion merger with pharmaceutical giant Johnson & Johnson. The firm had represented ALZA since its incorporation in 1968." Other clients of the firm include Levi Strauss, Wells Fargo, the Sara Lee Corporation, Cetus, Hoffman La Roche and Merck, Johns Manville (asbestos litigation), and the Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation. (History. Heller Ehrman LLP. Accessed 10/21/07.)

History / Heller Ehrman LLP

Wells Fargo Bank

The original Wells, Fargo & Co. was liquidated on Nov. 1, 1866, and then combined with the Overland Mail Co., the Holladay Mail and Express Co., and the Pioneer Stage Co. of California under its former name. It also became proprietor of all the rights and interests of the American and United States Express Companies west of the Missouri River. Its capital was $10,000,000. Louis McLane was President, and directors were D.N. Barney, A.H. Barney, Eugene Kelly and Ben. Holladay. (Great Express Consolidation. From New York Times, Nov. 3, 1866. Dubuque Herald, Nov. 10, 1866.)

Ashbel H. Barney

In 1870, A.H. Barney was a director of the Tenth National Bank of New York, of Tweed Ring infamy, and Boss William M. Tweed himself was a fellow director. Ashbel H. Barney was a director of the Northern Pacific Railway during the visit of Prussian politician Eduard Lasker to the U.S. in 1882-3. His son, Charles T. Barney, was William C. Whitney's brother-in-law.

Wells Fargo Bank and the Parmalat Syndrome

"Wells Fargo created and managed several Cayman Island investment trusts that are at the heart of allegations that Bank of America contrived phony financial transactions specifically aimed at bamboozling investors into pouring billions of dollars into Parmalat SpA. Attorneys for creditors represented by Wells Fargo told me the bank would have inquired into the transactions -- as part of what's called "due diligence" -- before agreeing to become involved. And Italian court filings say Bank of America (and by inference Wells Fargo) had access to publicly available information showing Parmalat was far less healthy than the prospectus advertising the transaction claimed." "The Bank of America transactions were run through a nonprofit entity set up by the Cayman Islands law firm Maples & Calder, which is the same nonprofit entity that harbored the shell firms that ultimately brought down Enron." (The Parmalat Syndrome, by Matt Smith. SF Weekly, Jan. 12, 2005.)

The Parmalat Syndrome / SF Weekly

The Board of Directors of the Bank of America includes Patricia E. Mitchell, director since 2000, who is President and CEO of the Public Broadcasting Service, former president of CNN Productions, Time Inc. Television; and director of Knight-Ridder; and Walter E. Massey, a director since 1983, also a director of McDonald's Corporation and a RAND Corporation trustee.

Bank of America 2005 DEF-14A / Securities and Exchange Commission

Former Enron director Robert K. Jaedicke, Professor Emeritus of Accounting at Stanford University Graduate School of Business, was a director of Wells Fargo & Co. until 1999, when Robert L. Joss, Dean of the Stanford GSB, replaced him. Other past directors included Donald B. Rice, President of the RAND Corporation, 1972-89, who was a director of Wells Fargo from 1980-89 and also since 1993; and John A. Young, former CEO of Hewlett-Packard Corp., a director since 1977. Warren E. Buffett was a large stockholder for several years. McDonald's Corporation director Enrique Hernandez Jr. joined the board in 2003.

Wells Fargo & Co. 1994 DEF-14A / Securities and Exchange Commission
Wells Fargo & Co. 1998 DEF-14A / Securities and Exchange Commission
Wells Fargo & Co. 2004 DEF-14A / Securities and Exchange Commission

The University of California

Isaias William Hellman (1842-1920) was a Regent of the University of California from 1881-86, when he was appointed to serve the unexpired term of Darius O. Mills, and was reappointed until 1918. Sidney M. Ehrman was a Regent from 1930-52. Elinor Raas Heller (1904-) was appointed to serve the unexpired term of her husband, Edward Hellman Heller from 1970 to 1976. She was a Regent when the Institute for Health Policy Studies - the employer of anti-smokers Stanton A. Glantz - was established at the U. of C. - San Francisco, under Philip R. Lee. Edward Hellman Heller was a son of E.S. Heller and I.W. Hellman's daughter, Clara, and a nephew of Sidney M. Ehrman. (Citizens of Los Angeles: Jewish Families and the Naissance of the Metropolis. By Karen S. Wilson. Aug., 2003, p. 40.)

(Ehrman) Biographies, Regents of the University of California / Univ. of Calif. - Berkeley
(Heller) Biographies, Regents of the University of California / Univ. of Calif. - Berkeley
Citizens of Los Angeles / Los Angeles Jewish History (pdf, 90 pp)
Regents of the University of California, 1968 / UCSF (pdf, 7 pp)

Walter A. Haas Sr.

Walter A. Haas Sr. was born in San Francisco in 1889, and graduated from the University of California at Berkeley in 1910 with a degree in law. In 1914, he married Elise Stern, whose father, Jacob, was a nephew of Levi Strauss. Jacob Stern ran the company from 1902, when its founder died, until 1927. Walter Haas Sr. took over in 1928, and was president and a director until 1955. He was a former director of the Crocker National Bank and the Pacific Intermountain Express Company. His wife and a daughter, Rhoda Goldman, survived him. (Walter Haas, Sr., 90; Ex-Chairman Joined Levi Strauss in 1919. New York Times, Dec. 8, 1979.) Mrs. Haas was the daughter of Rosalie Meyer and Sigmund Stern. (Mrs. Sigmund Stern, S.F. Philanthropist, Dead At 86. Oakland Tribune, Feb.2?, 1956.) Haas was the main benefactor of the Haas School of Business at the UC-Berkeley. Its Advisory Board includes anti-smoker Richard C. Blum BS '58, MBA '59; Douglas E. Goldman, MD, AB '74; Robert D. Haas, BA '64, Chairman of Levi Strauss; and Philip Morris financier F. Warren Hellman, BA '55.

Advisory Board / Haas School of Business

Levi Strauss heirs provide funding for anti-smoking propagandist Stanton Glantz at UCSF through their Richard and Rhoda Goldman Foundation. The Goldmans particularly credit Koshland and his associate Walter A. Haas for their company's success, and the UC Berkeley business school is named after Haas. Daniel E. Koshland, Chairman of the Executive Committee, Levi Strauss & Co., was an advisory director of the Wells Fargo Bank. The new president of the bank, Richard P. Cooley, was a trustee of the RAND Corp. from 1971-1981 and 1982-1992. (Display Ad 260. New York Times, Jan. 31, 1967; Display Ad 115. New York Times, Jan. 26, 1968; Display Ad. New York Times, Jan. 16, 1969; Display Ad 260. New York Times, Jan. 30, 1970.)

Walter A. Haas / University of California Berkeley

Walter A. Haas Jr.

Walter A. Haas Jr., President, Chairman and CEO of Levi Strauss from 1958 to 1981, was a trustee of the Ford Foundation, a hotbed of anti-smoking activism, from 1971 to at least 1976. (Lawyer and Manufacturer Join Ford Foundation Board. New York Times, Dec. 20, 1970.) Haas was a director of United Air Lines during the time when the Civil Aeronautics Board was considering smoking bans in 1983. Several Trustees of Ernst L. Wynder's American Health Foundation were also on the boards of US airlines: C. Edward Acker was a director of Pan American World Airways; Karl Bays was a director of Delta Air Lines; and Donald H. Rumsfeld was a director of Eastern Air Lines. (Memorandum from Sara R. Ridgway to Lorillard executives, Oct. 19, 1983.)

Directors of US Airlines, 1983 [p. 5] / UCSF (pdf, 13 pp)
Walter A. Haas Jr. obituary / UC - Berkeley 1995

Robert D. Haas

Levi Strauss & Company: Bob Haas was CEO from 1984 to 1999, and has been Chairman of the Board since 1989. He is a member of the Trilateral Commission, the Council on Foreign Relations, and other organizations. The company is privately held by descendants of Levi Strauss and shares are not publicly traded. Its major brands are Levis and Dockers.

Bob Haas / Levi Strauss & Co.

Haas is an Honorary Trustee of the Brookings Institution. Trustees include Elizabeth E. Bailey, diector of Philip Morris since 1991; Ann Dibble Jordan, director of Capital Cities/ABC and Johnson & Johnson; and former Rep. John Edward Porter. Honorary Trustees include D. Ronald Daniel, former trustee of the American Health Foundation; Henry B. Schacht, former CEO of Cummins Engine Company; and Cummins director Walter Y. Elisha.

Board of Trustees / Brookings Institution

"Case Study 3: Scotland's Health at Work." Levi Strauss is hyped as an example of "Good Practice" at industry participation in the health fascist agenda, e.g., "Have a system in place which regularly reviews and records health activities," aimed at oppression and conformity concealed under empty rhetoric about "diversity" and "respect." The University of Edinburgh, Moray House Institute of Education.

Scotland's Health at Work / University of Edinburgh

Daniel E. Koshland Jr.

Daniel E. Koshland, Junior, is a director of the health fascist Lasker Foundation, which has controlled the global health establishment for six decades. He was born in New York City in 1920. He received his BS at the University of California-Berkeley in 1941. From 1942 to 1946 he was a group leader of the Manhattan Project, and did his PhD work at the University of Chicago from 1946 to 1949. (Leon Orris Jacobson, who served on the CTR Scientific Advisory Board from 1954 to 1992, was also involved with the Manhattan Project at the University of Chicago.) He was professor of biochemistry and molecular biology at the University of California–Berkeley since 1965, and the chair of biochemistry from 1973-78. He was the editor of Science magazine from 1985 to 1995, and on its editorial board from 1969-75. (1998 Albert Lasker Award for Special Achievement in Medical Science Daniel E. Koshland, Jr. The Albert and Mary Lasker Foundation; Dr. Daniel E. Koshland ’37 to Receive the John Phillips Award. Phillips-Exeter Academy Press Release, Oct. 3, 2006.)

Daniel E. Koshland, Jr. / Lasker Foundation
Daniel E. Koshland, Jr. CV / Lasker Foundation
Dr. Daniel E. Koshland ’37 / Phillips Exeter Academy

Daniel E. Koshland Jr.'s sister married Howard Friedman of New York. Their grandfathers were Marcus Koshland and Abraham Haas, both of San Francisco. (Wedding Date Set. San Mateo Times, Dec. 2, 1946.)

The San Francisco Foundation

Koshland, Junior founded the San Francisco Foundation in 1948, with a "small funding grant from the Columbia Foundation." Past community health grants include $20,000 to the American Cancer Society of San Francisco; $22,000 to the American Lung Association of San Francisco and San Mateo Counties; and $25,000 for "asthma education and intevention" in local elementary schools. (The Columbia Foundation was established in 1940 by Madeleine Haas Russell and her brother, Richard Haas. Its directors and officers are Alice Russell-Shapiro, Charles P. Russell, and Christine H. Russell.)

Past Community Health Grants / San Francisco Foundation
History / Columbia Foundation

The San Francisco Foundation was a "$100,000+ Excalibur Contributor" to the American Cancer Society in 2000.

ACS 2000 Form 990 - Annual Report / ACS (pdf, 123pp)

Martin E. Packard, Corparate Vice President of Varian Associates and former trustee of the San Francisco Foundation, was on the Board of Directors of the Addiction Research Foundation, which was founded by Avram Goldstein in 1974 "to discover the physiological causes of Narcotics and Tobacco Addiction" [sic]. Actually, Goldstein's past experience was in narcotics and the facility did not have a nicotine lab. But Goldstein expected the tobacco industry to give him the $400,000 he said he needed to create one, and then to fund his endeavor to portray smoking as the same as heroin addiction. Another director was Wilbur Watkins, former Executive Administrator of the Palo Alto Medical Clinic, founded by Philip R. Lee's father. Members of the National Advisory Council included Mrs. Douglas Cater [elsewhere identified as Libby Cater, the name of Douglass Cater's wife); Sen. Alan Cranston; Philip R. Lee; Art Linkletter; Mrs. Florence Mahoney; Mrs. Nan Tucker McEvoy, former Presidential appointee to UNESCO and heir of the San Francisco Chronicle.

Brochure, Addiction Research Foundation [p. 18] / UCSF (pdf, 23 pp)

Koshland was on the Panel on Basic Biomedical Sciences of the National Academy of Sciences 1975 Committee on a Study of National Needs for Biomedical and Behavioral Research Personnel. The Committee was chaired by Robert J. Glaser, and included James B. Wyngaarden, both now directors of the Lasker Foundation; John J. Burns, a Trustee of the Naylor Dana Institute of the American Health Foundation; and Julius H. Comroe Jr., a member of the Tobacco Industry Research Council (aka the CTR) from 1954 to 1960.

National Needs for Biomedical and Behavioral Research Personnel / National Academies Press 1975

Koshland was the Editor of Science in 1989. Members of the Editorial Board included Elizabeth E. Bailey, a director of Philip Morris; David Baltimore, who was involved in the American Cancer Society's National Commission on Smoking and Public Policy; Philip E. Converse, Director of the Center for Advanced Study in the Behavioral Sciences from 1989-94; and James D. Watson, of Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory. Directors included Beatrix A. Hamburg, the wife of David A. Hamburg; William T. Golden, also its Treasurer; and Walter E. Massey of the RAND Gang, its retiring President and Chairman. (Science 1989 June 16;244(1440):1229.) In 1992, Paul A. Marks, the president of Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, joined the Editorial Board. (Science 1992 Jul 31;257:595; Science 1993 Jan 8;259:159.)

Science, June 16, 1989 [p. 5] / UCSF (pdf, 188 pp)
Science, July 31, 1992 / UCSF (pdf, 1 p)
Science, Jan. 8, 1993 / UCSF (pdf, 1 p)
Science, Sep. 9, 1994 / UCSF (pdf, 1 p)

Koshland is on the Scientific and Academic Advisory Committee of Weizmann Institute, and the Weizmann Women and Science Award Selection Committee.

Scientific and Academic Advisory Committee / Weizmann Institute
Women & Science Award Selection Committee / Weizmann Institute

Koshland is an editor of the Taylor and Francis Group, which publishes over 700 journals and 1800 books per year. The editor-in-chief is William J. Whelan of the University of Miami School of Medicine.

Taylor and Francis

Marian Koshland

Marian Elliot Koshland, his wife, was also involved with the Manhattan Project. She was a member of the Board of Managers of the Quaker-founded Haverford College in Pennsylvania from 1982 until 1994. "In addition to her service on the Haverford Board, Marian was an active member in many professional societies: the National Academy of Sciences, the National Science Board, the National Academy of Arts and Sciences, and the American Society of Biological Chemists to name a few. She was past president of the American Association of Immunologists and a member of the Council of Allergy and Infectious Diseases of the National Institutes of Health."

Marian Elliott Koshland / Haverford

Marian Koshland was a member of the Committee on Science, Engineering, and Public Policy (COSEPUP) of the National Academies of Science from 1995 to 1997.

COSEPUP Membership Since 1962 / NAS

Douglas E. Koshland '76, Catherine (Preston) Koshland '72, James M. Koshland '73, at the dedication of the Marian E. Koshland Integrated Natural Sciences Center, Haverford College.

Koshland dedication / Haverford College

Catherine Preston Koshland

Wood-Calvert Professor of Engineering; Professor, Environmental Health Sciences; Professor, Energy and Resources; Division of Environmental Health Sciences, University of California at Berkeley. She is on the Board of Directors of The Combustion Institute and Haverford College (since 1994); and the Board of Trustees of the Educational Leadership Program. Field of research is "Industrial Ecology," hazardous waste incineration.

Catherine Preston Koshland bio / University of California - Berkeley
Catherine Preston Koshland CV / University of California - Berkeley (pdf, 20pp)
Board of Directors / The Combustion Institute
Spring 2000 / Haverford College

Douglas E. Koshland

Adjunct professor, Dept. of Biology, Dept. of Embryology, Carnegie Institution of Washington; on faculty of The Johns Hopkins University; funded by Howard Hughes Medical Institute. Field of research is analysis of chromosome movement.

Douglas E. Koshland / HHMI
Douglas E. Koshland / JHU

James M. Koshland

James M. Koshland graduated from Stanford Law School in 1978 and joined the law firm of Gray Cary Ware & Freidenrich, specialing in mergers and acquisitions, venture capital, technology transfer and distribution, and international corporate transactions. He is on the Executive Board of the Stanford Law School and a member of the Board of Directors of Levi Strauss & Co.

James M. Koshland / GrayCary
Law, Science and Technology Advisory Council

James M. Koshland was a director of Levi Strauss in 1996. Director James C. Gaither was a trustee of the RAND Corporation during the Manning study of smoking costs, which was designed as a backup plan in case the flagrant frauds of the OTA and SAMMEC studies were attacked.

Levi Strauss 1996 10-K405 / Securities and Exchange Commission

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