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Susan Lasker Brody

CDC Director Julie Gerberding addresses alumni at Columbia University Mailman School of Public Health, whose Advisory Board, thanks to gifts of $10,000+ by the Frances and Sidney Brody Charitable Fund, Inc., to the Fund for Public Health Leadership and the Dean's Discretionary Fund, includes Susan Lasker Brody '97. Mary Lasker's old crony, Mathilde Krim, is still on the board as well. (Alumni Partners Fall 2003. Columbia University Mailman School of Public Health. Link died

Christopher Brody

Christopher W. Brody is Treasurer of the Lasker Foundation. Forbes says that "From 1971 through 1998, Mr. Brody was a partner of Warburg, Pincus & Co., a venture capital and private equity investment firm." He is also a director of Intuit since Dec. 1993; Chairman of Vantage Partners LLC, a private investment firm, since Jan. 1999; and is a director of the Moore Medical firm. In Mary Lasker's obituary in The New York Times Feb. 23, 1994, p. A17, he is identified as her step-grandchild.

Brody is a Director of the United Nations Association of the United States of America (UNA-USA). "The Association traces its founding to 1943 and the birth of the American Association for the United Nations (AAUN), a citizen-based organization [sic] led by Eleanor Roosevelt and dedicated to educating American about the U.N. and global issues. In 1964, the AAUN merged with the U.S. Committee for the United Nations, composed of 138 national organizations supporting the work of the world body, thereby creating the United Nations Association of today." Anti-smoking billionaire Ted Turner is also a director of this organization. (UNA-USA Board of Directors. Link died

Christopher W. Brody and Lionel Pincus are members of the Council on Foreign Relations, 2001. (CFR Membership Roster 2001. Link died

Mr. and Mrs. Sidney Brody

Sidney and Frances (Lasker) Brody corresponded with Mary Lasker from 1940 to 1987. Sidney Brody was appointed to the President's Committee on the Arts and the Humanities, by President Reagan, on June 15, 1982. He was the president of Brody Investment Co. in Beverly Hills, California. Mary Lasker's obituary identifies Frances Brody as her stepdaughter. (Sidney Brody. Reagan Library 1982. Link died

Frances Brody was a member of the Board of Governors of the Technion - Israel Institute of Technology ca. 2005; a Director of the American Committee for the Weizmann Institute of Science ca 2005, and a Governor of the Weizmann Institute in Israel (Board of Governors, Weizmann Institute. Link died

She is on the Director's Advisory Council of the UCLA Center for Seventeenth and Eighteenth-Century Studies, chaired by Loren Rothschild. "In June 2000, for example, the members were treated to a private viewing of the Clark's rarest and most important treasures, including the Shakespeare First Folio (1623) and the first edition of Newton's Principia (1687)." Considering that "Shakespeare's" real identity is reputed to be that of Sir Francis Bacon, whose vision of centralized organization of knowledge to serve the power of the state spurred the establishment of the world's national academies of science, along with legends of the Rosicrucians and other secret societies, it no doubt held very special significance. (Director's Advisory Council, UCLA Center for 17th & 18th-Century Studies. Link died

Benefit for Tony Duquette, Hollywood set designer: "They also honored Noorna Ebersol, Frances Brody, Terry Stantill and Hannah Carter. These women of the world who make their home in Los Angeles are very dynamic individuals in the international art community. All of them have intense connections to LACMA but also in their private lives. Mrs. Brody, for example, lives in a substantial 50s contemporary white stucco villa in Holmby Hills, with an atrium/courtyard with an enormous Matisse mural (painted by commission of Mr. and Mrs. Brody) on one wall." (New York Social Diary 3-15-01. Link died

Francie Brody

Brody & Weiser, "Program Related and Social Investors," for Politically Correct investing. With a heavy-duty client list including the Ford, James Irvine, W.K. Kellogg, Levi Strauss, John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur, David and Lucille Packard Foundation, and Prudential Insurance Company. (Program-Related Investments. Brody & Weiser. Link died

Brody contributed to US Department of Housing and Urban Development's "hud's neighborhood networks" resource guide, 2nd edition, 1999, which was put together by the disreputable ICF Consulting, notorious for their pass-throughs in the EPA ETS report and for overbilling various other government agencies. They thank "Brody and Weiser of Branford, Connecticut, and, in particular, Frances Brody [et al] for their contributions to Chapter 2 on the resident needs assessment, Chapter 5 on evaluations and Chapter 6 on the business plan." ("hud's neighborhood networks" Link died

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Jane E. Brody

Personal Health Columnist, The New York Times. Born 1941 in Brooklyn, NY; BS, New York State College of Agriculture and Life Sciences at Cornell University, 1962; Master's degree in science writing, University of Wisconsin School of Journalism, 1963. After only two years as a general assignment reporter for the Minneapolis Tribune, in 1965 she became a full-specialist in medicine and biology at The New York Times. (link died

I will hazard a guess that her instructors at the UW J-School included Prof. Scott M. Cutlip, who taught there from 1946 to 1971, and is referred to as the "sire of public relations education" for introducing the study of PR.

Brody's 1973 University of Wisconsin School of Journalism Ralph O. Nafziger Award, "Selected for achievement within 10 years of graduation," aka "connections." (link died The UW School of Journalism also gave her their 1986 Distinguished Service Award for her spewage of Lasker Syndicate health propaganda. (link died

Brody's so-called journalism consists of unabashed whoredom for the anti-smokers - "The Growing Militancy of the Nation's Non-Smokers," The New York Times, Jan. 15, 1984. (translation - the bloodsuckers want nonsmokers to think this is THEIR movement, instead of a cynically orchestrated hate propaganda campaign by wealthy and connected filth who use the techniques of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion to deceive and manipulate us). Brody assures us that the "experts" who concocted the Surgeon General Report were "approved by cigarette manufacturers" - but not that the health establishment has been systematically stocked with corrupt frauds and incompetents by the Lasker Syndicate, who systematically ignore the role of infection in the diseases they blame on smoking; nor that the cigarette manufacturers actions were controlled by Lasker Syndicate stooges, particularly Edward Lasker on the board of directors of Philip Morris from 1960 to 1981. She gushes that "Research has since confirmed and extended those findings" to diseases including ulcers which have since been proven to have been caused by Helicobacter pylori, "a dozen types of cancer" in which research on infection has been suppressed, and "low birth weights, which characterize a large percentage of high-risk infants," which was really caused by chorioamnionitis as demonstrated since by a concealed gold-standard study and confirmed by steadily-rising rates of low birthweight. And she gloats about a University of Wisconsin study showing how their hate propaganda manipulates college students' attitudes against smokers.

Brody, New York Times 1984 / UCSF (pdf, 34 pp)

More puffery of Jane Brody, "See Jane Run (And Do Likewise)," Anastasia Toufexis. Time 1986 Nov 10. Note: "In 1965 she moved back to New York and to the Times. Eleven years later she was tapped, despite her initial reluctance, to do the column." The origin of this pressure is not discussed.

Brody puff / Time 1986

Brody's speech to the University of Minnesota's School of Public Health, Dec. 1, 2000, in which she boasts that "[I]t was the media that did the most to turn smokers into social pariahs, now forced to stand like prostitutes shivering in doorways to get their nicotine fix." (University of Minnesota School of Public Health 2000 link died

Another Brody masterpiece of hate propaganda: "Smoker's Face: Another Reason to Quit Habit." New York Times 1996 Jun 19, C9.

Brody / NY Times 1996

"'It's deja vu all over again!' exclaimed Jane Brody. One of Jane and Richard Engquist's twin son's, Erik (a journalist like his mother) [sic], just became the father of twin sons. Their mom is Kris Kim, a senior vice president with the American Cancer Society." (Cornell Magazine, Sep. 2000 link died

The Lasker Foundation has rewarded the New York Times for its shilling with its 2000 Public Understanding of Science Award.

New York Times 2000 Lasker Award / TIME
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Jane Brody blames smoking for her husband's lung cancer death, reported in the New York Times on March 15, 2010, notwithstanding that he quit smoking 15 years before. According to the quit-smoking propaganda, his risk would be nearly the same as in non-smokers. Someone should tell her that HPV causes lung cancer, and HPV is perfectly capable of persisting for decades.

HPV Causes Lung Cancer

Jane E. Brody lies through her corrupt teeth by ignoring HPV!

Jane E. Brody of the New York Times is a corrupt flack for the American Cancer Society, who deliberately spreads lies and conceals the truth, to keep the public ignorant and deceived and further their health fasisct political agenda. See how this professional liar obediently recites the Cancer Society line blaming smoking, passive smoking, radon, and asbestos for lung cancer - WHILE IGNORING THE ROLE OF HPV, which causes over ten times more lung cancers. Then this hack lets the Cancer Society pretend to be sympathetic to non-smokers. "'Lung cancer is underfunded and a major reason is the idea that it’s all related to smoking and it’s the smoker’s fault,' said Dr. Michael Thun, an epidemiologist at the American Cancer Society. 'This stigma has influenced both advocacy and research dollars.'" BUT THE AMERICAN CANCER SOCIETY AND ITS MEDIA WHORES ARE TO BLAME FOR EVERYTHING! They put that stigma there, on purpose, for political purposes. They've had ALL the control over funding, and NOBODY has been allowed to dissent. They've deliberately committed fraud with impunity, and violated the rights of tens of millions of people for six decades, all because of this conspiracy between the media and the Cancer Society. (Blame’s Net Catches Lung Cancer Patients. By Jane E. Brody. New York Times, Jul. 12, 2010.)

Blame’s Net Catches Lung Cancer Patients / New York Times

William J. Brody

"Tobacco Litigation Law Firm Donates $10 Million to Minneapolis Foundation." Philanthropy News Digest 1999 May 5;5(18). "The Robins, Kaplan, Miller & Ciresi law firm has made a $10 million donation to the Minneapolis Foundation in support of the Robins, Kaplan, Miller & Ciresi L.L.P. Foundation for Education, Public Health and Social Justice [sic]. The contribution, the second of three anticipated payments over the next few years, is made possible in large part from fees earned by the firm as a result of its representation of the State of Minnesota in the historic Minnesota tobacco litigation case, which resulted in a $6.6 billion settlement.

"The new foundation, which was announced in October 1998, will function as a supporting organization of the Minneapolis Foundation. It is expected to begin making grants in the fall of 1999..." (Robins, Kaplan, Miller & Ciresi. Philanthropy News Digest 1999. Link died

In 2001-02, William J. Brody was Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Minneapolis Foundation, the recipient of this largesse, whose assets total around $574 million. Former Honeywell CEO Edson W. Spencer was Vice Chairman, and John F. Eisberg of Robins, Kaplan, Miller & Cerisi LLP was a Trustee. (Catalyst Newsletter, Winter 2001-02. The Minneapolis Foundation. Link died

The Minneapolis Foundation funded a "Bio-feedback Smoking Education Program" for the American Lung Association in Hennepin County public and private schools in 1982. Gerald William Orr was the Executive Director. (An Overview of Anti-Smoking Organizations, by Carol Hrycaj of the Tobacco Institute, 1988, p. 56.)

The Minneapolis Foundation, 1988 / UCSF (pdf, 57 pp)

William J. Brody '76 was a member of the Board of Visitors of the Indiana University School of Law. Other members include Duncan A. MacDonald of Citicorp Credit Services; Shirley S. Abramson, Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Wisconsin; and James F. Fitzpatrick of Arnold & Porter, which was the tobacco industry's paid public pretender firm at the Minnesota trial. (Board of Visitors, Indiana University School of Law. Link died

"William [Brody], a shareholder at Fredrikson & Byron and chair of the Estate Planning group, focuses on sophisticated wealth transfer issues for individuals, families and family offices," an area of law in which the wealthy elites are greatly interested. (Staff Bio, Fredrikson & Byron. Link died

William R. Brody

Born in 1944 in Stockton, California, Brody became the president of The Johns Hopkins University, the home turf of Jonathan Samet and Leon Gordis, on Sept. 1, 1996 - just prior to the Minnesota tobacco lawsuit, at which Samet was the star perjuror. Brody was the provost of the Academic Health Center at the University of Minnesota from 1987-94, and before that he was at The Johns Hopkins. He is a member of the Institute of Medicine, and a fellow of the American College of Cardiology. (Brody biography, The Johns Hopkins University. Link died

He has been a director of Avistar Inc. since 2000; Alza Corp. (founded by Alejandro Zaffaroni) since 1996; Medtronic Inc. since 1998; and Mercantile Bankshares since 1997. (Brody CV, The Johns Hopkins University. Link died

From a citation for Lasker Foundation Director Robert J. Glaser's honorary degree at The Johns Hopkins University commencement ceremony: "As a top administrator at the Washington University, Colorado and Stanford medical schools and as a faculty member at Harvard and Columbia, you shaped the careers of many hundreds of physicians, including President [William R.] Brody." (University to confer eight honorary degrees. The Johns Hopkins University Gazette 2000 May 22.)

Honorary Degrees / JHU Gazette 2000

William R. Brody is on the Board of Directors of the Commonwealth Fund. Jo Ivey Boufford and Philip R. Lee are the Monitoring Committee. (Board and Staff, Commonwealth Fund. Link died

"Johns Hopkins ranks first among US universities in receipt of federal research and development funds. The School of Medicine ranks first among medical schools in extramural awards from the National Institutes of Health. The Bloomberg School of Public Health ranks first among all public health schools in research support from the federal government." (From: Information about Hopkins, facts at a glance).


The Brody Family of North Carolina

The Brody family of eastern North Carolina is a major benefactor of the East Carolina medical school, which in 1999 was renamed in their honor. East Carolina University was originally the Eastern Carolina Teachers College. In the early 1960s, with $200,000 in funding from Leo and JS "Sammy" Brody, ECU president Leo Jenkins, Dr. Edwin W. Monroe, and others set out to establish a medical school at the college. It began as a one-year program. In 1974 the University of North Carolina Board of Governors approved the development of a four-year medical school, and urged the General Assembly to fund it. The Brodys' support over the years has amounted to more than $22 million. (Boards of Directors of ECU Medical Foundation and Brody Foundation. Link died; A Place in History. East Carolina University School of Medicine 1996. Link died

"The Brody family has had many business interests over the years in North and South Carolina, most notably the line of Brody's retail clothing stores, which was sold to the Profitt's chain in 1997. The family also has been involved in soft drink bottling, real estate development and other ventures." (Brody Family gives $8 million to the School of Medicine. UHS People, Dec 2000-Jan 2001;8(10). Link died

"David S. Brody W[harton School of Business] '72 recently received the North Carolina Hospital Association 2000 Trustee Award: in February he completed his 16th year on the boards of Pitt County Memorial Hospital and the University Health System of Eastern Carolina. He is a managing partner of Brody Associates, a real estate development company, and serves on the board of the Brody Foundation." (University of Pennsylvania Alumni Notes.)

David S. Brody / University of Pennsylvania

In Memorium. Leo Warren Jenkins. (An Era Ends - Leo Jenkins Dies at Age 75. Pieces of Eight, 1989 Feb 1. Link died

Edwin Monroe left ECU in 1990 to become executive director of the Kate B. Reynolds Charitable Trust (of the RJ Reynolds tobacco fortune), one of the state's largest health philanthropies. (Changing of the Guard; Goodbye and thanks to four pillars. ECU Medical Review 1990 Fall. Link died

Some trash produced by the East Carolina Brody School of Medicine: "Research shows smoking one cigarette affects heart," July 15, 2001, a cynical Bernaysian propaganda ploy intended to exploit the fact that stupid ignoramuses are incapable of distinguishing between an acute effect and a long-term disease process, and to degrade the quality of thought in public discussion by implying that this kind of stupidity is intelligence. (Link died

David S. Brody, MD of Philadelphia

David S. Brody, MD of Darby, PA was a critical reviewer of the January 1994 NCI Monograph "Tobacco and the Clinician." (Link died

"He has acted as the principal investigator for a range of studies funded by such prestigious grant-makers as The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and the National Institute of Mental Health." (Bio, Media Roundtable on Depression and Managed Care, May 11, 1998. Link died

Jerome S. Brody of Boston University

Brody's studies relating to lung disease and development date from at least as far back as 1965 through 2009. He was at the University of Pennsylvania until 1973. He was a founding editor of the American Journal of Respiratory Cell and Molecular Biology, 1989, and is a member of the American Thoracic Society Planning Committee. (Trustees, University of Pennsylvania. Link died; AJRCMB, ATS Link died; Committees, ATS. Link died

Search: Brody JS / PubMed

The Pulmonary Medicine Section at Boston University began in 1968 with Gordon Snider; Jerome S. Brody joined it in 1973. "Dr. Jerome Brody, Vice Chair of Medicine for Research, is director of a Program Project in developmental biology, now in its sixth year. It is the only one of its type funded by the NIH." (Pulmonary Medicine, Boston University. Link died

"We have developed a research paper over the past few years that focuses on various aspects of lung cancer biology. The program is just beginning to produce papers, grants, and exciting new ideas [sic]... We are focusing on why only a small (15-20%) subset of smokers develop lung cancer and trying to define genetic factors that predispose to lung cancer. This question takes one into the worlds of gene arrays, loss of heterozygosity, gene methylation, and smoking mice." The same old garbage. (Brody, Boston University Medical Center. Link died

Brody and the Conspiracy to Hide the Role of Viruses in Lung Cancer

Jerome S. Brody is co-author of a study which tested for early indications of lung cancer development:

Airway PI3K Pathway Activation Is an Early and Reversible Event in Lung Cancer Development. AM Gustafson, R Soldi, C Anderlind, MB Scholand, J Qian, X Zhang, K Cooper, D Walker, A McWilliams, G Liu, E Szabo, J Brody, PP Massion, ME Lenburg, S Lam, AH Bild, A Spira. Sci Transl Med 2010 Apr 7;2(26):26ra25. "Although only a subset of smokers develop lung cancer, we cannot determine which smokers are at highest risk for cancer development, nor do we know the signaling pathways altered early in the process of tumorigenesis in these individuals. On the basis of the concept that cigarette smoke creates a molecular field of injury throughout the respiratory tract, this study explores oncogenic pathway deregulation in cytologically normal proximal airway epithelial cells of smokers at risk for lung cancer. We observed a significant increase in a genomic signature of phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase (PI3K) pathway activation in the cytologically normal bronchial airway of smokers with lung cancer and smokers with dysplastic lesions, suggesting that PI3K is activated in the proximal airway before tumorigenesis. Further, PI3K activity is decreased in the airway of high-risk smokers who had significant regression of dysplasia after treatment with the chemopreventive agent myo-inositol, and myo-inositol inhibits the PI3K pathway in vitro. These results suggest that deregulation of the PI3K pathway in the bronchial airway epithelium of smokers is an early, measurable, and reversible event in the development of lung cancer and that genomic profiling of these relatively accessible airway cells may enable personalized approaches to chemoprevention and therapy. Our work further suggests that additional lung cancer chemoprevention trials either targeting the PI3K pathway or measuring airway PI3K activation as an intermediate endpoint are warranted."

Gustafson - Sci Transl Med 2010 abstract / PubMed

BUT - What they're testing for, activation of the PI3K system, is actually a sign of virus infection. "A number of viruses including EBV, HPV, HBV and HCV have the ability to establish long-term infections in the host, either through the establishment of latent or chronic infections, which can ultimately lead to cellular transformation. It appears that the gene products of these viruses stimulate PI3K–Akt-mediated cell survival and thereby block apoptosis of the cells they infect. This contributes to both virus survival and oncogenic transformation..." (The pivotal role of phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase–Akt signal transduction in virus survival. S Cooray. J Gen Virol 2004;85:1065-1076.)

Cooray / J Gen Virol 2004 full article

And among that list of viruses, HPV is implicated in at least a quarter of non-small cell lung cancers. Cytomegalovirus, an even more widespread chronic infection, also activates the PI3K pathway. It is an intrinsic property of these viruses. The fact that they must test for PI3K activation is prima facie evidence that it is not an intrinsic effect of smoking. But Brody et al. don't mention these salient facts, never mind demonstrate that they are not merely measuring the effects of viral infection, and then blame PI3K activation on smoking by the use of deceitful rhetoric. This is part of a deliberate, systematic conspiracy which the funding sources for many of Brody et al.'s studies, including the National Cancer Institute and the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences, have engaged in for decades, in order to deceive the public and wage of war of cultural genocide against smokers.

Michael Brody, MD

Child Development Specialist

Chairman of the Media Committee of the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry; CEO of Psychiatric Center, the largest "provider of services to the chronically mentally ill in the District of Columbia." Board member of The Center for Media Education; liaison to the American Academy of Pediatrics Committee on Public Information; and Chairman of the Celebrity Section of the Popular Culture Association.

"Dr. Brody has developed a strong following for his research on the links between television viewing and aggressive behavior in children." "Dr. Brody has been quoted in widely read publications such as the New York Times, USA Today, the Miami Herald, Parenting, and the Chicago Tribune among others as an expert on children's media." "During his career, Dr. Brody has testified before Congress, the FCC and FTC and has consulted to the White House." (Brody Bio, Zapf Creation. Link died

"AACAP Joins Health Organizations Consensus on Enterntainment Violence Danger... Michael Brody, M.D., represented the AACAP... He explained to the Capitol Hill audience that 'Video game play correlates with aggression, which is seen to be the primary emotional response to playing. Studies have shown that the [video] games create intense autonomic effects, rapid heart rate, higher blood pressure and increased aggressive thoughts'" (American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry news release. Aug. 2, 2000. Link died


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