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Michael Bloomberg Funds Terrorism

Spreading lies based on deliberate scientific fraud to scare the public about phony "dangers" of secondhand smoke is an act of terrorism no different in nature from calling in a phony bomb threat. And it's even more morally reprehensible, because it's designed to persecute innocent people and deprive them of their rights to liberty.

Anti-smoker Mayor Michael Bloomberg's billions funded the so-called World Health Organization "study," which isn't even a study. The data for an actual study do not exist in the first place, and even if it did, the anti-smokers would commit scientific fraud by ignoring the role of infection. It's a computer-generated defamation using the anti-smokers' standard fraud-based claims, with data on smoking prevalence plugged in. It proves that the World Health Organization is merely a corrupt prostitute for wealthy oligarchs. And for the media to purvey this Big Lie as truth proves that they've been given their jobs because they're professional Nazi propagandists whose goal is to impose tyranny on the world.

Where Is the Civil Liberties Union?

Nazi Mayor Bloomberg wants to expand the smoking ban even to the outdoors. Norman Siegel, a former executive director of the New York Civil Liberties Union, endorses this violation of smokers' rights with legal sophistries: "Mr. Siegel hastened to say, it is a common misconception that civil libertarians should be on the side of smokers. 'There is no constitutional right to smoke,' he said. 'People have asked me whether we can bring litigation to challenge some of these prohibitions. It does not work, because government has general welfare powers to enact legislation affecting people’s health.'" (When Citizens (Gasp) Are the Smoking Police. By Anemona Hartocollis. New York Times, Sep. 16, 2010.)

Norman Siegel and all those other phony "civil libertarians" are automatically traitors for embracing the presumption that the people must justify their rights to engage in specific actions, while the government is entitled to do anything it pleases under the pretext of "general welfare powers to enact legislation affecting people’s health."

In fact, the government may restrict peoples' liberties only if it has a compelling justification. To thwart this objection, the anti-smokers have resorted to deliberate, systematic scientific fraud for the last six decades, to deceive the public about the supposed "dangers" of smoking and secondhand smoke. The anti-smokers are guilty of flagrant fraud for ignoring more than 50 studies, which show that human papillomaviruses cause over ten times more lung cancers than they pretend are caused by secondhand smoke. Smokers and passive smokers are more likely to have been exposed to this virus for socioeconomic reasons, and the anti-smokers' phony studies are designed to falsely blame those extra lung cancers caused by HPV because they're based on nothing but lifestyle questionnaires.

HPV Causes Lung Cancer

They commit the same type of fraud with every disease they blame on smoking and passive smoking, as well as ignoring any other evidence that contradicts their political agenda. Every Surgeon General and other government reports are therefore acts of deliberate fraud by the government, and violations of smokers' rights to the equal protection of the laws. And the anti-smoker criminals in the media are guilty of conspiracy to keep the public ignorant about the role of HPV, and assist in the systematic violation of the public's rights. It's exactly like pretending that the government's right to put people in prison for crimes gives it the right to put innocent people in prison! Which in fact is exactly what Mayor Bloomberg stands for!

Michael Bloomberg's Police State

Where the police terrorize the people by stopping and frisking them for nothing and inventing bogus charges when no crime was committed, while downgrading serious crimes to make their statistics look better. This is how Bloomberg supposedly cleaned up the city! And, the whistleblower is thrown into a mental institution and suffers other retaliation and harassment, even after leaving the police force. (The NYPD Tapes: Inside Bed-Stuy's 81st Precinct. By Graham Rayman. The Village Voice, May 4, 2010, first of a continuing series.)

The NYPD Tapes: Inside Bed-Stuy's 81st Precinct / Village Voice

Anyone who ventures onto the streets could be a victim: Someone walking home from church, sitting on their front stoop, waiting to pick up a friend at work. (414: Right to Remain Silent. This American Life, originally aired 09-10-2010.)

Right to Remain Silent / This American Life
Schoolcraft Complaint / Schoolcraft Justice (pdf, 64 pp)

Smokers will of course be disproportionately victimized due to being forced out into the streets by the smoking ban. This is exactly what could be expected from a demagogue who embraces deliberate scientific fraud and systematic lies in order to persecute smokers, and this is proof that their culture of evil doesn't stop with smokers. It spreads out and poisons an entire society (at least, those who aren't Michael Bloomberg's wealthy friends).

Record Number of New Yorkers Arrested During Bloomberg Era, NYPD Stats Show. By Murray Weiss. DNAinfo, Dec. 21, 2012. "In fact, the number of NYPD arrests in the Big Apple has jumped nearly 23 percent since Bloomberg took office — there were 338,788 collars in 2002 compared to 413,573 last year, police statistics show... NYPD statistics show that the overwhelming number of arrests involve lower-level and quality-of-life offenders and not of suspects charged with serious felonies... 'Day after day, people are stuffed into our holding cells for days at a time and then go to court and the prosecutors or judges look at the case and say it is not worth pursuing,' one top court official told 'On The Inside.'"

Record Number of New Yorkers Arrested / DNAinfo

Bloomberg's Mistress and the Bank Bailouts

"The particularly frustrating part about the bailouts is that if we're to believe much of the media coverage, the money is going toward keeping financial executives high on the hog and cushioning the fall of those who brought about calamity in the first place. There's certainly some truth to these claims, but most coverage has failed to call out one of the primary beneficiaries of the bailouts. Any guesses? If you said "bondholders," then you are smarter than a fifth-grader. So who are these shadowy figures known only as "the bondholders?" To put it broadly, these are the companies and investment funds that own the debt of companies like Citigroup, Bank of America, JPMorgan, and General Motors and are hoping that these same companies can -- maybe with a little help -- stave off bankruptcy. As for their exact identities, they're a bit harder to track down than equity holders, but I dug up the major bondholders for Citigroup and Bank of America. There's a good deal of overlap between the two, particularly at the top with PIMCO -- the bond fund behemoth -- and mutual fund giant Vanguard leading both lists. Other major holders include MetLife, AIG's life insurance arm, Fidelity, Prudential, Dodge & Cox, and TIAA-CREF... But even if the reasoning behind bailing out bondholders isn't anything new, the player is one that hasn't gotten much attention -- and that seems like a big oversight. After all, if there was a video "Banks Gone Wild," bondholders would be the cheering crowd feeding the banks drinks and encouraging them to go further." (Who's Really Getting Bailed Out? By Matt Koppenheffer. The Motley Fool, Apr. 6, 2009.)

Who's Really Getting Bailed Out? / The Motley Fool

In 2000, PIMCO was acquired by Allianz AG, but the old directors continued in office until Apr. 24, 2008, when shareholders voted to change the Fund's management and put new directors in. Diana L. Taylor was appointed a director in May. Diana L. Taylor is Michael Bloomberg's mistress.

PCM Fund, Inc. Form N-CSRS June 30, 2008 / Securities and Exchange Commission
PCM Fund Inc. 2009 DEF-14A / Securities and Exchange Commission

Diana L. Taylor was Superintendent of Banks, State of New York, 2003-2007. She is also a director of Federal National Mortgage Association (Fannie Mae). "Ms. Taylor, the oldest of three siblings, grew up with many of the trappings of old-money privilege. She began skiing at 2, raced sailboats, rowed crew and played tennis and lacrosse. She attended a steady stream of prestigious institutions including Greenwich Country Day School, the Milton Academy, Greenwich High School, Dartmouth and Columbia. And she went straight to work on Wall Street, first at Smith Barney after completing her masters in business administration. But she did not limit herself to the financial world. In business school, she worked part time at Lutheran Medical Center in Brooklyn, and she is now on track to complete a masters at Columbia in public health, a field she plans to work in someday." "[H]er nomination to the F.D.I.C. fizzled and became fodder for speculation that anger at Mr. Bloomberg from interests like the National Rifle Association or the tobacco lobby had killed it..." (The Mayor's Lady, Her Own Woman, One and the Same. By Diane Cardwell. New York Times, Feb. 12, 2006.) In 1988, she was one of the founders of M.R. Beal & Co., which managed $7.5 billion of municipal issues and was lead manager of a $50 million Chicago securities issue. (President Is Appointed At Beal Securities Firm. By Daniel F. Cuff. New York Times, Jan. 15, 1990.) "A Dartmouth College graduate, Ms. Taylor has an M.B.A. from Columbia University. After stints at two other large Wall Street firms, she joined Donaldson, Lufkin & Jenrette in 1984 and was a senior vice president when she left in 1988 to help found Beal." (Piercing Wall Street's 'Lucite Ceiling'. By Diana B. Henriques. New York Times, Aug. 11, 1991.) She grew up in Old Greenwich, Conn. and graduated from Dartmouth College in 1977. She was married to Jefferson Katims, a doctor, in 1987, and divorced in 1993. "In 1996, she cold-called the Pataki administration, offering her services, and before long was working on special projects, from the dredging of New York harbor to the state's partial takeover of Lilco, Long Island's electric utility. After spending two years as a vice president at KeySpan Energy, the job she held when she met Mr. Bloomberg, she became chief financial officer of the Long Island Power Authority." (Not One to Advise and Tell; Bloomberg Companion, a Pataki Aide, Separates Roles. By Dan Barry. New York Times, Feb. 2003.)

If Only for a Night, Wall St. Fallen Idol Is One of the Boys / New York Times

Nazi Mayor Bloomberg's Lasker Award for Health Fascist Tyranny

The Lasker Foundation is the corrupt oligarchy behind health fascism, the deliberate use of fraudulent pseudo-science to inflict a totalitarian dictatorship on the entire planet earth. Mary Woodard Lasker - not the pharmaceutical companies - was the most powerful health lobbyist in history. She was the head of the American Cancer Society from the 1940s and the virtual dictator of US health policy until her death in 1994. The mass media are unquestioning puppets who conceal their role and cover up their corruption. "Mrs. Lasker's network is probably unparalleled in the influence that a small group of private citizens has had over such a major area of national policy. One federal official refers to it as a 'noble conspiracy.' Gorman calls it a 'high class kind of subversion, very high class. We're not second story burglars. We go right in the front door.'" (The Health Syndicate / Washington's Noble Conspiracy. By Elizabeth Brenner Drew. The Atlantic Monthly 1967, Vol. 200, pp. 75-82.) These criminals' tyranny is the proof that democracy is a sham, and their puppet government should be overthrown!

2009 Mary Woodard Lasker Award for Public Service / Lasker Foundation
Drew - The Atlantic 1967 / UCSF (pdf, 8 pp)

Bloomberg Funded the Phony WHO Study

Here's what the corrupt World Health Organization has manufactured, per the purchase order of billionaire Michael Bloomberg: Hysterical health lies based on scientific fraud, consisting of deliberately using defective studies based on nothing but lifestyle questionnaires, in order to falsely blame tobacco for diseases caused by infection! Toxic crocodile tears about the expense of tobacco use -which isn't expensive until vermin like Michael Bloomberg corrupt governments and make them raise taxes in order persecute tobacco use! And a manifesto of non-negotiable demands to the governments of the world, to obey the dictates of billionaire Michael Bloomberg! The global media must be censored, because Michael Bloomberg says so! He has billions of dollars, so he can buy anything he wants, including entire Third World Countries! "M-POWER" stands for "M[ichael Bloomberg] Power!" It's designed to DIS-empower the people, by buying off their rulers- just like in the health fascist US! And it was dictated by the Office on Smoking and Health of the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and executed by lackeys at WHO. (The WHO Report on the Global Tobacco Epidemic. World Health Organization, 2008.)

The WHO Report on the Global Tobacco Epidemic, 2008 - The MPOWER Package / WHO
The WHO Report on the Global Tobacco Epidemic, 2008 / WHO (pdf, 342 pp)

Bloomberg Philanthropies [sic]

"Michael R. Bloomberg’s US$125 million, two-year contribution is many times larger than any prior donation for global tobacco control. It more than doubles the total of private and public donor resources devoted to fighting tobacco use in developing countries, where more than two thirds of the world’s smokers live. As part of this initiative, a competitively awarded grants program will support projects to develop and deliver high-impact tobacco control interventions. This funding will be made available to organizations that can work at the country level on one or more of the initiative's four strategic components. Two of the partner organizations – Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids and the World Lung Foundation – will be in charge of awarding Bloomberg grants. All five partner organizations will encourage and give technical support for the application of grants from all countries, but particularly from the 15 high burden countries (Bangladesh, Brazil, China, Egypt, India, Indonesia, Mexico, Pakistan, Philippines, Poland, Russian Federation, Thailand, Turkey, Ukraine and Viet Nam). In the first two rounds of the grants programme in 2007, a total of 81 grants were awarded in 31 countries. (Grants programme funded by Bloomberg Philanthropies. World Health Organization, Jan. 30, 2008.) The other three "partner organizations" are the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Foundation, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, and World Health Organization - Tobacco Free Initiative (WHO/TFI).

Bust New York Mayor Bloomberg For Conspiracy to Commit Arson and Homicide!

Deutsche Bank is Bloomberg's Reichstag Fire: "In a partnership with the State of New York, Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg’s government owns a ruined, contaminated skyscraper at 130 Liberty Street, across from the World Trade Center site. The building appears to have been a howling firetrap, the kind for which private owners would be indicted in days. Last week it killed two men, Firefighters Robert Beddia, 53, and Joseph Graffagnino, 33. Mr. Bloomberg and his partner, Gov. Eliot Spitzer, preached at the funerals that they would find out what their own governments had done. Here is a short list: They hired what appeared to be a shell corporation to demolish the building. This company plugged stairwells with plywood to keep asbestos from flying around. Workers clipped sprinkler lines. Someone cut a standpipe, a dry water main that is reserved for delivering water during fires." (Two New Deaths, Same Old Questions. By Jim Dwyer. New York Times, Aug. 25, 2007.) "The former president and chairman of the development corporation, Kevin Rampe, said that several years ago New York City directed that it route all information about the building, including communications for the Fire Department, through the mayor’s office." (An Escape Plan Stayed Hidden at a Fatal Fire. By Al Baker. New York Times, Oct. 3, 2007.) In other words, the building was set up for a fire, with a disreputable company in charge of the demolition project, at the behest of the Mayor. Next, "The mayor and fire officials said that there was strong evidence that careless smoking by workers on the upper floors caused the fire, and that an electrical cause had been ruled out." (3 Disciplined Over Fatal Fire at Bank Tower. By Al Baker. New York Times, Aug. 28, 2007.) So, anti-smoker Mayor Bloomberg had them send a stooge (perhaps the only professional on the project!) to set a fire on purpose, so that he could blame smokers!

Nobody who knows the true story of the anti-smokers' corruption in the fraudulent so-called "EPA" report on secondhand smoke could possibly take the mayor's hypocritical blatherings at face value, and sit there like credulous little tards who believe that authority figures would never lie to them. That report, which the anti-smokers trumpet as the crowning glory of their so-called "science," was written by handpicked anti-smoking activists, one of whom smugly confessed, who used illegal pass-through contracts to conceal their role. The EPA's own scientists were against calling secondhand smoke a human carcinogen. And, on the board of directors of the corrupt contracting firm sat a crony of President George H.W. Bush, at the end of whose administration that report was released, as well as a bigshot of the Democratic Party, to ensure a bipartisan coverup of their wrongdoing. Obviously, Bloomberg and Gov. Spitzer haven't cared to help the people "find out what their own governments had done"! Furthermore, it is fraudulent upon its very face, because the anti-smokers deliberately ignored the solid evidence implicating carcinogenic viruses as the real cause of lung cancer and other diseases that the anti-smokers blame on smoking. The use of this fraud by the anti-smokers is consistent and systematic, while their media accomplices cover up their wrongdoing and help them deceive the public by repeating their lies, over and over again! The record proves that the anti-smoker filth have an infinite capacity to rationalize committing any crimes, in order to manufacture hate propaganda to help stamp out smoking!

Mayor Bloomberg owns Johns Hopkins University School of Public Health

Bloomberg is "the largest donor in the 125-year history of the Johns Hopkins Institutions, with gifts including $100 million to the Johns Hopkins Initiative." (Hopkins Names Public Health School for Michael Bloomberg. Headlines@Hopkins news release, April 20, 2001.) Its School of Public Health, which has been renamed for him, is the lair of those corrupt epidemiologists, Leon Gordis and Jonathan M. Samet. Gordis is the scientific author of the "Federal Reference Manual on Scientific Evidence," which perpetrates a conspiracy of silence about the anti-smokers' systematic exploitation of confounding to falsely blame smoking and secondhand smoke for causes illness. Samet has been a ringleader of anti-smoking activism since the 1980s, including Surgeon General Reports (including the latest, in 2004, as Senior Scientific Editor), the National Academy of Science report, the "EPA" ETS report (which was secretly written by Samet's personal cronies), the WHO report (as Chairman), and the "ASHRAE" report, as well as testifying in the Minnesota tobacco lawsuit, the federal lawsuit, and other anti-smoking travesties of the law. In other words, contrary to the anti-smokers' false representations, these were not "independent" evaluations at all!

Hopkins Names Public Health School for Michael Bloomberg / Johns Hopkins University 2001

Bloomberg's Billions Bought the Ban !!!

"According to [New York City] Councilman Allan Jennings, the billionaire mayor promised to pump money into the campaigns of any council member who voted for the 18.5 percent property tax hike... The letter also says that Mayor Michael Bloomberg threatened to fund million dollar campaigns against councilmen who did not vote in favor of his smoking legislation. 'It is evident that you want to control everything with money,' Jennings wrote to the mayor. 'You promised to fund the campaigns of council members who voted for the property tax and your staff threatened council members that you would fund their opponents campaigns of up to $1,000,000 if anyone dared to vote against the smoking-ban law.'" (Billions and Ballots. By Dan McLean. Brooklyn Skyline 2003 Feb. 17. Link died

Dear Michael Bloomberg: Here is my idea for how to celebrate 9-11: We'll build a scale model of New York City, with little dolls of Bloomberg and his friends in the middle, and set it on fire. Then, when it has burned down to embers, we'll all gather around and joyfully PISS IT OUT! Hurray for the terrorists - may they come back and finish the job! And all the people who would vote for Michael Bloomberg deserve to die!

"Reversing the Flow of Money"

Mayor Bloomberg's corrupt methods have been revealed concerning the groups lobbying to change the law so he can run for a third term: "Michael R. Bloomberg, who says he strictly separates his philanthropy from his job as mayor of New York, is pressing many of the community, arts and neighborhood groups that rely on his private donations to make the case for his third term, according to interviews with those involved in the effort. As opposition mounts to his plan to ease term limits, those people said, the mayor and his top aides have asked leaders of organizations that receive his largess to express their support for his third-term bid by testifying during public hearings and by personally appealing to undecided members of the City Council. Legislation that would allow him to run for another term is expected to come up for a Council vote as early as next week. The requests have put the groups in an unusual and uncomfortable position, several employees of the groups said. City Hall has not made any explicit threats, they said, but city officials have extraordinary leverage over the groups’ finances. Many have received hundreds of thousands of dollars from Mr. Bloomberg’s philanthropic giving and millions of dollars from city contracts overseen by his staff." And, "Mr. Bloomberg routes the money to the groups through large and technically anonymous donations to the Carnegie Corporation, but it is an open secret that he is a source of the gifts, which generally range from $10,000 to $150,000." "Fred Siegel, a professor of history at Cooper Union who has studied New York City politics for decades, said Mr. Bloomberg had cynically 'reversed the flow of money' in politics to build the illusion, if not the reality, of widespread support. The traditional politicians are bought by special interest groups, but Bloomberg buys special interest groups,' he said." (Bloomberg Enlists His Charities in Bid to Stay. By Michael Barbaro and David W. Chen. New York Times, Oct. 17, 2008.) Of course, it worked the same way for the smoking ban, but the media were Bloomberg's accomplices in that!

Bloomberg Enlists His Charities in Bid to Stay / New York Times

"Aides to Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg hopscotch around the world on two Falcon 900 private jets, where wine and sushi are served. They stay at the Four Seasons in London (about $400 a night), the Intercontinental in Paris ($320) and the King David in Jerusalem ($345). Room service? The mayor pays for it all. Even the laundry. And invitations to dinner parties at Mr. Bloomberg’s Upper East Side town house rarely disappoint: Kofi Annan and Nora Ephron are regulars." Top aides receive pay of millions plus bonuses of hundreds of thousands of dollars. "He owns six houses, among them vacation homes in Bermuda, Colorado and Florida, along with stately residences in London and the Upper East Side of Manhattan. He loves extravagant parties and fine art." "Two of his new advisers are closely linked with his Democratic rivals. And nearly all are Democrats, though he is seeking to run on the Republican and independent ballot lines this fall." (Bloomberg Campaigners Taste the High Life. By Michael Barbaro. New York Times, Feb. 5, 2009.)

Bloomberg's Hate Propaganda Lies in Our Faces!

The anti-smoker filth boast: "THE image of Ronaldo Martinez, a smoker who had his larynx removed and speaks through an artificial voice box, was scary enough to prompt thousands of New Yorkers to quit cigarettes last year. His description — in his synthesized voice — of how he can no longer swim because he would drown if water got into his throat hole helped bring about a threefold increase in calls to the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene from people interested in smoking cessation... The city is planning a new television effort against tobacco in the fall, with a projected ad budget of $8 million... In New York, the spots ran throughout 2006 as part of a $10 million television blitz and went back into rotation, from April to May this year, as part of an additional $1.2 million in spending... The spots featuring Mr. Martinez are not homegrown, nor are they new. They were created by Geovision, a multicultural ad agency in Watertown, Mass., and were originally produced for the Massachusetts Department of Public Health in the late 1990s... Gregory Connolly, a professor at the Harvard School of Public Health, was formerly the director of the Massachusetts Tobacco Control Program, which commissioned the campaign." (Missing a Larynx, He’s Become the Voice of Antismoking Efforts. By Claire Atkinson. New York Times, July 17, 2007.) And there is not a single word about the fact that HUMAN PAPAILLOMA VIRUS CAUSES LARYNGEAL CANCER - just like in their corrupt studies, which also ignore HPV!

The MWW Group, Bloomberg's allies for the NYC Smoking Ban

MWW was acquired by Golin/Harris in 2000. Golin Communications had been acquired by Foote Cone & Belding (now True North Communications) in 1985. MWW, Golin/Harris, and FCB were all acquired by Interpublic Group during 2000-2001.

"One of our key practice areas is tobacco control and prevention. We have worked on every aspect of tobacco control include [sic] increasing tobacco taxes, crafting youth empowerment programs, educating community members about the benefits of smoke-free environments and securing tobacco settlement dollars for prevention programs. From a policy education perspective, few if any firms possess our ability to generate support for tobacco control issues on the state and local levels." (MWW Group Practice Areas - A. Tobacco Control and Prevention.)

Tobacco Control / MWW Group (pdf, p3/5)

(Anti-Smoking Organizations Look to the MWW Group for Public Affairs Counsel. MWW's Industry-Leading Anti-Tobacco Practice Adds Three New Clients. Press Release, May 8, 2002.) These were the NYC Coalition For A Smoke-Free City; the Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids; and the Missouri Partnership on Tobacco or Health. Their current clients include New Jersey Breathes; Citizens for a Healthy Nebraska/Health Education Inc.; Washington State Department of Health; and Illinois Department of Public Health's Youth Anti-Tobacco Movement, I Decide.

Anti-Smoking Organizations / MWW Group (pdf, 2pp)

Michael Kempner is President and CEO and Robert G. Sommer is Executive Vice President/Head of Public Affairs of MWW Group. Kempner is the number 52 lobbyist on Politics NJ's "Power List 2001 The Top 100 Insiders Who Influence Politics in New Jersey."

MWW Group / Holmes Report
Power List 2001 / Politics

Kempner is the former finance chair for US Sen. Robert Torricelli, was the New Jersey campaign director for President Jimmy Carter, and Special Assistant to Gov. Brendan T. Byrne. Sommer was a member of the Executive Finance Committee for House Democratic Leader and 2000 presidential candidate Richard Gephardt, D-MO, and also consulted as a speechwriter for Gephardt. He has been a House Commerce Committee staff member, and a speechwriter for Committee Chairman Rep. (later Gov.) Jim Florio. He has been a board member and past vice chairman of the New Jersey Public Broadcasting Authority; a trustee of the Democratic National Committee; and is a former director for state government affairs with Bristol Myers Squibb. (Lobbyists. New Jersey Insider.)

Lobbyists / New Jersey Insider

Kempner worked for Torricelli in the 1980s. (The Torch Goes Out on K Street. National Journal 2002 Oct 5;34(4):2907.)

National Journal 2002 / EBSCO Host

(Thomas Woodard Joins the Cherenson Group. Cherenson Group press release, undated.) Woodard is a former employee of MWW Group. "While at MWW, Woodard also received a PRSA Pyramid Award for his work on a 1997 New Jersey Breathes anti-tobacco campaign. The regional public affairs campaign increased the New Jersey cigarette tax by 45 cents." He joined Cherenson as a senior account executive in the public relations department.

Woodard / Cherenson Group

(Rebecca S. Kaufman joins the Cherenson Group. Press release, Feb. 13, 2003.) "Prior to joining the Cheenson Group Ms. Kaufman was a Media Relations Coordinator for the American Cancer Society (ACS)... Rebecca worked on all major initiatives from screening guidelines, community events and breaking news stories to annual events such as The Great American Smokeout..."

Kaufman / Cherenson Group

Peter T. Grauer

Michael Bloomberg's closest friend, Peter T. Grauer, has been a director of DaVita Inc. since 1994. "Mr. Grauer has been chairman of the board since April 2001, and president and treasurer since March 2002, of Bloomberg, Inc. From November 2000 until March 2002, Mr. Grauer was a managing director of Credit Suisse First Boston. From September 1992 until November 2000, upon the merger of Donaldson, Lufkin & Jenrette, or DLJ, into Credit Suisse First Boston, Mr. Grauer was a managing director and founding partner of DLJ Merchant Banking." William H. Donaldson, Skull & Bones 1953, of DLJ, was a director of Philip Morris since 1979! Fellow directors of DaVita include Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Trustees Nancy-Ann DeParle and William L. Roper, the former director of the Centers for Disease Control.

Grauer bio / Futures Industry Association
DaVita Inc. 2003 DEF 14A / Securities and Exchange Commission
DaVita Inc. 2007 DEF 14A / Securities and Exchange Commission

Grauer seems to be trying to buy every dialysis machine in the US. Perhaps no one will sell him the factory.

Grauer, Peter T. / Edgar Online
Total Renal Care 2000 10-K405 / Securities and Exchange Commission

In 1976, Peter Thacher Grauer married Margaret Carrington Watkins, daughter of Luther LeGrande Watkins, owner of a real estate business. She was a lending officer and assistant secretary in the national division of the Manufacturers Hanover Trust Company. "She is a granddaughter of John McFerran Barr of Louisville, Ky., and the late Mrs. Barr, and the late Mr. and Mrs. William Christie Watkins of Orlando. Her maternal grandfather is former president of the First National Bank of Louisville, Ky., and a past trustee of the Hill School in Pottstown, Pa., and Princeton University. Mr. Grauer is an alumnus of the Hotchkiss School and the University of North Carolina. He is a vice president of Citibank." His father, Frederick M. Grauer, retired as a vice president of the Provident National Bank in Philadelphia. His grandfather, Frank W. Thacher, was president of the Florence Thread Co. in Riverside, N.J. (Peter Grauer, Miss Watkins Have Wedding. New York Times, Nov. 14, 1976.) His uncle, Dr. Franklin Hayward Grauer, graduated from Princeton and the Johns Hopkins Medical School, and was connected with the Cornell Medical Center. (Miss K.H. Craycroft Wed in Baltimore. New York Times, July 9, 1935.) His grandfather, Dr. Frank Grauer, received his degree from Bellevue Medical College in 1884, and studied abroad at the Universities of Berlin, Frankfort, and Strasbourg, then in clinics in Vienna, Paris, and London, and at Harvard and Johns Hopkins Universities. (Dr. F. Grauer Dead; Physician 50 Years. New York Times, Feb. 18, 1945.)

Peter T. Grauer later married Laura McCord, granddaughter of Amory Houghton. His stepdaughter, Laura Richardson Guthrie, married Frederick Wayne Lear Jr., regional vice president in the Dallas office of Neuberger Berman, an investment management unit of Lehman Brothers. (Laura Guthrie, Frederick Lear Jr. New York Times, Aug. 3, 2004.) L first husband, George Gordon Guthrie, was the son of Randolph H. Guthrie, senior partner of Mudge Rose Guthrie & Alexander and chairman of the executive committee of Studebaker-Worthington, Inc. He planned to join the corporate finance department of White, Weld & Co. Her stepfather was Sidney J. Weinberg Jr. of Goldman, Sachs & Co. (George Guthrie Weds Laura McCord. New York Times, Feb. 13, 1972.)

Bloomberg's Goon, Dr. Thomas Frieden

(Meet Mayor’s ‘Mind Meld’–Doc Frieden. By Ben Smith. The New York Observer, May 3, 2004, p. 1.) "Not long after he compared tobacco executives unfavorably to tuberculosis bacilli, Dr. Thomas Frieden got a letter from a senior vice president at Philip Morris U.S.A. 'To have the New York City Health Commissioner describe any group of human beings as a ‘low-life form’ is especially inappropriate,' the executive wrote. 'Such statements have been used throughout history to justify the worst kind of bigotry.' Dr. Frieden thought about it. He realized Philip Morris was right. 'Now I stick to, you know, unemotional language,' he told The Observer one recent morning in his sunny office. 'I describe them as mass murderers.'" [It sure makes it easy for that lie-spewing piece of anti-smoker filth to only have to deal with the timid little snivelings of tobacco executives, instead of someone with the guts to call THEM - the anti-smoker filth - the true mass murderers as they deserve, for their systematic suppression of research and scientific fraud, at our expense! -cast]

"Dr. Frieden, whom Mayor Michael Bloomberg installed to run the city’s Health Department in 2002, has a license to step on toes. That’s because when it comes to telling New Yorkers about their own best interests, Dr. Frieden serves as Mr. Bloomberg’s uncompromising id, pushing the Mayor to follow his instincts. The intensely private doctor and the bon vivant billionaire agree so fundamentally that one top aide to the Mayor described their relationship as 'mind-meld.' They share a confidence in their own actions, a sense that—in Mr. Bloomberg’s terms—the most important judgment comes 'when I look in the mirror.' That common ground between the two men is also the ethic of public health, to which Mr. Bloomberg has devoted so much of his personal fortune that the nation’s leading public-health school, at Johns Hopkins University, was recently renamed for him. Public health lacks the glamour of other areas of medicine and philanthropy; it is defined by a bird’s-eye view of society and a scorn for conventional wisdom and political necessity." [See how he's portrayed as a hero, with his supposed "scorn for conventional wisdom and political necessity" - instead of correctly as the goon of lying, cheating. stealing, bloodsucking Wall Street billionaires, whose arrogant fascism defines "political necessity," and to hell with the people.]

"Those who take up the field of public health are not always appreciated at the ground level, noted Alfred Sommer, dean of the Bloomberg School of Public Health [now a director of the Lasker Foundation, the anti-smoker filth who caused all this]. "The people they’re helping may not know it and, in fact, may even be irate," he said of his peers in public health." [Oh thank you master, for relieving us of the burden of our freedom - and may you be relieved of the burden of your lives for it! -cast]

"There is, of course, another way of looking at the public-health mentality, and seeing in it the autocratic tradition of the temperance leagues and worse. That’s how many bar owners see it. '"Frieden acts as if he’s been appointed by God to save the world from secondhand smoke," complained Brian Nolan, who heads the United Restaurant and Tavern Owners of New York. Dr. Frieden was the architect of the city’s 2002 bill banning smoking in all workplaces, including bars and restaurants, which has been generally popular despite bitter complaints from smokers, libertarians and bar owners." [The restaurant and bar owners' groups are led by TRAITORS AND INCOMPETENTS, who should have filed a RICO lawsuit for conspiracy, fraud and racketeering against the anti-smoker filth long ago, but have refused to even consider the thought, and sold their sheep followers down the river with puny whining like the preceding. -cast]

The Smoking Ban / Wired New York Forum

The Johns Hopkins University Committee on Tobacco, 1990

Who Rules JHU: Members of the Johns Hopkins Committee on Tobacco, Dec. 10, 1990: Stuart S. Janney III, Chair. Principal, Alex. Brown & Sons, Inc., Baltimore; Andrew J. Bozzelli, President, Anchor/Darling Industries, Inc., Rosemont, PA; Victor J. Dankis, Former member of the Executive Committee (retired), Johnson & Johnson, New Brunswick, NJ; J. Murray Logan, Chairman of the Investment Policy Committee, Rockefeller & Co., Inc, New York; Morris W. Offit, Chairman of the Board of Trustees, Johns Hopkins University; President, OFFITBANK, New York; Stephanie Weissman, student, George Washington University School of Law, Washington, DC; William C. Richardson, PhD, President, Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore; Michael E. Johns,MD, Vice President, Medicine, and Dean, School of Medicine, Johns Hopkins University; Alfred Sommer, MD, MHS, Dean, School of Hygiene and Public Health, Johns Hopkins University; Eugene S. Sunshine, Senior Vice President for Administration, Johns Hopkins University; William E. Snow, Jr., Treasurer, Johns Hopkins University. Trustees who were also invited to attend: H. Furlong Baldwin, Chairman and CEO, Mercantile Bankshares Corp., Baltimore; Michael R. Bloomberg, President, Bloomberg Inc., New York; Andre W. Brewster, General Partner, Piper & Marbury, Baltimore; Robert D.H. Harvey, former Chairman, Maryland National Bank, Baltimore; Alan P. Hoblitzell, Jr., Former Chairman and CEO, MNC Financial, Inc., Baltimore; George C. Radcliffe, former Chairman and CEO, Baltimore Life Insurance Company, Baltimore.

JHU Committee on Tobacco, 1990 / UCSF (pdf, 2 pp)
Victor J. Dankis bio ca. 1990 / UCSF (pdf, 1 p)
Michael Johns M.D. bio / UCSF (pdf, 1 p)
Morris W. Offit bio ca. 1990 / UCSF (pdf, 1 p)
William C. Richardson bio ca. 1990 / UCSF (pdf, 1 p)
Eugene Samuel Sunshine bio ca. 1990 / UCSF (pdf, 1 p)

Stuart Symington Janney III

"Born: Aug. 30, 1948, in Baltimore ... Resident: Butler, Md. ... Family: Lynn (wife); two children, Emily and Matthew ... Racing Family: mother, Barbara Phipps Janney, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Carnegie Phipps; father, Stuart S. Janney Jr.; Mr. and Mrs. Janney bred and raced the champion filly Ruffian; Mrs. Henry Carnegie Phipps raced as Wheatley Stable, which campaigned Horse of the Year and leading sire Bold Ruler; nephew to Ogden Phipps and cousin to Ogden Mills (Dinny) Phipps, former and current chairman of The Jockey Club, respectively ... Education: University of North Carolina; University of Maryland Law School ... Occupation: Chairman of the Board, Bessemer Trust Co." (Stuart S. Janney III Biography and Highlights. National Thoroughbred Racing Association, accessed 05-26-07.) In 1980, he was a partner in the law firm of Niles, Barton & Wilmer, and finance chairman of the Maryland State Republican Party. He had been a foreign policy advisor to Sen. Howard Baker, legal advisor to Secretary of State Henry Kissinger, and legislative assistant to Sen. Mathias. (Kissinger tribute set April 10. Annapolis, Md., Evening Capital, Mar. 8, 1980 p. 16.)

Stuart S. Janney the first was a lifelong friend and law partner of four-term Maryland Governor Albert Cabell Ritchie. (Former Governor A.C. Ritchie Is Dead. By Harvey Rivkin, I.N. Service. Hammond, Ind., Times, Feb. 24, 1936 p. 1.) As head of the Maryland State Board of Welfare, Stuart S. Janney appointed Walter N. Thayer Jr. as director of Maryland prisons. (Washington Co. Tract Selected As Prison Site. The Frederick, Md., Post, Jun. 24, 1930.) He was the son of Johns Hopkins Janney and Caroline Symington, and a great nephew of Johns Hopkins. ('Colonel' Janney, Associate Of Late Gov. Ritchie, Dies. Cumberland Evening Times, Apr. 11, 1940.) Johns Hopkins and his siblings were Royal descendants of William the Conqueror. Their grandmother was a Thomas. (Americans of royal descent. By Charles Henry Browning, 1891.)

Americans of royal descent / Google Books

Sen. Frank Lautenberg

Bloomberg was a vice chairman of a luncheon for Josh S. Weston, former chairman of the board of Sen. Frank Lautenberg's firm, ADP, at Sy Symms School of Business, Yeshiva University in 2000. Lautenberg was honorary chairman.

Weston luncheon / Yeshiva University

Michael A. Cardozo, Bloomberg's Corporation Counsel

Cardozo represented the American Cancer Society against the tobacco companies, and was held in contempt for refusing to produce subpoenaed documents. Rescued from the Memory Hole of concealed history! Yet his relatives are close friends of the Cullman family of Philip Morris, to whom they are related!

Michael A. Cardozo, of Proskauer Rose Goetz & Mendelsohn, represented Mt. Sinai School of Medicine and the American Cancer Society against R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company, which subpoenaed documents from Prof. Irving J. Selikoff which was used in his cigarette smoking and asbestos studies. In his motion to quash in 1986, Cardozo claimed that Selikoff's computer tapes had been destroyed, and that the subpoenae were a "threat to scientific research" and "an assault on the integrity of academic research," and other ridiculous nonsense which demonstrates his lack of understanding or concern for the ethic of openness of the scientific process. Herbert Seidman of the American Cancer Society also argued that the Cancer Society's tapes "do not exist in the form in which they were used when the articles were published." Leon E. Rosenberg, Dean of Yale University School of Medicine; Arthur C. Upton of NYU, and other medical authority figures also signed affidavits. (In the Matter of the Application of R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company for An Order to Take the Deposition Upon Oral Questions of Mount Sinai School of Medicine in A Certain Action Entitled Carrie Page V. Lincoln Electric Company, Et Al., No. 257046, Pending in the Superior Court, County of Contra Costa, State of California in the Matter of the Application of R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company for An Order to Take the Deposition Upon Oral Questions of the American Cancer Society in A Certain Action Entitled Carrie Page V. Lincoln Electric Company, Et Al., No. 257046, Pending in the Superior Court, County of Contra Costa, State of California Affidavit in Support of Motion to Quash Subpoenae Index No. 10276/86.) Note that if the tobacco industry had made such claims, they would have been accused of a cover-up.

In the Matter of ... R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company, 1986 / UCSF (pdf, 15 pp)

Cardozo claimed that compliance with a subpoena for the release of computer tapes "would place an unreasonable burden on the medical and science institutions involved and would unduly disrupt the ongoing research at both Mount Sinai and the American Cancer Society." He pretended that Prof. Irving Selikoff would have had to be personally involved in a "time consuming basis to redact the material," and that this would supposedly be "deterring the researchers." "THE COURT: Why? I don't understand why. This is a computer tape. What it takes is a computer person, not Dr. Selkoff, an M.D." Cardozo also pretended that it was unfair that Selikoff's work might be criticized. "THE COURT: Counselor, once he published it, he's inviting criticism. If he does not invite criticism, then he believes he's God." [New York Supreme Court Judge Ethyl] Danzig ruled against Mt. Sinai and the Cancer Society, and ordered that they produce the data. (In the Matter of the Application of the American Tobacco Company, Misc. No. M8-85, Feb. 23, 1988.)

In the Matter of ... the American Tobacco Company, Feb. 23, 1988 / UCSF (pdf, 26 pp)

Appeal from two orders of the District Court for the Southern District of New York (Kevin T. Duffy, Judge) enforcing third-party subpoenas against appellants and denying their motion for a protective order in connection with two diversity suits pending in federal courts in Louisiana and Pennsylvania. Appeal dismissed. Michael A. Cardozo and Charles S. Sims, Proskauer Rose Goetz & Mendelsohn, for appellants. Before Circuit Judges Newman and Altimari, and District Judge Thomas P. Griesa (sitting by designation). (In the Matter of the Application of the American Tobacco Company, et al. Mt. Sinai School of Medicine and American Cancer Society, Appellants, v. The American Tobacco Company, Philip Morris, Inc., and R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company, Appellees. Docket No. 88-7879, Argued Dec. 22, 1988, Decided Jan. 23, 1989.)

In the Matter of ... the American Tobacco Company, Jan. 23, 1989 / UCSF (pdf, 11 pp)

Appeal from a final order of the United States District Court for the Southern District of New York, Kevin Thomas Duffy, Judge, holding appellants in civil contempt for refusing to comply with subpoenas. Argued June 6, 1989, United States Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit, Docket No. 89-7317. Upheld by a panel of Circuit Judges Lumbard, Feinberg, and Kearse. (In the Matter of the Application of the American Tobacco Company, R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company, and Philip Morris, Inc.; Mount Sinai School of Medicine and the American Cancer Society, Appellants, V. The American Tobacco Company, R. J. Reynolds Tobacco Company, and Philip Morris, Inc., Appellees. Decided July 21, 1989.)

In the Matter ... the American Tobacco Company, et al, Jul. 21, 1989 / UCSF (pdf, 24 pp)

(Petition for Rehearing with a Suggestion for Rehearing En Banc. In the Matter of the Application of the American Tobacco Company, R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company, and Philip Morris, Inc. Appellees, Mount Sinai School of Medicine and the American Cancer Society, Appellents. United States Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit, Docket No. 89-7317, Aug. 4, 1989.)

Petition for Rehearing, Aug. 4, 1989 / UCSF (pdf, 20 pp)

"The appeals court, ruling July 21, upheld a lower court decision that found the appellants in civil contempt for refusing to comply with witness subpoenas in depositions in connection with several pending cases. LeJeune v. Armstrong World Industries, 86-0421 (W.D.La.)." (Cancer Data OK'd For Tobacco Firms. The National Law Journal, Aug. 14, 1989.)

National Law Journal, Aug. 14, 1989 / UCSF (pdf, 1 p)

Donald I. Strauber, of Chadbourne & Park, to Michael A. Cardozo, of Proskauer Rose Goetz & Mendelsohn, demanding the subpoenaed documents, Nov. 9, 1989. With a detailed list.

Strauber to Cardozo, Nov. 9, 1989 / UCSF (pdf, 7 pp)

The triumph of corruption: "There will be a certain poetic justice when Michael A. Cardozo becomes president of the New York City Bar Association on Tuesday. 'The Association was formed in 1870 to root out corruption in the judiciary,' Mr. Cardozo, 54, said yesterday. 'An investigation was started of three judges, and Albert Cardozo, who was a State Supreme Court judge, was one of them. He resigned.' Albert Cardozo was the brother of Michael Cardozo's great-grandfather." One of Albert Cardozo's sons was Benjamin N. Cardozo, the Supreme Court Justice of the 1930s. "'Benjamin never married, nor did any of his siblings, so among the other cousins, I am the closest living relative,' Michael Cardozo said." (Chronicle. By Nadine Brozan. New York Times, May 24, 1996.) "The chief agencies by which an attempt was made to 'bleed' the honest members of the Company were WILLIAM M. TWEED, the Ring Attorney General, Judge CARDOZO, W.O. BARTLETT, E.R. MEADE, and GRATZ NATHAN." (Tobacco. New York Times, Sept. 10, 1872.) This Company was the Tobacco Manufacturers Association, of which anti-smoker Horace Greeley was a director. The Ring conspirators attempted to blackmail the Company into paying Greeley for stock for which he had paid nothing, with Boss Tweed filing papers to put it into the hands of a receiver.

Michael A. Cardozo graduated from Columbia Law School in 1966, was hired by Proskauer, Rose as an associate in 1967, and was made a partner in 1974. He joined the Bloomberg administration in 2001. (Cardozo in the Wings. By Katherine Towler. Columbia Law School, Spring 2002.)

Cardozo in the Wings / Columbia Law School

Michael A. Cardozo's great-great-grandfather, Abraham Hart Cardozo (d. 1897), was the brother of Tweed Ring Judge Albert Jacob Cardozo. He was born in Richmond, Virginia, in 1826. Abraham H. Cardozo's son, William Benjamin Cardozo was a senior vice president of Farmer's Loan and Trust and its successor, City Bank Farmers Trust. He was a business partner of Bernard M. Baruch. He was a brother of Michael Hart Cardozo, Michael A. Cardozo's great-grandfather (Michael H. Cardozo Dead. New York Times, July 20, 1906; Cardozo, Stern Genealogy, p. 29.) Michael H. Cardozo's son, Ernest A. Cardozo, married Emily R. Wolff, a daughter of Mrs. Julius R. Wolff. Mrs. Joseph F. Cullman was the matron of honor, and Joseph F. Cullman Jr. was an usher. (Miss Emily Wolff A Bride. New York Times, Apr. 1, 1908.) Mrs. Joseph F. Cullman Jr. was another daughter of Mrs. Frances Nathan Wolff. (Mrs. Julius R. Wolff. New York Times, Jun. 6, 1949.)

Cardozo, Stern Genealogy p. 29 / American Jewish Archives (pdf, 1 p)

Michael H. Cardozo 4th

Michael H. Cardozo 4th (1910-1996), the son of Michael A. Cardozo's grandfather's brother, was a guest at the 21st birthday party of Mrs. Joseph F. Cullman 3d and Arthur Cullman in 1935, at which Edward Lasker was also a guest. (Mrs. J.F. Cullman 3d Has Birthday Party. New York Times, Dec. 31, 1935); and an usher at the wedding of Edgar M. Cullman, a brother of Joseph F. Cullman 3d et al. (Miss Bloomingdale Has Home Wedding. New York Times, Aug. 29, 1938.) Michael H. Cardozo 4th graduated from Dartmouth in 1932 and Yale Law School in 1935. "He worked for the Securities and Exchange Commission in the late 1930's and for the tax division of the Justice Department from 1940 to 1942. From 1942 to 1945, he was in the Office of Lend Lease Administration. After World War II, he was a lawyer in the State Department, helping to draft military-assistance legislation related to the North Atlantic Treaty Organization and legislation for the Marshall Plan. Mr. Cardozo was in private practice in Washington from 1973 onward. From time to time, he was a consultant to the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, the Department of Health, Education and Welfare and other agencies. He was a founder and president of an alumni association for Fulbright scholars," and the first executive director of the Association of American Law Schools from 1963 to 1973. (Michael H. Cardozo 4th, 86, Professor and Lawyer Active in Government Service. New York Times, Oct. 22, 1996.)

T.C.G. Cardozo

T.C.G. Cardozo was a President of Carrington & Michaux, Inc., leaf dealer, exporter, stripper, packer, commission merchant, and storage warehouse in Richmond, Virginia. "MOZAMBIQUE - Ten samples of flue-cured and 11 samples of Burley received from Carrington and Michaux. Reference letter from Mr. T. C. G. Cardozo, dated August 26, 1971. Analyses in progress. Following samples retalned as of interest to New Products: Flue-Cured Grades S2H, EEL, D2, VM; Burley Grades KIB, L5, and KS2. Note that prices quoted do not include duty and proposed 10% surcharge on imports." (J.E. York Jr. of the American Tobacco Company, Aug. 1, 1971.)

J.E. York Jr., Aug. 1, 1971 / UCSF (pdf, 1 p)

"Dear Mr. Harper: We appreciate your submission of samples of Burley (Scraps) from Mr. Cardozo along with the information on quantities and prices. We have conducted a laboratory evaluation of these samples and have discussed them with our leaf experts. Due to the relatively low nicotine content and the scrappy nature of the samples, we must report that we have no current interest for their use in our cigarette strip blends. We have had some interest in foreign grown Burleys for smoking tobaccos, but our stocks are adequate at the present time. We continue to be interested in taking a look at your offerings and welcome any additional samples which you might have from time to time. However, in specific response to your June 2, 1972, letter, we can make no offer on the four grades submitted. With best personal regards." (John H. Hager, Research and Development Director, American Tobacco Co. to Mr. E. L. Harper, Vice President Carrington & Michaux, Inc. Leaf Tobacco, June 14, 1972.)

Hager to Harper, June 14, 1972 / UCSF (pdf, 1 p)

Carrington & Michaux, Inc., 12th & Garden Ave, P.O. Box 24597, Richmond, Virginia. T.C.G. Cardozo was a vice president. (1987 Dixie Directory, page 8), and president in 1993 (World Tobacco Directory, page 148).

Dixie Directory 1987 / UCSF (pdf, 20 pp)
World Tobacco Directory, 1993 / UCSF (pdf, 341 pp)

Michael H. Cardozo IV contributed the genealogy of Thomas Clow G. Cardozo to the Stern genealogy, p. 309.

Addenda et Corrigenda, Stern Genealogy p. 309 / American Jewish Archives (pdf, 1 p)

Michael H. Cardozo 5th

Michael H. Cardozo 5th was White House counsel in the Carter administration, and executive director of Clinton's "Presidential Legal Expense Trust," founded in 1994 to collect funds to defray the costs of President Clinton's private litigation. He was an attorney for G. William Miller & Company, an investment banking firm in Washington, D.C. founded by Carter's former Treasury Secretary. Other trustees of the Clinton fund were Rev. Theodore M. Hesburgh, Nicholas de B. Katzenbach, John Brademas, Barbara Jordan, Ronald Olson, Elliot Richardson, Michael Sovern, and John C. Whitehead. (Investigation of Improper Activities in Connection With 1996 Federal Election Campaigns. Final Report of the Committee on Governmental Affairs. Senate Report 105-167 - 105th Congress 2d Session, March 10, 1998; G. William Miller, former Fed chief. Boston Globe, March 19, 2006.) "Charlie Trie presented Michael H. Cardozo, executive director of the Presidential Legal Expense Trust (a defense fund that President and Mrs. Clinton set up to help pay their legal bills) with two manila envelopes containing checks and money orders for more than $450,000. The fund returned about $70,000 of this immediately, but deposited $378,300." (Clinton's Rogues Gallery. FreedomUSA.)

Senate Report 105-167, 1998 / Federation of American Scientists
G. William Miller, former Fed chief / Boston Globe
Clinton's Rogues Gallery / FreedomUSA

In 1977, the US Customs Service changed its rules to allow quality leaf tobacco cut in strips to be imported as "scrap" tobacco, which had a tariff rate of only 16 cents a pound. The Customs Service is in the Treasury Department, which was under G. William Miller. President Carter claimed in a campaign speech that he would have the Agriculture Department study the problem. (Farm Bureau Leader Wants Leaf Tax Reversed. By Parker Maddrey. Winston-Salem Journal, October 11, 1980.)

Farm Bureau Leader Wants Leaf Tax Reversed, 1980 / UCSF (pdf, 1 p)

Non-smokers in Carter's cabinet besides himself included Transportation Secretary Brock Adams, Agriculture Secretary Bob Bergland (used snuff), Harold Brown (who later became a director of Philip Morris), National Security Advisor Zbigniew Brzezinski, Secretary of Health Education and Welfare (anti-smoker) Joseph A. Califano, Secretary of Housing and Urban Development Patricia Roberts Harris, Commerce Secretary Juanita M. Kreps, Labor Secretary Ray Marshall ("who makes a special point of insisting on the non-smoking compartment when he travels on planes"), James McIntire of the Office of Management and Budget, Secretary of State Cyrus Vance (a quitter), and Cabinet Secretary Jack Watson. "There is one member of the Carter administration who is even more passionately anti-tobacco than Califano. Federal Reserve Board Chairman G. William Miller says cigarette smoke makes him physically ill. He has barred smoking at Federal Reserve Board meetings." (Cabinet Smoke in Califano's Eyes. By Dorothy Marks, Women's News Service. Indianapolis Star, Feb. 11, 1979.)

Cabinet Smoke in Califano's Eyes, 1979 / UCSF (pdf, 2 pp)

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