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President Bush's crony, Frederic V. Malek, put him on the board of directors of a company controlled by The Carlyle Group as a favor to his father. And in return, according to author Dan Briody, "he sort of got these favors from the administration in terms of certain FAA restrictions and things like that for the airline business."

We can figure out the rest. This was at the time that Congress passed the airline smoking ban. Fred Malek had been a business crony of anti-smoker Sen. Frank Lautenberg since 1978. He was on the board of directors of EPA contractor ICF at the time the key chapters of the ETS report were written via illegal pass-through contracts. He led the group that took over Northwest Airlines after it banned smoking (probably with financial inducement from Malek). And, his wife, Marlene, was on the National Cancer Advisory Board until 1996.

This is how the anti-smokers scored their victories! And the media have covered it all up.

Malek is the Chairman of Thayer Capital Partners, a merchant bank, and a past executive vice president of Marriott Corporation. He is a former Nixon administration official; a longtime business crony of anti-smoker Sen. Frank Lautenberg; was a director of ICF while it passed-through its contract for the EPA ETS report, and joined Northwest Airlines shortly after it instituted its smoking ban. He was Campaign Manager of the Bush-Quayle campaign in 1992.

"Prior to the formation of Thayer in 1991, Mr. Malek co-led the buyout of Northwest Airlines and then served as its President and Vice Chairman, led the buyout of Coldwell Banker Commercial Group, led the acquisition of the Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company and participated in the acquisition and ownership of the Texas Rangers baseball team. Before leading those buyouts, he served as President of Marriott Hotels & Resorts... Earlier in his career, Mr. Malek was a management consultant with McKinsey & Co., and in 1967 he co-founded Triangle Corp., a hand tool manufacturer." (Malek bio, Thayer Capital Partners)

Malek bio / Thayer Capital Partners

Thayer was "bankrolled by two dozen banks, pension funds and financial institutions that put up $364 million in capital." Partner Paul G. Stern was a partner in Forstmann Little & Co. in 1993. "By then his resume listed stints as chairman of Braun AG in Germany, vice president for strategic planning and acquisitions of Rockwell International Corp. and president of Burroughs Corp. He spent four years as chairman of Canada's Northern Telecom Ltd. before joining Forstmann... Rick Rickertsen, 38, hooked up with Malek in 1994 after working at Hancock Park Associates, a Los Angeles venture capital and buyout firm and Brentwood Associates, the biggest venture capital investor in Southern California... The principals are backed by a coterie of apprentice dealmakers -- half a dozen Harvard MBAs -- a small support staff and a heavyweight advisory board that includes Washington power lawyer Vernon Jordan; former vice presidential nominee Jack Kemp; Frank Zarb, chairman of the National Association of Securities Dealers; Jim Robinson, former chairman of American Express Co.; and Drew Lewis, former transportation secretary and current chairman of Union Pacific Corp... Backers include the pension funds of AT&T Corp., Boeing Co., Textron Inc. and Aluminum Co. of America; Howard Hughes Medical Institute; Hawaii's Bishop Estate; Travelers Insurance Co. (now owned by Citigroup); CreditSuisse First Boston; Bank of Nova Scotia; and Dresdner Bank. There also is one individual investor -- Roger Penske, the race car driver turned truck and transportation magnate." (Thayer Capital Partners - A private equity investment fund where some very big birds privately nest. By Jerry Knight. Washington Post, June 29, 1998.) Roger S. Penske was a director of Philip Morris from 1991 to 1998.

Thayer Capital Partners / The Catbird Seat

Frederic Vincent Malek was the son of a beer salesman in Berwyn, Illinois. He graduated from U.S. Military Academy in 1959. He served in Vietnam in the Special Forces, training South Vietnamese counterinsurgents. He left the Army in 1962 and married Marlene McArthur of San Francisco, and graduated from the Harvard Graduate School of Business Administration, and went to work at the management consultant firm, McKinsey & Co. He and several other consultants had plans to start their own firm, but one was "drafted by Robert McNamara to help out at Defense." In 1967, they went into the hand-tool industry. Malek was personally recruited by HEW Secretary Robert Finch, "on the advice of a California insurance executive." (Is Health Planning Too Vital to be Left to MDs? Medical World News, Jul. 31, 1970, pp. 16-18.)

Is Health Planning Too Vital to be Left to MDs? / UCSF (pdf, 3 pp)

Malek was Chairman of Triangle Corporation, Columbia, SC, from 1967-1969. From 1969 to 1970 he was Deputy Under Secretary of the US Department of Health, Education and Welfare; Special Assistant to Pres. Richard Nixon from 1970-73; Deputy Director of the Committee to Re-Elect the President ("CREEP") in 1972; Deputy Director of the Office of Management and Budget, 1973-74; Member of the White House Domestic Council, 1974-75; and in 1975, he left government and became Vice President of the Marriott Corporation.

Malek (Frederic V.) Papers / Online Archive of California

"But with the top-level remaining mostly the same, most significant changes will come at the sub-Cabinet level — the undersecretaries and assistant deputy secretaries who are really the backbone of the government. They are the drafters of policy, the innovators, the nuts-and-bolts men who make the machinery of government churn and who have caused frustration and anguish to Richard Nixon and all of his predecessors. He has thought long and hard about how he can make them more responsive to his wishes. This year, Nixon has served notice that he is taking unprecedented personal interest in these lower-level appointments. Whereas in the past a department chairman was able to arrange his own team, this will no longer be the case. All must have the approval of the White House and a special office, headed by an efficiency minded young former business man named Frederic Malek, has been established to find and approve persons for these posts." Roy L. Ash replaced Caspar W. Weinberger at the Office of Management and Budget, while Weinberger took Elliott Richardson's job at Health, Education and Welfare. (Most Government Shapers Kept During Second Term. By Eugene V. Risher. Williamsport Sun-Gazette, Dec. 6, 1972.) Weinberger's 'principal assistant' from 1970 to at least 1973 was William Howard Taft IV of the Skull & Bones family.

In 1973, Malek's former White House staff assistant for executive manpower, Barbara Hackman Franklin, was appointed an original Commissioner and Vice Chair of the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission. In 1974, the anti-smokers' petitioned the CPSC to regulate cigarettes.

Roy L. Ash

Malek's boss at the Office of Management and Budget in Aug. 1973 was Roy L. Ash, for whom the Ash Council was named. The Ash Council created the Environmental Protection Agency. Until 1972, Ash was the president of Litton Industries, one of whose numerous divisions, Litton Bionetics, was in the second year of a $10 million-plus contract to manage, operate and maintain the National Cancer Institute's Frederick Cancer Research Center at Fort Detrick, Maryland. (FASEB Newsletter, 1973 Aug;6(6):2-3.)

FASEB Newsletter, Aug. 1973 / UCSF (pdf, 4 pp)

Triangle Corporation

Warren Batts, chairman of Premark International and CEO of Tupperware Corp., was a co-founder of Triangle Corp. (Warren Batts bio. A Balanced Life. Georgia Tech Alumni, Summer 1997.) Utica Tool Co. in Orangeburg, SC was a subsidiary of Triangle.

Batts / Georgia Tech Alumni

Nixon Administration

"The Watergate scandal kept Nixon from fully carrying out his experiment in control, but his efforts were not forgotten. In fact, E. Pendleton James, who was in charge of Ronald Reagan's preinaugural talent search and then became assistant to the president for personnel, had worked under Fred Malek, Nixon's personnel chief. Malek was the author of the infamous 'Malek Manual,' a guide to political appointees, which emphasized a telling message: 'You cannot achieve management, policy or program control unless you have established political control.' ...Malek then went on to describe techniques designed to 'skirt around the adverse action proceedings' required to proceed against civil servants in a legal manner. All were designed 'to remove undesireable employees from their positions.'" (The President and the Executive Branch, by Joel D. Aberbach. UCLA Center for American Politics and Public Policy Occasional Paper Series 9 1-9.) William H. Taft IV was also a member of the Reagan transition team. (White House Transition Team. Washington Post, Feb. 18, 1980.)

Aberbach / CAPPP, UCLA (pdf, 46 pp)

E. Pendleton James

E. Pendleton James: "In 1980, he became director of personnel for President-elect Reagan. From January 1981 to August 1982, he served in the Reagan White House as Assistant to the President for Presidential Personnel, where he was responsible for Cabinet and sub-Cabinet appointments in all departments and agencies of the Federal Government, as well as appointments to regulatory agencies, boards, commissions and ambassadorships."

James bio / Penn State University Libraries

Malek was a director of Mark Controls Corp. and Sargent-Welsh Scientific Co. in 1981 (Nomination of Frederic V. Malek to be a Governor of the United States Postal Service, July 27, 1981. Reagan Library.)

Malek nomination, 1981 / Reagan Library


Malek has been a director of ADP Inc. since 1978. Anti-smoker Sen. Frank Lautenberg was a co-founder and the chairman, president and CEO of ADP until his election to the US Senate in 1982. Lautenberg was a co-sponsor of the Radon Gas and Indoor Air Quality Research Act of 1986, under whose auspices the EPA ETS report was written, via illegal pass-through contracts handled by ICF Incorporated, of which Malek was also a director. Joseph Califano, anti-smoker since the Johnson administration, has been on the board of directors of ADP since 1982; Ann Dibble Jordan, who is also a director of Johnson & Johnson and a former director of Capital Cities/ABC, has been on the board since 1993; and Laurence A. Tisch, Chairman of Loews Corp. and former Chairman, President and CEO of CBS, has been a director since 1972.

ADP 2002 DEF-14A / Securities and Exchange Commission
ADP 2005 DEF-14A / Securities and Exchange Commission

Meridian House International

Malek was a trustee of Meridian House International, a State Department-connected nonprofit to which the Tobacco Institute donated $1,000 in 1985. Its largest corporate supporter was IBM Corporation.

Meridian House International, 1985 / UCSF (pdf, 12 pp)
Meridian House International, 1984 / UCSF (pdf, 2 pp)
Joseph John Jova of Meridian to Samuel D. Chilcote of the Tobacco Institute, Jul. 23, 1984 / UCSF (pdf, 2 pp)

Northwest Airlines

It's a perfect example of the kind of "free enterprise" practiced by Bush Republicans (and their Democrat friends): They buy an airline, and then they don't merely ban smoking on their airline and compete on a level playing field; no, they use their political connections to ban smoking on all domestic airlines, so that consumers would have no choice.

"NWA Inc., the parent company of Northwest, was acquired in 1989 (the 'Acquisition') by NWA Corp., a Delaware corporation formed by Alfred A. Checchi, Gary L. Wilson, Frederic V. Malek, Fosters Brewing Group Ltd. of Australia ("Fosters"), Bankers Trust New York Corporation ("BTNY"), KLM and Richard C. Blum & Associates--NWA Partners, L.P. ("Blum") (together (other than Fosters, which has sold its interest in NWA Corp. to KLM), the "Original Investors") for the purpose of the Acquisition. As of July 31, 1996, the Original Investors beneficially owned approximately 46.9% of the common equity representing approximately 46.2% of the voting equity of NWA Corp." NWA Corp. was originally formed under the name Wings Holdings Inc. "Seven of the 11 current members of the Board of Directors are designees under the Stockholders' Agreement: Messrs. Checchi, Wilson and Malek were designated jointly by the Checchi Family and the Wilson Family; Mr. Richard C.Blum was designated by Blum; Mr. George J. Vojta was designated by BTNY..." (Northwest Airlines 1996 Form S-3.)

Northwest Airlines Corp 1996 Form S-3 / Securities and Exchange Commission

Malek has been a director of Northwest Airlines since 1989 and was its president from 1989 to 1990. Thomas L. Kempner of Loeb Partners, a nephew of Harvard School of Public Health "benefactor" John L. Loeb, was on its board from 1989 to 1998, and continues as a Director Emeritus. Walter F. Mondale, former US Senator from Minnesota, was a director from 1989 to 1997 and again since 1997. He is also a director of CNA Financial Corp. (owned by Laurence Tisch's Loews Corp.) and the Mayo Foundation. Richard C. Blum, a director since 1989, is the husband of anti-smoker Sen. Dianne Feinstein, and Kempner is a director of Richard C. Blum & Associates. The financially-troubled airline instituted its smoking ban in 1988. Malek contributed money to the election campaigns of four prominent national Democrats, including [anti-smoker] Dianne Feinstein, who was running for the U.S. Senate in Califorinia. "Malek explained that he made the contributions because these Democrats were his 'friends.'" (Bush Can't Stand Pat. By Cal Thomas. The Intelligencer, Doylestown, Pa., Dec. 15, 1991.) Dennis L. Wilson was an 11-year executive of the Marriott Corporation.

Northwest Airlines 1997 DEF 14A / Securities and Exchange Commission
Northwest Airlines 2003 DEF 14A / Securities and Exchange Commission

Marriott Corp.

Malek was President of Marriott from 1981 to 1988. In that year, he became a business partner of George W. Bush in the group that bought the Texas Rangers baseball team. They sold the team in 1998. Malek joined another group, the Washington Baseball Club, which bought the Washington Nationals. Other partners were Frank Raines, Jim Kimsey, and Joe Robert; Democratic power broker Vernon Jordan, ex-Redskin Darrell Green, and retired Disney executive Dennis Hightower; and corporate consultants Jeff Zients and David Bradley. (How DC Got Baseball Back. Washingtonian, April 2005.)

About Us: Profile / Washington Baseball Club
How DC Got Baseball Back / Washingtonian

Caterair International Inc

"The privately held company, called Caterair International Inc., was created in 1989 when Marriott Corp. spun off its airline catering business to investors organized by the Washington investment bank The Carlyle Group... Carlyle and its investors paid about $570 million for Marriott's In-Flite Services division, which the hotel wanted sell so it could concentrate on its core business. The investor group was headed by Frederic V. Malek, a Carlyle senior advisor who had served as director of the 1988 Republican convention -- the one that nominated Vice President George H.W. Bush... It was Malek who suggested that George W. Bush join the Caterair board in 1990, according to a 1991 article in the New York Times." (Bush's Fancy Financial Footwork, by David Ignatius. The Washington Post, Aug. 6, 2002, p. A15.)

Ignatius, 2002 / The Washington Post

(Amy Goodman interview with Dan Briody, author of The Iron Triangle: Inside the Secret World of the Carlyle Group, July 3, 2003.) AMY GOODMAN: Can you talk about Fred Malek, who he says came to him when they were putting the board together of the company, and said, look, there's a guy who would like to be on the board, he's kind of down on his luck, needs a job, needs a board position, needs some board positions, could you put him on the board.

DAN BRIODY: This is a classic kind of cronyism that we see Carlyle engaging in throughout its history. Fred Malek had a couple pans on the stove going at one time. At that point in time, he was also chairman of Northwest Airlines and bear in mind at this point George H.W. Bush was President of the United States at that time. All these things were converging at the same time Fred was doing some work for the Carlyle Group. So he sort of engineered his own personal little triangle trade. He said he did a favor for George W. Bush to get him on the board of Caterair after George W. Bush had had some failed business experiences in the oil industry, which you guys have talked about at length. And so he put him on the board of Caterair and in return he sort of got these favors from the administration in terms of certain F.A.A. restrictions and things like that for the airline business. Those things had nothing to do with the Carlyle group. Those were personal favors basically for Fred Malek. And so Fred was able to engineer this brilliant little triangle trade that it helped -- advantaged him in the sense that it furthered his airline business and then the airline business was then able to hire Caterair to do its catering. So it all wraps up very nicely and Fred Malek of course is the former Nixon aide who was accused of counting the Jews when Nixon was afraid that the Jews in the Bureau of Labor & Statistics was undermining him, and that later came out during George H.W. Bush's campaign for president.

In 1990, Congress banned smoking on all domestic flights.

Dan Briody interview, July 3, 2003 / Pacifica Radio

Frank Carlucci, a managing director of the Carlyle Group since 1989, was an old crony of Malek's from the Nixon days: Carlucci had been Deputy Director of the Office of Management and Budget from 1970-72, and Malek held the same post from 1973-74.

J. Willard Marriott Jr., President and CEO of the Marriott Corp. since 1985, joined the board of directors of General Motors in 1989.

Gary L. Wilson

"Gary L. Wilson, the Marriott Corporation's chief financial officer and a pioneer in sale-and-leaseback financing, was named executive vice president and chief financial officer yesterday of Walt Disney Productions Inc." He was also elected to the Board of Directors of Disney. "Alfred Checchi, a real estate financing specialist with Bass Brothers Enterprises who worked with Mr. Wilson for several years at Marriott, made the initial contact to determine if Mr. Wilson would be interested in coming to Disney, Mr. Eisner said. Mr. Checchi will complete six months as a special consultant at Disney later this month, a Disney spokesman said. The Bass family owns 25 percent of Disney's stock... Mr. Wilson, who was raised in Alliance, Ohio, was an executive with a diversified industrial company in Manila, the Trans-Philippines Investment Corporation, before joining Marriott as treasurer in 1974... He received an M.B.A. in 1963 from the University of Pennsylvania and an degree in accounting a year earlier from Duke University." (Financial Officer Named by Disney. New York Times, Aug. 1, 1985.)

"A co-chairman of Northwest Airlines gave $100,000 to the Republican Party in August, shortly before the Bush Administration made two rulings favorable to the financially ailing carrier. The airline official, Gary L. Wilson, wrote checks on Aug. 18 for $80,000 and $20,000 to separate accounts maintained by the party, records of the Federal Election Commission show. The next month, the Administration approved an agreement with the Netherlands that allows KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, which owns 49 percent of Northwest's parent company, to fly to any American market. It was the first such deal with a European country. Two months after that approval, the Transportation Department gave preliminary approval to antitrust immunity that Northwest and KLM needed to merge their services... At Northwest, Mr. Wilson and another co-chairman, Al Checchi, led a group with KLM that bought the carrier in 1989, making it private. Mr. Wilson and Mr. Checchi together invested $40 million, according to public records. The Northwest-KLM deal briefly surfaced as an issue in the Presidential race because of Frederick V. Malek, who resigned as the airline's vice chairman to manage Mr. Bush's campaign... The airline's political action committee has contributed nearly $160,000 to various Congressional campaigns in the last two years, twice what it distributed for the 1990 elections. The airline's board also includes Richard Blum, a San Francisco investor who gave $25,000 to various Democratic Party committees and candidates for this year's election, and former Vice President Walter F. Mondale. 'These guys have both parties covered pretty nicely,' said Scott Hamilton, an airline analyst." (Airline Ruling Came After $100,000 Contribution. New York Times, Dec. 6, 1992.)

In 1994, Wilson was caught by X-ray with a small amount of marijuana and a pipe in his carry-on luggage. He forfeited a $500 bond and paid $51.50 in court costs on a charge of possession of drug paraphernalia. A misdemeanor charge of possession of marijuana was dismissed. (Walt Disney Co. Board Member Settles Pot Case. Orlando Sentinel, Aug 12, 1994.)

"[F]ederal records show that in the years Checchi was at the helm, Minnesota-based Northwest emerged as one of the most potent political money machines in the heavily regulated aviation industry, spending millions to seek tax breaks, win new air routes and obtain relief from costly proposed federal regulations. From 1991, the earliest year for which records were readily available, until the spring of 1997, when Checchi stepped down to seek the Democratic nomination for governor here, Northwest spent more than $5.6 million lobbying federal lawmakers and agencies on issues vital to the airline's bottom line, according to reports filed by the company. During the same period, campaign finance records show, Northwest's political action committee and its top executives - including Checchi and his co-chairman, Gary L. Wilson - donated $1.5 million to politicians, Republicans as well as Democrats, whose decisions could affect the airline." (High-flying politics Candidate Al Checchi opposes special interest money, but his airline paid out plenty. By Lance Williams. San Francisco Examiner, Nov. 30, 1997.)

The entire financial elite of Boston seems to be propping up the airline: FMR Corp 11.5%, Wellington Management Company 9.0%, State Street Bank & Trust Company 8.0%; also Marathon Asset Management Ltd, London 6.0%, and Deutsche Bank AG (the new owners of the Bankers Trust) 5.7%. Malek was still a director. Anti-smoker former Michigan governor John Engler has been a director since 2003.

Northwest Airlines 2005 DEF 14A / Securities and Exchange Commission

"Wilson said, I am leaving the Board because I believe in term limits and because my other business interests do not allow me sufficient time to continue leading the Board. Roy Bostock is a great leader who will invest the time and energy required to lead the Board and to help the management team create shareholder value. I have been associated with Northwest Airlines since 1989 and am extremely proud of the extraordinary accomplishments of this very resilient organization. Our industry never fully recovered from the economic impact of 9/11 and the Iraq War, as reduced travel and high fuel prices led to massive losses that could only be resolved in bankruptcy." (Northwest Airlines Names New Board of Directors. M2 Presswire, Apr 23, 2007.)

Daniel J. Altobello

"From 1989 to 1995, Mr. Altobello served as Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer of Caterair International Corporation. From 1979 to 1989, he held various managerial positions with the food service management and in flight catering divisions of Marriott Corporation, including Executive Vice President of Marriott Corporation and President of Marriott Airport Operations Group." (Daniel J. Altobello Director bio, Mesa Air Group.)

Altobello / Mesa Air Group

Altobello is also on the Board of Advisors of Thayer Capital Partners.

ICF International and the EPA ETS Report

Malek was a director of ICF Kaiser International Inc. between 1989 and at least 1997. In August 1988, ICF became involved in the illegal pass-through contracts to Kenneth G. Brown to write the crucial chapters of the EPA ETS report. Other notable directors: Tony Coelho, member of the U.S. House of Representatives (D-Cal) 1979-89, a Managing Director of Wertheim Schroder & Co. 1989-95, President and Chief Executive Officer of Wertheim Schroder Investment Services 1990-95, director of ICF Kaiser since 1990; and Rebecca P. Mark, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Enron Development Corp., the international project development arm of Enron Corp., since 1991, director of ICF Kaiser since 1993.

ICF International 1997 Form S-1 / Securities and Exchange Commission

Malek's old boss, Richard E. Marriott, was president of the National Restaurant Association in 1993, when the EPA ETS report was released on Jan. 7. Astonishingly, the NRA commissioned a telephone poll in January of 1993, which neatly coincided with the associated propaganda blitz! "According to a study fielded by the National Restaurant Association in January, 1993, 56 percent of adults said they would be more likely to go to a restaurant that voluntarily banned smoking as opposed to one that continued to permit smoking. Twenty-six percent would be less likely to go to a restaurant that voluntarily banned smoking as opposed to one that continued to permit smoking. These figures will vary among your own clientele according to the percentage of smokers versus non-smokers. The full text of this study is available through the Association. Nothing contained in this memorandum shall be deemed or construed as an opinion ofthe Association that a foodservice operator is in any way responsible for ailments that customers or employees claim were caused by ETS." (Memorandum from Richard E. Marriott, President and Chairman of the Board SUBJECT: Smoking in Restaurants DATE: February 12, 1993.)

Richard E. Marriott memorandum, Feb. 12, 1993 / UCSF (pdf, 3 pp)

Telephone interviews of 1007 adults were conducted between Jan. 27, 1993 and Jan. 31, 1993, by ICR Survey Research Group. (Smoking in Restaurants A Consumer Attitude Survey. Research Department, National Restaurant Association, Feb. 1993.)

Smoking in Restaurants, Feb. 1993 / UCSF (pdf, 63 pp)

Former Governor William F. Weld of Massachusetts

The Handbook on Smoking Laws & Regulations for Massachusetts Communities prepared under Gov. Weld fraudulently claimed that "The United States EPA states that secondhand smoke is a known cause of lung cancer." In fact, the EPA report hadn't been approved, it wasn't official, and preliminary drafts bore little resemblance to the report that was eventually released a year and a half later. Furthermore, these drafts were all prominently emblazoned with the words, DO NOT CITE OR QUOTE. Gregory N. Connolly was Director of the Office for Nonsmoking and Health. (Handbook on Smoking Laws & Regulations for Massachusetts Communities. Prepared by Martha C. Wood, Assistant Director, Office for Nonsmoking and Health. Revised Aug. 1991.)

Handbook on Smoking Laws & Regulations for Massachusetts Communities / UCSF (pdf, 54 pp)

Marlene and Fred Malek were members of the Weld Committee, which held a cocktail reception at the home of C. Boyden Gray, Apr. 20, 1993. A handwritten note gushed that "Bill Weld deserves our support. As Governor of Massachusetts, a State where just 14% of registered voters are Republicans, he is proving that Republican principles work." (Invitation from the Weld Committee to Samuel D. Chilcote of the Tobacco Institute. The Friends of William F. Weld, Apr. 2, 1993.)

The Friends of William F. Weld, 1993 / UCSF (pdf, 9 pp)

William F. Weld, Harvard 1966, was the grandson of Francis Minot White [Harvard 1897], the founder of White, Weld & Company. He married Susan, the daughter of Quentin Roosevelt. (Susan Roosevelt Is Wed on L.I. New York Times, Jun. 8, 1975.) His cousin, Ogden White, also a partner of White, Weld, & Co., was a director of Liggett & Myers Tobacco in the 1960s.

Malek in the Tobacco Documents

Malek was designated by Pres. George HW Bush to serve as Director of the 1990 Houston Economic Summit. They contacted Philip Morris for donations. According to a May 16, 1990, memo from Jim Dyer of PM to Guy Smith of PM: "I have been contacted by Fred Malek and his staff, all of whom are currently planning the 1990 Houston Economic Summit on July 9 thru 11, in Houston. They are soliciting corporate sponsors, donations of food for their food tent and sponsorship of one of their special events. In return for sponsorship we would get publicity, free tickets and the opportunity to show off our products. If we contribute cash, I would suggest a minimum donation of $25,000. I have taken the liberty of sharing their food needs with our food company representatives in D.C." Malek was also campaign manager of the Bush-Quayle campaign in 1992.

Malek appointment, 1989 / Bush Library
Dyer to Smith Memo, 1990 / UCSF (pdf, 1 p)

The anti-smoking lie-mongers have deliberately inserted their own words to falsely claim that it "give[s] advice on how to use political contributions to help head off a tax increase: ' I have been contacted by Fred Malek (a Bush political advisor) and his staff, all of who [sic] are currently planning the 1990 Houston Economic Summit on July 9 through 11..." The inserted words, in parentheses, constitute the only "evidence" of "advice on how to use political contributions to help head off a tax increase"! This garbage was recited by Timothy L. Grollmes, who is employed by the Nebraska Health and Human Services System, Tobacco-Free Nebraska Program. Furthermore, it is cited by link by two alleged professors of economics at Arizona State University, Michael Melvin and William Boyes, in their textbook site on the Houghton Mifflin website. And it is interesting that Robert L. Friedman, a director of Houghton Mifflin Holdings, was elected a director of Northwest Airlines in 2002.

Economics, Fifth Edition / Houghton Mifflin

Ties to Colin Powell

"Powell's phenomenal popularity with American soldiers, who are good if fallible judges of military leadership, also suggests that part of him is, as advertised, the simple soldier. But there is also clearly a very different side to Powell, that of the superb Washington operator who rose with breathtaking speed from a White House fellowship through positions on the Army staff to the very pinnacle of the national security bureaucracy. Here, as in his more conventional military career, he had his mentors and friends who helped him along, and it is instructive to see who they were. Among the earliest was Fred Malek, Deputy Director of the Office of Management and Budget and one of President Nixon's 'hatchet men' (as Powell himself puts it). Malek's ambition, of which Powell clearly approved, 'was to gain control over the bureaucracy for the White House,' not to pursue any particular doctrine or policy. From Malek's maneuvering 'emerged one of my rules: you don't know what you can get away with until you try." (Playing Powell Politics: The General's Zest for Power, by Eliot A. Cohen. Foreign Affairs, Nov/Dec 1995.) The disinformation here is that there is no ideology behind these people. Malek is clearly motivated by health fascism.

Cohen, 1995 / Foreign Affairs

Ties to Kenneth Lay

Fred Malek was one of the mourners at the funeral of Kenneth Lay, the former Enron executive who looted thousands of peoples' pension funds. Access was granted only to those whose names appeared on the guest list. (Lay remembered as a giving family man. By Shelby Hodge. Houston Chronicle, May 10, 2006.)

Marlene A. Malek

Marlene Anne McArthur of Alameda, Cal., married Frederic V. Malek in 1961. Fred's sister, Martha (Marcie) Malek, was junior bridesmaid. (Justweds First Home in Hawaii. Oakland Tribune, Sep. 8, 1961.) She is the president of Friends of Cancer Research. Founded in 1996, its board of directors includes Deborah L. Dingell, President of the GM Foundation; Sam Donaldson, Chief Correspondent, ABC News; retired Gen. H. Norman Schwartzkopf; and the main attraction, Mary Woolley, President of the Lasker Foundation's unregistered lobbying group, Research!America.

Marlene Malek bio / Friends of Cancer Research
Friends of Cancer Research Officers / FOCR

Marlene Malek is a member of the Committee for the U.S. Military Cancer Institute, which is chaired by Frank's crony, Frank C. Carlucci.

Committee / US Military Cancer Institute

From 1991 to 1996, Marlene Malek was a member of the National Cancer Advisory Board of the National Cancer Institute, subcommittee on Information and Cancer Control. "Mrs. Malek presented an update on the Healthy Women 2000 Conference on Smoking and Young Women's Health. This conference is being sponsored by the U.S. Public Health Service Office on Women's Health and co-sponsored by the NCI, the CDC, and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation..." Alfred Knudson, a former member of the Scientific Advisory Board of Council for Tobacco Research (CTR) was also a member.

Bush Appointment, 1991 / Bush Library
NCAB Meeting, May 1996 / National Cancer Institute
NCAB Meeting, Feb. 1996 / National Cancer Institute

Pres. George W. Bush appointed Marlene A. Malek to the Board of Trustees of the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, a political patronage position, to serve from Nov. 2002 until Sep. 1, 2008. Brenda LaGrange Johnson, a Trustee of the American Health Foundation in 1993, was also appointed.

Bush appointees, Nov. 2002 / White House

Marlene A. Malek is an Honorary Chair of Research!America's 2004 Advocacy Awards.

Honorary Chairs 2004 Advocacy Awards / Research!America


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