The CDC's "Healthy People" Program


Congressional testimony on the Disease Prevention and Health Promotion Act of 1978 (Subcommittee on Health and Scientific Research of the Senate Human Resources Committee, Edward M. Kennedy, Chairman.)

Disease Prevention and Health Promotion Act of 1978 / UCSF (pdf, 951 pp)

Former Rep. Paul G. Rogers (R-FL) was chairman of the House Subcommittee on Health and the Environment from 1971-1978. He has been Chairman of the Lasker Foundation's unregistered lobbying group, Research!America, since 1996.

"Reflections of Former Assistant Secretaries for Health"

The government's Healthy People program was started in 1979 during the administration of President Carter to expand health fascism from smokers to the population as a whole. James Mason, Julius Richmond, Edward Brandt Jr., Robert Windom, Philip Lee share their deluded premises and self-congratulatory feelings, Sep. 12, 2000.

"Reflections of Former Assistant Secretaries for Health"

The first, de facto Assistant Secretary for Health was Boisfeuillet Jones, the father of the publisher and CEO of the Washington Post of the same name. The early Surgeon General reports were put out by the National Clearinghouse for Smoking and Health, which was part the Regional Medical Programs established in 1965.

Promoting Health Preventing Disease; Objectives for the Nation came out in November 1980. Isn't it wonderful to live in Bloodsucker Land, where our bloodsucker dictators decree that, by 1990, 60% of physicians must interogate their patients about "stress reduction techniques" and "coping mechanisms," while the bloodsuckers spew their 24/7 stream of lies and defamations and baboon-stupid pseudo-science in our faces.

Objectives for the Nation, 1980 / UCSF (pdf, 203 pp)

Theodore Cooper

Assistant Secretary for Health, 1975-77

He was a correspondent of Mary Lasker from 1970 to 1992.

The Theodore Cooper Page

Julius Richmond

Assistant Secretary for Health, 1977-81

"At PHS Richmond remains best known for his leadership in devising and implementing quantitative goals for public health, first published in 1979 as "Healthy People: The Surgeon General's Report on Health Promotion and Disease Prevention..."

The Julius Richmond Page

Edward N. Brandt Jr.

Assistant Secretary for Health, 1981-84

2002 Board of Directors of Friends of the National Library of Medicine: Longtime Lasker ally former Rep. Paul G. Rogers is chairman. Other board members: Former Assistant Secretary for Health Edward N. Brandt Jr.; former HEW chief Joseph A. Califano Jr.; Lois DeBakey; Mary Lasker's crony Michael E. DeBakey; Mary's nephew, James Fordyce; her friend, Frances Humphrey Howard; Joshua Lederberg; Gilbert Omenn's mentor, Robert G. Petersdorf; Former Surgeons General Julius B. Richmond and Louis W. Sullivan; John Whitehead of Research!America; Susan Whitehead; and Mary Woolley, President of Research!America.

Board of Directors / Friends of the National Library of Medicine

William H. Foege

CDC Director 1977-1983

William H. Foege is a virologist, but he's a Lasker Syndicate virologist, meaning that he believes infection is only responsible for deaths from acute illnesses. He has helped to kill more people than smallpox because of this deluded belief. He and J. Michael McGinnis are the authors of the specious study of causes of death that was published in the Journal of the American Medical Association in 1993, which the health fascists continue to use as their rationalization for meddling in peoples' lives.

J. Michael McGinnis

Deputy Assistant Secretary for Health under Richmond

J. Michael McGinnis has been an architect of health fascism since the 1970s. He has been a senior vice president at the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation since 1999, and was a consultant prior to that.

Philip R. Lee

Assistant Secretary for Health 1965-69 and 1992-97

Philip Lee's father wrote the Lasker national health plan during the Truman Adminsistration, and one of his father's cronies whom he met at the Bohemian Grove recruited him to push for the Lasker Medicaid program in 1965. Lee returned again during the Clinton Administration's Lasker-initiated push for a national health care program. Anti-smoking warhorses Lisa Bero and Stanton Glantz are on the staff at Lee's Institute for Health Policy Studies at UCSF.

Jo Ivey Boufford

Acting Assistant Secretary for Health between Lee and Satcher

Jo Ivey Boufford had a Robert Wood Johnson Health Policy Fellowship at the Institute of Medicine in 1979-80. She was an advisor to Lee during his service in the Clinton Administration, and Acting Assistant Secretary for Health after Lee's departure.

William L. Roper

CDC Director 1990-1993

William L. Roper was Special Assistant to the President for Health Policy from 1983 to 1986 in the Reagan Administration, then HCFA Administrator until 1989; and Deputy Assistant to the President for Domestic Policy and Director of the White House Office of Policy Development in the G.H.W. Bush Administration.

David Satcher

Assistant Secretary for Health & Surgeon General, 1993-2002

David Satcher has had RWJF connections since at least 1975; he was a member of the first class of the RWJF Clinical Scholars Program, and participated in the Clinton Care Task Force.

Jeffrey P. Koplan

CDC director, 1998-2002

Jeffrey Koplan was originally from Foege's outfit, the CDC's EIS.

Ruth Kirschstein

Acting Director of NIH 1999-2002

Ruth Kirschstein is named as a collaborator in creating "Healthy People" in the "Reflections of Former Assistant Scretaries for Health." According to a recent article in Science, "At NIH, the circuits all seem to connect to Ruth Kirschstein," who with her husband Alan Rabson, has been at the National Institutes of Health for 50 years. Plus, the SV40-contaminated vaccine coverup.


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