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Conspiracy Against Tobacco

Carol Ann Sallis Thompson

November 27, 1953 - January 24, 2021
Born in Shelton, WA
Resided in Madison, WI
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Assortative mixing as a source of bias in epidemiological studies of sexually transmitted infections: the case of smoking and human papillomavirus. P Lemieux-Mellouki, M Drolet, J Brisson, EL Franco, MC Boily, I Baussano, M Brisson. Epidemiol Infect 2015 Nov 20:1-10 [Epub ahead of print].

For studies examining risk factors of sexually transmitted infections (STIs), confounding can stem from characteristics of partners of study subjects, and persist after adjustment for the subjects' individual-level characteristics. Two conditions that can result in confounding by the subjects' partners are: (C1) partner choice is assortative by the risk factor examined and, (C2) sexual activity is associated with the risk factor. The objective of this paper is to illustrate the potential impact of the assortativity bias in studies examining STI risk factors, using smoking and human papillomavirus (HPV) as an example. We developed an HPV transmission-dynamic mathematical model in which we nested a cross-sectional study assessing the smoking-HPV association. In our base case, we assumed (1) no effect of smoking on HPV, and (2) conditions C1-C2 hold for smoking (based on empirical data). The assortativity bias caused an overestimation of the odds ratio (OR) in the simulated study after perfect adjustment for the subjects' individual-level characteristics (adjusted OR 1·51 instead of 1·00). The bias was amplified by a lower basic reproductive number (R 0), greater mixing assortativity and stronger association of smoking with sexual activity. Adjustment for characteristics of partners is needed to mitigate assortativity bias.

Lemieux-Mellouki - Epidemiol Infect 2015 abstract / PubMed

[And, as explained in the Supplementary Materials]

Formula (1) can be understood by thinking of partnership formation as an individual having three different types of partner selection: each term of the sum represents a different type of partner selection and the parameters a, b, c, 1-a-b-c are the probabilities of each type of selection. The first term is the event of selecting assortatively a partner from the same smoking and sexual activity class. The second term is selecting from the same sexual activity class, but randomly as for smoking status. Thus, if the second choice is made, it is still possible to be choosing from the same sexual activity and smoking class. The third term is random selection for sexual activity, and assortatively for smoking. The last is selecting completely at random. Thus, the assortativity bias comes from the third term, where the probability of selecting a highly sexually active individual is greater for smokers.

It basically expresses common sense in fancy statistical terms - that because peoples' partners aren't randomized, confounding will result from group differences. For that matter, people aren't randomly assigned to families, either, so they're not equally likely to be exposed to infections such as EBV and CMV during childhood.

More on HPV in Men

More Surgeon General Fraud!

There are ZERO mentions of cytomegalovirus or CMV, or of Epstein-Barr virus or EBV, in Chapter 10, the section of the Surgeon General report which expands the bogus list of diseases supposedly caused by smoking. There is also no mention of the basic epidemiological fact that poorer people are more likely to have been exposed to virtually all pathogens, coupled with the fact that smokers are more likely to be of lower socioeconomic class. Given the crucial (and causal) roles that these pathogens have been shown to have in the diseases they blame on smoking, such as macular degeneration, rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis, Sjogren's syndrome, and lupus, their failure to even mention these viruses, never mind address their role in those diseases, is further compelling proof of their conscious and deliberate intent to deceive the public by concealing evidence, in order to further their anti-smoking ideological agenda. It proves beyond a shadow of doubt that fraud is how anti-smoker pseudo-science works.

by Section / Surgeon General

The professional fraudsters of the Surgeon General gang pretend that they can "explain" the role of infections with the devious blow-off that smoking supposedly impairs smokers' immune systems. But this claim is also based on the deliberate scientific fraud of ignoring the role of CMV. Poorer people are more likely to have been infected during childhood, before they even began smoking. And, in people who are infected, CMV comprises the single largest burden on the immune system! So they're using fraud to supposedly justify fraud! And, they're concealing the newly-emerging evidence that implicates CMV in COPD!

Cancer Society Fraud Again

The American Cancer Society is recruiting at least 300,000 adults for its third Cancer Prevention Study. The first two CPS studies ignored the role of infection in order to falsely blame smoking and lifestyle for cancer, heart disease and other illnesses. They cynically exploited the circumstance that poorer people are more likely to have been exposed to those infections; and, contrary to their pretenses, this confounding is not eliminated by "adjusting" for proxy variables. The American Cancer Society has a specially privileged and unaccountable relationship with the government, and data from the those studies have been used by government agencies, including the Centers for Disease Control and the Surgeon General, to concoct specious claims of deaths and illnesses supposedly caused by smoking and lifestyle. Judging from the backgrounds of the chief investigators in the CPS-3, they intend to continue to ignore the mounting evidence implicating infection, and commit the same scientific fraud again! Out of the approximately 1019 studies of which these charlatans have been individually and severally listed as authors, not a single one has involved the role of infections in diseases blamed on lifestyle. It's a no-brainer to guess what kind of studies they're planning to do. (Scientific Credibility CPS-3. American Cancer Society. Accessed 4/7/13.)

Scientific Credibility [sic] / American Cancer Society

The USA is the New Nazi Germany

The purpose of the US government under its health fascist occupation government is to persecute and oppress the people, and ram a compulsory state religion, founded on the quackery, fraud and charlatanism of the Third Reich, down the throats of the entire world. Our goal should be the destruction of this government and its puppetmasters at Harvard, and our loyalty should be to their enemies. Nobody on earth can ever live in freedom until these filthy tyrants are eradicated!

Nazi Judge Gladys Kessler Orders Tobacco Companies to Lie

"'This court made a number of explicit findings that the tobacco companies perpetuated fraud and deceived the public regarding the addictiveness of cigarettes and nicotine,' she said."

All of the lies have come from the United States government, on the orders of its puppetmasters from Harvard, the American Cancer Society, et al. They deliberately design studies so that they will falsely blame smoking for diseases that are really caused by infection, and systematically ignore and conceal the relevant evidence. Every Surgeon General report is proof of their scientific fraud.

The Surgeon General Lies About Cancer
The Surgeon General Lies About Heart Disease

All of the conspiracy has come from the United States government and its puppetmasters as well. This fraudulent study methodology was consciously chosen in order to falsely inflate the toll of diseases supposedly caused by smoking, as a pretext to violate the rights and liberties of the American people. All of the supposedly "independent" reports were in fact concocted by a corrupt little politically-connected clique, with no input from real scientists and no accountability to the people! They've been ring-led for decades by Jonathan M. Samet, who is now the head of the FDA Committee on Tobacco. And, every lawsuit against the tobacco companies establishes their refusal to question the anti-smokers' scientific fraud, and creates the further presumption of a conspiracy by the anti-smokers to control the tobacco companies through financial control of their governance, and prevent them from defending themselves!

Expected link to APPENDIX B Corrective Statements - Implementation Details 1999cv2496-5992 (Document has not been made public as of 02-27-13)

APPENDIX B Corrective Statements - Implementation Details / US District Court, District of Columbia

The Healthcare Law Is Tyranny!

Obama Overthrows the Constitution

Today, the purpose of the United States government is to tyrannize the individual. Instead of performing its legitimate role as the defender of our liberties, the government uses the individual mandate to buy health insurance to compel our subjugation to the insurance companies, and then incentivizes those companies to intrude in our lives. This is tyranny-by-proxy, to force a compulsory state religion of health fascism, based on quackery, fraud and charlatanism, down the throats of the American people. This system that Obama and his puppet-masters at Harvard have inflicted on us is pure Nazism, in both its philosophical premises about the role of government and in its pseudo-science. Just like the Nazis, the health fascists ignore the role of infection to falsely blame peoples' lifestyles. Every Surgeon General report is proof of this. But the Nazis could hide behind the excuse of ignorance, while today's health fascists CANNOT! And this establishes the presumption that they employ this fraud for the direct purpose of supplying false pretexts to violate our rights and liberties. The United States government is now the successor to Nazi Germany, and the real enemy that hates our freedom, and we should be at war against this government!

Notice of proposed rulemaking: "Incentives for Nondiscriminatory Wellness Programs in Group Health Plans" EMPLOYEE BENEFITS SECURITY ADMINISTRATION PROPOSED RULES Incentives for Nondiscriminatory Wellness Programs in Group Health Plans [REG-122707-12; CMS-9979-P; Filed: 11/20/12 at 11:15am; Publication Date: 11/26/2012] This article has a comment period that ends in 61 days (01/25/2013)

"Specifically, these proposed regulations would increase the maximum permissible reward under a health-contingent wellness program offered in connection with a group health plan (and any related health insurance coverage) from 20 percent to 30 percent of the cost of coverage. The proposed regulations would further increase the maximum permissible reward to 50 percent for wellness programs designed to prevent or reduce tobacco use. These regulations also include other proposed clarifications regarding the reasonable design of health-contingent wellness programs and the reasonable alternatives they must offer in order to avoid prohibited discrimination."

"The preamble to the 2006 regulations stated that the 'reasonably designed' standard was designed to prevent abuse, but otherwise was 'intended to be an easy standard to satisfy * * *. There does not need to be a scientific record that the method promotes wellness to satisfy this standard. The standard is intended to allow experimentation in diverse ways of promoting wellness." [The lack of requirement for scientific support proves that this is inherently designed not to promote wellness, but to force a particular lifestyle on everyone, in gross and flagrant violation of the proper purpose of government! -cast]

Notice Of Proposed Rulemaking / Federal Register

Page 1, "Specifically, these proposed regulations would increase the maximum permissible reward under a health-contingent wellness program offered in connection with a group health plan (and any related health insurance coverage) from 20 percent to 30 percent of the cost of coverage. The proposed regulations would further increase the maximum permissible reward to 50 percent for wellness programs designed to prevent or reduce tobacco use. These regulations also include other proposed clarifications regarding the reasonable design of health-contingent wellness programs and the reasonable alternatives they must offer in order to avoid prohibiteddiscrimination."

Pages 5-7, "Examples of participatory wellness programs in the 2006 regulations include a fitness center reimbursement program,..." [the supposed benefits of which are based on quackery], a program that reimburses employees for the costs of smoking cessation programs regardless of whether the employee quits smoking,... [a slush fund for the quit-smoking industry] and a program that provides rewards for attending a free health education seminar [where "health education" means ideological indoctrination in charlatanism]. There is no limit on the financialincentives for participatory wellness programs."

"The second category of wellness programs under the 2006 regulations consists of programs that require individuals to satisfy a standard related to a health factor in order to obtain a reward (“health-contingent wellness programs”). This category includes wellness programs that require an individual to attain or maintain a certain health outcome in order to obtain a reward (such as not smoking, attaining certain results on biometric screenings, or meeting targets for exercise)..."

"2. The program is reasonably designed to promote health or prevent disease. For this purpose, it must have a reasonable chance of improving health or preventing disease, not be overly burdensome, not be a subterfuge for discriminating based on a health factor, and not be highly suspect in method." [This is inherently outrageous, because the government's standard of a "reasonable chance" is based on deliberate scientific fraud and concealment of evidence. It is Orwellian, because the "rewards" for some are contingent upon punishments for others who are unbelievers in their theology, and thus inherently discriminatory. And it's inherently burdensome, the better to coerce people to obey.]

Pages 10-11, "Examples of health-contingent wellness programs in these proposed regulations are: (1) a program that imposes a premium surcharge based on tobacco use; and (2) a program that uses a biometric screening or a health risk assessment to identify employees with specified medical conditions or risk factors (such as high cholesterol, high blood pressure, abnormal body mass index, or high glucose level) and provides a reward to employees identified as within a normal or healthy range (or at low risk for certain medical conditions), while requiring employees who are identified as outside the normal or healthy range (or at risk) to take additional steps (such as meeting with a health coach, taking a health or fitness course, adhering to a health improvement action plan, or complying with a health care provider’s plan of care) to obtain the same reward..." [This is precisely what a Constitutionally-legitimate government is supposed to be protecting us AGAINST, not inflicting against us!]

"The Departments believe that appropriately designed wellness programs have the potential to contribute importantly to promoting health and preventing disease." [And that is entirely the problem: The Departments are stacked with fanatical, scientifically corrupt, incompetent cultists, who got their positions by political connections, and on the basis of their ideology; amd who for any and all practical purposes are completely unaccountable to the people.]

Page 19, "Under the proposed regulations, the determination of whether a health-contingent wellness program is reasonably designed is based on all the relevant facts and circumstances. To ensure that programs are not a subterfuge for discrimination or underwriting based on health factors such as weight, blood pressure, glucose levels, cholesterol levels, or tobacco use with no or insufficient support to improve individuals’ health, the Departments propose that, to the extent a plan’s initial standard for obtaining a reward (or a portion of a reward) is based on results of a measurement, test, or screening that is related to a health factor (such as a biometric examination or a health risk assessment), the plan is not reasonably designed unless it makes available to all individuals who do not meet the standard based on the measurement, test, or screening a different, reasonable means of qualifying for the reward. Accordingly, the general approach that was adopted in the 2006 regulations is preserved, which allows plans and issuers to conduct screenings and employ measurement techniques in order to target wellness programs effectively." [The government's health programs are based on deliberately ignoring "relevant facts and circumstances," in particular of ignoring the role of infection and then exploiting the circumstance that poorer people are more likely to have been exposed to those infections, in order to manufacture specious associations between lifestyles and diseases. Therefore, no wellness program which is based on them can possibly be "reasonably designed." They are all merely subterfuges for discrimination and/or underwriting, and for a class-based war of cultural genocide against the people.]
Obama Destroys the Constitution
The Healthcare Reform Railroad
Judge John G. Roberts, Traitor
The Obama Administration

Surgeon General Commits Flagrant Scientific Fraud!

Throughout this entire malicious, fraudulent, and corrupt report, there is no mention whatsoever of the role of infection in the diseases it blames on smoking. Smokers and passive smokers are more likely to have been exposed to these infections, for socioeconomic reasons. And the anti-smokers' studies are based on nothing but lifestyle questionnaires, so they're cynically DESIGNED to falsely blame tobacco for diseases that are really caused by infection. See the index to this report, where there is no mention of human papillomavirus, Epstein-Barr virus, hepatitis viruses B or C, Helicobacter pylori, the pathogens which cause chorioamnionitis, or any other infectious agent whose effects they simultaneously ignore and exploit. (A Report of the Surgeon General: How Tobacco Smoke Causes Disease. The Biology and Behavioral Basis for Smoking-Attributable Disease. U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 2010.)

It proves that the Surgeon General is a corrupt charlatan employed by crooked politicians, not a scientist.

For the government to commit fraud to deprive us of our liberty is automatically a violation of our right to the equal protection of the laws, no different from purposely throwing innocent people in prison. And spreading lies about phony "smoking dangers" is an act of TERRORISM, no different from calling in a phony bomb threat.

The Surgeon General falsely blames smoking for p16 methylation caused by viruses

The Surgeon General Lies That Smoking Causes Heart Disease

The FDA Cigarette Label Decision

District Judge Richard J. Leon ruled that it is not Constitutionally permissible to compel cigarette manufacturers to purvey "gruesome images desinged to disgust the consumer," as opposed to "purely factual and uncontroversial information." But this is not good enough, because not just the FDA's labels, but the government's body of anti-smoking "research" has been deliberately and systematically designed to deceive the public about the health risks of smoking. And the FDA Tobacco Panel is not an impartial body, but merely the latest arm of this fraudulent operation.

The FDA Cigarette Label Decision

Nazi Agitprop and Fake "Discussion"

The New York Times' Endless War of Lies and Deceit to Impose Tyranny

In its campaign to soften up the public to submit to tyranny that's founded on the pseudo-scientific humbug of the Third Reich, the New York Times has inflicted an editorial by its own hired propagandist fraudulently claiming that "Taxing junk food and making healthy food more affordable would save millions of lives and billions of dollars in health care costs." It's all based on fake "studies" that are cynically designed to falsely blame peoples' lifestyles for cancer and heart disease that are really caused by infection, and bogus claims of economic costs that are based on pretending that the health costs of those with so-called "healthy lifestyles" don't exist at all. This is the same fraud that these criminals have gotten away with perpetrating against smokers, without permitting so much as a squeak of informed dissent - only the Official Lies, and the Official Approved Fake Opposition, who merely whine about nannyism and slippery slopes, are ever allowed! It was supposedly posted on July 23d, but the first comments were posted on July 24 at 7:28 am EDT, and were closed before 8:35 am EDT, although comments continued to be posted after this time. Needless to say, not one of those comments attacked the deliberate scientific fraud and flagrant lies of the imbecilic dogma that these archenemies of all truth, freedom and justice purvey! (Bad Food? Tax It, and Subsidize Vegetables. By Mark Bittman. New York Times, Jul. 24, 2011.

In fact, the health fascists have been getting away with this ever since the supposed fall of the Third Reich, whose health delusions and sleazy methods they adoringly mimic and smugly congratulate themselves about. And this mass media propaganda is all the same, everywhere, and at all times! It proves that the mass media have no role whatsoever in a free society, because the implicit goal of all their actions is to destroy liberty and silence dissent. It proves that the media are the enemies who hate our freedom, not al-Quaida or any other boogeyman they trump up for us, and we should be at war against them and all their politician accomplices!

Falsely Framing Every Issue, Every Time!

The vermin pretend that the issue is, "Is Junk Food Really Cheaper?", when the real issue is, "Is 'Healthy' Food Really Healthier?" It's not, but these vermin pretend that the issue is settled, for once and for all for all, with their Nazi pseudo-science of lifestyle questionnaires that ignore the role of infection, which they inflict as the core dogma of their compulsory state religion, with no disagreement allowed! See how the vermin consciously use their Nazi-style propaganda machine to force their delusions down the American peoples' throats: "Obviously, in an atmosphere where any regulation is immediately labeled 'nanny statism,' changing 'the environment' is difficult. But we've done this before, with tobacco. The 1998 tobacco settlement limited cigarette marketing and forced manufacturers to finance anti-smoking campaigns — a negotiated change that led to an environmental one that in turn led to a cultural one, after which kids said to their parents, 'I wish you didn't smoke.' Smoking had to be converted from a cool habit into one practiced by pariahs." And who is this "WE" who so smugly gloat about their triumphs at imposing their views against the free will of everyone else? They're the arrogant, overprivileged oligarchy that tyrannizes this country, whose mothership is the Harvard School of Public Health!

More from the vermin: "Political action would mean agitating to limit the marketing of junk; forcing its makers to pay the true costs of production; recognizing that advertising for fast food is not the exercise of free speech but behavior manipulation of addictive substances; and making certain that real food is affordable and available to everyone. The political challenge is the more difficult one, but it cannot be ignored." What we need is political action to stop the health fascists from using our tax dollars to commit scientific fraud and lie in our faces! That is the real issue, a grave Constitutional issue of them using the government as the private instrument of their own crypto-religious faction at the expense of everyone else! And see how they arrogantly propose to eliminate the free speech rights of others under the pretext that it's "behavior manipulation of addictive substances," while their own fraud-based and media conspiracy-enforced deceptions not only get a free pass but tax subsidies from their victims! (Is Junk Food Really Cheaper? By Mark Bittman. New York Times, Sep. 24, 2011. htttp://

Cancer Prevention and Research Institute of Texas -

Yet Another Unaccountable Slush Fund for Health Fascist Tyrants!

SEE how the corrupt anti-smoker tyrants help eradicate free academic thought - and see how the despicable little prostitutes knuckle under to their financial blackmail: "Texas A&M's buildings already are smoke-free, but campus administrators are mulling a tobacco ban around the perimeter of buildings because a cancer research institute is now requiring grant recipients to comply with new tobacco-free guidelines. The Cancer Prevention Research Institute of Texas has given out $3.4 million to Texas A&M University since 2010, according to a grant database on its website. Its new guidelines, adopted by an oversight committee in January, has caused universities and institutions across the state to examine their tobacco policies." We weren't born yesterday. We all know that this atmosphere of cultural intolerance is specifically intended to impose conformity of thought! (Texas A&M mulls campus smoking ban. March 19, 2012.

And this has always been the anti-smokers' game plan: Rich people fund politicians, who pay them back by shoveling out the taxpayers' money to impose the will of the wealthy against the masses. "Texas voters overwhelmingly approved a constitutional amendment in 2007 establishing the Cancer Prevention and Research Institute of Texas (CPRIT) and authorizing the state to issue $3 billion in bonds to fund groundbreaking cancer research and prevention programs and services in Texas." The gullible little sheep, who never look below the surface of anything, think that it's a do-good project, instead of what it really is: The use of the state's power and the taxpayers' money to impose the beliefs of a corrupt and fanatical little cult on everybody. It has given at least $8,998,226 for anti-smoking programs since 2010. Nine of the eleven board members are appointed by the Governor, Lieutenant Governor and Speaker of the House, and the remaining two are the Attorney General of Texas and the Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts or their designees. In other words, politically-connected, scientifically-incompetent hacks.

CPRIT Funded Grants / State of Texas

Its founding scientific officer, Alfred G. Gilman, is a longtime Fat Cat of NIH funding. He quit in a snit, supposedly over lack of scientific review of its grants. But according to commenters, he's a smoker, who expects special tolerance for himself while everyone else gets the jackboot. Meanwhile, then anti-smokers have deliberately committed flagrant scientific fraud for decades, without so much as a peep of criticism from the likes of him! He's the epitome of the kind of whore who's sold us out all these decades! (Nobel winner Alfred Gilman quitting Texas cancer research agency; says 'vast funds' awarded without review. By Sue Goetinck Ambrose. Dallas News, May 10, 2012.)

Alfred Gilman quitting Texas cancer research agency / Dallas News

But stop the presses! A Texas Republican politician named Robert Pratt has the guts to condemn this social engineering! (CPRIT rules threaten science in cancer cure quest. Pratt on Texas, Mar. 16, 2012.)

CPRIT rules threaten science in cancer cure test / Pratt on Texas podcast

Proof of Conspiracy to Hide the Role of Viruses in Lung Cancer

The anti-smoker propaganda claim that "Scientists may have found a way to tell which smokers are at highest risk of developing lung cancer: measuring a telltale genetic [sic] change inside their windpipes" is proof of deliberate deceit. Dr. Avrum Spira et al. found that some current or former smokers with lung cancer or precancerous lesions had higher activity of a certain enzyme in their upper airways than those who didn't. "[T]he genes involved were part of a well-known cancer-causing pathway named the PI3K pathway. When PI3K-related genes are too active, too much cell growth can occur, but most studies have examined those genes only in tumors." Six of nine patients treated with experimental drugs had there lesions improve. It's dressed up with deceitful rhetoric that "Smoking bathes the entire respiratory tract in toxins." (Developing test to warn smokers of cancer danger. By Lauran Neergaard, AP Medical Writer, Apr. 8, 2010.)

Developing test to warn smokers of cancer danger / Yahoo News

BUT - What they're testing for, activation of the PI3K system, is actually a sign of virus infection. "A number of viruses including EBV, HPV, HBV and HCV have the ability to establish long-term infections in the host, either through the establishment of latent or chronic infections, which can ultimately lead to cellular transformation. It appears that the gene products of these viruses stimulate PI3K–Akt-mediated cell survival and thereby block apoptosis of the cells they infect. This contributes to both virus survival and oncogenic transformation..." (The pivotal role of phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase–Akt signal transduction in virus survival. S Cooray. J Gen Virol 2004;85:1065-1076.)

Cooray / J Gen Virol 2004 full article

And among that list of viruses, HPV is implicated in at least a quarter of non-small cell lung cancers. Cytomegalovirus, an even more widespread chronic infection, also activates the PI3K pathway. It is an intrinsic property of these viruses. The fact that Spira et al. must test for PI3K activation is prima facie evidence that it is not an intrinsic effect of smoking. But they don't mention these salient facts, never mind demonstrate that they are not merely measuring the effects of viral infection, and they blame PI3K activation on smoking by the use of deceitful rhetoric. They use the word "smokers" 76 times, while inconspicuously admitting that "this increased activity is independent of smoking status or other smoking-related disease." This is part of a deliberate, systematic conspiracy which the funding sources for many of Spira et al.'s studies, including the National Cancer Institute and the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences, have engaged in for decades, in order to deceive the public and wage of war of cultural genocide against smokers. (Airway PI3K Pathway Activation Is an Early and Reversible Event in Lung Cancer Development. AM Gustafson, R Soldi, C Anderlind, MB Scholand, J Qian, X Zhang, K Cooper, D Walker, A McWilliams, G Liu, E Szabo, J Brody, PP Massion, ME Lenburg, S Lam, AH Bild, A Spira. Sci Transl Med 2010 Apr 7;2(26):26ra25.)

Gustafson / Sci Transl Med 2010 full article
Search: Spira A / PubMed

Dear Doctors: You're Liars and Frauds

Here the kind of "quality" health care that the health fascist charlatans have been inflicting for decades on patients who smoke. "[S]urgeon Stephen Levine, M.D., said that he would not perform any kind of elective surgery on a smoker. "One cigarette decreases the blood flow to the legs by 30 percent for one hour," Levine said. "If you smoke a pack of cigarettes, you will have chronic low blood flow. Under those circumstances, nothing's going to heal." (Studies make docs rethink how to treat smokers. By Anne Geggis. Daytona Beach News-Journal, May 24, 2010.)

Studies make docs rethink / Daytona Beach News-Journal

The anti-smokers' fraudulent claims are based on studies of capillaries, in which the supposed effect is so trivial that the subjects must be kept absolutely still at a certain precise temperature, which is at the balance point between vasoconstriction and vasodilation. And, it is a physiological fact that arteries, which carry blood flow to the limbs, have no receptors which could respond to nicotine in the first place. His babblings posit a physiological impossibility!

If this quack believes that "One cigarette decreases the blood flow to the legs by 30 percent for one hour," then he's an idiot and an incompetent who should be disciplined by his medical society. However, the medical societies of this country and others have been derelict in their duties to patients for decades. This calls for civil rights action at the federal level.

Anti-Smokers Control the Tobacco Industry by Big-Money Investments - and Have Done So All Along

The stock pretension of the morally depraved anti-smoker spin-meisters (who self-righteously spew unadulterated Nazi pseudo-science in our faces) is to pretend that big-money investments by pension funds are a moral issue of profiting from tobacco. In fact, their financial control gives them voting control, and that is how the anti-smokers elect traitors and appoint stooges who let the anti-smokers get away with their scientific frauds to lie the public about the risks of tobacco, support cowardly sell-out politicians, and throw lawsuits so that smokers will be forced to pay outrageous and unjust "damages."

"At the same time Ottawa is trying to get Canadians to stop smoking through ads, high taxes, age restrictions and dire health warnings on every cigarette pack, the Canada Pension Plan Investment Board (CPPIB), the federal Crown corporation that manages the assets of the Canada Pension Plan, is pouring hundreds of millions of dollars into tobacco stocks. As of March 31, 2008, its tobacco holdings had a market value of more than $490-million. Virtually every salary-earner in Canada over the age of 18 must pay into the Canada Pension Plan. It's the law. And like it or not, part of your premiums have been used to buy huge stakes in some of the world's biggest tobacco companies. These holdings include $165-million stake in Philip Morris International and a $72-million investment in Altria, which controls half the U. S. cigarette market. Your CPP contributions have also been used to buy $38-million worth of British American Tobacco, the world's #2 tobacco firm (behind Altria Group) and a company that sells nearly 855 billion cigarettes in more than 190 countries annually. Other sizable holdings include Japan Tobacco ($42-million), Imperial Tobacco ($25-million),Carolina Group ($24-million), Korea Tobacco ($21-million), Reynolds American ($12-million) and Canada's largest tobacco company, Rothman's ($57-million)." The CPP has increased its tobacco holdings by over 390% in the last three years. Meanwhile, the Canadian government is spending $180 million over three years to persecute smokers. (The CPP should butt out. By Gordon Keast. National Post, July 29, 2008 link died; Gordon Keast: Why is the Canada Pension Plan Investing in one of Canada's Biggest Killers? National Post Blogs, Jul. 29, 2008.)

Canada Pension Plan / National Post Blogs

In fact, the anti-smoking conspiracy began over a century ago. Skull & Bones ring-led the creation of the American Tobacco Trust, to gather all the companies under anti-smoker control. But they knew that they couldn't just take over the tobacco companies and shut them down, because others would simply enter the field. So, they created and built up enemies to persecute tobacco, particlarly the American Cancer Society, the Harvard School of Public Health, and the American Heart Association, and used these as proxies to create and control the federal health establishment (the National Institutes of Health and National Cancer Institute, et al.) to manufacture fraudulent pseudo-science to deceive the public at taxpayer expense. The anti-smoker-controlled tobacco companies merely put up a phony pretense of fighting the anti-smoker-controlled "health" lobbies, and purposely throw lawsuits (that is, to those brought by the "right" plaintiffs) in order to financially intimidate potential entrants into the tobacco industry. And, Philip Morris/Altria has been a particular flagrant example of conspiratorial control. The anti-smokers used it to scoop up the remaining companies that hadn't been sucked into the Tobacco Trust, and they built it up to serve as the lead Judas Goat to betray the rest. J. Russell Forgan, who later wrote the act creating the Central Intelligence Agency, began investing Marshall Field 3d's money in the tobacco industy in the late 1920s, and he led the financing of Philip Morris's expansion from the 1940s to 1960s, when he specifically recruited insitutional investors. From 1960 to 1981, the stepson of the head of the American Cancer Society was on its board of directors!


Billionaire Bill Gates funds Nazi pseudo-science to persecute smokers!

The Nazi slime at the World Health Organization, just got another $125 million dollars from Microsoft billionaire Bill Gates. Like a snake in the grass, Bill Gates has been funding research on [acute] infections in order to deceive people about his real intentions. Now we know conclusively what side he's really on - the side of lies, ignorance, and tyranny! He's on the side of filthy criminals, who deliberately use defective studies based on nothing but lifestyle questionnaires in order to falsely blame smoking for diseases that are really caused by infection! "It will urge governments to sharply raise tobacco taxes [to suck our blood while we are disenfranchised by anti-smoker corruption!], prohibit smoking in public places [based on naked Nazi pseudo-science that deliberately falsely blames passive smoking for lung cancer caused by HPV], outlaw advertising to children and cigarette giveaways [while they brainwash children with lies!], start antismoking advertising campaigns [Nazi-style campaigns of abuse and defamations!] and offer people nicotine patches or other help quitting [a handout for Big Pharma, not a favor to us!].

The sniveling, crawling little bootlickers at British American Tobacco, who have never uttered so much as a peep of protest about the anti-smokers' Nazi pseudo-science and Nazi bullying, simpered, "We have no problem with government organizations educating people on the risks of tobacco." Well, WE have a LOT of problems with filthy government puke lying in our faces and waging a war of cultural genocide against us, funded by our own stolen money! (Billionaires Back Antismoking Effort. By Donald G. McNeil. New York Times, July 24, 2008 - ) And remember - ALL of this has been facilitated by their lying whores in the media, who censor all criticism of this Nazi pseudo-science, to deceive the public and shove THEIR totalitarian political agenda down the world's throats.

The American Cancer Society had four hundred (400) lobbyists working for SCHIP!!!

The SCHIP Cigarette Tax proves that the "core value" of the Democratic Party is persecuting smokers

"Supporters of the legislation, which has broad bipartisan support, mobilized lobbyists — 400 from the American Cancer Society alone — and began advertising to win the votes needed to override a veto threatened by Mr. Bush."

The financial arguments against funding government programs with a tax that is formulated to eradicate their revenue source only serve to demonstrate that the wellbeing of those programs is not the true goal. Therefore, to point out the obvious is to miss the point that the true purpose of those taxes is social oppression, not the good of children; furthermore, the tax supporters are pleased that it hits the poor more than the rich, because they're the demographic target. So much for the "caring" Democrat Party!

And isn't it touching how they fawn on the homosexual vote, while ignoring ten times more smokers. See how they pretend that gays are "oppressed," while pandering to them from a forum, LOGO, that the corporate fascists created to serve the gays - while we smokers have nothing of the kind. In addition, nobody ever got so much money, so fast, as the gays did for AIDS research, and they don't have to subsidize the eradication of their own lifestyle, either. Meanwhile, the health fascists loot and plunder smokers' money and use it to further persecute us (including buying off other people in the name of "the children"), and no smoker has ever been allowed a voice in these matters.

Then, see how the Dems nurture, encourage and reward the illegal aliens, who theoretically aren't even allowed to vote. Look how they pass smoking bans to eradicate smokers' culturally-friendly business establishments, while Spanish-language signs, etc., proliferate. (There are local radio stations dedicated to them, while all smokers get is more forums for anti-smokers to spew their lies and bash smokers, with no informed smokers' advocates allowed.) See the Dems encourage self-righteous marches for the illegal aliens, while pouring abuse on us!

Someone needs to point out the obvious to those deluded psychopaths: That the real oppressed minority is the people who are being systematically persecuted by THEMSELVES!

And the putrid filth pretend it's all "for the children": "Daniel E. Smith, vice president of the American Cancer Society, said: 'The choice is simple: Are you for kids? Are you for tobacco companies? Mr. President and Congress, we hope you side with the kids.'" (Congress Set for Veto Fight on Child Health Care. By Robert Pear and Carl Hulse. New York Times, Sep. 25, 2007.)

Congress Set for Veto Fight on Child Health Care / New York Times

Anti-Smoker Filth Accuse Smokers of Deliberately Killing Children to Pass Car Bans!

"People who smoke with children present in the confined space of a car or truck might as well be deliberately trying to kill those children, said City Councilor Patricia Blanchette, who is a smoker." "An amendment that was added Monday to the original proposal makes the violation a primary offense, rather than a secondary offense. That means police can pull over vehicles if they see somebody smoking with anybody under 18 in the vehicle; if it were a secondary offense, police would have to stop the vehicle for some other reason, such as speeding." Sniveling, cowardly, weenie "Aaron Prill of Bangor told the council that the ordinance was a "feel-good option" that was not intended to protect children but rather to "moralize" against smokers. Most smokers have enough common sense not to smoke around children, he said." (Bangor Makes It Illegal to Smoke in Cars. AP, Jan. 9, 2007.) No, Patricia Blanchette is a dirty, brainless whore of the anti-smokers! The filthy lie-spewing scum got their precious EPA ETS report written via illegal pass-through contracts to handpicked anti-smoking activists - with a crony of George W. Bush and a bigshot Democrap on the board of directors of the crooked company! And it's flagrantly fraudulent because the dirty, lying charlatans pretend that infections don't exist so that they can falsely blame secondhand smoke! And ever since the dirty vermins' anti-smoking campaign began, the death rates from asthma more than doubled! AND THE LIE-SPEWING FILTH IN THE MEDIA HAVE COVERED IT ALL UP IN ORDER THE RAPE US!


FACT: The U.S. "Department of Justice" cannot describe a single act of scientific fraud by the tobacco companies. Their specious case consists of pretending that any disagreement with anti-smoking dogma is automatically an act of fraud.

The DOJ's accusations are a travesty concocted by malice-ridden, subhuman baboons, who believe in magic and think it's science, and think they are entitled to persecute infidels and suppress science in its own name.

FACT: The ANTI-SMOKERS control BOTH SIDES, and this whole series of phony show trials is nothing but a pretext for the anti-smoker racketeers to loot, plunder and persecute smokers.

Words from the US Department of Justice lawsuit which ought to be used verbatim or adapted for a RICO lawsuit against the Albert and Mary Lasker Foundation, the American Cancer Society, the American Heart Association, the American Lung Association, the American Public Health Association, et al.

The Definition of Conspiracy

The goal of smokers' rights is prosecution of the anti-smokers' crimes. On this website is the investigation that the corrupt US Department of Justice should have done LONG AGO.

Smokers' Rights is the Foremost Human Rights Issue

***** Why Smoking Bans Pass *****

WE consider a civilized society to be one in which science is revered, not twisted and perverted and crassly used as a cynical tool of totalitarian political manipulation. To the anti-smoker filth who oppress us, a "civilized society" is one where "scientists" are nothing but whores, who service them by sanctifying their lies and fraud and defamations, so they can gloat in triumph over a nation of despicable, brainless, spineless little eunuchs who let them get away with it. Anti-smoker whining about a whiff of cigarette smoke gets front-page attention, year after year, while exposure of scientific fraud is ruthlessly suppressed. Our dictators deploy their Mighty Wurtlitzer of propaganda to teach us lowly little peasants that our right not to have them steal our money is a less-than-insignificant trifle, compared to their righteous moral indignation over the outrage of seeing a cigarette butt on the ground. Where the pettiest, vilest, most subhuman form of lice are tenderly nurtured, encouraged, and rewarded with wealth and power!

Nazi Statewide Smoking Ban AB-253

We will never forgive and never forget the crimes of those who stole our rights, and never rest until they are restored.


Gov. Scott Walker's Health Fascist Agenda - Journal-Sentinel is Censored

Wisconsin Smokers' Rights; Wisconsin City Smoking Bans; Wisconsin Election Archive; Lasker Syndicate Operations in Wisconsin; NEW: Senate Bill 150: The Gigantic Fraud!

Illinois Smokers' Rights Election Archive
Indiana Smokers' Rights Election Archive
Iowa Smokers' Rights
Michigan Smokers' Rights Election Archive
Minnesota Smokers' Rights Election Archive
Ohio Smokers' Rights Election Archive
Missouri Smokers' Rights Election Archive

Anti-smokers in California, Massachusetts and Washington received millions of dollars in subsidies from the National Cancer Institute and from state government to force their agenda down the public's throat. (Memorandum. Samuel D. Chilcote to Thomas C. Griscom and Ellen Merlo. Nov. 30, 1992.)

Chilcote Memo, Nov. 30, 1992 / UCSF (pdf, 15 pp)

The Anti-Smoker-Approved Fake Opposition -- the anti-smokers get away with everything, all because of THEM!

The health fascist power elite controls BOTH SIDES! They keep smokers ignorant and oppressed by only allowing their carefully vetted patsies to have access to the mass media, where they are guaranteed never to make a serious criticism or depart from subsidiary issues. You can always tell the anti-smokers' patsies because they accept the anti-smokers' scientific fraud of ignoring the role of infection and using studies based on nothing but lifestyle questionnaires to falsely blame tobacco. They never mention the role of HPV in lung cancer, etc. - only about air quality. They help the anti-smokers pretend that our only defense is a few studies cherry-picked from the anti-smokers' own junk pile. Instead of attacking the scientific fraud, they want smokers to be an unpaid lobby on behalf of the hospitality industry and help to prop up their businesses, while they refuse to file a RICO lawsuit against the anti-smokers that would put an end to the persecution. They actively peddle the anti-smokers' propaganda about "magic foods" that supposedly protect people from cancer. They parrot the health fascists' hysteria about "scary chemicals" vague generalizations about genes, and where these explanations fail to suffice, they undercut our movement by ignoring the evidence implicating infections and pretending that "nobody knows" what causes cancer and other chronic diseases. They ignore the lengthy history of anti-smoking activism by Wall Street banksters, their Harvard and Yale accomplices, and the Lasker Lobby, and distract attention away from them by blaming pharmaceutical companies (on the grounds that one of them funds a foundation created by its founders' heirs which is dedicated to health fascist activism). And, THEY BAN INFORMED SMOKERS' ADVOCATES FROM THEIR FORUMS AND DELETE POSTS ABOUT INFECTION AND CANCER, TO HELP KEEP SMOKERS IGNORANT! FORCES, Smokers' Club, Smokescreen, etc. - they are all nothing but anti-smoker-approved fake opponents, despicable traitors who've done nothing but help our enemies win!

Big Drugs: FORCES's denunications of Philip Morris are just blowing smoke. FORCES collaborates with the anti-smokers by peddling their health fascist ideology of infection-denial, misdirecting blame away from the Lasker Syndicate onto the pharmaceutical companies, and helping them suppress dissent by applauding drivel. And all their "heroes" are nothing but relics from Philip Morris.

Blaming Big Drugs to Protect the Lasker Syndicate

Big Drivel: Joseph L. Bast, Michael DeBow, Michael Fumento, Pierre Lemieux, Robert Levy, Jacob Sullum, and W. Kip Viscusi are the so-called "experts" the media trot out to supposedly speak for us smokers! Their job is to be patsies for the establishment, by helping them pretend that their insubstantial opposition is the best that our side can present. All of the above are affiliated with The Heartland Institute, an operation with a $2 million budget and a board of directors that includes representatives of General Motors and Philip Morris. Christopher Taylor Buckley, Skull & Bones 1975, purveys the Establishment's junk science and stereotypes about tobacco industry PR.

"Big Drivel"; Christopher Taylor Buckley, Skull & Bones 1975

198 Years of Anti-Smoker Conspiracy, Fraud, and Racketeering

There is a central conspiracy for global tyranny, at least as old as the Essex Junto, in which Wall Street military aggression and health fascism walk hand-in-hand. If it hadn't been for funding from Wall Street, Adolph Hitler would never have risen to power. But the Hitler regime (and the Cold War) were just ruses to distract the American people from the Nazis' real goal: TAKEOVER OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA! The Lasker Syndicate conspirators who have controlled our health establishment for six decades are the perpetrators of this scheme, scientific fraud is their means, and Anti-Smoker Amerika is the real National Socialist Reich of their dreams!

The Salem Smoking Ban of 1811 - the Essex Junto that took over Harvard in order to commit scientific fraud

Before Skull & Bones

Horace Greeley and Boss Tweed Invented Anti-Smoker Racketeering-By-Lawsuit in 1871

Horace Greeley and Boss Tweed


The Health Establishment and the Order of Skull & Bones: Key Roles in the anti-smoking movement; Lasker connections to the Order of Skull & Bones; The Institute of Human Relations; Charles-Edward Amory Winslow; Bones and the American National Red Cross; Stanhope Bayne-Jones and the 1964 SG Report; Mary Pillsbury Lord and the World Health Organization; The Whitney Family and the American Tobacco Company; the Webb-Waring Lung Institute; Prescott Bush and the New England Institute for Medical Research; The Stanford Gang; The American Society for the Control of Cancer; Artemus L. Gates; John M. Walker & Brewster Jennings at Memorial Hospital and Sloan-Kettering; the Guaranty Trust; Caldwell Blakeman Esselstyn Jr. S&B 1956; Irving Fisher S&B 1888; Before Skull & Bones; Skull & Bones and the American National Red Cross

The Wall Street Banksters Who Run the Health Establishment

The Bankers Trust
The Chase National Bank
The Equitable Life Assurance Society
The Farmers Loan and Trust
The Guaranty Trust
The Morgan Guaranty Trust
The Mutual Life Insurance Company
The National City Bank
The New York Life Insurance Company
The United States Trust Company of New York

The Mothership of Health Fascist Scientific Fraud

The Harvard School of Public Health

The American Heart Association's Bones Connections

The American Heart Association

The Lasker Syndicate Roots of the Conspiracy Against Tobacco

In the 1930s, there was scientific debate over the respective roles of infection versus lifestyle and chemical carcinogens in heart disease and cancer. The health fascist advocates of the latter proceeded to "settle" the debate by taking over the government, using our tax dollars to fund their propaganda machine while suppressing research on infection.

The Lasker Syndicate Roots of the Conspiracy Against Tobacco / CIA Connections: Samuel Rosenman, Clark Clifford, William J. Donovan; Lewis L. Strauss & SG Warburg; Koop Was Just a Pawn; Charles A. LeMaistre; Lester Breslow; David J. Mahoney; Frank Knox Pages; Partnership for Prevention; Public Health Institute; The Special Virus Cancer Program; The Pew Charitable Trusts; Microbiological Associates - Sidney R. Knafel; Anna Rosenberg Hoffman; Paul G. Hoffman & cronies Jean Monnet, Robert Maynard Hutchins, C. Scott Fletcher, William Benton, and son Hallock Hoffman; W. Clement Stone & Aon Corp.; LBJ's ties to Thomas G. "Tommy the Cork" Corcoran; Benno C. Schmidt Sr. and Jr.; William O. Baker; Frank Lautenberg; Peter G. Bourne Page; The Salk Institute; The American Council on Science and Health; Honeywell Inc.

Mary Woodard Lasker's ties to Lazard Freres

Lazard Freres

Mary's stepson Edward Lasker was an old Yale buddy of Joseph Cullman 3d of Philip Morris

The Power Elite Controls Both Sides

Research!America, the Syndicate's Biggest Funding Lobby

According to a blurb on their website attributed to the Wall Street Journal, "The driving force behind the huge 15% increase in the NIH budget was an umbrella organization called Research!America." Politicians hang around them like flies around a garbage dumpster because their media accomplices will look the other way while they dispense favors.

Research!America - J. Morton Davis; Paul G. Rogers; Charles A. Sanders; John Whitehead; Mary Woolley; James B. Wyngaarden Pages; Thomas Langfitt link

=> NEW NIH Fat Cat List 2008-2010

In 1997, the American Health Foundation got $11 million from the NIH; The RAND Corporation got $11 million; Johns Hopkins University got $292 million; the University of California at San Francisco got $215 million; Harvard University got $180 million.

The NIH Fat Cat Lists; NIH Brown Books 1992-97

The Lasker Dynasty Continues

Roz Diane Lasker and the Clinton health plan, and the Initiative for Public Health and Medicine; Denis Prager Page

Rockefeller-Hitler Connection

Otto Heinrich Warburg; EM Warburg Pincus & Co.

The American Health Foundation

The American Health Foundation

The Charles A. Dana Foundation et al.

The Charles A. Dana Foundation

The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation

The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation - Alvan Feinstein; Ruby P. Hearn; Gilbert S. Omenn; Robert Petersdorf; William L. Roper; and Steven A. Schroeder Pages
Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Anti-Tobacco Grants

The CDC's "Healthy People" Program

The CDC's "Healthy People" Program - William Foege; J. Michael McGinnis; Philip R. Lee (with Stanton A. Glantz & Richard & Rhoda Goldman Fund); Jo Ivey Boufford; Ruth Kirschstein & Alan Rabson; Jeffrey P. Koplan; David Satcher

This is the entity with the necessary connections to money, technical expertise, and political power, as well as the ideology, to perpetrate the vast conspiracy to loot and persecute smokers.

The Lasker Foundation / James W. Fordyce; Mrs. William McCormick Blair Jr; Florence S. Mahoney; Robert J. Glaser; Alejandro Zaffaroni; Purnell W. Choppin; Daniel Koshland Jr.; Theodore Cooper; Frances Humphrey Howard; Brody Pages - W. Michael Brown, Robert Cullen, Humphrey Taylor, and Martin Tolchin

The RAND Gang

The RAND Corporation has had close ties to the Lasker Foundation since at least 1965, when Newton Minow joined its board of trustees. In 1966, they voted to expand into social engineering.

The RAND Gang / Frank C. Carlucci; Newton Minow; John S. Reed; Carla A. Hills Pages

The Media Deserve Anthrax!

Michael Bloomberg's Police State

The media are the Lasker Syndicate's accomplices, not watchdogs. "[I]t was the media that did the most to turn smokers into social pariahs, now forced to stand like prostitutes shivering in doorways to get their nicotine fix." New York Times Personal Health Columnist Jane E. Brody.

The Media Are the Enemy

The Fairy Tale of John Banzhaf and the "Fairness Doctrine"

Mary W. Lasker, Former FCC Commissioner Newton Minow, and cronies with ties to the Ford Foundation stacked the Federal Communications Commission. (And, if front group FORCES was a real smokers' rights group, they'd be eagerly exposing Banzhaf's mentors, instead of protecting them behind a wall of silence!)

The Fairy Tale of John Banzhaf and the "Fairness Doctrine"

The Hollywood Vermin

The Hollywood Vermin: Norman Lear; Eric Johnston, Stephen Bing, Rob Reiner, Joe Eszterhas; Cigarettes Can't Ignite Gasoline

The Smoking Cost Lies

The bloodsucking leeches purposely spread a Big Lie that smokers are an economic burden to society to lay the foundation for their state and federal lawsuits.

The BIG LIE That Smoking is an Economic Burden to Society; The 2002 SAMMEC Smoking Cost Lies

Workplace Health Fascism - The Healthy Workforce Act of 2007; Workplace "Wellness Programs;" Insurance Companies Blackmail Corporations; The Insurance Industry's $101 Billion Tax Subsidy; Willis B. Goldbeck and the Washington Business Group on Health

The Tobacco Lawsuits

The US Department of Injustice Tobacco Lawsuit: The REAL Criminal Conspirators Prepare to Loot Their Victims

The Federal Tobacco Lawsuit

The American Health Foundation

The US Government's Lasker-controlled National Cancer Institute snookered the tobacco companies into supporting its so-called "Safer Cigarette" research, which was virtually monopolized by the American Health Foundation. It was really just a pretext for more propaganda about alleged tobacco carcinogens. Then, the anti-smoking vermin sued the tobacco companies for supposedly lying that low-tar cigarettes are safer - AND SMOKERS HAVE TO PAY FOR IT.

The American Health Foundation

The State Tobacco Lawsuits

The Lasker Syndicate has a six-decade history of staging theatrical performances to manipulate Congress, with their media lackeys as publicists. The state tobacco lawsuits are their tour de force, a vast racketeering scheme, hatched in the Lasker Foundation, to loot smokers while making a mockery of justice.

The State Tobacco Lawsuits; former Texas AG Morales in Jail; The "Public Pretenders" and the Blair-Stevenson-Minow-Wirtz links to PM law firm Arnold & Porter; USDOJ Page; Securitizing the Tobacco Settlement; The CTR Was a Lasker Loot-A-Thon; Freddy Homburger; Jonathan M. Samet and Daniel C. Tosteson Pages; Anti-Trust Challenge to tobacco settlement

Philip Morris was (and is) controlled by the anti-smokers - and they control the others, too.

The vaunted battle of "David versus Goliath" was really an anti-smoker Goliath pretending to fight a Philip Morris hand puppet. The tobacco industry's so-called "fight" has been a sham. If they were serious, they would have filed suit against the anti-smoking organizations for conspiracy, fraud, and racketeering under the RICO statutes. (And the same goes for the leaders of the hospitality industry, who deliberately set themselves up to lose by arguing their case as "Our profits versus public health" - and who trick ban opponents into supporting more smoking bans under the pretext of a "level playing field.")

The Power Elite Controls Both Sides; J. Russell Forgan of O.S.S. / C.I.A. financed PM; Philip Morris ties to RAND; The John S. Reed Page with Citibank and OSS/CIA Project Hammer & money laundering; Junius A. Richards; Joseph Taylor Foster, Skull & Bones 1908; Bayard F. Pope; R.J. Reynolds; American Tobacco Company; Liggett & Myers; Lorillard; Tobacco & Allied Stocks; The Tobacco Products Corporation

The Fast Food Lawsuits

Like in the tobacco lawsuits, the scheme is to put up a phony fight and then roll over and settle - to fill the pockets of the health fascists and their trial lawyer accomplices, at the expense of consumers. McDonald's Corporation's board of directors is infested with the McCormick Blair gang of Chicago. That's why they flopped on their bellies and shoveled $8.5 million into the pockets of the scientific fraud-perpetrating American Heart Association.

The Fast Food Lawsuits / The Illinois Interlock (McDonalds; William Blair & Co.; Aon Corp.)

Prions: The Conspiracy to Push Vegetarianism

Prions: The Conspiracy to Push Vegetarianism

The Health Effects Institute

Just like the tobacco industry, the automotive industry funds its enemies' scientific fraud. They profess to be against over-regulation - then they meekly fork over their money to their own worst enemies, and bend over and grab their ankles.

The Health Effects Institute; Cummins Engine Company


Here's the so-called "freedom" our soldiers are supposed to die for. The lie-spewing fascist media propagandize us to quit smoking, by using an ignorant, craven piece of crap, who licks the vermins' boots and thanks them for locking him up in a SMOKE-FREE JAIL! "Thank you, master, for relieving me of the burden of my freedom" is what Anti-Smoker Occupied Amerika really stands for. This is how the bloodsuckers convince themselves that the whole world is just longing to be invaded, looted, plundered, and raped by themselves. This is why the bloodsuckers are so astonished when the patriotic people of Iraq hate their guts and resist them! (How Prison Helped Me Kick My Smoking Habit. Diane Martin. Pacific News Service, Sep. 28, 2004.) Forget your "War on Terror," because Anti-Smoker Amerika is the fascist dictatorship that should be annihilated from the face of the earth!

Martin / Smokers' Club

The Big Lie of "David vs. Goliath"

The American Cancer Society is a corrupt, fascist, POLITICAL organization, which deliberately uses defective studies to falsely blame smoking (and other "lifestyle" targets) for diseases that are actually caused by infection. Its roots are in the World War II political machine that created the O.S.S. and C.I.A.

The Big Lie of "David vs Gliath"


This very busy crony of George W. Bush & Colin Powell is implicated in the corrupt creation of the EPA report, the Northwest Airlines smoking ban, and the FAA's domestic ban - AS A PERSONAL FAVOR FROM GHW BUSH, in exchange for putting "W" on the board of directors of a company controlled by The Carlyle Group. It's another big story that Front Group FORCES doesn't want smokers to know.

The Frederic V. Malek Page

POLITICS / Bush nominates health fascists; Smokers' Crucial Agenda; Repudiation of Milloy, Levy & Marimont, and Sullum; Bush Advisor William L. Roper; Kenneth Cooper; Health fascists' "obesity bill;" Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld; former NCI Director Richard Klausner in trouble; Presidential candidates

The Model Emergency Health Powers Act

The Mysterious Deaths of Microbiologists & A Health Fascist Power Grab Scheme

The Model Emergency Health Powers Act / Lawrence O. Gostin

The Trust for America's Health, A New Lasker Lobby to Increase Powers of the Surgeon General's Office, funded by the Pew Trusts

The Pew Charitable Trusts

The Communitarian Attack on Liberty

M. David Low of the Lasker Syndicate's "Medicine and Public Health Initiative" is also a founding member of the Communitarian movement.

The M. David Low Page

The National Conference of State Legislatures: Whores of the health fascist agenda

In addition to the massive lobbying efforts of the Lasker Syndicate phalanges in every state legislature (e.g., the American Cancer Society, the American Heart Association, the American Lung Association, and the American Public Health Association, et al.), the health fascists coordinate their activities through the National Conference of State Legislatures. See how they parrot every one of the Syndicate's vicious lies about tobacco.

Tobacco / National Conference of State Legislatures
Lasker Syndicate Operations in Wisconsin; The Wisconsin Tobacco Control Board; the Thomas T Melvin Program; Monardi & Glantz report; James Doyle and the Tobacco Lawyers; David E. Lasker; UW Chancellor John Wiley; Gov. Kohler - Lasker Ties

Another Stock Market Scandal


Jeffrey Skilling's boss was a Trustee of the American Health Foundation

The Enron Page: Charles A. LeMaistre; John Mendelsohn; Herbert S. "Pug" Winokur; Robert A. Belfer

MD Anderson President John Mendelsohn and the ImClone Scandal

Another tale of deceived investors and insider trading involving persons close to the Lasker Syndicate.

The John Mendelsohn Page

The Wells Fargo Bank and the Parmalat Syndrome

Confounding By Infection: The Key Deceit

The issue is NOT "freedom versus public health" as our enemies pretend. The real issue is "freedom AND public health, versus health fascist scientific fraud."

For over 50 years, the health establishment has suppressed research on infection in chronic diseases, and purposely used defective statistical analyses to falsely blame smoking for diseases actually caused by infection. The American Cancer Society, American Heart Association, and American Lung Association all deliberately commit this fraud. Do not donate money to these criminals!

PS: The health fascists' blow-off that healthy lifestyles prevent infection is automatically a lie, because in the absence of appropriate research (taking exposure into account, not merely lifestyle questionnaires!), such a claim cannot legitimately be made.

FURTHERMORE - Every time those bloodsuckers gloat that "THERE IS NO DISSENT," they really mean that "No public dissent is ALLOWED" in the mass media. These psychotic fascists truly believe that they can destroy truth by suppressing it, and they have been systematically raping the peoples' minds for six decades! They are the enemies of humanity, and their destruction is the most noble cause on earth!


Confounding by Infection / The health establishment exploits confounding / Federal Reference Manuals on Epidemiology statistical fraud / Gordis-Samet cronyism; Leon Gordis's trail of lies / Another Deliberate Fraud; The William T. Golden; David A. Hamburg; Joshua Lederberg Pages; The Framingham Heart Study Started This Fraud

Infection, not tobacco, is the leading preventable cause of death everywhere.

The Percentage of Cancer Caused By Infection
"Bad Habits" Do Not Explain Higher Death Rates in the Poor

"How to Read a Study" - THE WAY OUR ENEMIES WANT

This misinformation from the supposed smokers' rights group NYC CLASH perpetrates the absolutely crucial frauds that our health fascist enemies need to trick their suckers. All the rest of its verbiage is just a smokescreen of distractions. It claims that "Infection itself is just a fraction of the game; its how you _handle_ that exposure." This is a dirty, stinking lie. For example, in the case of cervical cancer, WITHOUT EXPOSURE TO HPV, THERE IS NO "GAME!" Furthermore, without adequate quantification of exposure, confounding cannot be eliminated, and the role, if any, of other ostensible factors cannot be determined. And it is the specious results of confounded studies that are the main basis of these charlatans' claim that diseases are "multifactorial," and of their desire to pretend that it is all nothing but a "game of math" with speculation about causal pathways as a window-dressing. This is how the health fascist deceivers who have infiltrated our movement trick smokers into wasting their efforts with irrelevant criticisms and nit-picking over trivia, while letting the anti-smokers get away with their gigantic Orwellian lie of omission. And, the supposed example of confounding in this article is merely an example of the post hoc fallacy (after this, therefore because of this), not confounding at all. (How To Read A Study, by Linda Stewart. NYC CLASH, 2003.)

How to Read a Study / NYC CLASH

The EPA's ETS Lies - The lie that passive smoking causes lung cancer is based on the Nazi pseudo-science of deliberately using studies based on nothing but lifestyle questionnaires in order to falsely blame passive smoking for extra lung cancers caused by human papillomavirus.

The mechanisms by which certain infections cause cancer are KNOWN -- in stark contrast to the health establishment's speculations about chemical carcinogens, where a mechanism of tobacco carcinogenesis has still not been definitively identified after more than 50 years. Yet the anti-smokers simply ignore infection! This is deliberate and eggregious scientific fraud.

The ETS Lies / The Stacked Deck; The National Council for Clean Indoor Air & A. Judson Wells; EPA scientists opposed labelling ETS a Group A carcinogen; the lie of 53,000 ETS heart disease deaths

Mentiras sobre humo secundario

La Fraude de l'cEPA au sujet de la fumée secondaire

De leugens van EPA over passief roken

Lügen des EPA über Passivrauchen

The Conspiracy of Silence About HPV and Lung Cancer - the anti-smokers' defective studies

The Conspiracy of Silence About HPV and Lung Cancer

Jonathan Samet's Global Empire of Anti-Smoking Lies, Persecution and Corruption - Bloomberg's tool at JHU stacked the ASHRAE report

The Jonathan M. Samet Page

The US Environmental Protection Agency

Cronies of Charles P. Taft, S&B 1918, created the EPA, lobbied for it to proclaim that secondhand smoke causes cancer, and lined up the main author of the "EPA" report on passive smoking.

The National Council for Clean Indoor Air
The EPA Administrators: The Ash Council; William Ruckelshaus; William K. Reilly; Christine Todd Whitman; Morton Lippmann
The ICF Page: The corrupt EPA ETS contracts

The Lie That p53 Mutations Are the Mechanism Behind Lung Cancer

The Lie That p53 Mutations Are the Mechanism Behind Lung Cancer; p53 mutations occur AFTER cancer forms

Chemicals: Anti-smokers falsely blame benzo[a]pyrene 7,8-diol-9,10-epoxide

California is Ruled By Psychotic Vermin

The California Air Board's Latest Atrocity; The California EPA Commits Fraud Again

The Alzheimer's Amyloid Dogma

"'Powerful people in this field think that amyloid causes Alzheimer's and won't consider research that questions the amyloid hypothesis,' says one of the Harvard scientists." (Is Alzheimer's field blocking R&D into other causes? By Sharon Begley, The Wall Street Journal. April 9, 2004.) A CONTINUING SERIES.

Begley, Wall Street Journal 2004 / SF Gate


A New Germ Theory. Judith Hooper. The Atlantic Monthly, February 1999; and Letters re: A New Germ Theory. The Atlantic Monthly, May 1999 (now by subscription only).

Hooper / The Atlantic Monthly 1999
Letters re "A New Germ Theory" / Atlantic Monthly 1999

Do Germs Cause Cancer? Philip E. Ross, Forbes Global, 11-15-99. "The nagging question is why it took so long for doctors to accept Marshall's discovery. For years the medical establishment laughed off Marshall's theory, even after he demonstrated it by drinking H. pylori and giving himself ulcers and even after other labs replicated his experimental results. Although that had happened by 1986, 'They didn't start treating H. pylori for another nine years,' Marshall says, still amazed by it all. 'Hundreds, even thousands of people must have died from ulcers who wouldn't have.'"

Ross / Forbes Global 1999

Are all diseases infectious? Another look. B Lorber. Annals of Internal Medicine 1999 Dec 21;131(12):989-990. "Three years ago, I pointed out that a quiet revolution was taking place in our understanding of disease. Emerging evidence suggested that transmissible agents caused or contributed to many illnesses that were previously thought to be degenerative, inflammatory, or neoplastic in origin, and I lamented the lack of attention to this important new model for disease, During the past three years, more illnesses have been linked to infections, and evolutionary biologists as well as the popular media are paying attention." The term "paradigm shift" is not too strong to describe this new way of thinking about disease etiology.

Lorber / Ann Intern Med 1999

In this discussion between Paul Ewald and leading researchers, it has been discovered that antibiotic treatment of ulcers began as early as 1940, and they puzzle over how this knowledge came to be lost. But at the root of it all will be found the Lasker Syndicate takeover of the health establishment, and their control of government money to serve their ideological ends.

Discussion / Praxis 2000

Consilience across evolving dysplasias affecting myeloid, cervical, esophageal, gastric and liver cells: common themes and emerging patterns. A Raza. Leuk Res 2000 Jan;24(1):63-72. "It appears that there is an initial transforming event which in all dysplasias except that affecting the marrow has been found to be infectious."

Raza - Leuk Res 2000 abstract / PubMed

Chronic sequelae of foodborne disease. JA Lindsay. Emerging Infectious Diseases 1997 Oct-Dec;3(4):443-452. "...except in rare circumstances, chronic complications are unlikely to be identified or epidemiologically linked to a foodborne cause because these data are not systematically collected."

Lindsay / EID 1997 full article

Detection and identification of previously unrecognized microbial pathogens. DA Relman. Emerging Infectious Diseases 1998 Jul-Sep;4(3).

Relman / EID 1998 full article

Viral carcinogenesis: revelation of molecular mechanisms and etiology of human disease. JS Butel. Carcinogenesis 2000 Mar;21(3):405-426. Review.

Butel / Carcinogenesis 2000 full article

Emerging Infectious Determinants of Chronic Diseases. SM O'Connor, CE Taylor, JM Hughes. Emerg Infect Dis [serial on the Internet] 2006 Jul;12(7):06-0037.htm.

O'Connor et al. / EID 2006 full article

'Unbiased high-throughput sequencing' identifies new pathogens

"In our cluster, a new arenavirus was first detected through unbiased high-throughput sequencing. Thereafter, the infection was confirmed by means of culture, electron microscopy, and specific immunohistochemical and serologic tests. As in the other two reported clusters of transplant-associated transmission, we detected no viral nucleic acids in the donor and found no history of acute infectious disease; however, the presence of IgG and IgM antibodies confirmed recent infection... Although we have not fulfilled Koch's postulates, evidence implicating this new virus in the outbreak of infection among patients who received transplants is compelling. All three recipients received organs from the same donor and died within days of one another after febrile illness. Identical viral sequences were obtained from all the recipients. The virus is new and was not detected in 100 organ recipients who were not linked to this cluster. The results of serologic analysis of specimens obtained from the donor were consistent with recent infection, and seroconversion was observed in one recipient... This technique may prove useful as a new tool in the identification and surveillance of pathogens in chronic as well as acute disease." (A New Arenavirus in a Cluster of Fatal Transplant-Associated Diseases. G Palacios, J Druce, L Du, T Tran, C Birch, T Briese, S Conlan, P-L Quan, J Hui, J Marshall, JF Simons, M Egholm, CD Paddock, W-J Shieh, CS Goldsmith, SR Zaki, M Catton, WI Lipkin. Published Feb. 6, 2008 in NEJM.) "Currently, the majority of surveillance and discovery efforts use methods based on sequences of known agents — namely, competitive polymerase chain reaction (PCR) and microarrays. Such efforts fail, however, when the agents in question are truly novel or sufficiently distant in sequence from related agents that they confound hybridization. High-throughput pyrosequencing has been used primarily to sequence large genomes; to my knowledge, it has not previously been applied to pathogen discovery. However, when Palacios et al. found that the classic application of typical diagnostic assays, including viral culture, electron microscopy, PCR, and panmicrobial microarrays, failed to identify an infectious agent, they turned to pyrosequencing. Although derived sequences at the nucleic acid level were not informative, bioinformatic analyses at the protein level revealed footprints of a potential causative agent. Using these sequences as a foundation for developing specific molecular reagents, the investigators cloned the remainder of the viral genome by means of PCR, propagated it in cell culture, defined its morphologic characteristics by means of electron microscopy, and created molecular and serologic assays for detection of infection." (The New Age of Molecular Diagnostics for Microbial Agents. [Editorial Re Palacios et al.] R Whitley. Published Feb. 6, 2008 in NEJM.

Palacios / NEJM 2008 full article
Whitley / NEJM 2008 full article

In Silico Investigation Finds Disease Links

Viral perturbations of host networks reflect disease etiology. N Gulbahce, H Yan, A Dricot, M Padi, D Byrdsong, R Franchi, DS Lee, O Rozenblatt-Rosen, JC Mar, MA Calderwood, A Baldwin, B Zhao, B Santhanam, P Braun, N Simonis, KW Huh, K Hellner, M Grace, A Chen, R Rubio, JA Marto, NA Christakis, E Kieff, FP Roth, J Roecklein-Canfield, JA Decaprio, ME Cusick, J Quackenbush, DE Hill, K Münger, M Vidal, AL Barabási. PLoS Comput Biol 2012 Jun;8(6):e1002531. "Using as models two different human viruses, Epstein-Barr virus (EBV) and human papillomavirus (HPV), we find that host targets of viral proteins reside in network proximity to products of disease susceptibility genes. Expression changes in virally implicated disease tissues and comorbidity patterns cluster significantly in the network vicinity of viral targets. The topological proximity found between cellular targets of viral proteins and disease genes was exploited to uncover a novel pathway linking HPV to Fanconi anemia." "Fanconi anemia, the fourth disease on the list, satisfied all three in that (i) Fanconi anemia shows high relative risk with HPV; (ii) FANCC, a gene in the disease network mutated in Fanconi anemia, is up-regulated in the E6 exogenous expression IMR90 cell data, and (iii) FANCC is significantly up-regulated in low density bone marrow cells of Fanconi anemia patients (GEO dataset: GSE16334; two-tailed t-test; P = 0.00069)... Not debatable is that FA patients have a much-increased risk in developing squamous cell carcinomas (SCCs) at anatomical sites infected by HPVs. Our analysis does not necessarily mean that SCCs in Fanconi patients are caused by HPV, but that they arise by similar molecular mechanisms. The well-documented interplay between E7 and FA and our discovery of a possible connection between E6, FANCC and BRCA1 support this hypothesis. Moreover, we observe a relative risk of 3.7 among female HPV patients (mostly cervical cancer patients) toward Fanconi anemia using the US-wide Medicare data, which further supports the identified molecular level relationship between Fanconi anemia and HPV."

Gulbahce - PLoS Comput Biol 2012 full article / PubMed Central
Gulbahce / PLoS Comput Biol 2012 full article

Helicobacter pylori causes ulcers & stomach cancer

Helicobacter pylori causes ulcers and stomach cancer

Helicobacter is Implicated in Pancreatic Cancer and Biliary Tract Disease

Helicobacter is Implicated in Pancreatic Cancer and Biliary Tract Disease

H. pylori is Implicated in Colorectal Adenomas

H. pylori is Implicated in Colorectal Adenomas

Chlamydia pneumoniae and CMV cause cardiovascular disease

Chlamydia pneumoniae causes heart disease - Interaction of Genes and C. pneumoniae
CMV and other infections cause heart disease - Antiviral effects of COX-2 inhibitors; Strain differences
CMV and immunity
Influenza Causes Deaths From Heart and Respiratory Disease
Dental Infections Cause Heart Disease

Beginning in the 1940s, the Lasker gang systematically suppressed research on infection, and used our tax dollars to churn out their propaganda blaming lifestyle for cardiovascular disease.

How the Public Was Brainwashed About Heart Disease

An old classic: The Rise and Fall of Ischemic Heart Disease, by Reuel A. Stallones. Scientific American, Nov. 1980. He notes that supposed "explanations" such as diet, exercise, and smoking do not account for the changes in the death rates. It includes graphs of death rates by age beginning in the 1800s, and showing the increase that began around 1920.

Stallones - Scientific American 1980 / UCSF (pdf, 8 pp)

Azambuja and Duncan found correlations between cohort exposure to 1918 flu and subsequent death rates; and between regional persistence of H1N1 flu strains and delayed fall in heart attack deaths.

Similarities in mortality patterns from influenza in the first half of the 20th century and the rise and fall of ischemic heart disease in the United States: a new hypothesis concerning the coronary heart disease epidemic. Maria Ines Reinert Azambuja and Bruce B. Duncan. Cadernos de Saude Publica 2002 May-Jun;18(3):557-566.

Azambuja / Cad Saude Publica 2002 full article

Spanish flu and early 20th-century expansion of a coronary heart disease-prone subpopulation. MI Azambuja. Tex Heart Inst J 2004;31(1):14-21. "Age-related influenza and pneumonia mortality during the 1918–1919 pandemic predicts the relative distribution of CHD deaths across the correspondent birth cohorts, separately in men and women. The burden of H1N1 influenza activity after 1930, measured by influenza and pneumonia death rates, shows a strong association with delayed declines in CHD mortality rates across geographic divisions." Fig. 1, heart disease death rates 1900-1996, shows that rates have fallen below the level of the year 1900; average serum cholesterol has been declining since 1960, before dietary changes; while the prevalence of overweight has steadily increased.

Azambuja - Tex Heart Inst J 2004 full article / PubMed Central
Fig. 1, Azambuja - Tex Heart Inst J 2004 / PubMed Central

1918 Influenza: the Mother of All Pandemics. JK Taubenberger, DM Morens. Special Issue: Influenza. Emerging Infectious Diseases 2006 Jan;12(1):05-0979.

Taubenberger - Emerg Infect Dis 2006 full article

The National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute (NHLBI)

We give them $3 billion a year, and they tell us to take an aspirin.

NHLBI Director Claude Lenfant's budget request to the Senate Appropriations Committee Subcommittee on Labor-HHS-Education, April 8, 2003. Lenfant fails to admit that infection causes heart disease. He also promotes the worthless DASH diet for blood pressure reduction, which lowered systolic bp by an average of a mere 4.3mm.

Lenfant, Apr. 8, 2003 / NHLBI
"Risk Factors and Heart Disease" / NHLBI Support
"Healthy Eating" [sic] / NHLBI
"DASH diet" Search / PubMed

Inflammation modifies the effects of a reduced-fat low-cholesterol diet on lipids: results from the DASH-sodium trial. TP Erlinger, ER Miller 3rd, J Charleston, LJ Appel. Circulation 2003 Jul 15;108(2):150-154. "In this study, the presence of increased CRP was associated with less total and LDL cholesterol reduction and a greater increase in triglycerides from a reduced-fat/low cholesterol diet." In other words, there was less potential benefit among those at greatest risk.

Erlinger - Circulation 2003 abstract / PubMed

Lenfant was NHLBI director from 1982 until August 30, 2003. Thank goodness this troglodyte has finally retired! AND, LET THE NEXT ONE BE A SUPPORTER OF THE INFECTION HYPOTHESIS, WHO HAS THE INTELLIGENCE TO UNDERSTAND HOW CONFOUNDING OCCURS WITHOUT IT.

Past Directors of the NHLI / NHLBI

(1975-81) The Robert I Levy Page
(1968-74) The Theodore Cooper Page

The Lie That Secondhand Smoke Causes Heart Disease - U.S. Heart Disease Death Rates and CDC Data Files for the Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Massachusetts, and South Dakota Smoking Bans; The Smoking Ban Studies in Massachusetts; Pueblo and Greeley, Colorado; Helena, Montana; New York State; Indiana; Ohio; and North Carolina; and the Scotland Smoking Ban Study

The Lie That Secondhand Smoke Causes Heart Disease

Cytomegalovirus is implicated in Graves' Disease

Association of Graves' disease and prevalence of circulating IFN-gamma-producing CD28(-) T cells. Z Sun, W Zhong, X Lu, B Shi, Y Zhu, L Chen, G Zhang, X Zhang. J Clin Immunol 2008 Sep;28(5):464-72. Graves' disease patients had significantly higher percentages of CD4(+)CD28(-) and CD8(+)CD28(-) T cells than healthy donors. "Retrospective analysis showed that the increased levels of CD4(+)CD28(-) T cells and their IFN-gamma-producing subgroups were positively correlated to the serum anti-thyrotropin receptor (TSHR) autoantibodies (TRAb)." Cells of this type are specific for CMV infection.

Sun - J Clin Immunol 2008 abstract / PubMed

C Pneumoniae Causes Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm

Antibodies to CPn are associated with expansion; clinical trial of doxycycline shows benefit

C pneumoniae & AAA

Infections are Implicated in Peripheral Arterial Disease

Periodontal pathogens and C. Pneumoniae play a role

Infections in Peripheral Arterial Disease

C pneumoniae is implicated in Giant Cell Arteritis, Uveitis

C pneumoniae & GCA, Uveitis

A C. pneumoniae role in cancer?

Association between Sezary T cell-activating factor, Chlamydia pneumoniae, and cutaneous T cell lymphoma. JT Abrams, BJ Balin, EC Vonderheid. Ann NY Acad Sci 2001 Sep;941:69-85.

Abrams - Ann NY Acad Sci 2001 abstract / PubMed

Characterization of antiapoptotic activities of Chlamydia pneumoniae in human cells. SF Fischer, C Schwarz, J Vier, G Hacker. Infect Immun 2001 Nov;69(11):7121-7129.

Fischer - Infect Immun 2001 abstract / PubMed

Epithelial cells infected with Chlamydophila pneumoniae (Chlamydia pneumoniae) are resistant to apoptosis. K Rajalingam, H Al-Younes, A Muller, TF Meyer, AJ Szczepek, T Rudel. Infect Immun 2001 Dec;69(12):7880-7888.

Rajalingam - Infect Immun 2001 abstract / PubMed

Chlamydia pneumoniae inhibits apoptosis in human epithelial and monocyte cell lines. S Airenne, HM Surcel, J Tuukkanen, M Leinonen, P Saikku. Scand J Immunol 2002 Apr;55(4):390-398.

Airenne - Scand J Immunol 2002 abstract / PubMed

A New Chlamydia, Simkania negevensis Z

A New Chlamydia, Simkania negevensis Z

Parachlamydiaceae: Potential emerging pathogens. G Greub, D Raoult. Emerg Infect Dis 2002 Jun;8(6):625-630. "Intra-amoebal gowth may increase the pathogenicity of some intracellular bacteria, prompting concern that other intracellular bacteria recovered from amoeba, such as the Parachlamydiaceae, could be pathogenic. Indeed, a bacterium able to survive exposure to the lytic enzymes of amoebal phagolysosomes would probably also survive the lytic activity of macrophages."

Greub / Emerg Infect Dis 2002

Infections Cause Stroke

Infections Cause Stroke

Infection is Implicated in Macular Degeneration

Infection & Macular Degeneration

Infections Cause Asthma

The EPA's Sorry Status Report on Children and Asthma; The Death Rates From Asthma, 1960-1995; Asthma Death Rates Are Lower in States With Higher Rates of Smoking; EPA ETS Report author recants; Chlamydia trachomatis and asthma; Hyperventilation Causes Asthma and Heart Symptoms; Ear Infections Have Also Increased

New Views About Asthma Causes

Chlamydia pneumoniae and Mycoplasma studies

Infections Cause Asthma

Infections Cause Salivary Gland Cancers

Causation is proven for CMV and mucoepidermoid carcinoma

Infections Cause Salivary Gland Cancers

CMV Is Implicated in Leukemia

CMV Is Implicated in Leukemia

CMV Causes Rheumatoid Arthritis

CMV Causes Rheumatoid Arthritis

CMV Impairs Immunity

CMV Impairs Immunity

CMV and Social Class

CMV and Social Class

Infections Cause Reactive Arthritis

Campylobacter, Chlamydia, Salmonella, and Yersinia are leading causes

Infections Cause Reactive Arthritis

Infections Cause Psoriasis

Streptococci and Staphylococci are implicated

Infections Cause Psoriasis

National Cancer Institute Admits That HPVs Cause Cancer

But they still do not admit that they have used, and continue to use, defective studies which exploit residual confounding in order to falsely blame smoking.

NCI admits that "HPVs are now recognized as the major cause of cervical cancer." But they fudge that studies merely "suggest" that HPVs "may play a role" in "some cancers of the oropharynx." And they still try to blame smoking. (Human Papillomaviruses and Cancer: Questions and Answers. Cancer Information Service, National Cancer Institute. Old page - Date reviewed: 12/01/04; Editorial changes made: 5/17/2005; new page - Reviewed: 06/08/2006.)

Human Papillomaviruses and Cancer / National Cancer Institute

Papillomaviruses Cause Cancer in Pets

HPV Strains and Oncogenicity; Papillomaviruses Cause Cancer in Pets
HPV Infects Kids

Human papillomaviruses cause cervical cancer

HPV infecton is the cause of virtually all cervical cancer. The health establishment has lied to the public for decades by deliberately using defective studies which failed to detect numerous HPV-positive cases, in order to exploit residual confounding.

Lies About Smoking and Cervical Cancer

HPVs cause anal, penile, oropharyngeal and skin cancers

Papillomaviruses causing cancer: evasion from host-cell control in early events in carcinogenesis. H zur Hausen. J Natl Cancer Inst 2000 May 3;92(9):690-698. Review. "In addition to cancer of the cervix, a major proportion of anal, perianal, vulvar, and penile cancers appear to be linked to the same HPV infections. In addition, close to 20% of oropharyngeal cancers contain DNA from the same types of HPV. Recent evidence also points to a possible role of other HPV infections in squamous cell carcinomas of the skin."

zur Hausen - JNCI 2000 abstract / PubMed
zur Hausen / JNCI 2000 full article

HPV Causes Oral Cancer

HPV Causes Oral Cancer

HPV Is Implicated in Esophageal Cancer

HPV Is Implicated in Esophageal Cancer; JC virus may be involved

HPV causes Head and Neck cancers

HPV Causes Head and Neck Cancers

HPV is implicated in laryngeal cancer

HPV in laryngeal cancer

HPVs cause skin cancer

HPVs Cause Skin Cancer

HPV Causes Lung Cancer

HPV is implicated in female nonsmokers, too

HPV Causes Lung Cancer

"A stronger inverse association was observed in analyses restricted to non-small cell lung cancer (adjusted odds ratio, 0.39, 95% confidence interval 0.16-0.96)." (Aspirin and lung cancer in women. A Akhmedkhanov, P Toniolo, A Zeleniuch-Jacquotte, KL Koenig, RE Shore. Br J Cancer 2002 Jul 1;87(1):49-53.)

Akhmedkhanov - Br J Cancer 2002 abstract / PubMed

HPV is implicated in bladder cancer

HPV in bladder cancer
Chemicals vs HPV as a cause of bladder cancer

Strain variations in Escherichia coli cause chronic bladder infections

Functional analysis of Antigen 43 in uropathogenic Escherichia coli reveals a role in long term persistence in the urinary tract.GC Ulett, J Valle, C Beloin, O Sherlock, JM Ghigo, MA Schembri. Infection and Immunity 2007 July;75(7):3233-3244. "The sequenced genome of prototype UPEC strain CFT073 contains two variant Ag43-encoding genes located on pathogenicity islands... Ag43a produced a strong aggregation phenotype and promoted significant biofilm growth."

Ulett / Infect Immun 2007 full article

Infections Are Implicated in Prostate Cancer

Infections Are Implicated in Prostate Cancer

Cytomegalovirus Is Implicated in COPD

=> CMV is Implicated in COPD

The Pig Lung Scam, Again and Again

The anti-smokers lie to children by obtaining pig lungs from meatpacking plants, soaking them in chemicals, and then claiming that this is what tobacco smoke does to them.

The Pig Lung Scam, Again and Again

Adenoviruses Are Implicated in Lung Cancer

Merkel Cell Polyomavirus Is Implicated in Small Cell Lung Cancer

Adenoviruses Are Implicated in Lung Cancer; Merkel Cell Polyomavirus

Adenoviruses Are Implicated in Pediatric Tumors

Investigation of adenovirus occurrence in pediatric tumor entities. K Kosulin, C Haberler, J Hainfellner, G Amann, S Lang, T Lion. Journal of Virology 2007 July;81(14):7629-7635. "Adenoviruses (AdVs) contain genes coding for proteins with transforming potential, and certain AdV serotypes have been shown to induce tumors in rodents. However, data on the possible oncogenicity of AdVs in humans are scarce. We have therefore employed a real-time quantitative PCR (RQ-PCR) assay permitting highly sensitive detection of all 51 currently known human AdV serotypes to screen more than 500 tumor specimens derived from 17 different childhood cancer entities including leukemias, lymphomas, and solid tumors. Most tumor entities analyzed showed no evidence for the presence of AdV sequences, but AdV DNA was detected by RQ-PCR in different brain tumors including 25/30 glioblastomas, 22/30 oligodendrogliomas, and 20/30 ependymomas. Nonmalignant counterparts of AdV-positive brain tumors, including specimens of ependymal cells, plexus choroideus, and periventricular white matter, were screened for control purposes and revealed the presence of AdV DNA in most specimens tested. Identification of the AdV types present in positive malignant and nonmalignant brain tissue specimens revealed predominantly representatives of species B and D and, less commonly, C. To exclude contamination as a possible cause of false-positive results, specimens with AdV sequences detectable by PCR were subsequently analyzed by in situ hybridization, which confirmed the PCR findings in all instances. The central nervous system appears to represent a common site of AdV infection with virus persistence, thus providing the first evidence for the possible contribution of AdVs to the multistep process of tumor pathogenesis in brain tissue."

Kosulin / J Virol 2007 full article

Infections Cause Diabetes

Infections Cause Diabetes

Epstein-Barr Virus Causes Nasopharyngeal Cancer

EBV causes nasopharyngeal cancer

Epstein-Barr Virus Causes Lymphomas

Epstein-Barr Virus Causes Lymphomas

Epstein-Barr Virus Causes Gastric Carcinoma

Epstein-Barr Virus Causes Gastric Carcinoma

EBV Causes Lymphoepithelioma-like Lung Carcinoma

EBV Causes Lymphoepithelioma-like Lung Carcinoma

EBV Causes Interstitial Lung Disease

EBV Causes Interstitial Lung Disease

EBV Causes Multiple Sclerosis

EBV Causes Multiple Sclerosis

EBV Causes Sjogren's Syndrome

EBV Causes Sjogren's Syndrome

EBV and Other Diseases

Herpes Viruses and Oral Cavity Cancer
EBV and Other Diseases
EBV & Socioeconomic Status

Group A streptococcus and children's behavior

Group A streptococcus and childen's behavior; EBV Causes Mental Impairment; Infections cause depression, delinquency

Herpes Viruses Promote Periodontitis

Herpes viruses and periodontopathic bacteria in early-onset periodontitis. JJ Kamma, A Contreras, J Slots. J Clin Periodontol 2001 Sep;28(9):879-885. "HCMV, EBV-1, HSV and herpesvirus co-infection, as well as P gingivalis, D pneumosintes and P gingivalis-D pneumosintes co-infection were statistically associated with active periodontitis. Herpesviruses are immunosuppressive and may set the stage for overgrowth of subgingival P gingivalis, D pneumosintes and other periodontopathic bacteria."

Kamma - J Clin Periodontol 2001 abstract / PubMed

Prevalence and activity of Epstein-Barr virus and human cytomegalovirus in symptomatic and asymptomatic apical periodontitis lesions. K Hernádi, A Szalmás, R Mogyorósi, L Czompa, G Veress, E Csoma, I Márton, J Kónya. J Endod 2010 Sep;36(9):1485-1489. "EBV DNA and EBNA-2 messenger RNA were found in apical periodontitis lesions at significantly (p < 0.0001) higher frequencies (72.5% and 50%, respectively) than in controls (both 2.5%). The occurrence of HCMV infection was rare in both apical lesions (10%) and controls (0%). The presence of EBV DNA in apical lesions was associated significantly with large (> or = 5 mm) lesion size (p = 0.02) but not with symptoms (p = 0.30). Symptomatic manifestation was significantly associated with the co-occurrence (odds ratio [OR], 8.80; 95% confidence interval [CI], 1.69-45.76) but not the sole occurrences of EBNA-2 messenger RNA (OR, 2.29; 95% CI, 0.48-11.06) and large lesion size (OR, 4.02; 95% CI, 0.81-19.89)."

Hernádi - J Endod 2010 abstract / PubMed

Hepatitis viruses cause "smoking related" liver cancer

Hepatitis viruses - IARC Monograph 83; 2004 Surgeon General Report

Hepatitis Viruses Cause Cholangiocarcinomas

Hepatitis Viruses Cause Cholangiocarcinomas

Chorioamnionitis causes perinatal illnesses blamed on smoking

The anti-smokers have concealed an enormous, gold-standard NINDS study because it proves their claims are fallacious

Because of this vicious lie, an anti-smoker shot a pregnant woman. And the criminals in the media who incited this hate crime should be forced to take responsibility for their actions as well. Meanwhile, despite the anti-smoking persecution, the percentage of babies born prematurely in the US has risen for two decades.

Chorioamnionitis Causes Perinatal Illnesses Blamed on Smoking - new links on Group B Streptococcus

Parvovirus B19 Causes Fetal Loss

Parvovirus B19 Causes Fetal Loss

Infections are implicated in SIDS

Pneumocystis carinii (Pneumocystis jirovecii) and Escherichia coli curlin protein have been implicated.

Infections are implicated in SIDS

Invasive Bacteria Cause Inflammatory Bowel Disease

Invasive Bacteria Cause Crohn's Disease

Infections Cause Hearing Loss

Infections Cause Hearing Loss - CMV is a Leading Cause in Children

JC Polyoma Virus Causes Colon Cancer

JCV & MSS-type Colon Cancer; Do AAVs cause MSI colon cancer?; Infection & the APC gene in colon cancer

BK Polyoma Virus Causes Kidney Transplant Rejection

Anti-smokers want to use smokers' organs while denying smokers transplants!

BK & JC Polyoma Viruses Cause Kidney Transplant Rejection

Viruses cause lupus

Epstein-Barr Viruses Cause Lupus

New polyoma viruses: WU, KI, Merkel Cell, and Lymphotropic PV

Identification of a novel polyomavirus from patients with acute respiratory tract infections. AM Gaynor, MD Nissen, DM Whiley, IM Mackay, SB Lambert, G Wu, DC Brennan, GA Storch, TP Sloots, D Wan. PLoS Pathogens, epub May 4, 2007. The virus was found in 43 / 2,135 patients with acute respiratory disease, including pneumonia. 86% were under 3 years old. "Much of the interest in polyomaviruses and SV40 in particular derives from the transforming properties carried by the early transcriptional region of the viral genome that encodes for the small T antigen (STAg) and and large T antigen (LTAg). T antigen is capable of binding both p53 and Rb proteins and interfering with their tumor suppressor functions. The early region alone is sufficient to transform established primary rodent cell lines and in concert with telomerase and ras transforms primary human cells... Since the T antigen of WU is predicted to have transforming properties by analogy to other polyomavirus T antigens, one question currently under investigation is whether a subset of human tumors may be associated with WU."

Gaynor / PLoS Pathogens 2007 full article

Identification of a third human polyomavirus. T Allander, K Andreasson, S Gupta, A Bjerkner, G Bogdanovic, MA Persson, T Dalianis, T Ramqvist, B Andersson. J Virol 2007 Apr;81(8):4130-4136. " The virus was found by PCR in 6 (1%) of 637 nasopharyngeal aspirates and in 1 (0.5%) of 192 fecal samples but was not detected in sets of urine and blood samples. Since polyomaviruses have oncogenic potential and may produce severe disease in immunosuppressed individuals, continued searching for the virus in different medical contexts is important." "There are putative binding sites for p53, as well as the Rb family of tumor suppressor proteins, in the LT antigen of KIPyV, which indicates that a role for this virus in tumorigenesis cannot be excluded."

Allander - J Virol 2007 full article / PubMed Central
Allander / J Virol 2007 full article

First Identification and Molecular Characterization of Lymphotropic Polyomavirus in Peripheral Blood from Patients with Leukoencephalopathies. S Delbue, S Tremolada, E Branchetti, F Elia, E Gualco. J Clin Microbiol 2008 July; 46(7): 2461–2462. 1 / 10 patients with progressive multifocal leukoencephalopathy (PML), 2 / 10 with not determined JCV-negative leukoencephalopathy (NDLE), 0 /10 with other neurological diseases (OND), 0 / 10 with no neurological disorders, and 0 / 10 healthy controls were LPV-positive.

Delbue - J Clin Microbiol 2008 full article / PubMed Central
Delbue / J Clin Microbiol 2008 full article

Seroepidemiology of Human Polyomaviruses. JM Kean, S Rao, M Wang, RL Garcea. PLoS Pathogens 2009 Mar;5(3). Seroprevalence in 1501 healthy adult blood donors was SV40 (9%), BKV (82%), JCV (39%), LPV (15%), KIV (55%), WUV (69%), MCV strain 350 (25%), and MCV strain 339 (42%). Seroprevalence in 721 pediatric patients (<21 y) was similar.

Kean / PLoS Pathogens 2009 full article

Merkel Cell Polyomavirus Causes Skin Cancer

Merkel Cell Polyomavirus Causes Skin Cancer

What diseases do adeno-associated viruses cause?

AAV Infection During Pregancy Causes Spontaneous Abortions and Trophoblastic Disease

What diseases do adeno-associated viruses cause?

Meningococcal Disease and the fraudulent "science" blaming smoking

Meningococcal Disease and the fraudulent "science" blaming smoking

Nicotine is anti-bacterial

News re Naser at American Society for Microbiology 101st Annual Meeting, Orlando FL. 1) Shocker: 'Villain' nicotine slays TB. R Suriano. Orlando Sentinel 2001 May 22. With PC drivel. 2) Nicotine shows activity against Mycobacterium tuberculosis. Medscape - Reuters Health 2001 May 22. "'We found that this compound not only inhibits Mycobacterium tuberculosis growth, it kills it completely', explained lead researcher Dr. Saleh Naser of the University of Central Florida in Orlando... he believes nicotine may be effective against other bacteria as well. 'TB is a very tough bacterium. If you kill that one,' Dr. Naser said, 'you are on the right track.'"

And it logically follows that smokefree jails and prisons may promote the spread of TB.

Naser / Orlando Sentinel 2001 news
Naser / Medscape - Reuters Health news

Tuberculosis can spread from jail to surrounding community. (News) Medscape - Reuters Health 2001 Oct 26; Medline 2001 Oct 29.

Schaffer / Medline Plus 2001
Schaffer / Medscape - Reuters Health News 2001

The health fascists turned America into a giant Tuskegee Experiment!

Infectious diseases are the leading preventable causes of death in the United States and throughout the world, and always have been. By their obstruction of the truth, the anti-smoking conspirators have caused the needless deaths and suffering of uncounted millions. They have compounded their crimes by persecuting the innocent, and stealing their victims' money to line their own over-privileged pockets, under the pretext of the Big Lie that smoking is an economic burden to society. Morally, the anti-smokers deserve to be prosecuted for crimes against humanity, and hanged like the loathsome criminals that they are.

We must have REVENGE! REVENGE! REVENGE! for everything they've done to us! Never forgive and never forget their crimes!

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