Blaming "Big Drugs" to Protect the Lasker Syndicate

Drug companies make drugs. The Lasker Syndicate makes health policy.

The patent for nicotine chewing gum was held by Warner-Lambert, Elmer Bobst's pharmaceutical company. Its first use in commerce was June 22, 1973. Bobst and the Laskers were the principal players in the Lasker Syndicate takeover of the American Cancer Society. Jed Rose, a co-inventor of the nicotine patch with Dr. Murray Jarvik, said that when they tried to find a company willing to market their product, none were interested, until the Swiss firm Ciba-Geigy AG (which merged with Sandoz AG to form Novartis AG in 1996) began marketing it in 1991. This was 40 years after the anti-smoking persecution began, and only after much whining by anti-smoking activists about the lack of collaboration with their goals by the pharmaceutical companies.

Inventors /

Alejandro Zaffaroni formed Alza Corp. in 1968 to develop transdermal drug delivery. Alza and Marion Merrell Dow released the first nicotine patch in 1991.

This is hardly a stampede by the drug companies to fill their coffers with the supposed profits of peddling smoking cessation aids. In fact, the companies have had to give nicotine patches away by the tens of thousands just to get anybody to take them. In Australia, Glaxo had to manipulate the government to get a taxpayer subsidy for Zyban. There are ongoing efforts to force insurance companies to pay for them. Smoking cessation products scarcely even made it onto the radar screen in the top 200 prescriptions by number of prescriptions dispensed; Zyban made it to number 195 in 1998. (Top 200 Prescriptions for 2000 by Number of US Prescriptions Dispensed (with links to past years) / RxList. Link died.) Nor are they among the most profitable drugs, which include Vioxx (Viagra), Lipitor (cholesterol control), Prevacid (anti-acid), Celebrex (anti-inflammatory), Avandia, Actos, and OxyContin (pain medicine).

Top 300 Prescriptions for 2005 by Number of US Prescriptions Dispensed (with links to past years) / RxList

But certain pretended smokers' rights groups (who parrot the Lasker party line on health) are lying that "The immense financial and political interests of pharmaceutical conglomerates are at the base of the world-wide campaigns of disinformation on smoking." This is a yarn for stupid little children. Anyone even vaguely familiar with the history of the health establishment is aware of the overwhelming influence of the rich peoples' charities, especially in the Northeast, that spawning ground of corrupt political machines, from which sprang the Lasker Syndicate. The Lasker Syndicate has controlled everything relating to health in the Department of Health and Human Services for the last 50-plus years, including the National Institutes of Health, the Public Health Service, the CDC, and the FDA (plus tentacles extending overseas). They control the money and the bureaucratic process, and they can make the pharmaceuticals sit up and beg like little doggies and do their bidding. The real reason for the pharmaceuticals' sudden interest in anti-smoking is that the Lasker Syndicate decided to change its policy about hyping nicotine as a supposed cause of heart disease and draft the pharmaceuticals into their war against us. The Lasker Syndicate benefits when attention drawn is away from themselves and onto disposable, low-level scapegoats. And the Lasker stooge groups oblige them by pretending that these notorious perennial pleaders for "More money for health research" don't even exist, let alone play any role in health policy, and that petty infractions of research protocols in miscellaneous clinical trials are the acme of corruption.

Where the Real Money Is

EM Warburg Pincus & Co. is the largest investor in the health care field, dwarfing number two Chase Venture Capital. Lasker Foundation director/treasurer Christopher Brody was a Warburg Pincus partner from 1971 to 1998.

Mrs. William McCormick Blair of the Lasker Foundation has ties to the Chicago investment banking firm,William Blair & Company.

Lasker ties to "Big Pharma:" The True Nature of the Relationship

Directors with connections in government are much-sought after in many industries. It is hoped that they will use their connections to advocate the industry's point of view to legislators, and plant the names of appointees friendly to the industry. Especially if the company donates to the director's special interest! Pharmaceutical donations to the United Nations' Tobacco Free Initiative by Glaxo Wellcome, Novartis Consumer Health, and Pharmacia-Upjohn, for example, do not really reflect a major financial priority of the pharmaceuticals. It is payola to the Lasker Syndicate to gain their good will, because they are the ones who really run the policy show.

At the Third World Conference on Smoking and Health, held at the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel in New York City in 1975, Jane Francis Emele, PhD, Director of Biological Research, American Chicle Division of Warner Lambert Co. (Elmer Bobst's firm), was the only representative of "Big Pharma." She participated in the Workshop on Pharmacologic Intervention. However, there were representatives of Kimberly-Clark Corp., Celanese Fibers Corp., AMF Inc., and Cummins Engine Company present. Theodore Cooper was there, too, and gave the opening address. (Participants, 3rd World Conference on Smoking & Health, 1975, pp. 23-32.)

Participants, 3rd World Conference on Smoking & Health, 1975 / UCSF (pdf, 33 pp)

J. Paul Sticht, John D. Macomber, and Vernon E. Jordan Jr. were directors of both Celanese Corp. and RJ Reynolds in the 1970s and 1980s. Grayson M.-P. Murphy was also a director of Celanese. (Celanese 1977 Annual Report, p. 49.)

Celanese 1977 Annual Report / UCSF (pdf, 53 pp)

Theodore Cooper, chairman and CEO of Upjohn from 1980 to 1993, was the Director of the National Heart & Lung Institute from 1968 to 1974, and was a correspondent of Mary Lasker between 1970 and 1992. He joined the company AFTER his career in the federal health establishment. And, he was a Trustee of the American Health Foundation from 1979 to 1981.

Robert I. Levy was Director of the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute from 1975-81; a trustee of the American Health Foundation from 1984-86; and finally he joined American Home Products in 1992 as the president of Wyeth-Ayers. Robin Chandler Duke, a correspondent of Mary Lasker, was a director of AHP since 1975. Its board also included Robert W. Sarnoff (since 1969) and William Wrigley (since 1981), whose families were old friends of the Laskers.

Fred Hassan was the President and CEO of Pharmacia & Upjohn from 1997-2002, during its 1999 "partnership" with the World Health Organization's Tobacco Free Initiative. Other directors of P&U included former EPA Administrator William D. Ruckelshaus, and RAND trustee Frank Carlucci.

WHO Launches Partnership... / World Health Organization
Pharmacia 2002 DEF 14A / Securities and Exchange Commission

Hassan had been Senior Vice President of AHP from 1993 until 1999. Hassan was a director since 1992 of Genetics Institute Inc., whose board also included Anthony B. Evnin of Venrock Associates (the Rockefeller venture capital firm), Robert I. Levy, and Benno C. Schmidt. Hassan spent 17 years at Sandoz Pharmaceuticals (now Novartis) before joining AHP. In 2003 he joined Schering-Plough Corp. as CEO and Chairman of the Board.

Hassan bio / Schering-Plough Corp.

Hassan is a trustee of the National Foundation for Infectious Diseases, along with the Lasker Legislators former US Reps. Paul G. Rogers and John Edward Porter.

Board of Trustees / National Foundation for Infectious Diseases

Charles A. Sanders, emeritus director of the Lasker Foundation's Research!America funding lobby, held positions up to Vice Chairman at Squibb Corp. from 1981 to 1989, and Chairman/CEO of Glaxo Inc. and Glaxo plc from 1990 to 1995. He began his career as a professor of medicine at Harvard University Medical School and the General Director of Massachusetts General Hospital. Glaxo Wellcome contributed to the WHO's Tobacco Free Initiative.

Novartis director Prof. Peter Burckhardt trained at Massachusetts General Hospital between 1966 and 1978. Novartis's quit-smoking product, Nicotinell/Habitrol, does not make the list of their top 20 products.

Novartis AG 2003 S-20 / Securities and Exchange Commission

Fred Panzer letter, 1982

"Dear Tuck: Attached in the background on the Nicorette Anti-Smoking Symposium which I discussed with you on the phone today. In addition to the participants listed, I was informed that John Penney [sic] also attended. Interestingly, this symposium was held at the Washington headquarters of the American Heart Association.

"The Symposium was held in preparation for marketing Nicorette gum in the United States. Nicorette is produced by Leo Pharmaceutical Company of Sweden and will be handled in the United States by Merrell Dow Pharmaceutical Inc. which is a subsidiary of Dow Chemical Company and which according to Standard & Poor's is also a division of Merrell Pharmaceutical Inc. Among the directors of Dow is Barbara Hackman Franklin, former Commissioner of the Consumer Product Safety Commission. Among the directors of Merrell Pharmaceutical Inc. are Joseph F. Abley Jr. and Charles F. Myers, both 'associated with' R.J.R. Industries." (Fred Panzer, Vice President of the Tobacco Institute, to Charles A. Tucker, RJ Reynolds Tobacco Co., March 17, 1982.)

Panzer to Tucker, 1982 / UCSF (pdf, 1 p)

The Stooges Who Mislead Smokers

FORCES' Complaint Against the 2006 Surgeon General Report on Passive Smoking

On Oct. 29, 2007, FORCES and other Establishment followers (Netzwerk Rauchen - FORCES Germany; FORCES Italiana; Freedom to Choose; The Heartland Institute; Reason Foundation; and Bluegrass Institute for Public Policy Solutions) filed a complaint with the Office of Research Integrity and the Inspector General of the Department of Health and Human Services. Predictably, they slavishly adhere to the health fascists' central dogma of chemicals/lifestyle/genes, while ignoring viral and bacterial carcinogens, just as the health fascists do. They fret over such minutiae as precisely determining exposures to purported "risk factors" whose weak odds ratios are likely to be the result of confounding by infection, and not about the absence or deficiency of studies on the role of infection in diseases blamed on secondhand smoke. They claim that "More than two dozen independent risk factors for lung cancer are reported in the professional literature," for which they cite a 1991 paper by Gio Batta Gori and Nathan Mantel as key evidence. Another key piece of evidence is a 1981 paper on "246 suggested coronary risk factors." In particular, they say absolutely nothing about the more than 50 studies which have found the known-carcinogenic human papillomavirus in lung cancers - involving over ten times more cancers than the anti-smokers pretend are caused by secondhand smoke. The anti-smokers are automatically guilty of fraud for ignoring this evidence. This demonstrates FORCES' complete incompetence and lack of regard for serious and up-to-date research.

Official Complaint Filed / FORCES

FORCES helps our enemies pretend that only cranks dispute the anti-smokers, because FORCES refuses to attack the anti-smoker scientific fraud of deliberately using defective studies that ignore the role of infection, in order to falsely blame smoking and secondhand smoke.

Orac finds some super-cranks
Category: Cranks
Posted on: July 17, 2007 10:56 AM, by MarkH

I thought the denial of the link between smoking and cancer had gone out of style. The link between smoking and cancer is so thoroughly established that I thought no one could continue to defend cigarettes with a straight face.

Well, all Orac has to do is write a piece about the evidence for a health risk from second-hand smoke and soon enough the denialists come crawling out of the woodwork. The reason is pretty simple, smoking bans are unpopular with a certain group of people, and what do you do when science suggests something that people don't want to believe? Well, you whip out the tactics of course.

Orac then follows the trail of BS back to one of the more incredible crank sites I've ever seen. It's called, and it meets every single possible criteria of both crankery and denialism. It's pretty incredible. They have conspiracy theories about drug companies being behind smoking bans to promote their nicotine replacements and anti-addiction drugs. They have quote-mines galore (every scientific paper they cite is misquoted, it's incredible). They have these unbelievable crank fake experts. They clearly aren't convinced by any amount of scientific evidence or expertise. And their logical fallacies are great! Not only do they conflate all sorts of different cancers, it seems that if something besides smoking can cause any type of cancer, then it must cause all cancers - including those cigarettes have been falsely implicated in. All of this is permeated by one of the more hilarious persecution complexes about their rights being violated because they can't persist in a behavior that is a nuisance and health-hazard to other people...

For ten long years, most of the activists in the United States have been fighting the smoking bans on "Rights Issues", whether they are Property Rights, Constitutional Rights, Personal Rights, Smokers Rights - even Personal Freedoms.They have yet to have a win that has not immediately been lost at the anti tobacco extremists' whim and will.

The 'smokers rights' arguments have yet to stop the any of the anti smokers, anywhere, with a permanent win. They get occasional concessions such as instead of a total ban, the antis will allow smoking in bars for a year or so, but the antis always come back and do the 'total ban'. [Comment: The final ban typically comes after business owners have invested tens of thousands of dollars in ventilation equipment. This actually does amount to a criminal shakedown scheme which benefits the building ventilation industry - including the firm founded by an in-law of the real author of the phony "EPA" ETS report, A.J. Wells. And FORCES has received major financial support from the building ventilation industry! -cast]

...Orac does a perfectly good job justifying the science behind second-hand smoke, and we don't even need to go into the proof that smoking causes cancer. But one only has to visit their EVIDENCE ARCHIVE to see these are some fantastically prolific cranks. They have literally hundreds of articles attacking the basis of cigarettes causing anything bad from cancer to emphysema! They even suggest that it's radiation from medical tests that is causing cancer, not the cigarette smoke. One could spend their life debunking this nonsense. Luckily, since we know the tactics of denialists, we don't need to waste our time carefully researching every single one of their claims. It only takes about one or two examinations of their sourcing as Orac does and you see, they're just quote-mining the literature, holding on to outdated studies, and generally pulling the same denialist garbage as any other crank out there. They also have the classic crank characteristic of latching on to any theory that is critical of the established science, no matter how horribly inconsistent it makes their position.
[Notice that not one of the incompetent pinheads pretending to defend smokers' rights attacks the anti-smoker scientific fraud of deliberately using defective studies that ignore the role of infection.]

Front Group FORCES' New "Friend," Anti-Smoker Michael Siegel

Every time they open their mouths, they're sucking up to an anti-smoker.

This is what the vermin has to say: "Cigarette advertising and promotion have been shown to influence smoking in young persons, but the powerful effect of the mass media on behavior can also be used to promote health." [As a matter of fact, young people in large numbers also choose to smoke in pre-industrial and communist countries that have no advertising whatsoever. And, in the Orwellian doublespeak of anti-smoking vermin, "promote health" means "spread lies."-cast] "Several states have earmarked a portion of their cigarette excise tax revenues to fund mass media antismoking campaigns, which have been effective in reducing cigarette consumption and in helping persons quit smoking." [Meaning, the anti-smoker-controlled legislatures have stolen our money to spew defamations against smokers, to bully and manipulate people into quitting smoking. Which any person with integrity would deeply resent and defy the vermin to thwart them.-cast] "Despite their successes, the campaigns have been hindered by tobacco industry-supported attempts to cut their funding or restrict their scope." [Oh, right, you lying vermin, it's all "the tobacco industry," and people like me have nothing to say about it - or at least, WILL NOT BE ALLOWED ANY SAY ABOUT THE USE OF OUR TAX DOLLARS, AFTER VERMIN LIKE YOU HAVE SUCCEEDED IN MARGINALIZING AND DISENFRANCHISING US. The politicians have long since ceased to give a damn about anything we say - aren't you proud of yourselves, you rotten little vermin! -cast] "The most aggressive campaigns, which attack the tobacco industry and challenge social norms about tobacco use and promotion, are the most controversial but also the most effective." [He and his fellow vermin want even more lies and defamations against us. -cast] "Mass media antismoking campaigns are a promising tool for health promotion, but only if sustained funding can be guaranteed and the development of the advertisements can be protected from intrusion by political forces." ["Political forces" is a slimy doublespeak innuendo which actually means "any influence other than that of ANTI-SMOKERS' must be eradicated," and ignores the plain fact that, from Day One, the anti-smoking persecution has been a POLITICAL conspiracy, starting with the takeover of the nations' health establishment by the crypto-fascist Lasker Syndicate; and that they have sculpted it from its very inception as a tool to commit scientific fraud to further their social agenda.-cast]

"The use of advertising to counter tobacco use dates back to 1967, when John Banzhaf successfully petitioned the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to consider cigarette advertising under the Fairness Doctrine..." [What are members of the FCC if not POLITICAL APPOINTEES, you dissembling scumbag! And thanks to the Lasker vermin's politically-appointed stooges, the anti-smokers got over $75 million of advertising time per year from 1968 through 1970 handed to them at no expense to themselves. -cast] "The spots were so effective that in 1970, the tobacco industry agreed to congressional legislation to ban tobacco advertising on television and radio (and thus to eliminate the free antismoking ads)." [The legislation being introduced who else but their politician-stooges, thanks to Mary Woodard Lasker being a powerful figure in the Democrap Party, and an ultra-insider of the Johnson administration. She was the head of the American Cancer Society, and the spearhead of its anti-smoking crusade. Elmer H. Bobst was her counterpart in the Nixon administration, and they set up the corrupt establishment which manufactures "Surgeon General" reports for whatever lackey is the current Surgeon General to rubberstamp. But of course no politics are involved here, it's all as pure as the driven snow. -cast] "The use of the mass media in tobacco control changed substantially in 1988, when voters in California approved Proposition 99. This ballot initiative increased the state cigarette tax by 25 cents and allocated 20% of the revenue to establish a comprehensive, statewide tobacco education and prevention program that includes a state-of-the-art anti-tobacco media campaign." [Lies, abuse and defamations spewed forth in floods, geysers and torrents, all funded by victims of this abuse, smokers, whose protests were ignored by the smug, arrogant anti-smokers. -cast] "Massachusetts (1992), Arizona (1994), and Oregon (1996) established similar programs [13], and Minnesota (1986) and Michigan (1994) initiated limited tax-funded media campaigns [10, 14]. During the past 4 years, the annual expenditures for these statewide antitobacco media campaigns have been approximately $12 to $16 million for California, $13 to $16 million for Massachusetts, $5 to $6 million for Arizona, $0.5 to $2 million for Michigan, and $50 000 to $300 000 for Minnesota [14]." [Lies, abuse, and defamations - aren't they wonderful! The crowning glory of anti-smoker culture is official government propaganda spewing hate and lies against defenseless victims! -cast]

"The Massachusetts tobacco control program was also associated with a substantial decline in cigarette consumption that seems to be attributable in part to the antismoking media campaign [18, 20]. In addition, 1997 telephone surveys of a random sample of young persons from Massachusetts and throughout the United States revealed that Massachusetts youth were more likely to agree that smoking is an addiction, that tobacco companies lie to kids, that smoking inhibits athletic performance, and that smoking causes permanent wrinkles [21]; all of these were themes of specific antismoking advertisements aired in the state during the previous year." [The defamations were cynically manufactured, with propaganda specifically in mind, by the Lasker vermin who control the health establishment. "Tobacco companies lie to kids," indeed, coming from the mouths of vermin whose precious EPA ETS report was written via illegal pass through contracts to a hand-picked stooge, overseen by a crony of the Bush crime family, and covered up by their media patsies. Oh! complete moral purity at last! -cast] (Mass Media Antismoking Campaigns: A Powerful Tool for Health Promotion. Michael Siegel, MD, MPH. Annals of Internal Medicine 1998 Jul 15;129(2):128-132.)

Siegel / Ann Intern Med 1998 full article

Here's another thing for which we can be grateful to Michael Siegel: Restaurant Smoking As Threat to Waiters. New York Times, Jul. 28, 1993. The story quotes Michael Siegel: "'Everyone talks about the risks of secondhand smoke for restaurant customers,' said the researcher, Dr. Michael Siegal. 'Until I started doing this work, very few people talked about the effects on restaurant workers.'" "'It's really a life and death issue,' he said today in a telephone interview from Atlanta, where he is working with the Office on Smoking and Health of the Federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention." Thanks to Michael Siegel, the anti-smokers made that Big Lie about protecting the health of workers one of their key strategies in restaurant smoking bans. (Eatery workers at risk. By the Associated Press. Denver Post, Jul. 28, 1993). Also, recall that Siegel's interview was spewed across the country a mere seven days after the media conspired to conceal the corrupt genesis of the EPA's ETS report.

Denver Post, July 28, 1993 / UCSF (pdf, 1 p)

Trial testimony of MICHAEL B. SIEGEL, M.D., May 30, 2000, ENGLE v. R.J. REYNOLDS TOBACCO CO., am and pm.

Siegal, May 30, 2000 am / UCSF (pdf, 42 pp)
Siegal, May 30, 2000 pm / UCSF (pdf, 81 pp)

But Front Group FORCES thinks that Michael Siegel is our wonderful, caring friend, because he tossed them the tiny crumb of saying that the anti-smoking groups were unscrupulous because they accused Martha Perske of ties to "Big Tobacco." (As if those ties would do smokers any good even if they existed, because the anti-smokers have controlled the boards of directors of the tobacco companies since at least the 1960s, and they have never put up a genuine fight.) Martha Perske's idea of a treat is invite Jacob Sullum to her bulletin board so smokers can line up and kiss his rear end for advancing our cause by rantiing about how much he hates tobacco, and making nitpick criticisms of the anti-smokers' pseudo-science while ignoring their flagrant corruption. And anyone who criticizes him is locked out, just like the anti-smokers do.

Martha Perske's Circle of Friends

"Martha Perske is a freelance illustrator. Her lifelike artwork was selected by the US Postal Service for a 1981 stamp commemorating the International Year of Disabled Persons." (From a review of the book, "Circle of Friends," by Martha's husband Bob Perske.) As a matter of fact, stamps aren't chosen by the US Postal Service per se. They're selected by a little committee of the wealthy and powerful, called the Citizens Stamp Advisory Council. One of Mary Lasker's hobbies was stamp collecting, and she served on this council in 1969.

"Circle of Friends" review / Ohio Developmental Disabilities Council
Mary Lasker Papers Collection / Columbia University

A bio notes that "She illustrated two major reports on mental retardation to US Presidents [Nixon and Carter] that were also widely distributed by the President's Committee on Mental Retardation;" and, "in 1982 a large montage of the faces of persons with disabilities was displayed on every Johnson & Johnson bandaid display in the nation. It was her pro bono reinforcement of a public-attitude-change campaign that was sponsored jointly by the J&J and the Arc of the United States;" and, "In 1989, Martha was commissioned to present an autographed drawing to Her Royal Highness, Princess Diana, the Princess of Wales."

Perske / NH Challenge (link no longer available)

So we needn't expect Martha Perske to want to expose the Lasker Syndicate, or to debunk their health lies. Those type of people are her real "circle of friends," not those of us who have no such ties to them. And those people love to pretend that they're supposedly just "regular folks," never mind that Darien, Connecticut has been descibed as 'the kind of place where the kids put Perrier in their water pistols.'

Wanda Hamilton

As for Wanda Hamilton, she claims to have once worked professionally as a "journalist," although I have not found anything she did online. As for what it means to be a "professional journalist," these people are employed either because they're psychopathic liars to propagandize for the elites; or else they're clueless dopes whose real purpose is to permit the proles to harmlessly blow off steam, without revealing anything that would really jeopardize the establishment. (Wanda Hamilton tries to pimp up a tizzy over a clinical trial for a stroke drug. So what! Our proper concern is with the infectious CAUSES of stroke.)

Wanda Hamilton tries to pimp up a tizzy over a clinical trial / Speakeasy Forum

Norman Kjono

N. Kjono co-authored a publication by Theodore Sterling Associates: Supplemental Air Cleaner: Controlling Environmental Tobacco Smoke. HPAC 1996 May:76-83. JA Ross, EM Sterling, CW Collett, N Kjono.) Now, there is an industry that profits from the hysteria about secondhand smoke!

FORCES' lawsuit against the State of California et al. No. C 99-0607 Mjj was dismissed, Jan. 5, 2000

Forces Action Project, Llc Plaintiffs, V. The State of California, Defendants. Complaint for Equitable Relief, Declaratory Relief and Damages for Violation of Civil Rights Demand for Trial by Jury Class Action. Case No. C. 99-0607 Edl, Feb. 9, 1999. It was a lawsuit against against the cigarette companies over their raising prices to cover the costs of the Master Settlement Agreement, and raised no issues relating to the scientific fraud the companies permitted the anti-smokers to get away with.

FORCES lawsuit, Feb. 9, 1999 / UCSF (pdf, 10 pp)
FORCES lawsuit dismissed, Jan. 5, 2000 / UCSF (pdf, 9 pp)

FORCES' Phony "Paper of Dissent"

FORCES' pretended "Paper of Dissent" is no dissent whatsoever (The Public Health Antismoking Scam: A Paper of Dissent, Dec. 21, 2001). It's an unqualified endorsement of the health fascists' pet dogma blaming chemical carcinogens instead of infection. FORCES whines: "For some time, the technology has existed to dramatically reduce the risks of smoking - no matter how unquantifiable, and whatever those risks may be - without depriving smokers of their lifestyle preference... In fact, the science and technology asserting that safer (more properly: less-hazardous) cigarettes were possible goes back to the Smoking and Health Program of the US National Cancer Institute, a program held jointly with the cooperation of the tobacco industry. Information about this program and the technology resulting from the resulting from the research was initially made public through the efforts of Dr. James Watson, of DNA and Nobel Prize fame."

This is the utterly worthless 1980 Banbury Report 3. There is no glorious technological breakthrough there, just a compilation of the same old hackneyed crap that the health fascists had been cranking out since the 1950s. The program was really nothing but a pretext to put more money into the pockets of anti-smokers like Gio Bata Gori, Ernst L. Wynder, Dietrich Hoffmann, Steven S. Hecht and their ilk from the American Health Foundation, to fund more of their propaganda about alleged carcinogens in cigarette smoke (under the pretext of finding and removing the offending substance), and worthless dietary studies. It's because of these snakes in the grass that we got screwed. And James Watson was just a front man to impress suckers with his credentials. This report is the absolute nadir of science, because the NCI criminals had shut down the Cancer Virus Program after a fruitless pretense of searching, and were lying that viruses only caused a few extremely rare types of cancer.

The Public Health Antismoking Scam / FORCES

The FORCES "Manifesto" of bogus "dissent" was obviously written within the health establishment, and intended to provide astroturf for Rep. Billy Tauzin's hearing on "Can Tobacco Cure Smoking: A Review of Tobacco Harm Reduction," before the House Subcommittee on Commerce, Trade, and Consumer Protection, June 3, 2003.

Every witness at the hearing was a corrupt health fascist who blamed smoking for diseases caused by infection - and no one challenged them. Surgeon General Richard Carmona arrogantly proclaimed, "I see no need for any tobacco products in society," and the media used this to spring into their standard mode of anti-smoker psychopaths spewing torrents of lies and defamations against tobacco, with no refutation permitted. And, the Vice President of Smoking Control at GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare hawked their nicotine replacement products (on whose behalf FORCES has dedicated many megabytes of free publicity). THESE are the beneficiaries of the glorious Manifesto that those simpletons rubber-stamped. Nice going, you losers. With friends like you, who needs enemies.

June 3, 2003, Tobacco Hearing / House Subcommittee
Can Tobacco Cure Smoking (print) / House Subcommittee

FORCES Board of Directors supported our worst enemies.

Here are the bastards FORCES admires: "U of M Cancer Researcher Honored for Tobacco Research. Hecht's research warns non-smokers and ex-smokers to 'be militant in objecting to second-hand smoke' to prevent cancer." "Stephen Hecht, PhD, will share the prestigious Alton Ochsner Award Relating Smoking and Health with Dietrich Hoffmann, PhD, for their research into the mechanisms by which tobacco-related carcinogens cause cancer in the human body." (In fact they established nothing and merely came up with a novel yarn.) Both have been associated with the American Health Foundation. Way to go, FORCES!

2001 Alton Ochsner Award / U of Minnesota

The AHF is now closed, because they misused $6M in NCI grants for lavish executive salaries and couldn't pay it back. Good riddance!

And then FORCES claims that "In 2001 the Institute of Medicine [another Lasker-controlled organ -cast] of the US National Academy of Sciences has confirmed that the suppressed [sic] 1980 policies for safer cigarettes were sound" [sic], and cite a publication that expresses nothing but hard-core anti-smoker dogmatism blaming chemical carcinogens exclusively. Because the omission of the causal pathogens would be too flagrant even for these privileged frauds to get away with in cervical and liver cancer, they ignore these cancers altogether. For other cancers and for cardiovascular and other diseases, they ignore the implicated pathogens. There's no glorious technological breakthrough here, either. Like its predecessor, it's just a wish list for research funding whose orientation is guaranteed to generate anti-smoking propaganda.

The authors of this garbage include Gary Giovino of the Office on Smoking and Health, CDC 1991-98; Dorothy Hatsukami of the Tobacco Use Research Center of the University of Minnesota; Rogene Henderson of the Lasker-controlled Lovelace Respiratory Research Institute, backers of Jonathan Samet; and David J. Riley of the Robert Wood Johnson Medical School, the Lasker-controlled, Samet-infested, particulates-obsessed Health Effects Institute, and the Pulmonary Disease Study Section of the Tobacco Related Research Program of UCSF. Who are they trying to fool that these are our "friends" who really care about the truth! It is obvious that FORCES is nothing but a false-flag anti-smoker front group, who put on a superficial act of opposing smoking bans while they slyly inculcate anti-smoker ideology.

Clearing the Smoke: Assessing the Science Base for Tobacco Harm Reduction / National Academy Press
FORCES' Bogus "Paper of Dissent" / FORCES

"According to FORCES appplication for recognition of exemption under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, dated April 25, 2002, Peter A. Bagatelos is listed as the contact person for FORCES, Inc. Mr. Bagatelos is an attorney with the law firm Bagatelos and Fadem, which also represents Philip Morris. The PM privilege log describes Mr. Bagatelos as follows: 'Bagatelos, Peter A., Esq. Attorney: Bagatelos & Fadem, Local Counsel for Philip Morris; formerly with Nielsen, Merksamer, Parrinello, Mueller & Nay, Counsel for Philip Morris and the Tobacco Institute.' Bagatelos and Fadem is also listed as 'Local Counsel for Philip Morris in San Francisco.'" (FORCES (Fight Ordinances & Restrictions to Control and Eliminate Smoking), March 13, 2003. Americans for Non-Smokers Rights.)

FORCES / Americans for Non-Smokers Rights

FORCES Director Gian Turci whined that the above isn't true. I told him to post FORCES's 501(c)(3) application so we can see what is true, and he refused. So I told him to put up or shut up. Even the American Cancer Society posts its Form 990, and if FORCES won't be at least as open as the ACS is, they can go to hell. Update: FORCES Form 990 is finally online.

FORCES Form 990, 2005 / Guidestar (pdf, 9pp)

Remember, health quacks hate "Big Pharma" because people who have been cured don't buy their worthless nostrums. FORCES is nothing but the mouthpiece of charlatans!

Phony Smokers' Rights Advocates Censor Nicotine Patch Truth

The phony smokers' rights forum,, banned me from their site for the thought-crime of exposing the true developers of the nicotine patch! Here's the response to my post from those mental retardates: "by linkup on Sun Jul 29, 2007 6:55 am Very news worthy about the Patch,like I really give a rats ass who sold it to J&J. What the F does that mean to me,absolutely nothing! I don't care who invented it, or sold it,or ate it!!" and "by linkup on Mon Jul 30, 2007 4:01 pm Up Yours!!! Someone will shoot you I hope and pray!!" From the Site Owner: "by BWilliams on Sun Jul 29, 2007 8:51 am Ignore her posts; she is an anti-smoker here to plant dis-information." and "Who the F cares if this guy died!?!? What the hell does this have to do with smokers rights?!?!?!" (Never mind that the wealthy and powerful extended Koshland family is an epicenter of anti-smoker activism. And, this is his gratitude for my post bringing hundreds of undeserved hits to his online intellectual slum. On top it, this buffoon got hacked because of his incompetent website security; then, due his incompetent repair, everyone had to delete their cookies, of which he incompetently failed to inform users, then insults his users as if it's all their fault.) These phonies gush adoringly only over drooling morons who parrot anti-smoker-approved stale clichés about nannyism and slippery slopes. They and the rest of their ilk (e.g., their pals at FORCES) are the traitors who have systematically helped destroy smokers' rights, by ruthlessly censoring, marginalizing and excluding all informed and intelligent smokers! They are THE ENEMY!


cast 01-31-15