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M David Low, former President of the University of Texas - Houston Health Science Center, is a member of the Lasker Syndicate's "Medicine and Public Health Initiative," and is also a founding member of the Communitarian movement. His unctuous rhetoric that "Communitarians are people who believe that freedom comes with responsibility" falsely insinuates that those whom they wish to victimize have wronged society by supposedly being irresponsible. In fact it is the health fascists who have wronged society by using fraud and deceit to concoct everything from specious health risks to bogus economic costs, while remaining smugly unaccountable to society. Contrary to their carefully-crafted attempts to appear reasonable, these are people who want to shove society down the proverbial "slippery slope" as hard and as fast as possible.

"Engaging the Community," intro to an interview with M. David Low, MD.Ph.D. He says that Amitai Etzioni recruited him.

Low interview / UT - Houston
"UT-Houston: Triggering the Initiative" / UT-Houston
"UT-Houston: Triggering the Initiative" / UT-Houston (alternate link)

Position paper of the Communitarian Network, "Core values in health-care reform, a Communitarian approach" (1993). "This position paper was drafted by Amitai Etzioni drawing extensively on written statements provided by Christine Cassell, Charles Dougherty, C. McCollister Evarts, John Griffith, James L. Nelson, Marian Osterweis and Daniel Wikler. The paper grew out of a group discussion conducted under the auspices of the Association of Academic Health Centers which included the above and Alexander Capron of the University of Southern California, Thomas Detre of the University of Pittsburgh, J Michael McGinnis of the Department of Health and Human Services, and Elaine Rubin of the AAHC." J Michael McGinnis is the co-author with William Foege of what amounts to the sacred lie of health fascism, published in the Journal of the American Medical Association in 1993, falsely blaming smoking and other supposed lifestyle risk factors for diseases that are really caused by infection. These people obstinately refuse to update their beliefs despite the numerous advances of the past decade, and remain frozen in the Lasker Syndicate-imposed Dark Ages of the 1980s.

"Core Values in Health Care Reform" / George Washington University

First Lady Laura Bush, Ken Lay, and M. David Low praise Enron's "Prescription for Reading"

Bush, Lay & Low / Enron

Same-sex harassment suit verus UT-Houston

In Mota v. The University of Texas Houston Health Sciences Center, "The supervisor allegedly sexually propositioned the professor while the two attended professional conferences and sexually harassed him while they were together at the workplace. The court also found that the employer engaged in vindictive behavior against the employee after he filed a complaint of sexual harassment... The appellate court said that the lower court judge did not abuse her discretion when she awarded employee $194,989 in future pay after finding that then university president M. David Low continued to engage in vindictive behavior after the trial." (Chapter 9 Updates, Employment Law for Business, McGraw-Hill Higher Education.)

Chapter 9 Updates, Employment Law for Business / McGraw-Hill Higher Education
Mota vs. The Univeristy of Texas Health Sciences Center, et al. /

Low announced his resignation from the presidency on July 11, 2000, claiming health problems and family needs. (Statement by M. David Low,M.D., Ph.D., President, the University of Texas-Houston Health Science Center. UT Houston News Release, July 11, 2000.)

Low resignation announcement / UT-Houston

Institute of Health Promotion Research at the University of British Columbia

"Time Line... 1989, the incubation year, M. David Low, then UBC Coordinator of Health Sciences, commissioned a proposal and convened a multidisciplinary group of UBC faculty members to consider the devlopment of an Institute of Health Promotion Research, 'responding to the increased scholarship, policy initiatives and demand for changes in health practices.' The University of Toronto established that year the first Centre for Health Promotion in Canada."

Institute of Health Promotion Research / University of British Columbia (pdf)

Government of Alberta, Premier's Advisory Council on Health

Low participated in the Premier's Advisory Committee on Health (PACH) Report (aka Mazankowski Report) of the government of Alberta, Canada, a typical Lasker Syndicate blueprint for health fascism based on blaming lifestyle for diseases that are really caused by infection. Premier Ralph Klein is a mindless, brainwashed flunky. Ironically, while whining about costs (and raising taxes on tobacco and Alberta Health Care Insurance premiums), the leading prescription drug cost to the provincial government is for Losec ($11.7 million), misleadingly said to be for "ulcer treatment." It actually merely blocks acid to suppress the symptoms of Helicobacter pylori infection, which should be treated with antibiotics at far less cost. But, that's how LaskerCare stumbles along, blaming the victims all the way.

The Government's Response to the Mazankowski Report / Government of Alberta

Other involvements

Low bio / Premier's Advisory Council
Low Expertise Profile / Community of Science

Low is on the executive board of directors of the Houston Technology Center, "Houston's Business Accelerator," with former Enron director and UT-MD Anderson President John Mendelsohn; and the Health Law and Policy Institute Advisory Board of the University of Houston Law Center. In 1994, he was appointed to the Board of Directors of the Urban Air Toxics Board, which was chaired by Charles A. LeMaistre.

HTC Board Room / Houston Technology Center
Advisory Board / Health Law and Policy Institute
Congress Appoints Members to Urban Air Toxics Board / UT-Houston News Release 1994

National Coalition on Health Care

Low is a supporter of the National Coalition on Health Care. The NCHC is an umbrella group that breaks the mold of K Street lobbyists by being located on G Street instead. Former Rep. Paul G. Rogers is co-chair with the former governor of Iowa. Members of the board of directors include Rogers; Frank Carlucci of the Carlyle Group, also on the board of the Rand Corporation; and William Novelli, chairman of the board and former president of the ACS & RWJF-funded Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids, who is now Executive Director and President of the AARP. Individual supporters include Robert N. Butler; former AHF Trustees Charles C. Edwards and Edmund D. Pellegrino; former Enron and ImClone director John Mendelsohn; University of Michigan Executive Vice President for Health Affairs Gilbert S. Omenn; former Secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services Louis Sullivan; and Laurance Rockefeller.

Supporters / National Coalition on Health Care

Amitai Etzioni

Amitai Etzioni was born in Germany in 1929, and educated in Israel and at the University of California, Berkeley. He was a senior advisor to Richard Harden, Special Assistant to the President [Carter, during whose administration the Healthy People program of health fascism was established], 1979-1980.

Amitai Etzioni's Vita - Employment History / George Washington University


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