The Hollywood Vermin

Hollywood and the Tobacco Industry - A phony "outrage" set up by the conspiratorial scum who control the government from behind the scenes - who also created the C.I.A. to subvert and destroy democracy worldwide!

What a remarkable coincidence it is that Edward Lasker, the stepson of Mary Woodard Lasker, the most powerful health lobbyist in history, who became the head of the American Cancer Society and launched the crusade of scientific fraud against smokers, was a writer in Hollywood AND had ties to the American Tobacco Company - his father, Albert D. Lasker, ran their advertising campaigns in the 1920s and 1930s! In other words, the Laskers purposely set them up for the anti-smokers to fabricate their shows of phony outrage. Furthermore, Ed Lasker was an old friend of Joseph Cullman, the president of Philip Morris, of which he later became a director. Philip Morris was largely financed by J. Russell Forgan (who also wrote the act which created the Central Intelligence Agency) in order to serve as fake opposition to the anti-smokers, while letting them get away with their scientific fraud!

And now, let's talk about what the anti-smoker controlled health establishment is guilty of, namely, deliberate, willfull, and knowing scientific fraud, extending over a period of more than six decades. There have been more than 50 studies, which show that human papillomaviruses cause over ten times more lung cancers than they pretend are caused by secondhand smoke. Passive smokers are more likely, for socioeconomic reasons, to have been exposed to this virus. Yet, ALL of the anti-smokers' studies are based on nothing but lifestyle questionnaires, in order to falsely blame passive smoking for all those extra lung cancers which are really caused by HPV.

HPV Causes Lung Cancer

And the anti-smokers have systematically committed this same type of fraud in every disease they blame on smoking and passive smoking. THIS is the outrage that all good people should be angry about!

Brainwashing Children With Lies! BOYCOTT THE SCUM!

"Six major Hollywood film studios agreed on Friday to place anti-smoking ads on new movie DVDs targeted to children in a bid to counter the influence of tobacco use on screen. The studios joined forces with California health authorities in what was called an unprecedented agreement to protect children, both in the United States and around the world, from the health risks of smoking. Under the deal, Sony Pictures, Universal Studios, Warner Bros., Paramount Pictures, Walt Disney Studios and Twentieth Century Fox will include anti-smoking advertisements in the opening minutes of DVDs of all new movies with smoking scenes that are rated G, PG and PG-13... The initial ad, called 'Icons,' contrasts tobacco industry images of a cowboy, a hip-hop DJ and a 1920s flapper with a dying man in a wheelchair. It will first be seen on the Sony DVD release of '21' -- a PG-13 rated drama about a student casino scam. That DVD hits retail shelves on July 22." (Some U.S. DVDs to Carry Anti-Smoking Ads. Reuters, Jul. 11, 2008.)

This is an outrage! The anti-smoker filth are guilty of deliberate, systematic scientific fraud, by purposely using dfective studies in order to falsely blame smoking for diseases that are really caused by infection! They are not legitimate scientists - they are nothing but Nazi propagandists, using Nazi pseudo-science, to wage a war of cultural genocide against smokers! Boycott every one of those despicable curs for selling out to the anti-smoker filth!

The Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA)

"Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) today announced that the rating system is enhancing the amount of information provided to parents on the issue of smoking in films. In the past, illegal teen smoking has been a factor in the rating of films, alongside other parental concerns such as sex, violence and adult language. Now, all smoking will be considered and depictions that glamorize smoking or movies that feature pervasive smoking outside of an historic or other mitigating context may receive a higher rating... MPAA Chairman and CEO Dan Glickman issued the following statement: '... Clearly, smoking is increasingly an unacceptable behavior in our society. [Sic. It is "unacceptable" only to lie those lie-spewing pieces of subhuman filth, the anti-smokers.] There is broad awareness of smoking as a unique public health concern due to nicotine’s highly addictive nature [a smear manufactured by the anti-smoker filth], and no parent wants their child to take up the habit. [Says who, you fascist filth?] The appropriate response of the rating system is to give more information to parents on this issue. [The anti-smokers only want to use the ratings as a tool to censor other peoples' kids.] This action is an extension of our current practice of factoring under-age smoking into the rating of films. Now, all smoking will be a consideration in the rating process. Three questions will have particular weight for our rating board when considering smoking in a film: Is the smoking pervasive? Does the film glamorize smoking? And, is there an historic or other mitigating context? Additionally, when a film’s rating is affected by the depiction of smoking, that rating will now include phrases such as ‘glamorized smoking’ or ‘pervasive smoking.’ This ensures specific information is front and center for parents as they make decisions for their kids.'" (Film Rating Board To Consider Smoking as a Factor. MPAA Press Release, Thursday, May 10, 2007.)

Film Rating Board To Consider Smoking as a Factor / MPAA (pdf, 2 pp)

Dan Glickman, Chairman and CEO, MPAA

"Prior to joining the MPAA, Mr. Glickman was the Director of the Institute of Politics located at Harvard University’s John F. Kennedy School of Government (August 2002-August 2004). The Institute of Politics began operation in 1966 with an endowment from the Kennedy Library Corporation. A living memorial to President John F. Kennedy, the Institute seeks to unite students, particularly undergraduates, with academics, politicians, activists, and policymakers on a nonpartisan basis and to stimulate and nurture their interest in public service and leadership." [Sic. In 1984, the John F. Kennedy School of Government received a sizeable grant to establish an Institute for the Study of Smoking Behavior and Policy from the Carnegie Corp., whose president, David A. Hamburg, was a longtime anti-smoker.] Glickman was a U.S. Representative from Kansas for 18 years, and the Secretary of Agriculture from 1995 to 2001. He is also on the International Advisory Board of The Coca-Cola Company. members include Buena Vista Pictures Distribution, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios Inc., Paramount Pictures, Sony Pictures Entertainment Inc., Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation, NBC Universal, and Warner Bros Entertainment Inc. (Chairman Dan Glickman. MPAA, accessed Jul. 29, 2007.)

Chairman Dan Glickman / MPAA

"In a related announcement, the MPAA and the Alliance of Motion Picture & Television Producers said they were joining Hollywood Unfiltered, a smoking-awareness health initiative aimed at educating members of the industry about the potential harm from onscreen glamorizing of smoking. The project is an initiative of the Entertainment Industry Foundation, a nonprofit group dedicated to education, health and social issues." (Smoke in MPAA's eyes: ratings criteria affected. By Carl DiOrio. The Hollywood Reporter, May 11, 2007.)

Smoke in MPAA's eyes: ratings criteria affected / Hollywood Reporter

Screw Hollywood! All those vermin stand for is a so-called culture of nothing but lies, smut, and trash!

Who to Boycott: The Entertainment Industry Foundation is funded by Bloomingdale's, a division of Federated Department Stores; Lee Jeans, a division of VF Corporation; Mercedes-Benz USA [that will be easy for most of us]; Novo Nordisk, makers of insulin; Olympus (photography); Pantene hair products; People magazine [a perfect example of their so-called culture]; philosophy [sic], skin-care products; Revlon cosmetics; and Saks Fifth Avenue. (EIF Major Sponsors. Accessed 7/29/07.)

EIF Major Sponsors / Entertainment Industry Foundation

Pierce Brosnan is its campaign chairman. Officers: Gary Credle, Chairman, Exec. VP of Warner Bros.; Pamm Fair, Secretary, Deputy Nat'l Exec. Director, Screen Actors Guild; Leonard I. Klein, CPA, Treasurer, of Cooper, Moss, Resnick, Klein & Co., LLP; Mr. J. Nicholas Counter, III, Past Chair, President, AMPTP; T.J. Baptie, Past Chair, Past Chair, Vice President Corporate Relations, The Walt Disney Company. Directors: Joe Aredas, Int'l Representative, I.A.T.S.E.; Sid Craig, Craig Management; Ernie Enriquez, VP Warner Bros.; Howard D. Fabrick, Esq., partner Akin, Gump, Strauss, Hauer & Field; Dean Ferris, Exec. VP Labor Relations, Fox Entertainment Group; Lynn Heymont, VP CBS Broadcasting Inc.; Jeff Hoffman, VP The Disney Company; Allison Jackson, Senior VP, Paramount Pictures; Faye Nuell Mayo, Pres. Mayo Entertainment; Janice Pober, Senior VP Sony Pictures Entertainment; Teresa Samaniego, Director, Public Affairs ABC7; Jim Watters, Pres. and Gen. Manager, Universal Studios. The Honorary Board of Governors includes former Philip Morris director Rupert Murdoch. (EIF Leadership. Accessed 7/29/07.)

Leadership / The Entertainment Industry Foundation

"General Electric, the corporate parent of Universal Pictures, decided last April that, with few exceptions, 'no smoking incidents should appear in any youth-rated film' produced by the studio or its sister units, Focus, Rogue and Working Title Films... Before G.E. moved with what is widely regarded as the toughest antismoking policy to date, Time Warner had said it 'strongly discourages' smoking in youth films produced by its Warner Brothers and New Line units, and seeks to limit smoking depictions in films marketed to what it called mixed audiences. Viacom is meanwhile scrambling to devise a smoking policy of its own, having been assured two weeks ago by Mr. Crosby and his allies that it was increasingly out of step with its studio brethren. That warning came about because antismoking groups had recently discovered that the News Corporation and its 20th Century Fox Film division were already on the bandwagon, thanks to a strict though intentionally unpublicized policy of rooting tobacco out of youth-friendly films for the last three years.Since 2004, the studio’s production manual has mandated that no principal character can be seen to smoke in a film set in contemporary times and to be rated G, PG or PG-13 unless the studio’s president of production signs off on the scene. Tobacco ads and promotions are not supposed to be visible in Fox movies. Even antismoking messages on screen are not to have been provided by tobacco companies. The reduction of on-screen smoking is a pet project of the studio’s co-chairman, Tom Rothman, according to both Mr. Crosby and industry executives who requested anonymity because they did not want to offend a competitor or were not authorized to discuss the policy." Except for James L. Brooks, whose Gracie Films "delivered the animated PG-13 rated “Simpsons Movie,” featuring enough tobacco (even in the trailer) to earn a “black lung” rating from the Web site, which monitors smoking impressions in movies." Don't boycott him!

"Even the most aggressive studios have built wiggle room into their policies. To date, no company has said that it would bar smoking in the many films that are produced independently and later acquired for distribution by a studio. Thus, the hard-bitten, soft-hearted table server played by Cheryl Hines in the PG-13 rated “Waitress,” picked up by Mr. Rothman’s Fox Searchlight at the last Sundance Film Festival, can still wield a cigarette near the pregnant character played by Keri Russell." The anti-smoker filth should be exterminated for their Big Lie that secondhand smoke harms fetuses! One of the fascists is Michael Passoff, associate director of As You Sow, a so-called "socially responsible" investment group based in San Francisco, meaning they are socially irresponsible, pampered lie-spewers who ought to be held accountable by direct action. Rep. Edward Markey, D-Mass., "said he would prefer to see an industrywide antismoking initiative." (More Hollywood Studios Say ‘No Smoking’. By Michael Cieply. New York Times, Oct. 1, 2007.)

The only movies we want to see are those depicting violence against anti-smokers - and their corrupt puppet government!

Jack Valenti

"Jack Valenti, president of the Motion Picture Association of America, said he had not read the report but resented the obvious analogy to the government's treatment of the tobacco industry. 'Tobacco kills people,' he said. 'And tobacco is not protected by the First Amendment. I don't want us grouped with tobacco and that's what these recommendations do.'" (Federal Report Criticizes Entertainment Marketing. By Kevin Sack. New York Times, Sep. 10, 2000.)

Norman Lear

Norman Lear bio / Museum of Television and Radio

Norman Lear filmed "Cold Turkey in Iowa," a concerted effort, funded by the American Cancer Society, the American Heart Association, and the Department of Health, Education, and Welfare, to coerce all smokers in a small town in Iowa to quit smoking. It is safe to assume that Philip Morris director Ed Lasker, Mary Lasker's stepson who had ties to Hollywood, was complicit in this despicable undertaking and its obsequious writeup by Francis J. Ryan of the Philip Morris Research Center: "There was a love affair between the town and the moviemakers built up almost overnight. The town admired the obvious professionalism and dedication of the actors and technicians, the hours they spent in rehearsal, the driving insistence of the director that scenes be done over and over until they were right. The movie crew was smitten by the intelligence, common sense, adaptablility, and cooperative spirit of the people, so much so that they made a ten minute short subject on how wonderful the people were, which fell a little flat when presented on national TV a year later." Which is what happens when things are baldly dishonest. In fact, two thirds of the smokers didn't even try to quit, and the anti-smokers' attention was fixated on a minority of the weak and suggestible. (Cold Turkey in Greenfield, Iowa: A follow-up study. By Francis J. Ryan. Philip Morris Research Center, Sep. 1971.) That gullible hick town was only paid $6 thousand for putting up with this crap. The people should have told the studio that if they ever want to see a big cowflop, they can just go out in the pasture.

Cold Turkey, 1971 / UCSF (pdf, 42 pp)

The American Cancer Society gave CBS-TV its Second Annual Media Award for Excellence in Communications [sic] for a segment of the series, "Good Times," by Norman Lear's Tandem Productions, a spiel called "Love Has a Spot on Its Lung" (ACS 1977 Annual Report). The Society bragged that "Norman Lear's TV production, 'Good Times," used smoking ploy situation on two consecutive programs. The PI Department worked closely with the producers. The ACS was mentioned and an audience of over 25 million homes was reached." (Target 5 Newsletter, 1977;1(2&3). John Henry Jones, editor).

ACS 1977 Annual Report / UCSF (pdf, 37 pp)
Target 5 Newsletter, 1977 / UCSF (pdf, 8 pp)

Norman Lear was a sponsoring member of the Citizens' Committee for the Conquest of Cancer, co-founded by Mary Lasker's crony, Sidney Farber, and co-chaired by Emerson Foote of the American Cancer Society and Solomon Garb, who was a correspondent of Mary Lasker between 1969 and 1981. Other sponsoring members included William McC. Blair Jr., Mrs. William McC. Blair Jr., now vice president of the Lasker Foundation; Elmer H. Bobst; R. Lee Clark; Mrs. Alice Fordyce, Mary's sister; James W. Fordyce, Mary's nephew; Mary's old friend, Leonard Goldenson of ABC-TV; Mrs. Paul G. Hoffman, aka Anna Rosenberg; Robert W. Holley of the Salk Institute; Mathilde Krim; William Regelson, founder of FIBER, on whose board Mary later served; and Bernard J. Reis, Treasurer of the Lasker Foundation. Garb sent a bullying letter to Curtis H. Judge, President of Lorillard Inc., demanding that "the tobacco industry" lobby for "higher total appropriations to NCI" and that "the Tobacco Research Institute [sic] should allocate substantial sums to finding anticancer drugs in plants." (Garb to Judge, Sep. 20, 1978.)

Citizens' Committee for the Conquest of Cancer, 1978 / UCSF (pdf, 4 pp)

Dick Van Dyke, Jean Stapleton, Tom Poston, Norman Lear To Return to 'Cold Turkey' Filming Site in Iowa. PR Newswire, Sep. 22, 1999; Greenfield, Lear, movie stars ready to renew the romance. Des Moines Register, Sep. 24, 1999. Gloated Norman Lear: "The federal government just filed suit against the tobacco companies. That sure makes it topical. This is going to be a great time."

Eric Johnston

"ERIC JOHNSTON Washington, D. C.; ACS Honorary Life Director. Pres., Motion Picture Assn. of Amer., Inc. ACS Honorary Board Chm. (1946, 1950); Board Chm. (1945, 1947-49) ; Natl. Campaign Chm. (1945). Pres., Motion Picture Export Assn. Past Pres., U. S. Chamber of Commerce. Past Administrator, Economic Stabilization Agency. Chm, Comm. for Internat. Economic Growth; Past. Chm., Internat. Development Advisory Bd. Ambassador, Special Representative of The President of the United States. U. S. Medal of Merit. 15 Honorary Degrees from American universities. 5 Decorations from foreign governments." (Know Your Board of Directors 1961. American Cancer Society.)

ACS Board of Directors, 1961 / UCSF (pdf, 36 pp)

Stephen Bing

Stephen Bing is the grandson of New York real estate magnate Peter Bing, and the son of RAND Corporation trustee Peter S. Bing. (Steve Bing's Hollywood Life. BBC News Online June 20, 2002.) The playboy movie producer is the heir of a fortune estimated to be from $400 million to $600 million.

Steve Bing's Hollywood Life / BBC News Online 2002

Bing contributed $800,000 to California's Proposition 10 campaign to add an additional 50 cent tax on every pack of cigarettes, to fund anti-smoking hate propaganda and early childhood brainwashing, which they unctiously pretended was "for the good of the children" instead of "for the benefit of the bloodsucking parasites who want to castrate our children's minds by starting on them as soon as possible." (This is how they've already managed to create several generations of cringing, spineless little worms who don't have the guts to resist them.) This was more money than Philip Morris, Brown & Williamson, RJ Reynolds, and Lorillard put together spent to oppose it. (Top 10 contributors to Prop. 10 campaign. By Ross Hanig and Ralph Brave. Sacramento News & Review, Sep. 3, 1998.)

Sacramento News & Review, 1998 / UCSF (pdf, 12 pp)

Bing was the 13th largest campaign donor to the Democratic Party in 1998. In national politics, "In addition to the $759,000 he gave to support Democratic candidates, Bing contributed $1 million to help pay for the party's national convention. "He also gave $1 million to help defeat a California referendum that would have cut cigarette taxes and depleted programs to teach children about the dangers of smoking" [meaning anti-smoker lies]. (Stephen L. Bing. By Pam Smith. Mother Jones, March 5, 2001.) He was fined $25,000 for failing to disclose $500,000 in contributions during the 2000 election. (Producer Stephen Bing fined for failing to file campaign disclosure. AP, Bakersfield Californian, June 25, 2002.)

Bing / Mother Jones
Bing campaign disclosure fine / Bakersfield Californian, 2002

Bing was a major donor to 2004 presidential candidate John Edwards, a North Carolina Democrat, and a big doner to the health fascist Center for American Progress, the ringleader behind the Democratic Party's health plans.

Rob Reiner

Rob Reiner played Michael Stivic ("Meathead") in Norman Lear's TV show, "All in the Family." He is a principle and co-founder of Castle Rock Entertainment and feature film director.

"Rob Reiner, filmmaker and Chair of the California Children and Families Initiative, and former Republican U.S. Congressman and Co-Chair Mike Huffington today enthusiastically announced that City of Los Angeles Mayor Richard J. Riordan, a proven advocate and leader for children, wholeheartedly endorsed the initiative. They were joined by Beth Lowe, Past President and Board Member, and Mary Emmons, Chief Executive Officer of Children's Institute International, a Los Angeles based non profit child welfare agency, who hailed their support and illustrated the dramatic positive impact the initiative will have" [for those leeches only!] and more blah-blah that's identical to the robotic cant of totalitarian dictatorships. Governors Christine Todd Whitman of New Jersey and George Voinovich of Ohio were helping to "place this issue on the national agenda." (Mike Huffington to California Secretary of State Bill Jones, Mar. 9, 1998; Filmmaker Rob Reiner Wins Support From City of Los Angeles Mayor Richard Riordan. CCFI Press Release, April 30, 1998.)

CCFI Press Release, April 2, 1998 / UCSF (pdf, 2 pp)
Huffington to Jones, Mar. 9, 1998 / UCSF (pdf, 3 pp)

"'The tobacco industry will do anything and everything to defeat this,' said Reiner, who played the liberal son-in-law and frequent Archie Bunker target on the landmark 1960s sitcom, 'All in the Familty.' 'They've been telling lies to the American people for sixty years,' Reiner said of tobacco company executives. 'And they will continue to do so." (Rob Reiner Campaigns Here for Prop. 10. By Jeff McDonald. San Diego Union Tribune, Aug. 30, 1998.) The filthy, lying bastard! For six decades, the health fascist Lasker Syndicate has controlled our health establishment and turned it into their private factory for fraud. And neither they nor their media sluts and stooges like Rob Reiner will tell the truth that THEY CONTROLLED THE TOBACCO COMPANIES AS WELL, with former Hollywood filmmaker Edward Lasker sitting on the Board of Directors of Philip Morris!

San Diego Union Tribune, Aug. 30, 1998 / UCSF (pdf, 2 pp)

"Supporters of the Proposition will counter the industry with a $4.3 million ad campaign beginning on October 13, which will focus on the tobacco industry's pattern of lying to the public and opposing good public health measures. [SIC - This is the party line of bloodsucking anti-smoker vermin, who purposely use defective studies to falsely blame smoking and passive smoking for diseases caused by infection, while using their undisputable control of the health establishment to suppress research -cast] 'The tobacco industry has been lying to us for decades. Now they're telling us that Proposition 10, an initative help our youngest kids, is nothing but a big bureaucracy,' states actor and Proposition 10 backer, Rob Reiner." (Advocacy Institute, Scarcnet News Summary, Oct. 2, 1998. Source: "Star Power Takes on Big Tobacco," by Jill Lawrence. USA Today, Oct. 2, 1998, p. A3.) "Bureaucracy" is too benign a word for human garbage who want to turn children into mentally retarded slaves, devoid of any principles except obedience and conformity to the herd - just like the subhuman garbage with whom these cynical disciples of Machiavelli pack our city councils before initiating an assault on smoking, who open their subhuman mouths and spout lies and defamations without the slightest regard for truth, with the coldly calculated intent to intimidate the people out of exercising their rights. This is "democracy" in Bloodsucker Land! And then, on to Zionist global dictatorship-by-proxy of their Skull & Bones / Brown Brothers, Harriman puppets, with the American sheeple as their cannon-fodder.

The Sacramento News and Review gave this filthy bloodsucker a 12-page spread to spout his crap. (Baby Crisis. Hollywood Rob Reiner Wants to Know If California Really Cares About Children. Sep. 3, 1998.) On page 9 are buried the figures showing that anti-smoker funding from the Hollywood unreality magnates dwarfs that of the tobacco companies, who were the only ones funding the opposition. So much for those hypocritical Hollywooders who pretend to support freedom. And, this is how the media have shoved all of this down our throats - a torrent of lies and hype versus phony, trivial opposition, while everything that really needs to be said is buried, downplayed or never permitted expression in the first place.

Sacramento News and Review, Sep. 3, 1998 / UCSF (pdf, 12 pp)

The San Jose Mercury News gave Reiner a five-page spread (Filmmaker Takes on Big Tobacco. Rob Reiner Leads Fight to Raise Taxes, Help Kids. By Steve Johnson. Oct. 4, 1998.)

San Jose Mercury News, Oct. 4, 1998 / UCSF (pdf, 5 pp)

"Rob Reiner, for instance, made a guest appearance on CNBC's 'Hardball,' barely containing himself as he attacked tobacco chieftains. His cause was California's Proposition 10, a ballot initiative that would raise the tax on a pack of cigarettes from 50 cents to 85 cents... 'Who do you trust?' asked Mr. Reiner, 'The tobacco industry or protecting young children?'" (Eitorial Roundup, re editorial: "Smokescreen," Wall Street Journal, Oct. 30, 1998, p. W11.)

"California's Proposition 10, a ballot initiative that would raise the cigarette tax by 50 cents a pack to fund early childhood development, prenatal care and anti-smoking programs, is being promoted by a diverse, bipartisan coalition that includes Democrat and film director Rob Reiner, former Republican Senator Michael Huffington and conservative icon Charleton Heston... Reiner said his group would spend around five million dollars on television and radio ads featuring Heston, actor Martin Sheen and former Surgeon General C. Everett Koop." (Bipartisan Coalition Supports Proposition 10, But Public Support Declines Slightly. Oct. 19, 1998. Source: Cigarette Tax Supported by Unlikely Coalition. By Don Terry. New York Times, Oct. 18, 1998, p. A20.)

"The California Children and Families Commission will unveil a $14-million ad campaign tomorrow promoting the new children's programs funded by Proposition 10. The ads come six weeks before Prop. 10 -- a 50-cent a pack tobacco tax -- faces repeal on the March ballot. The Children and Families Commission was created by Proposition 10 to spend the new revenue on early childhood development and smoking prevention. Critics claim, howevwer, that the Commission has been too slow in allocating the money. 'We haven't had a lot of visibility. [!!!!!] We are working feverishly to get it done,' said actor and director Rob Reiner, the commission chairman. The ads will be in English and Spanish and will run statewide until May 15 on television, radio, billboards, and print media." (Proposition 10 Ad Blitz Revealed in California. Advocacy Institute, Scarcnet News, no date. )

"Actor Rob Reiner ripped into Senate Majority Leader Trent Lott (R-MS) at a reception sponsored by the Center for Tobacco-Free Kids last week. 'He's the guy who led the effort to kill the McCain's tobacco bill, and here he is talking about how he's trying to keep kids off tobacco," Reiner said, according to sources in the room. He added that Lott had 'serious balls' to show up at the event. Lott wasn;t in the room to hear Reiner's comments, but Lott spokesman John Czwartacki said, "If 'Meathead' has anything to say to Senator Lott, he should put it in writing.' Sources said Lott attended the dinner because his brother-in-law, attorney Richard Scruggs, was receiving an award." (Actor Reiner Criticizes Senate Majority Leader at CTFK Dinner. Advocacy Institute, Scarcnet News, May 3, 1999. Source: Lott vs. 'Meathead,' Roll Call, April 30, 1999.) Another example of how the bloodsuckers control both sides, with their phony opponents tossing cream-puffs back at them!

Reiner endorsed Democratic Presidential candidate Howard Dean after his first-choice candidate, Albert Gore, declined to run. "Attendees at a recent Reiner-sponsored lunch for Dean included 'Seinfeld' co-creator Larry David, Haim Saban of Saban Entertainment, supermarket magnate Ron Burkle, film producer Stephen Bing, writer-producer Nora Ephron and producers Norman Lear and Michael King of King World Productions -- all big party contributors." (Reiner Endorsement Boosts Dean in Hollywood. By Gina Keating, Reuters, Feb. 20, 2003.)

Reiner Endorsement / Gay and Lesbian Political Action and Support Groups

Rob Reiner and the famous South Park "Butt Out" program, which ran on Dec. 3, 2003: Reiner tries to use the boys as accomplices in faking a photo to falsely accuse Big Tobacco of giving them cigarettes. The hero is Kyle, who tries to tell the bedazzled Cartman that the anti-smokers are liars and bullies who will stop at nothing to force their will on people. (Summary: Butt Out. The script. (Episode 713 - Butt Out. South Park

"Butt Out" Summary /

Joe Eszterhas

"Joe Eszterhas started smoking at age 12. As a screenwriter of some of Hollywood’s biggest movies including - Basic Instinct, Jagged Edge, and Flashdance - Eszterhas not only incorporated smoking into his movies…he believes he glamorized it. Having been a lifelong "militant smoker," Eszterhas was faced with a life-altering choice when 18 months ago, he was diagnosed with throat cancer at The Cleveland Clinic. Not only was he going to have to quit smoking, but he would have to stop drinking as well - an addiction he had acquired at age 14." (Joe's Story. Cleveland Clinic 11/19/2003.)

Joe Eszterhas is the bloodsuckers' model of a so-called "militant smoker" - namely, an ignorant piece of crap who has never made the slightest effort to question the anti-smokers' corrupt pseudo-science, and whose "militancy" consists of nothing but striking poses. Naturally, when this kind of empty pretender comes down with a supposed "smoking-related disease," the first thing the despicable worm does is make propaganda for the enemy. Because of this, the anti-smoking garbage get away with ignoring the role of human papillomavirus in laryngeal cancer. The role of Hollywood-glamorized lifestyles in spreading this infection gets a pass as well. It goes to show why those who mistake the worthless poseurs in Hollywood for leaders are nothing but sheep following goats - Judas goats.

Joe's Story / Cleveland Clinic
Great American Smokeout 11/16/2004 / Cleveland Clinic

Look at the piece of sewage whine: "Please understand as well that in a litigious age, it may only be a matter of time until you are personally sued for contributing to the addiction/injury/death of a cancer victim who began watching you onscreen. You may wind up on the nightly news sitting in a courtroom surrounded by your alleged victim’s grieving family." While the rotten, corrupt pieces of nazoid filth gloat in triumph, because no one has the guts to speak out about human papillomavirus, or any of the numerous acts of fraud the anti-smoking vermin have used to falsely blame smoking and secondhand smoke! In Bloodsucker Land, we have nothing but SHOW TRIALS! And we can thank worms like Eszterhas for helping them get away with it. "Since my recent announcement of my own smoking-related cancer, I have been made aware that a great many hard-eyed, unforgiving people hold you responsible for their loved ones’ addictions, illnesses or deaths. They form an underground network of the grieving and the vengeful. Some of them are moved less by social conscience than by vigilante fervor." Yes, and we've noticed that the bloodsucking pieces of filth love to steal our money, too. And the outrage is that these vermin have never faced anything more fearsome than worthless little weenies, while their filthy accomplices in the media egg them on with lies and glorify them as heros. (Stars must quit on-screen ciggies. By Joe Eszterhas. Daily Variety Dec.12 , 2002 Pg. 40.)

Stars Must Quit On-Stage Ciggies / Cleveland Clinic

Larry Hagman

Larry Hagman, star of the CBS TV show "Dallas," a smoking quitter, was the frontman for a San Francisco Bay Area anti-smoking youth bullying campaign, for which he expected to raise $15 million a year in a "media and advertising blitz that makes non-smoking the thing to do for young people" by insulting smoking as "nerdy." He boasted that "We can beat the tobacco industry at its own game," disregarding the fact that the tobacco industry never lowered itself to to the bottom of the sewer pipe where the anti-smokers function. General Mills and Exxon each contributed $10,000. Local sponsors included the Gerbode and Goldman Foundations, the First Bank System Foundation and the Lutheran Brotherhood. (Anti-Smoking Campaign Set For Bay Area. By Jan Silverman. Oakland Tribune, Jun. 12, 1984.)

Anti-Smoking Campaign Set For Bay Area, 1984 / UCSF (pdf, 2 pp)

Woody Harrelson, Marijuana Hypocrite

"Although he has previously endorsed campaigns to legalise marijuana, Harrelson, above, has adopted a hardline approach to tobacco, and has refused to join colleagues in London venues where it's permitted. His first-night dinner at the Meridian this evening will be tobacco-free and journalists wishing to interview him are banned from lighting up. As a result, the actor has been invited to become patron of the Roy Castle Lung Foundation, a leading pressure group in favour of the ban. "He is keen on healthy living," a spokesman for Harrelson's play said. "He's a vegan, cycles round London and his clothes are made out of hemp." (Harrelson versus Depp in battle of the smoking ban. By Guy Adams. The Independent (London), Dec. 5, 2005.)

Harrelson versus Depp / The Independent

"Anger Management star Woody Harrelson completely disregarded New York Mayor Mike Bloomberg's smoking ban - believing it does not apply to marijuana. The rebellious actor attended a Coldplay concert in Madison Square Garden on Friday with magician David Blaine and friends, before attending an after-party at Joe's Pub. And, according to gossip website Pagesix.Com, the noted marijuana advocate happily ignored 'zero tolerance' Bloomberg's harsh law, and indulged in his favorite pastime. Woody was heard asking fellow patrons, "Is it cool to spark up in here?" before nipping to a VIP suite to smoke the illegal weed with Blaine and some models." (News for Woody Harrelson. IMDb. Woody Harrelson Flouts the Law. June 18, 2003 (WENN)).

Harrelson Flouts the Law / IMDb

Hollywood Lie Exposed: Cigarettes Can't Ignite Gasoline

"TESTS by US government experts have shattered one of the most dramatic Hollywood film plotlines - it is virtually impossible to cause a fire by dropping a lit cigarette into a puddle of petrol. Arson investigators found they could hardly create a flicker of a flame let alone the kind of fireball beloved of film and TV directors and seen in movies such as The Usual Suspects and Alfred Hitchcock's The Birds. Researchers at America's Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms, did a variety of tests at their Maryland laboratories. They came after a series of suspected arsonists tried to claim that fires were started accidentally by cigarettes rather than deliberately with naked flames in a bid to avoid prosecution. The bureau conducted 2,000 attempts to start a fire from exposed petrol using a cigarette, including spraying a mist of petrol directly on to a lit butt. They tried concentrated pockets of fuel and even spreading the petrol out in a baking tray to cover a wider area. They dropped a variety of cigarettes of different brands into the petrol to see if it made any difference and used a vacuum device to ensure that the tobacco burnt at the highest possible temperature. But the petrol did not ignite, leaving chief investigator Dr Richard 'Rick' Tontarski to assume Hollywood was stretching the truth a little. He said the film industry probably realised this, adding: 'Actually they are pretty well aware of it. They don't care.' The bureau explained: 'Despite what you see in action movies, dropping a lit cigarette on to a trail of gasoline won't ignite it, assuming normal oxygen levels and no unusual circumstances. That's because the gasoline has limited contact with the hottest, glowing part of the ash, and X-ray thermography has shown that this is very localised.' In dozens of films and TV programmes major explosions and blazes are started, either accidentally or deliberately, by a cigarette dropped into petrol. The most famous example is perhaps the Sixties classic The Birds, in which a giant flock of seagulls attack motorists at a filling station. One victim drops the petrol pump to the ground and the fuel trails down the street, where a smoker throws his cigarette into the stream, which ignites all the way back to the station. In The Usual Suspects, a fire on a boat which ends up killing 27 people is started by an unseen stranger dropping his butt into a trail of fuel. And in Kevin Costner's 3,000 Miles to Graceland, the star flicks a cigarette out of the window of his car and blows a petrol station to bits." (Holy smoke! A cigarette end simply can't set petrol alight. By Ethan McNern. The Scotsman, Feb. 28, 2007)

Holy smoke! A cigarette end simply can't set petrol alight / The Scotsman, Feb. 28, 2007

"The motion picture industry has failed to police itself against the evils of bad physics. This page is provided as a public service in hopes of improving this deplorable matter... We poured a very small amount of gasoline in an aluminum pie pan or slightly deeper cake pan and placed it in the middle of a concrete slab. The pie and cake pans were chosen because they allowed the gasoline to spread out into a very shallow puddle the way it would if spilled on the ground. It also pretty much guaranteed that the vapors at some point above the pan would mix enough with air to form an ignitable mixture... We lit a cigarette and tossed it into the pan. The cigarette paper wicked up gasoline and quenched the glowing tip without igniting anything (see Figure 4). We tossed in more lit cigarettes. We tried lighting gasoline soaked paper towels. We used long tongs for reaching far away objects to hold glowing cigarettes over the pan at various heights. More than once we placed several glowing cigarettes in the pan (see Figure 5). Our record was 40 glowing cigarettes at one time. In most cases, we allowed the glowing cigarettes to smolder until they went out... Various experiments were conducted at different times of the day with different air temperatures and humidity. A total of 223 cigarettes of 11 different types were eventually used all without ever igniting the gasoline. Yet, at the end of each experimental session the gasoline was successfully lit using a single match attached to a long pole (see figures 6 and 7). The gasoline would typically ignite just before the match touched it. This indicated that there was an ignitable mixture just above the surface of the gasoline. Numerous lit cigarettes were in this region for significant periods of time." The results were unchanged even after the experimenters added a smoking apparatus. (Cigarettes as Lighters. In: Insultingly Stupid Movie Physics!

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Lasker War Propagandists Had Foreknowledge of the Invasion of Iraq

The Lasker Syndicate is working for a global dictatorship that enslaves all people under their regime of lies, smears and deceit. While one part of it manipulates opponents of war into supporting this dictatorship under the auspices of the United Nations and the "Progressive" movement, another wing promotes war hysteria. What a remarkable coincidence that the Lasker gang also had ties to the two war movies that came out on the eve of the US invasion of Iraq. They control both sides!

"Does Hollywood just jump aboard the patriotic bandwagon when war looms? That's the general explanation for the harvest of military-minded pictures that arrive in theaters when the U.S. is suffused with bellicosity. But getting a film up and running is a long and well-planned-out process. The two war-oriented movies that found their way into theaters on the eve of the U.S.-U.K. invasion of Iraq, Tears of the Sun and Hunted, necessarily had to be scheduled long before that action could be forecast. Whatever fateful Olympian calendar accounts for the timing of their appearance, Tears of the Sun and The Hunted are two prime examples of how Hollywood helps to reflect back, reinforce, and shape the American public's view of itself as it girds for war. Specifically, it perpetuates an idea that no matter how aggressive an American military action appears, the fact of the matter is that it is Americans [who] are actually either on the defensive or reacting to the barbarism of foreigners... The two movies are good examples partly because they are bad. Each is created by a 'pseudo-auteur,' directors who never achieved the level of competent metteurs-en-scene before they were crowned as artists." (The Fog of (Hollywood) War. By Henry Sheehan, March 2003.) Alex Lasker, co-writer of Tears of the Sun, is the son of Mary Lasker's stepson Edward Lasker (who was a director of Philip Morris from 1960 to 1980) and actress Jane Greer. William Friedkin, the director of The Hunted, also directed The Exorcist, parts of which were filmed in her crony Florence Mahoney's Georgetown mansion.

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